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Cialis testimonial The photo was from Mets Merized Online and taken by Clayton Collier who also has a great write up of the Q & A the Mets Bloggers conducted with Phil Niekro, cialis testimonial R.A. Cialis testimonial Dickey and Tim Wakefield

Cialis testimonial It was another Mets blogger-rattzi day at Citi Field yesterday and it was almost the best bloggers day ever. Cialis testimonial I say almost because there was an unfortunate incident late in the game that put a damper on the events of the day. Cialis testimonial Josh Edgin and Andres Torres with his ability to kill a rally with a signal ground ball, cialis testimonial played the sad clowns. Cialis testimonial So instead of all of us heading home with the wonderful memory of chatting with 86er Barry Lyons, cialis testimonial Hall of Famer Phil Niekro, cialis testimonial R.A. Cialis testimonial Dickey and Tim Wakefield along with an outstanding performance by the 2012 winner of the Clff Floyd Light At The End Of The Tunnel Award Matt Harvey, cialis testimonial the lasting image of the day was a Ryan Howard 2 run home run off closer of the day Edgin.

Cialis testimonial The day started with Terry Collins and his daily FEMA update on his club. Cialis testimonial Collins is the definition of a ‘fox hole guy”, cialis testimonial as bad as this team is, cialis testimonial as inept as they are at the basic fundamentals of baseball, cialis testimonial as dismal as the outlook for next season appears, cialis testimonial Collins still talks about his players being talented and how they are playing out the season to the fullest and those of us in the conference room feel our pant legs getting drenched from being pissed on but being told it’s just condensation from the air conditioning unit.

Cialis testimonial So after a few eye roles we head out to the field to watch and schmooze while our heroes stretch and take BP. Cialis testimonial After a few minutes of observing and kibitzing, cialis testimonial the blogger group was introduced to former Mets catcher Barry Lyons. Cialis testimonial  We spent a good 20 minutes with Lyons talking about everything from his days as an 86er, cialis testimonial to Davey Johnson to catchers calling pitchers other than the pitching coach and how the 1986 Mets would have fared in the new social media world.

Cialis testimonial Lyons spoke of the special bond he and his 1986 Mets teammates have and how winning a championship builds that special bond forever. Cialis testimonial Lyons was wearing his Mets Alumni golf shirt and mentioned how even though he played for other teams (Dodgers, cialis testimonial Angels, cialis testimonial and White Sox) he will always be a Met. Cialis testimonial In fact, cialis testimonial Lyons even spoke of maybe getting back on the field as a manager in the Mets minor league system. Cialis testimonial I told Lyons that if he needed an advocate for him to take over the helm in Brooklyn I would be honored to head the campaign. Cialis testimonial Hopefully the Mets front office acknowledges that Lyons is interested in getting back to coaching to managing in the organization as gives him strong consideration for a job. Cialis testimonial   

Cialis testimonial From our session with Barry Lyons, cialis testimonial we headed over to meet the stars of the movie KNUCKLEBALL , cialis testimonial which I can’t stress enough is a must see for all baseball fans, cialis testimonial Hall of Fame pitcher Phil Niekro, cialis testimonial our own R.A. Cialis testimonial Dickey and Tim Wakefield. Cialis testimonial We first spoke with Niekro and Wakefield, cialis testimonial and then R.A. Cialis testimonial Dickey joined the group. Cialis testimonial It was nice to see the camaraderie between these three men who belong to a special fraternity or as Niekro said “the freaky group”. Cialis testimonial We then talked about who are the next knuckleballers on the horizon. Cialis testimonial Dickey talked about Frank Viola’s son, cialis testimonial who Dickey worked with a bit in spring training, cialis testimonial who was trying to learn the pitch and another young many name Steven Wright. Cialis testimonial I asked Dickey whether the Mets or any other organization seeing the success that has had with the pitch, cialis testimonial would work with pitchers who have fallen from prospect status to just organization fillers to become an asset to the big league club. Cialis testimonial His answer was all it takes is one organization to take a chance and be bold enough to take on that initiative, cialis testimonial to which both Niekro and Wakefield nodded in approval.

Cialis testimonial All three men stated that they would do all they could to help any pitcher who had the patience, cialis testimonial the competiveness and the work ethic needed to master the pitch. Cialis testimonial If anyone does get to work with these gentlemen and with Charlie Hough or Tom Candiotti, cialis testimonial they should consider themselves fortunate. Cialis testimonial  

Cialis testimonial With the pre-game Q & A’s over, cialis testimonial we went up to the Champions Club to enjoy the ambiance and watch Matt Harvey’s 2012 Farewell Tour. Cialis testimonial After getting some food and a beverage, cialis testimonial myself, cialis testimonial Ed Marcus, cialis testimonial Matt Falkenbury and Randy Medina sat down to discuss this lost season and what is on the horizon for the off season and 2013. Cialis testimonial In a room with, cialis testimonial I’ll say roughly 100 people milling around the bar area and food stations, cialis testimonial the four of us were the only one’s talking Mets baseball or anything remotely  close to baseball talk and even in a fine establishment like the Champions Club, cialis testimonial you still get douchenozzels walking around in Highlanders garb. Cialis testimonial  The lack of etiquette is appalling.

