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Cheap viagra If you are in the area by Bryant Park (42 St bet.  5th and 6th Ave) today between 12PM and 1PM who can meet former Mets stars Darryl Strawberry and John Franco who will be on hand for the kickoff of the Citi card holders pre-sale for 2013 Mets tickets.

Cheap viagra The three day exclusive presale will begin on Monday, cheap viagra February 25 and run until Wednesday, cheap viagra February 27 at 11:59 PM. Cheap viagra Citi customers will have special access to purchase single home game tickets online at, cheap viagra Citi Field or any Mets Clubhouse Shop.

Cheap viagra The Citi exclusive presale is the first opportunity for fans to purchase Opening Day, cheap viagra as well as Subway Series tickets. Cheap viagra Fans must use their Citi credit or debit card to take advantage of this special offer.

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Cialis diarrhea While I have some quiet time, cialis diarrhea I figured let me sit down and knock out a post because the next few days will be quite hectic. Cialis diarrhea So in no particular order rhyme or reason here are some of my Mets Musings:

Cialis diarrhea Seriously, cialis diarrhea how do you put out a holiday video of the best moments of your season and not included R.A. Cialis diarrhea Dickey in it? This beyond petty and stupid it’s indefensible. Cialis diarrhea  No mention of his winning the Cy Young Award, cialis diarrhea no mention of his back to back 1 hitters (6/13 vs. Cialis diarrhea Tampa and6/18 vs. Cialis diarrhea Baltimore) where he K’s 25 batters in 18 innings, cialis diarrhea no mention of the great atmosphere at Citi Field on the final home game for his 20th win??????  And you want to know way the vast majority of the Mets fan base scream SELL THE TEAM!!!!!!  Are the Skill Sets this clueless and numb to public perception that they signed off on this video?????

Cialis diarrhea If Sandy Alderson wants to look at Grady Anderson on a minor league or a make good major league deal, cialis diarrhea I have no problem with that. Cialis diarrhea It’s a low risk/high reward move. Cialis diarrhea Now as for some of the pitchers we hear they are looking at well, cialis diarrhea that’s another story.

Cialis diarrhea We can scratch Francisco Liriano off the list as he signed a 2yr/$14 mil deal with the Pirates which looks to be a year and about $11mil more than I thought he’d get.  Carl Pavano’s name has been mentioned as well and you could probably get him very cheap and for a guy who would be a 5th starter and place holder for Zack Wheeler he wouldn’t be a bad choice at the right price. Cialis diarrhea Of course we all remember Pavono as a major bust with the Bronx Bastards but he would be coming to the Mets not as a top of the rotation pitcher but as journeyman seat filler. Cialis diarrhea  Pavano is also coming off missing most of last season with a bruised bone in his shoulder that did not require surgery, cialis diarrhea so I could see offering Pavano a minimum ML contract loaded with tons of incentives. Cialis diarrhea  Aaron Harang makes $7mil for 2013, cialis diarrhea unless the Dodgers are ready to eat $6 mil of that then he’s a thought but if the Mets can get Chris Capuano back that would be the move. Cialis diarrhea What would it cost player wise in trade is the question and Capuano makes $6mil for the coming season so maybe a B level pitcher and the Dodgers eating at least half the contract would be a nice little re-acquisition by the Mets.

Cialis diarrhea If you have a Hall of Fame vote and you don’t cast a vote for Mike Piazza and then try to write a column where you attempt to justify your non-vote, cialis diarrhea all you do is prove to your readership that you’re a self-important jerk and you have violated the first rule of reporting, cialis diarrhea never make yourself the story.

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Viagra information Man, viagra information 25 years ago. Viagra information So where was I 25 years ago tonight when the most famous ground ball in baseball history went through the wickets of Bill Buckner?

Viagra information I wasn’t at the game, viagra information I was home watching with my wife as we were in month seven of our marriage. Viagra information The only game of the series I attend was Game 1, viagra information the game that turned on a ball getting through the legs of Tim Teufel, viagra information a play that gets lost in the Buckner Blunder, viagra information ruining a beautifully pitched game by Ron Darling with help from Roger McDowell. Viagra information  

Viagra information One of the issues with watching Mets games on TV back in ’86 was Bay Ridge Brooklyn was NOT wired for cable television back then. Viagra information There was a whole quagmire with franchise rights by the cable companies, viagra information if you wanted the lucrative Bay Ridge, viagra information Dyker Heights account you had to take the less desirable East New York, viagra information Flatbush area as well. Viagra information So after all the graft and bribes were dished out, viagra information I think it wasn’t until 1988 when we Bay Ridgeites  got  hooked up to Time-Warner Cable, viagra information so back in ’86 I spent most of my time in the numerous bars of Bay Ridge that were equipped with these enormous satellite dishes on their roofs to watch Mets game televised on SportsChannel. Viagra information  So when games were on “free TV” I’d give my wallet and liver a break and stay home.

