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Viagra scotland “That’s all I can stands, viagra scotland I can’t stands no more…..

Viagra scotland                                                                                       Popeye

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Viagra scotland You could also hear that quote coming from the Mets GM ‘s suite at Citi Field yesterday as  Sandy Alderson finally made some moves to  at least shake up a team that seems content with losing. Viagra scotland  Ike Davis, viagra scotland Mike Baxter and Robert Carson head to Vegas and Rick Ankiel heads to wherever it is baseball players who can’t play baseball anymore go. Viagra scotland To say it’s about time is an understatement, viagra scotland to say what took you so long is more precise.

Viagra scotland The move to send Davis to Vegas is about a month too late. Viagra scotland The only thing that saved Davis from a trip to Sin City was his rebound second half of last year. Viagra scotland Alderson and his staff were waiting for the resurrection of Ike to happen like last year but after a while there comes a time the organization goes from believers to doubting Thomas’ and now it’s up to George Greer, viagra scotland the Mets Vegas hitting coach and manager Wally Backman, viagra scotland to work on getting Ike right at the plate and maybe also in the head.

Viagra scotland Davis seems to be another Met who may be suffering from a sense of entitlement. Viagra scotland It’s something you hear from folks who are around the club that one of the biggest problems with the team and through the organization is this sense of privilege that players who have not earned the right to put on airs are the ones with their noses up and pinky’s out. Viagra scotland  This was a problem with the Minaya regime and it seems it’s still a problem under Alderson. Viagra scotland Yesterday’s game would have been a great time to send a message that stupidity and carelessness will no longer be tolerated.

Viagra scotland In the bottom of the first inning with two outs, viagra scotland and Daniel Murphy at the plate, viagra scotland Jordany Valdespin, viagra scotland I guess not realizing that he was (a) in scoring position already and (b) there were two outs, viagra scotland decides to take off for 3rd base, viagra scotland of course he was thrown out. Viagra scotland It’s a stupid play if a 10 year old does and it’s infuriating when a so called big leaguer does it. Viagra scotland So at that point I’m thinking as was Ron Darling during the SNY telecast, viagra scotland here is the perfect spot for Terry Collins to declare no more. Viagra scotland No more tolerance of stupidity, viagra scotland time to make an example out of Valdespin and remove him from the game. Viagra scotland Tell him take a shower , viagra scotlandwatch tv, viagra scotland  eat a sandwich I don’t give a rats ass what you do up just get the fuck out of my sight. Viagra scotland But no that’s not what happened. Viagra scotland Collins did give JV1 a talking to but left him in the game. Viagra scotland If this were the minor leagues I would say letting Valedespin get an earful would be fine but this is Major League Baseball where you are supposed to be ready to play at the highest level there is of the game. Viagra scotland  Add in that your team has lost 5 of its last 6 games and your last loss was a 20 inning disaster where you went 0 for 19 with RISP  and you have lost 8 of 11 games to the Marlins, viagra scotland a team that is 10-41 when not playing the Mets, viagra scotland a benching of Vladespin was more than justified.

Viagra scotland So after another hopeless performance by his team, viagra scotland Alderson made his moves but who would he bring up? Josh Satin, viagra scotland Collin Cowgill and Josh Edgin are now officially New York Mets. Viagra scotland What? You’re underwhelmed? Well you should be.

Viagra scotland While the critics wail away at Alderson and his staff for not signing free agents (since he is the GM and not the Owner he can only spend what the owner allows him too) and for not trading for top flight major league talent which is hard to do when the rest of baseball knows you are desperate for major league talent and ask for the few precious talented prospects you have in return. Viagra scotland It’s not Alderson’s fault that he is fresh out of Beltran’s and Dickey’s to deal for prospects. Viagra scotland But why let the facts get in the way of fan stupidity.

Viagra scotland Now I’m not saying that Alderson hadn’t made mistakes sure he has, viagra scotland two years in a row the Mets front office has failed to build an efficient bullpen, viagra scotland in fact if the front office just put together a league average bullpen the Mets would be in better shape than they are today. Viagra scotland The front office has also failed at finding that diamond in the rough that Alderson’s protégé , viagra scotland Billy Beane has done very successfully in Oakland. Viagra scotland   

Viagra scotland Of the call ups the Mets have made, viagra scotland I would have been much more enthused if the names would have been Wilmer Flores, viagra scotland Zack Wheeler and Jack Leatherstrich.

