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Lowest pill price viagra If the Hiram Monserrate assault on his girlfirend was wild enough (Monserrate claims he tripped with a glass in his hand and that was what caused his squeeze face to look like a Rawlings baseball) it is now out that Hiram was given a “psychological pension” from the NYPD AND he worships  at the Church of Battlestar Gallactica. Lowest pill price viagra

Lowest pill price viagra My only hope is that some way some how Monserrate and Bernie Madoff share a cell in prison and stab each other over who fucked over the Skill Sets more. 

Lowest pill price viagra A big tip of the blue and orange Mets cap to Jimmy Prell for the link

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Selling viagra Remember our favorite scumbag local politician Hiram Monserrate of Queens, selling viagra the City Councilman who was against the redevelopment of Willets Point and the guy who was strong arming money and favor from the Mets in order to get his YEA vote on the building of $iti Field ? Well it seems ol’ Hiram is in the news again this time not for bullying around the Mets but for ALLEDGEDLY kicking the living shit out of girlfriend:

Selling viagra {City Councilman Hiram Monserrate, selling viagra a Queens Democrat who was elected to the State Senate last month, selling viagra was arrested and charged with assault early Friday morning in connection with an injury to his girlfriend, selling viagra law enforcement officials said.

Selling viagra Paul J. Selling viagra Browne, selling viagra the Police Department’s top spokesman, selling viagra said that Mr. Selling viagra Monserrate had been arrested and charged with assault in the first degree.

Selling viagra Officials said that Mr. Selling viagra Monserrate, selling viagra 41, selling viagra had taken his girlfriend, selling viagra Karla Giraldo, selling viagra 30, selling viagra toLong Island Jewish Medical Center with what appeared to be a serious injury in or around her left eye.

Selling viagra Ms. Selling viagra Giraldo told hospital staff members that it was Mr. Selling viagra Monserrate who had assaulted her, selling viagra officials said. It appeared that she had been punched and slashed in or around her left eye with a shard of glass, selling viagra and officials said it took 20 to 40 stitches to close the wound. Selling viagra A doctor at the hospital, selling viagra which straddles the border between Queens and Nassau County, selling viagra called the police at 4:50 a.m.

Selling viagra New York City police detectives arrived at the hospital, selling viagra arrested Mr. Selling viagra Monserrate and took him to a Queens precinct house for questioning. Selling viagra The episode occurred in Mr. Selling viagra Monserrate’s apartment, selling viagra at 37-20 83rd Street in Jackson Heights, selling viagra officials said.}

Selling viagra This is so nasty and vile that I can’t even crack wise about it. Selling viagra But the saddest part of this story is the girlfriend did not wish to press charges against this ALLEDGED animal.

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Order usa viagra online Outstanding article in the New York Observer on the obstacles in allowing the city to get started on the redevelopment of Willets Point as to add more to the $iti Field experience  and make the area one where you would stay at after a Mets game. Order usa viagra online As it is now the pre and post game rituals of Mets fans will be the same even with the new ball park as the area around it offers nothing in the way of restaurants, order usa viagra online bars or shopping. Order usa viagra online I have yet to meet any Mets fans who say “hey let’s hang out in Corona after the game”  it’s more “let’s get to the city, order usa viagra online pronto”. Order usa viagra online So it would be a no brainer to support a plan that would bring much needed dollars into the community to make the Willets Point like a mini Baltimore Inner Harbor where baseball fans would come  even tourists, order usa viagra online to get a look and tour of $iti Field and spend money in bussiness located in this village type atmosphere. Order usa viagra online But then again it looks like greased palms wins over common sense when it comes to the Den of Thieves a/k/a The NYC City Council as we see with our old pal Councilman Hiram Monserrate and his reasons for supporting the chop hop owners:

Order usa viagra online {The landowners have also been prolific donors to council members from Queens, order usa viagra online spreading, order usa viagra online according to campaign filings, order usa viagra online more than $111, order usa viagra online000 between just eight candidates for city office in 2009: Comptroller Bill Thompson and council members David Weprin, order usa viagra online Peter Vallone Jr., order usa viagra online Eric Gioia, order usa viagra online Melinda Katz, order usa viagra online Helen Sears, order usa viagra online Tony Avella, order usa viagra online and Mr. Order usa viagra online Liu. Order usa viagra online The local councilman, order usa viagra online Mr. Order usa viagra online Monserrate, order usa viagra online has received more than $50, order usa viagra online000 from Willets Point business owners in his bid for a State Senate seat next month.}

Order usa viagra online and of course Monserrate is not just getting that tribute he also playing pocket pool with the biggest property owner in the Iron Triangle, order usa viagra online  Tully Environmental: 

Order usa viagra online {Key to winning Council support, order usa viagra online multiple people familiar with discussions said, order usa viagra online is the fate of the largest landowner at the site, order usa viagra online Tully Environmental. Order usa viagra online Relocation would likely be difficult for a property owner of Tully’s size, order usa viagra online and the firm has been the most active campaign contributor of any of the landowners to local elected officials. Order usa viagra online The firm, order usa viagra online along with other companies listed with the same address, order usa viagra online has targeted Mr. Order usa viagra online Monserrate above the other elected officials, order usa viagra online putting at least $22, order usa viagra online500 toward his Senate campaign, order usa viagra online according to campaign filings.}

Order usa viagra online I would love to know how much the Skill Sets had to pony up to Monserrate’s campaign fund to get the ok for the building of $iti Field?