Cialis testimonial Matt Harvey was on the bump as we made our way to the seats, cialis testimonial first batter Jimmy Rollins home run just over the orange line on the right field wall. Cialis testimonial UGHHHH!!!! , cialis testimonial but then Harvey gets the next three batters , cialis testimonial 86 year old Juan Pierre, cialis testimonial Life Alert spokesman Chase Utley and the ghost of Ryan Howard to end the inning on a high note. Cialis testimonial From innings 2 to 5, cialis testimonial Harvey faced just 12 batters and was in full Ace mode. Cialis testimonial But of course the Mets being the Mets and being at Citi Field all they could muster was a run to tie the game until David Wright hit a baseball over an outfield wall for a go ahead home run. Cialis testimonial A Festivus miracle I tell you. Cialis testimonial     

Cialis testimonial So going into the 9th inning we have the Mets, cialis testimonial at home, cialis testimonial with a lead, cialis testimonial Josh Edgin filling in as closer with Frank Frisco nursing a right elbow riddled with tendonitis, cialis testimonial 2 up 2 down, cialis testimonial open the book as we are ready to put this baby………….ah…………shit…………..!

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Woman And Cialis viagra viagra I’m exhausted. viagra After sitting through last nights game, viagra then heading home and getting to bed about four hours before I needed to get up to go to work, viagra I’m going to need three XL Dunkin’ Dounts coffee’s to get through the work day. viagra My day at Citi Field started out with a great surprise. viagra As we were walking from the car to the front of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, viagra I had the great pleasure of meeting up with Ed Kranepool. viagra Yes, viagra THE Ed Kranepool, viagra my FME (Favorite Met Ever). viagra He was with a bunch of people and was busy distributing tickets to them when I went over to say hello. viagra I reminded him that we met at a luncheon at Gallagher’s for the 69 Champs and that I run this blog named after him, viagra he started laughing and said “Oh now I remember you” we just chatted for a minute or two before we shook hands and bid each other well. viagra  That was my “Let It Be” moment as a Mets fan. viagra Just when I wonder is all this worth it, viagra as I get more and more aggravated with the ownership, viagra front office and manager and question why I actually give a shit about this team, viagra I hear that song in my head: viagra When I find myself in times of trouble, viagra viagra Eddie Kranepool comes to me, viagra viagra Speaking words of wisdom, viagra viagra Let it be, viagra let it be. viagra After my Kranepool encounter, viagra we then took a stroll through the Mets Museum. viagra This was just my third trip to Citi Field this season (now that my baseball season has come to a close with a second round ousting in the playoffs, viagra I hope to make a few more trips this summer to Flushing) but the first time I had the time to go a look around the Hall of Fame. viagra I must say, viagra I was thoroughly impressed. viagra I love the fact that the two World Series trophies are on displayed for us, viagra the great unwashed, viagra to look at and enjoy instead of the days at Shea when the swells in the suites and Diamond Club, viagra the folks who have zero attachment to them, viagra had them in plain view. viagra I also like how the plaques are made just like the one’s in Cooperstown. viagra The display of Mets uniforms of the past is a treat as well and the baseballs from the first and last games at the Polo Grounds and Shea Stadium scream of our history. viagra I don’t say this too many times but bravo Mets management on putting together a great place for Mets fans to relive and learn Mets history. viagra A few thoughts on last night’s game: viagra This team is madding. viagra How does Johan Santana go from throwing batting practice in the first inning to morphing back into an Ace from innings 2-5? viagra We sat in seats last night that allowed us access to the Caesars Club, viagra as my wife said we needed to splurge since it was my birthday. viagra Our seats were great, viagra section 326 between third and home, viagra but I’m just not cut out to be among the people who frequent that area. viagra We may have been the only ones in the section actually watching the action on the field.  I was not impressed with the surroundings of the Cesar’s Club either. viagra The furnishings look like the came off the set of Mad Men, viagra with the couches and coffee tables that looked just like the furniture in my living room when I celebrated my 6th birthday in 1964. viagra One very nice feature though was the air conditioning which was welcome relief on a stifling night. viagra I also grew weary of telling all the “Johnny Come Lately” Mets fans that life story of Mike Hessman. viagra I’m sure Jerry Manuel has all sorts of facts and figures in his binder that he keeps in the dugout. viagra I am also sure that on one of those pages there shows Pedro Feliciano gets pounded by right handed hitters to the tune of .333/.446/.405 and that Raul Valdes, viagra even though he’s a lefty, viagra has success versus righties  .206/.322/.284 so why was Feliciano left to face El Hombre? I can accept not walking Pujols but why not go with Valdes? It’s your nightly “Gangsta’ Jerry’s Head Scratcher of the Game”. viagra I have really, viagra really REALLY had enough of Luis Castillo.

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