Viagra scotland It would be nice to see Flores play 2B and have Daniel Murphy move over to 1st base in Ike’s absence since the Mets feel if they move Lucas Duda to 1st base and then back to left field when Ike returns that Duda would need to visit Dr. Viagra scotland Sidney Friedman to help gets his head together.

Viagra scotland I’m so tired of hearing that Wheeler is ready, viagra scotland Wheeler is coming, viagra scotland Wheeler, viagra scotland Wheeler , viagra scotland Wheeler…..BRING HIM UP ALREADY!!!!!! The indecision of this organization annoys the living shit out of me sometimes. Viagra scotland Make a god damn decision tell Jeremy Hefner it’s not you it’s us and move him to the pen and go with a rotation of Niese, viagra scotland Harvey, viagra scotland Marcum, viagra scotland Wheeler, viagra scotland Gee. Viagra scotland You not only bolster the starting rotation but you add a bullpen arm that can give you multiple innings.

Viagra scotland Jack “LeatherRocket” Leathersich is a lefty reliever who has striking out hitters at the AA level at a rate of 17 per 9 innings. Viagra scotland Why not take a shot and bring this young man up to see what he can do a big league level. Viagra scotland I doubt he will be as bad as Robert Carson .

Viagra scotland Sometimes this organization is too cautious; instead of being bold and putting the youngsters in a challenging spot.  Let’s see who can swim at the deep end of the pool. Viagra scotland   

Viagra scotland     

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Viagra collection service  

Viagra collection service What else is there to say about last night’s game than what Terry Collins said in his post-game presser :

Viagra collection service “I haven’t the faintest idea. Viagra collection service I don’t know if it’s fatigue. Viagra collection service I don’t know what it is. Viagra collection service We didn’t run the bases. Viagra collection service We didn’t play good defense. Viagra collection service We didn’t drive in the runs we needed to drive in. Viagra collection service It was a combination of a lot of things. Viagra collection service We didn’t pitch very goodl. Viagra collection service It was the worst Dillon’s pitched probably in awhile… We’ve played two bad baseball games here. Viagra collection service We are a better team than what we’ve played.”

Viagra collection service I’m not buying the fatigue factor at all, viagra collection service it’s not like Collins is running out the same eight guys game after game, viagra collection service in fact everyday seems like there is a different lineup. Viagra collection service  Two areas that were a big problem last year and are still a big problem this year, viagra collection service the defense and the bullpen have to be addressed soon or the feel good first three months of this season will be forgotten fast.

Viagra collection service As much as I love Daniel Murphy the leash on his 2nd base job is getting shorter and shorter. Viagra collection service 28 is getting another start today against the Cubs but it could be Collins is ready to go to a platoon of Murph and Ronny Cedeno . Viagra collection service Last time I was at Citi Field sitting in on Collins’ pre game press conference, viagra collection service the question of Murhpy’s slump came up. Viagra collection service What was interesting in Collins response was he and hitting coach Dave Hudgens had told Murphy to take a break with watching video and taking batting practice in the indoor cage, viagra collection service which sounded to me like Collins was cryptically saying Murphy suffered from paralysis from analysis. Viagra collection service  Collins also spoke on how Murphy keeps changing how he holds his hands from at bat to at bat along with his stance in the batter’s box. Viagra collection service For all the hard work and dedication that Murphy puts in it seems like Collins is hinting that he’s overdoing it and needs to relax.

Viagra collection service The one thing that should save Ike Davis from a fine and suspension is the incompetence of umpire Manny Gonzalez. Viagra collection service Gonzalez blew the pick off call in the 8th inning last night and Ike just put his glove on the umps arm which is an automatic ejection but I’d hope Gonzalez apologies to Ike today for blowing that call.

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Natural viagra alternative I’m trying to process the words of Terry Collins earlier today as he has declared Ike Davis will stay a big leaguer for the time being. Natural viagra alternative Is this the best thing for the Mets? Is this the best thing for Ike?