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With all our problems with the bullpen here we are on August 14th in a tie for first place in the NL East. Cheap kamagra viagra What a great night to be a Mets fan after a few night of agita. Cheap kamagra viagra Gary and Mex were cracking wise on TV. Cheap kamagra viagra Howie Rose and Wayne Hagin were serenading their listeners with TV Theme songs:


There’s a hold up in the Bronx, cheap kamagra viagra

Brooklyn’s broken out in fights. Cheap kamagra viagra

There’s a traffic jam in Harlem

That’s backed up to Jackson Heights. Cheap kamagra viagra

There’s a scout troop short a child, cheap kamagra viagra

Kruschev’s due at Idlewild

Car 54, cheap kamagra viagra Where Are You?


Ah life is grand in Metsville, cheap kamagra viagra at least for a day


I went to bed in the 6th inning of the Phillies-Dodgers last night because it’s good to get at least 5 hours sleep before doing a 12 hour shift at work so I missed Jeff Kent (I never thought I’d ever root for Jeff Kent as he was one miserable son of a bitch when he was a Met) and of course Nomah‘s wining HR. Cheap kamagra viagra Green tea all around compliments of St Joseph of Torre!


Gangster  (as opposed to Gangsta’) City Councilman Hiram Monserrate, cheap kamagra viagra tried to strong arm a hearing in Manhattan last night on the proposed take over by NYC of Willets Point’s Iron Triangle. Cheap kamagra viagra Monserrate is one of the biggest phonies in a chamber that is full of half assed lawmakers but from reading the Daily News account Monserrate is just play acting as an outraged hack. Cheap kamagra viagra In the piece former Queens Boro Pres. Cheap kamagra viagra Claire Shulman says that Monserrate told her not to worry the plan will go forward but he has to make noise to show his constituents that he’s fighting for them when we all know he’s fighting for a bigger kick back most likely in a cushy job to support his fat ass when term limits drive him out of office. Cheap kamagra viagra Not once does Monserrate talk about the illegal dumping by the poor defenseless junk yard and chop shop operators in the Iron Triangle nor does he talk about the thousands of jobs that will be open to the people of Corona, cheap kamagra viagra Flushing and Jackson Heights when the Skill Sets plan for a hotel, cheap kamagra viagra shops and restaurants goes through. Cheap kamagra viagra In fact I’ll get off Monserrates back when he gets the business owners of the Iron Triangle to pay all the fines they owe the city which is why a court will eventually allow the city to take over the properties via eminent domain.


Good news that Mike Piazza will be a guest during the last weekend of Shea. Cheap kamagra viagra The Mets have done a piss poor job this year with honoring players and characters from the past 45 years of Shea’s excsistenace. Cheap kamagra viagra How in the world can you not bring back old favorites like Banner Day, cheap kamagra viagra Senior Citizens Day and even working a deal with any local dairy to bring back milk cupons for tickets sweepstakes? We all know the rich and famous of Mets history but how about bringing back guys like JC Martin, cheap kamagra viagra Duffy Dyer, cheap kamagra viagra Willie Montanez, cheap kamagra viagra Al Weis, cheap kamagra viagra Pete Falcone, cheap kamagra viagra Ken Boswell, cheap kamagra viagra Teddy Martinez and the family of the Late Danny Frisella. Cheap kamagra viagra That’s what the Mets and being a Mets fan is all about those players who were never stars but they were ours. Cheap kamagra viagra Name me another team with a George “The Stork” Theodore? If there was anyone in the Mets organization with an once of creativity and smarts they would have put a day like this together. Cheap kamagra viagra How about a day of not sucky music over the awful PA system but just the melodies of Lady Jane Jarvis? I’m sure Miss Jane could lend out a few of her Greatest Hits for that. Cheap kamagra viagra And how about some mention of our Grand Dame Joan Whitney Payson who without here there wouldn’t have be a New York Metropolitan Baseball Club, cheap kamagra viagra sure Bill Shea did all the leg work and God bless his soul for that but Madam Joan put up the dough. Cheap kamagra viagra The Red Sox just had what they call a Futures Day at Fenway Park this weekend a good old fashion pay one price get two games doubleheader featuring two of their minor league teams in action, cheap kamagra viagra I don’t know about you but I would go to Shea to see the Bingo Mets and the NOLA Zephyrs play and as I said in previous post make it a Day at Shea with church bazaar/block party/festival atmosphere. Cheap kamagra viagra Sorry for the run on paragraph kids but it kills me that there is so much potential to keep the fan base happy and involved but the origination of the team I love is run by a bunch of dumb asses and it frustrates the living shit out of me.

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