After a hectic weekend I finally have time to gives some thought son the Mets and the beginning of spring training:

Sandy Alderson and Johan Santana can spin his shoulders woes all they want, Santana not being ready to pitch due to fatigue in his shoulder is a red flag. Sure it’s good that there isn’t any structural issue with his left shoulder but the fact that he needs to build up strength in the shoulder is problematic.  I hope the club and Santana use good judgment and work at a pace where Santana is fit to pitch and if it means a stay in extended spring training then so be it. Truth be told, I’d rather see Matt Harvey pitch on opening day any way.

With Daniel Murphy out nursing his sore intercostal muscle the last guy I want see playing 2nd base in his stead is Justin Turner. In a perfect world Reese Havens would get the nod to show what he’s got and remain healthy to take the job form Murph. I like Murph but let’s be honest, if Havens or Jordany Valdespin or Wilmer Flores got the chance to play 2nd base on a daily basis in spring and show themselves capable on offense and more importantly a better choice on defense, then Murphy could be unseated as the everyday 2nd baseman. As much as I like Murphy he shouldn’t be guaranteed an everyday job. So it would be quite interesting to watch someone make it uncomfortable for management to make a decision at 2nd base.

I think I’m going to enjoy baseball more watching Collin Cowgill enjoy himself playing baseball.

Got to feel bad for Pedro Feliciano as he deals with his heart problems. Taking two weeks off and carrying around a heart monitor puts Perpetual Pedro behind the eight ball as he tries to regain his LOOGY role with the Mets since the team is ripe with left handed relievers.

There’s comedy and then there is high comedy. High comedy is reading my Twitter timeline as Lucas Duda was striking out and striking out and striking out and striking out and striking out and striking out

Last week I went to buy a new dishwasher for my home. I got the dishwasher and another rather unexpected purchase, a new television.  My son persuaded my wife and I into this purchase to replace a projection TV we had for close to sixteen years. So now we have a brand new 60 inch LCD television that has a built in browser and wifi and everything else you can think of, so Saturday being that is was rainy, grey and cold outside what better way to spend the afternoon than to watch Mets spring training baseball.  I made a sandwich, got a cup of coffee and sat down with my feet up in my recliner and sat back to enjoy Mets spring baseball. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! What a wonderful experience, and that’s the problem.

I have loved going to live sporting events since I was six years old. I still get all pumped up going to a ballpark or arena for a sporting event. I love that feeling because it validates that I still have a deep rooting passion for my sports teams. But I have to tell you, with this new TV, I started to wonder, do I need to go to games in person anymore?

Last week I went to Madison Square Garden for the first time this season to watch the Rangers take on the Montreal Canadians.  The Garden has gone through its second phase on renovation and it looks a lot different inside. Thankfully the iconic ceiling is still the same but that’s about it. The Green Seats and Blue Seat section have been combined into one big sloping seating area. The only nostalgic feature left in the arena is the narrow seats and sparse leg space and the long bathroom and concession lines. It was while I waited on the men’s room line that I kept thinking if I were home I’d be able to watch something else other than this dog of a game plus I could grab a snack without waiting and use a clean bathroom.

This is a new phenomenon to me because there has never been any doubt about watching a sporting event in person or staying home to watch on TV as I always felt being at the event always enhanced the experience of watching a game. Damn you 60 inches of LCD gorgeousness, why must you put these bad thoughts in my head.

If you ever doubted that Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling and Kevin Burkhardt are the best sports broadcasting team in all of sports broadcasting, just take a look at Saturday’s Mets-Nat SNY broadcast of last Saturday.  The Four-some picked up right where they left off at the end of last season. There is chemistry with this group that no other announcing team has and they make watching Mets baseball that much more enjoyable.

I also love having Bob Ojeda sitting behind the plate give pitching play by play. Can we see that during the regular season as well? Please SNY?


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Still trying to get the cobwebs out of my head from a hectic weekend. I spent all of Saturday and most of Sunday morning on the USS Massachusetts in Fall River MA. We left Staten Island at 6:00AM Saturday. The Massachusetts has quite a history and we spent most of the day going through out the ship from the boiler room to the area where the guns were loaded to the hospital on board and it was very interesting. Then we set up our quarters for the night as we slept on the ship along with 200 other people mostly Boy Scouts (our party had 30 boys/fathers in it)  Our “beds” were four cots hung in bunk like fashion on a big chain down a row. We made sure some of our “bigger” members didn’t take a top bunk. I was in a second from the bottom bunk and one of the scouts who took the top was tossing and turning all night. It was like sleeping on the Wonder Wheel. Not that I slept much as when lights out was given at 11pm the boys all went back to their bunks the adults went upstairs to a room where we played a game called “Pigs” it’s two little pigs that you toss like dice and how the pigs land determine the amount of points you receive or loses. Of course we made up different rules as we went along as the night got later and later the rules got even more ridiculous such as expulsion from the game if your pigs landed in an “inappropriate pig touching manner”. The game broke up a 1:30 AM as some people trying to sleep below us begged us to keep quiet and with 6:30AM revelry we deiced to call it a night. Only one father in our group severed in the armed service and he was in for 15 years. As we were going to our bunks he said to the group that he was thankful none of us served with him as he was sure we all would have wound up in the brig at one time or another.


Happy Birthday to The Franchise who turns 64 today.


The more info I get on the Mets obtaining a closer the more my head hurts but one thing is for sure they are in the driver seat and they will get THE closer they want. The way it looks is they are torn between Franscio Rodriguez and Brain Fuentes and who ever takes the 3 years plus option on a fourth year will be the man. The one consistent in the reports you read is the most important feature in making a deal for the Mets is length of contract and not money.  As much as I started the Bobby Jenks bandwagon if the price is F-Mart and Bobby Parnell that’s to much to give, unless Jermiane Dye is in the mix and Ryan Church could replace the Teen Age Hitting Machine in the deal, but the Mets Brain Trust is as high on Parnell as a player as they are on F-Mart so unless the price were to drop significantly on Jenks that deal will die.


The more you read about Kerry Woods the more intriguing a candidate he becomes and I’m a little surprised that the Mets are not mentioned more when it comes to Wood. After reading this post from ChicagoCubs online my interest in Wood piqued even more.


It looks as though the bullpen for the 2009 Mets could look as follows:



Juan Cruz

Joe Biemel

Joe Smith

Pedro Feliciano

Kunz/Parnell/Brad Holt?


Throw Chad Cordero in the mix on a spring training contract and I would bring Brandon Knight in camp as well. Also we still have to see all the non-tenders (Jason Issringhausen?) Rule 5’ers minor league free agents and international free agents as well but if Omar can get the closer he wants and adds Cruz and Biemel I’ll be impressed.


Is “$iti” Field on life support? Not the ball park but the name as it seems CitiGroup is some tough financial shape an looking to layoff personnel. If that happens how does the company continue to pay the Mets for the naming rights of their play pen? Can you say Shea II? Or Gil Hodges Field?



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