Natural viagra alternative Yesterday during our Mets bloggers conference call with Rusty Staub, natural viagra alternative Staub thought that Ike would benefit from a trip to Triple A and not look at it as a demotion but a way to get his game right (big time tip of the Mets cap to Mathew Artus of Amazin’ Avenue for putting together the transcript of the Staub conference call) :

Natural viagra alternative Mike Branda (Mets Merized Online): My question is actually currently in regards to what we’ve seen with Ike Davis lately. Natural viagra alternative Every hitter is obviously going to see a tough time at the plate. Natural viagra alternative There’s going to be maybe a month where you’re just not going to see the ball right. Natural viagra alternative You’re just not getting the hits, natural viagra alternative the swing, natural viagra alternative anything. Natural viagra alternative What are things that a hitting coach or has done to just help you through a tough time at the plate?

Natural viagra alternative  

Natural viagra alternative Rusty Staub: Well, natural viagra alternative the most important thing you have to understand is yourself, natural viagra alternative okay? I don’t know what’s happening; I’m not privy to anything that’s being said down in that dugout. Natural viagra alternative I don’t have an idea what the hitting instructor is talking to Ike Davis about. Natural viagra alternative But, natural viagra alternative Ike Davis came up as a very good young prospect as a hitter and he had very good talent. Natural viagra alternative And right now he’s so messed up in his head, natural viagra alternative it’s beyond comprehension.

Natural viagra alternative  I’ve watched the Mets on TV quite a bit and I mean he’s had the bat in different positions. Natural viagra alternative He’s pumping that thing up and down. Natural viagra alternative I don’t think he’s giving himself much of a chance. Natural viagra alternative I think he’s got to slow it down and be quieter and not have so much… especially if your hands start moving down when that ball is coming, natural viagra alternative you’re not getting there. Natural viagra alternative He does that a lot.

Natural viagra alternative He’s going to get out of this thing. Natural viagra alternative Whether he’s got to go to the minors and get himself together… I had to do that once myself in my career. Natural viagra alternative What Ike has to start doing is starting himself in knowing why he’s doing well what he’s doing well and have an idea. Natural viagra alternative Every pitcher has a strength and a weakness. Natural viagra alternative Some of them don’t have as many weaknesses as others, natural viagra alternative but you can’t go up there hoping. Natural viagra alternative You have to go up there with an idea of what you want to do against that pitcher and you try to execute that. Natural viagra alternative Right now, natural viagra alternative I think he’s so confused. Natural viagra alternative I’m not too sure getting a little time to get his act together wouldn’t be the best thing in the world for the young man, natural viagra alternative as terrible as that sounds. Natural viagra alternative Ike will be back. Natural viagra alternative It’s just not easy to hit the type of long-term injury he had in the previous year and come back automatically swinging the bat great.

Natural viagra alternative  

Natural viagra alternative With the season ending injury last year and the bout of Valley Fever this year, natural viagra alternative you’d figure that Davis would take a little time to get his offensive game on track but no one thought he’d struggle like he has so far. Natural viagra alternative Maybe it’s effecting his defense as he has not been as crisp at 1st base as we are used to seeing. Natural viagra alternative Rusty mentions Ike’s hands as Keith Hernandez has as well on Mets telecasts, natural viagra alternative it seems Ike has developed this bad habit of dropping his hands and brings them back up then down again when he’s ready to turn on a ball; this seems like a habit he can’t break.

Natural viagra alternative On the other hand, natural viagra alternative Ike seems genuinely touched that Terry Collins is showing faith in him to get back on track and I understand Collins making the statement he did today as he hopes it stops all the is Ike going to Buffalo talk for a while but with news that Jason Bay is ready to start playing DH in rehab games in extended spring training, natural viagra alternative if Ike is still on the Interstate when Bay is ready to rejoin the team, natural viagra alternative the Mets will have no choice but to send him to Buffalo.

Natural viagra alternative So all Collins vote of confidence does is but Ike some time to get right on offense and maybe stop all the third degree from the media about his inevitable re-assignment.

Natural viagra alternative It’s now up to Ike to back up his managers words.

Natural viagra alternative  

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Cialis india I don’t think Mike Pelfrey can be optioned to Triple A, cialis india but after seeing the swift sword of Sandy Alderson yesterday, cialis india I wouldn’t be surprised if Pelf throws another stinker today (I’m talking 3 innings getting batted around and a whole lot of hand licking) Alderson would persuade him to take a trip to Buffalo to work out his problems. Cialis india I hope it doesn’t come down to that. Cialis india Hopefully Pelf gives the team the quality start it desperately needs tonight but if he doesn’t maybe a two week stint with Rickey Bones who would be another set of eyes, cialis india could see something to fix Big Pelf.

