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Get cialis Last night on the Sport Media Watchdog Podcast, get cialis we discussed Joe Posnanski’s book PATERNO, get cialis Roger Clemens comeback with the Sugar Land Skeeters and the blockbuster deal between the Boston Red Sox and the LA Dodgers

Get cialis Saturday I was in New Jersey for most of the day in Colt’s Neck to be precise and at the Collingwood Flea Market. Get cialis As I walked around the market I came across a booth that was selling baseball jersey’s. Get cialis I found a beautiful Mets Daniel Murphy roadie that I just could not pass up. Get cialis After I bought it, get cialis I said to my son, get cialis “I hope this isn’t the kiss of death for Murph as a Met by me buying this jersey” So what happens, get cialis yesterday Murph hurts his shoulder and will spend his off day in an MRI tube. Get cialis Sorry 28!

Get cialis Sandy Alderson wants to sign David Wright and R.A. Get cialis Dickey to long term deals. Get cialis David Wright and R.A. Get cialis Dickey would love to sign long term deals with the Mets. Get cialis David Wright and R.A. Get cialis Dickey however, get cialis will not sign long term deals with the Mets until they hear what the Alderson Plan is going forward. Get cialis I don’t blame them at all.  Both players know that the money is out there for their services and this stage of both players careers it seems from what they are saying winning or just a commitment to building a winner is paramount if they will both stay Mets or not.

Get cialis In Wright’s case he sees that the lineup he’s in now offers no protection what so ever, get cialis put him on team like the Reds or Cardinals and his offensive game would flourish. Get cialis Wright is also starting to look at his legacy in baseball and his chances of making it to Cooperstown. Get cialis So far in his career Wright has 1393 hits, get cialis leaving him 1607 base knocks away from the holy grail of 3, get cialis000. Get cialis That would average out to about 178.5 hits a season for the next eight seasons to hit that mark. Get cialis Even if Wright was short of the 3K hits, get cialis joining a team that was a contender and committed to winning (don’t lie, get cialis it’s crossed your mind as you woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat  picturing Wright as a Highlander. Get cialis If George Steinbrenner were still alive I’d just about guarantee he’d have made Wright an offer so good he couldn’t say no) as a World Series ring or two along with the offensive output Wright should be able to produce for the next eight years would make him just about a lock for the Hall of Fame. Get cialis Can he achieve that as a Met? I’m not optimistic that he can.

Get cialis Looks like Terry Collins will be back as manager of the Mets in 2013. Get cialis I have no problem with that although I’d think there will be a major shakeup of the coaching staff. Get cialis What interests me is the job status of Wally Backman. Get cialis Would the Mets bring Backman on board as a coach with Collins starting the season in lame duck status? That would make for an uncomfortable coexistence for sure. Get cialis What would Sandy Alderson do if Backman is offered a big league managers job or a coaching position. Get cialis Couldn’t you see Davey Johnson convincing Nationals ownership to bring Backman on as his right hand man to groom as the next Nats field boss?

Get cialis Chris Jaffe at The Hardball Times writes about this date back in 1992 when the Mets traded David Cone to the Toronto Blue Jays for Jeff Kent.

Get cialis  

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Where To Buy Viagra Online

I love the internet. Buy viagra without a prescription I love that I can read about any subject I want just by going to a search engine and type it in a little box and have a screen tell me there are 1, buy viagra without a prescription345, buy viagra without a prescription 756 results of my search. Buy viagra without a prescription As a kid whenever I went into Manhattan my favorite destination was the out of town newsstand on 42 St. Buy viagra without a prescription My father went there to get “news from home” in the form of the Sligo Champion and all I wanted was the Boston Globe especially the Sunday Globe which was better than any sports related publication on the planet back in the day. Buy viagra without a prescription


My summer nights centered around waiting the delivery of the Night Owl edition of the NY Daily News that got to the candy store we hung out in around 8PM and everyone lined up to get the “Brooklyn number “-the last three digits of the Aqueduct or Belmont Park handle-and to sip a Manhattan Special and read the sports news of the day. Buy viagra without a prescription


My source for breaking news was the afternoon NY Post. Buy viagra without a prescription Yes, buy viagra without a prescription the Post used to be an afternoon paper and I loved it because it had West Coast boxscores which were like the holy grail of baseball stories. Buy viagra without a prescription “How did Seaver do last night in LA”? “How many hits did Milner get “? “ Torre hit into two DP’s again, buy viagra without a prescription he sucks” all this went on 12 hours or so after the action took place.


Where am I going with this? The big media news today is The Rocky Mountain will fold today as soon as it gets its editions on the street and I’m sad that the paper is folding and people are losing their jobs but still I’m awed by the technological revolution that is progressing before our eyes. Buy viagra without a prescription Now most of this astonishment is due to my age (Fitty going on Fitty One ) and also that my soon to be 96 year old mother shops online and checks out my Facebook page (she doesn’t like my profile pic of me and Madonna’ Madam Tuesaue wax figure) and chats with relatives in Ireland (she has checked out this blog put doesn’t care much for my colorful language and has made it known I’m not so grown that she can’t discipline me to which I told here we could make a big splash on the 6 O’clock News as 50 year old reports mom to Child Services)


I love this post by Joe Posanaski who conveys my sentiments of newspapers much better than I ever could. Buy viagra without a prescription I still buy the Daily News and Post at the ferry terminal while on the way to work out of habit and I get the NY Times and Staten Island Advance delivered to my house which seems now like getting an ice or coal delivery, buy viagra without a prescription but I barely read the hard copy papers. Buy viagra without a prescription As soon as I get to work I sign on my computer and go to my Google Reader for my news of the day and my Daily News becomes a placemat for my cereal bowl and coffee cup.


Sure it’s sad when a paper goes under because it’s another part of life’s little pleasures that’s gone but then again when I can sit on my patio on a beautiful summer morning and through the technology of my FiOS router read baseball boxscores from the West Coast on my laptop without my fingers getting news print on them, buy viagra without a prescription then that’s what I call progress.          

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