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Viagra jokes

Viagra jokes  

Viagra jokes I’ve been away from my duties here at Kranepool Society for a couple of days, viagra jokes so I’ve got a lot to catch up on:

Viagra jokes Anthony McCarron writes about David Wright today in the NY Daily News on how the Mets have for the first time in his close to 8 year career, viagra jokes become HIS team. Viagra jokes Wright has always been deferential to vets like Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran and made a concerted effort to share the spotlight with Jose Reyes but now that they are dearly departed it’s finally David Wright’s team and though he would never say it, viagra jokes he has to be thrilled to death that it is.

Viagra jokes Wright is not the rah-rah fiery type, viagra jokes although he did show that side of him after the Carrasco-Braun hit by pitch affair, viagra jokes Wright shows the leadership a young team like the Mets needs. Viagra jokes When a 7+ year vet is the first to report to spring training and the first one to the ball park and the last one to leave, viagra jokes plays through pain and never skirts from his responsibility to speak to the media win or lose, viagra jokes it sets the tone to the rest of the team that Wright’s Way is the Mets Way. Viagra jokes One doesn’t need a long term history lesson to see that this Mets clubhouse is more professional and more cohesive than we’ve seen in a long time and it bodes well for the future of this franchise.

Viagra jokes Credit for the professional turnaround has to go to Terry Collins as well. Viagra jokes Think back to when TC was hired as Mets manager, viagra jokes we all had our doubts due to his previous track record as the manager but it’s a real testament to Collins that he re-invented himself at an age when most folks are rock solid set in their ways.  Most Mets fans clamored for Wally Backman to run this team and while I’m a Wally fan, viagra jokes I can’t see anyone else but Terry Collins running this team for the next two seasons at least. Viagra jokes If anyone deserves a hike in pay and a two year extension of his contract it’s Terry Collins.

Viagra jokes Boy if I could take anything back that I’ve written on this site, viagra jokes it may be what I posted the other day about moving Scott Hairston to make room for Jason Bay when he comes back from his rib injury. Viagra jokes I’ve taken what Hairston brings to this team for granted and if anything having Mike Baxter and Hairston on the bench for the Mets is a great strength.

Viagra jokes Kirk Nieuwenhuis’ bat has cooled off, viagra jokes as to be expected but his strikeout rate has to give the front office some concern that the word has gotten out to throw Kirk a steady diet of breaking balls, viagra jokes so a trip back upstate may not be the worst thing in the world for Nieuwenhuis who seems to have the mindset to take a demotion not as a negative but a chance to work on his deficiency of hitting breaking pitches as his ticket back to the big leagues for good.

Viagra jokes The one thing that could keep Captain Kirk with the Mets is the fact that it is now not if Ike Davis should be sent to Buffalo it’s more like a lock he’s going once Bay comes back. Viagra jokes  The Marlins just sent their struggling 1st baseman Gaby Sanchez to Triple A to work his way back to being the All-Star he was last year. Viagra jokes The Mets just cannot afford to play Ike every day with zero production and a stint in Buffalo should not be taken as a punishment but as an opportunity for Ike to get his groove back.

Viagra jokes It’s amazing that the sports media dickheads in NYC who have been given the assignment to cover the NY Rangers during their playoff run are so lazy and so lacking in talent that they can’t see what this team is built on hard work, viagra jokes commitment to the team and the mindset that everyone is responsible for their actions on the ice and if you fuck up, viagra jokes you ride the pine. Viagra jokes Doesn’t matter if you’re a multimillionaire all-star or a kid fresh off a college campus if you make a mistake that hurts the team you sit, viagra jokes you stew and you make damn sure you don’t do it again. Viagra jokes It’s the same with some of these idiots who now question the Rangers commitment to blocking shots, viagra jokes guess what assholes, viagra jokes how do you think this team has gotten to where it is? Oh and for all the fawning you schmucks have been doing over Marty Brodeur, viagra jokes stop acting like lemmings calling him the greatest goaltender in hockey history, viagra jokes just because you’ve heard some of your overheated brethren say it. Viagra jokes Sure it’s easy to look at his career stats and says he’s the best ever and I am by no means saying he isn’t a Hall of Famer but to say he’s the best ever is a slight to Jacques Plante, viagra jokes Terry Sawchuck, viagra jokes Ken Dryden and Patrick Roy. Viagra jokes Take some time to read up on those four before you give Marty the crown of greatest ever and remember as good as Brodeur is, viagra jokes he’s no KING!

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Another way I know I’m getting old is I remember when George Steinbrenner bought the Highlanders from CBS back in 1973. Viagra cheap canada In his new book GEORGE The Poor Little Rich Boy Who Built The Yankee Empire, viagra cheap canada (published by Wiley) bestselling author, viagra cheap canada Peter Golenbock tells the story of Boss George and his team only the way Golenbock can with extensive interviews and highly entertaining anecdotes throughout this book. Viagra cheap canada No one knows the history of the Highlanders like Golenbock . Viagra cheap canada Of course the Highlander fan would love this book but put aside your Highlander hating for a moment, viagra cheap canada this book is a history lesson as the Highlanders were down and out and love him or hate him Steinbrenner brought them back to prominence to the most valuable sports franchise in the world.

Viagra cheap canada It takes a gifted writer like Golenbock to tell the story of such a complex man as George Steinbrenner GEORGE The Poor Little Rich Boy Who Built The Yankee Empire is an informative and entertaining read. Viagra cheap canada

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