Cialis india It didn’t take Alderson long to show that he won’t sit back with his hands in his pockets as we saw with his moves after last night’s game. Cialis india  If Alderson would have released Boyer at the end of spring training there was good chance he’d have been picked up by another team. Cialis india Now, cialis india odds are much slimmer that he’d be picked up, cialis india so if he doesn’t the Mets can send him to Buffalo to raise his game.

Cialis india The worst part of the week were the three bad outings by Pelf, cialis india Dickey and Niese that taxed and already shaky pen, cialis india so it’s imperative for the starters, cialis india starting with Pelfrey tonight to step up their game.

Cialis india It’s too early to panic, cialis india but according to Sandy Alderson it’s not too early to send a message. Cialis india The thing we have to remember here is Alderson and his staff has no allegiance to any of the players on this roster. Cialis india He inherited the whole flock and I don’t think he’d have any problem dealing away or demoting anyone on this team. Cialis india  

Cialis india Jose Reyes has been hitting the ball and has looked like the Reyes of old especially in the field but he is also up to his free swinging ways and that is something hitting coach Dave Hudgens is looking to fix. Cialis india But at this stage of his career, cialis india it will be hard for Reyes to adjust his attack, cialis india attack, cialis india attack approach at the plate.

Cialis india Even with the bad bullpen and inability to get a big hit the best thing I saw this week was Rob Castellano is back with his daily Mets Daily Farm Report on Amazin’ Avenue.

Cialis india  Do you think you know all there is to know about getting around Citi Field? If you had BallPark E-Guide you would. Cialis india BallPark E-Guide is a nice tidy download that tells you how to get around the ball parks, cialis india where to find cheap parking and discounts on tickets. Cialis india Right now there are e-guides available for Citi Field, cialis india Yankee Stadium, cialis india Citizens Bank Ballpark with Camden Yards and Nationals Park coming soon.

Cialis india If you didn’t see the piece on 60 Minutes on Albert Pujols last night do yourself a favor and check it out. Cialis india It’s well worth it.

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Cialis express delivery I want to thank everyone who has contacted me letting me know how much they enjoyed my interview with Jerry Koosman last night on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN. Cialis express delivery I had hoped to get 20 minutes with Kooz and instead I chatted for the full hour and Jerry was a great guest. Cialis express delivery If you haven’t listened to it yet I hope you can some time to give it a listen.

Cialis express delivery Adam Rubin went out to snowy Citi Field today to watch utility infielder Chin-lung Hu take a picture with his new Mets jersey. Cialis express delivery There were rumors that Hu would be issued #17 but someone came to their senses and realized that #17 should be taken out of circulation, cialis express delivery so instead Hu will don #25 instead. Cialis express delivery You’re no Frank Thomas, cialis express delivery Mr. Cialis express delivery Hu.

Cialis express delivery Rubin also had these tidbits from his visit to Queens today. Cialis express delivery Johan Santana is NOT throwing after Sandy Alderson said that Johan was cleared to start throwing:

Cialis express delivery “To my knowledge, cialis express delivery he’s not throwing at this point, cialis express delivery” Alderson said. Cialis express delivery “But, cialis express delivery again, cialis express delivery that’s his own decision and based on how he feels. Cialis express delivery I think the PT [physical therapist] recommended that he continue to do certain exercises, cialis express delivery and when he feels like he’s ready to toss, cialis express delivery he will. Cialis express delivery He’s medically cleared, cialis express delivery but to my knowledge he hasn’t actually started throwing yet.”

Cialis express delivery Hummmm not to go all Jay Cuttler here but there seems to be a bit of a contradiction, cialis express delivery Alderson claims Santana is “medically cleared” but Johan doesn’t feel he’s ready yet. Cialis express delivery By no means should Santana start a throwing program until he feels he’s ready but after the last few years where conflicting medical reports were the norm, cialis express delivery I hope the front office will refrain from that practice. Cialis express delivery Sometime “we’re not sure” is a good answer.

Cialis express delivery Howard Johnson has to feel kind of awkward as Alderson tries to find a place for him in the organization. Cialis express delivery HoJo managed one year in Brooklyn but the Mets do not look at him as managerial timber. Cialis express delivery The hitting coach jobs in Buffalo (Mike Easler) and Binghamton (Luis Natera) have been filled so where in the world will HoJo land?

Cialis express delivery Matt Artus has a great post on last weeks Citi Field Kids event at Citi Field and the Q & A the bloggers had with the players who attended. Cialis express delivery Oh and the guy standing next to Big Pelf in the picture is yours truly.

Cialis express delivery Darryl Strawberry feels the Mets missed the boat on not hiring Wally Backman as manager. Cialis express delivery His chief reason is because Wally played for the ’86 Mets. Cialis express delivery From speaking to Terry Collins on a couple of occasions they only difference I see between him and Backman is Collins didn’t play for the ’86 Mets.

Cialis express delivery Congratulations to Omar Minaya for getting hired by the New York Highlanders as a Major League talent coordinator.

Cialis express delivery Speaking of the Bronx Bastards, cialis express delivery what the hell is going on in Da Boogy Down? First Pee Wee Cashman, cialis express delivery thinking he was with Dr. Cialis express delivery Phil instead of the Sports Pope, cialis express delivery starts to purge his soul by saying that El Capitan will eventually moved to center field. Cialis express delivery I don’t know what all the hub bub is over this as eventually Jeets will have to go to the outfield I mean why the outrage? It’s not like Pee Wee told the Sports Papal audience that The Captain signed an endorsement deal with Bosley Hair Restoration (oooops did I say that out loud!!!!)

Cialis express delivery And what’s with this censorship of Highlander State Commissioned bloggers? Gee you’d think they were involved in the distraction of Not So Highlander Classics (Video of games the Highlanders actually lost) instead of stating the obvious that the team got hosed in the Rafael Soriano deal. Cialis express delivery This is grounds for a repriamand? When did Michelle (WHICH CAMERA!!!!!!WHICH CAMERA!!!!!!!!!)  Bachmann was named team president.

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Viagra best buy Its official the somewhat new and improved Mets coaching staff has been announced via press release. Viagra best buy  The names are the ones we figured on. Viagra best buy  Old School Dan Warthen and Chip Hale remain on staff at their positions. Viagra best buy Obie becomes Terry Collins sounding board in the dugout. Viagra best buy Mookie Wilson is back with the team as first base coach (and I’d bet outfield and base running coach as well)

Viagra best buy Two names that were added are of hitting coach Dave Hudgens and bullpen coach Joe Debus, viagra best buy here are their bios:

Viagra best buy Hudgens spent the last five years (2006-2010) as the Field Coordinator for the Cleveland Indians.  He is currently managing Caracas in the Venezuelan Winter League.  Hudgens was the hitting coach for the Oakland Athletics in 1999 and from 2003-2005.  He managed four years in Oakland’s minor league system from 1985-1988, viagra best buy including three years at Medford (A) of the Northwest League.  Hudgens, viagra best buy who was originally selected by the Mets in the first round of the January 1975 draft but did not sign, viagra best buy served as the Athletics’ Assistant Director of Player Development from 1996-1998 and 2000-2002.  He played six minor league seasons with the Athletics and Indians and appeared in six games with Oakland in 1983.

Viagra best buy Debus was a professional scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers from 2009-2010.  He served on the coaching staff of the Orix Buffaloes in Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball League during Terry Collins’ tenure as Manager from 2007-2008.  He served as the minor league catching coordinator for the Dodgers from 2002-2004 and in 2005 he was the bullpen coach for the big league squad.  Debus began his coaching career in the Dodgers minor league system in 1990 and served as a coach or manager through the 1999 campaign.  In 2000 and 2001 Debus was the General Manager of the Elmira Pioneers of the Independent Northern League.  He played 10 seasons in the minor leagues, viagra best buy advancing as high as Triple-A.

Viagra best buy This what you’d call a “grizzled” coaching staff

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Cialis and diarrhea

Cialis and diarrhea First let me offer my sympathies to those of you who root for the NY Jets as I can’t even imagine what that Mets/Jets daily double fandom is like. Last night myself and Kendrick Thomas co-hosted NY Football Blogs Live on Blog Talk Radio where we broke down the Jets-Dolphins game and looked at the road ahead for the Jets and a preview of tonight’s Giants-Vikings neutral site matchup at Ford Field. Cialis and diarrhea My rant against Brett Farve is worth a listen.

Cialis and diarrhea By the way, cialis and diarrhea as bad as Jets strength and condition coach Sal Alosi’ un-sportsman like move, cialis and diarrhea tripping Nolan  Carroll as he went down the side line on a punt return was, cialis and diarrhea the cries for Alosi to be fired is comical. Cialis and diarrhea The NFL allows players who are convicted of DUI’s and vehicular homicide to thrive in the league but a coach doing something stupid should be burned at the stake. Cialis and diarrhea  If MLB operated like the NFL, cialis and diarrhea The Used Car Salesman would be America’s number one villain. Cialis and diarrhea Maybe the NY Daily News Eye-Sore Team will stop wasting newsprint on the steroid witch hunt and do some real investigative reporting on the NFL. Cialis and diarrhea  Yeah, cialis and diarrhea fat chance.

Cialis and diarrhea The Apple gets there Hudgens crossed, cialis and diarrhea one Hudgens is a hitting coach the other gets hit on. Cialis and diarrhea By the way that picture of Reyes with the sign is fucking hilarious and the pic of the lovely Vanessa is museum quality.

Cialis and diarrhea Sandy Alderson has another thing in common with Mets fans, cialis and diarrhea he won’t go out of his way to watch Oliver Perez pitch. Cialis and diarrhea I know there is a lot of talk about using OP as a LOOGY and there may be some merit in that move but Perez and Castillo represent the FAIL of the Minaya administration. Cialis and diarrhea Perez not accepting a minor league assignment to work out his pitching problems and Castillo after having a game winning hit last summer and acting like he just had a wisdom tooth pulled is exactly that kind of mindset that has to be eradicated in the Mets clubhouse . Cialis and diarrhea I’m on board with the patient Alderson approach but some things just can’t let simmer. Cialis and diarrhea Both Perez and Castillo need to be released. Cialis and diarrhea  

Cialis and diarrhea Johnny Cueto for Jose Reyes? I’d make that deal in a heartbeat if I were the Mets before Walt Jocketty sobers up.

Cialis and diarrhea Chris Jaffe has a terrific article up on The Hardball Times chronicling baseball mangers with the largest breaks in service form managerial jobs. Cialis and diarrhea He has a write up on Mets manager Terry Collins in the article.

Cialis and diarrhea “Hey Davis you suck” “Earn your money Baron”, cialis and diarrhea LA Clipper fans heckling their point guard Baron Davis? Nope. Cialis and diarrhea It’s Clippers owner Donald Sterling sitting at courtside at the Staple Center berating his point guard during a game. Cialis and diarrhea I can’t get on Sterling too much, cialis and diarrhea if I owned the Mets I’d probably act the same way.

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Adverse side effects of viagra The way some Mets fans are acting toward the hiring of Terry Collins, adverse side effects of viagra you’d think he was taking over a contending team. Adverse side effects of viagra Do you people realize that the NY Mets as constituted today are barely a .500 team?  I guess I have to be the myth buster around here, adverse side effects of viagra the Mets will not make the post season in 2011. Adverse side effects of viagra Sorry for the smack in the face but some Mets fans need a dose of reality.

Adverse side effects of viagra As I’ve written before there are times the Mets fan base just amazes me, adverse side effects of viagra Terry Collins hasn’t even put pen to contract yet and fans are ready to fire him. Adverse side effects of viagra Can we wait at least one week into the regular season before we make up the Twitter account @FireTerryCollins?  

Adverse side effects of viagra Am I 100% happy with the Collins hire? No not really, adverse side effects of viagra but I’m not screaming about it as a disaster waiting to happen either.  I look at the positives here, adverse side effects of viagra that Alderson and not Jeffey Skill  Sets  is making the baseball decisions. Adverse side effects of viagra Collins was the minor league coordinator so he has knowledge of what’s worth keeping and what’s not in the Mets farm system. Adverse side effects of viagra I watched Collins at a pre-season workout for the Brooklyn Cyclones this summer and he and Mookie Wilson were running from station to station working with players and conferring with Wally Backman, adverse side effects of viagra Benny DiStefano (hitting coach) and Rick Tomlin (pitching coach) so energy and instruction are definitely  Collins strong suit. Adverse side effects of viagra     

Adverse side effects of viagra Collins intensity can make some players uncomfortable, adverse side effects of viagra but isn’t that what has been sorely lacking in the Mets clubhouse? Haven’t the bunch of underachievers that reside in that room been living the high life for too long? Isn’t it about time somebody with authority dealt with these “woe is me” players and get them to man up and stop shitting in their snow white pants when the Phillies or Braves come up on the schedule?  Mets fans have been crying for a tough guy right? So here you are. Adverse side effects of viagra Maybe for the first time in years, adverse side effects of viagra the players will be held accountable.

Adverse side effects of viagra The biggest reservation I have with Collins is he quit as manager twice, adverse side effects of viagra with the Angels and in Japan. Adverse side effects of viagra That scares me it’s as if the going gets tough; it seems Collins gets going, adverse side effects of viagra out the door. Adverse side effects of viagra Of course Sandy Alderson brought this up during the interview session I’m sure and he was satisfied with the answer he got so I guess I should be too.  Collins has not run a team in ten years and that raises a red flag with me as well.

Adverse side effects of viagra The Collins hire is not outrageous enough for to be well.. Adverse side effects of viagra outraged. Adverse side effects of viagra Sure it would have been nice to see BACKMAN 6 strutting to the plate on opening day with his first lineup card as a big league manager but that’s the Mets fan in me talking. Adverse side effects of viagra The guy who is now in charge feels that Terry Collins gives him all that he’s looking for in a manager with an edge in personality. Adverse side effects of viagra At this point in the Alderson Era who am I or you to question the move?   

Adverse side effects of viagra What it tells me also is the Mets are going to get younger and there is a big premium going to be placed on home grown talent. Adverse side effects of viagra Sandy Alderson on day one said the farm system he has inherited is in the middle of the pack and for a team like the Mets with its resources, adverse side effects of viagra that’s unacceptable. Adverse side effects of viagra That’s what should be the focus of Mets fans, adverse side effects of viagra not who will be the manager for the next two seasons. Adverse side effects of viagra Cliff Lee at 32 years of age with back trouble? Let the Highlanders over pay in years and money for him. Adverse side effects of viagra Jayson Werth? Let the Tigers spend all that awful pizza money on him. Adverse side effects of viagra If the Mets eat the Perez/Castillo dough then the off season is a success and you know now there is no way in hell either of those two slugs are coming back.

Adverse side effects of viagra  Rejoice Mets fans that we  have guys with a clue and a plan running the baseball operations for our beloved Mets. Adverse side effects of viagra I know it’s hard to optimistic with the all the horseshit we’ve endured the last few years but I think the new regime will get us out this mess and back on the road to winning.

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Cialis Well, cialis well, cialis well it seems like someone other than a  paying customer, cialis has finally had enough of the slackers that makeup the 2010 Mets:

Cialis The day after Jerry Manuel called the Mets’ offense “pathetic, cialis” hitting coach Howard Johnson  convened a meeting before Friday’s game and harshly criticized his hitters for their recent performances and pregame card-playing, cialis team sources told the Daily News.


Cialis “It was really in your face, cialis and some guys didn’t like that, cialis but it needed to be said, cialis” one player said.

Cialis Wait, cialis when did Rickey Henderson get back to town? CARD PLAYING!!!!! So I guess this team is looking toward making the World Series of Poker instead of baseball’s Fall Classic.

Cialis The first thought that popped in my head was, cialis someone (Jeffey) whispered in HoJo’s ear that he will be back next year as part of Wally Backman’ staff so we need you to fire the first salvo of the soon to be Under New Manager Mets. Cialis Then I saw that HoJo was not too happy that Manuel called the offense “pathetic” and in turn threw HoJo under the bus, cialis so The HoJo strikes back by calling out the players and in turn showing up Manuel by doing the mangers works by shaking up his players.

Cialis Look if the clubhouse is going to blow like a powder keg it might as well happen in Pittsburgh where the Mets are on the verge of an almost impossible three game road series sweep today.

Cialis After the Hojo Blow-Blow, cialis I think it’s a foregone conclusion that Jerry Manuel Mets Era is in the home stretch and that thought will be cemented when Backman and his Brooklyn Cyclones show up at Citi Field for Celebrate the 2010 NY-Penn League Championship Day next month and Backman joining the Skill Sets, cialis Uncle Saul and Dave the Shyster in the Skill Sets Suite.

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