Viagra information Game 6 was on a Saturday night, viagra information I remember we went for an unusually early dinner (my kids have a hard time believing that the same couple who fall asleep on the couch at 9PM used to go out until 4 or 5 the next morning on a regular basis. Viagra information It’s the same way their stare at our wedding picture in which I have this incredible crop of curly brown hair. Viagra information The tilt their heads from side to side like it’s some abstract painting in a gallery trying to figure out who the guy is with their mom. Viagra information Lovely.) and then came home. Viagra information Before getting home I stopped at the deli on 5th Ave to pick up some Molson Golden for my game libation. Viagra information My wife sat with me for the first few innings (she is not big on watching Baseball or any sport on TV, viagra information she’ll go a games in person and enjoy it but to sit and watch on TV? Ain’t happening) then decided she go to the bedroom and watch something else. Viagra information Of course she fell asleep, viagra information so it was just me, viagra information Vin Scully (Mets fans were very upset with Scully’s critiques of the Mets during this series)  Joe Garagiola and my six bottles of Molson.

Viagra information Everyone knows about the bottom of the 10th inning of this game but the inning that gets lost in history is the bottom of the 8th where the Mets were down a run. Viagra information Former Met, viagra information Calvin Schiraldi comes in for the Red Sox to help preserve the lead and bridge to Bob Stanley, viagra information the Boston closer. Viagra information After a Lee Mazzilli (pinch hitting for Jesse Orosco) leadoff single, viagra information Davey Johnson went against the Earl Weaver book he was weaned on, viagra information to play small ball. Viagra information Lenny Dykstra comes up (by the way after six Molson on top of the cocktails I had at dinner, viagra information I’m now talking to the TV like I’m sitting with Scully and Garagiola. Viagra information I wish there was Twitter back then, viagra information my drunked Tweets would have been memorable) and lays down a sac bunt that he beats out, viagra information so now the Mets have 1st and 2nd no outs. Viagra information  Wally Backman comes up and he lays down a sac bunt that moves Maz to 3rd and Nails to 2nd after an Intentional Walk to Keith Hernandez to set up a double play at any base, viagra information up stepped Gary Carter.

Viagra information Here is why Mets fans love Gary Carter, viagra information nobody loves a pressure situation and came through in those situations like Kid. Viagra information  That’s why when you sit in Citi Field and the Get Well Soon video comes on the screen, viagra information everyone stops and watches. Viagra information That’s why when I see Ron Darling in the Stand Up For Cancer PSA, viagra information with his I Stand Up For My Catcher sign, viagra information I get a lump in my throat. Viagra information Gary Carter was a great Met, viagra information retire his #8 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viagra information I digress, viagra information Kid comes though with a Sac Fly scoring Maz and we are tied at 3.

Viagra information After the top of the 10th where Rick Aguilera gave up 2 runs, viagra information all I need is a hand gun as I’ve turned into Elvis Presley , viagra information looking to shoot my TV. Viagra information After two quick outs in the bottom of the 10th I am one ornery intoxicated Mets fan, viagra information with my TV remote in my hand I was ready to turn off the set as there was no way I was watching the Red Sox celebrate this World Series (the pain of 1973 was flashing through my mind) but then, viagra information he comes that man again, viagra information Gary Carter with the base hit but here I was pissed at Kid for that hit. Viagra information Please put me out of my misery already but my misery turned to ecstasy.


Viagra information My wife thought I’d lost my mind, viagra information I told get up and get dressed we got to go out. Viagra information She looked at me like I was nuts but then she heard all the commotion coming from 5th Ave and then the phone started ringing as friends and family wanting to talk about the most improbable win in Mets history. Viagra information There was no sleep that night/early mornings, viagra information bars and clubs of Bay Ridge were hoppin’ till sunrise and so was I.

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Keeping a hardon One of the pluses when I turned 50 years old was it was the first time in my life I didn’t give a flyin’ fuck what anyone thought about me. Keeping a hardon It’s a great feeling to have the burden of acceptance lifted from one’s shoulders.  You reach that point in life where you make a decision that you feel is right and if anyone else doesn’t like it well, keeping a hardon too bad. Keeping a hardon  That’s why I had to smile at Jim Leyland letting the media know why he told them ahead of time that he would not use Joquin Benoit or Jose Valverde in yesterday’s win or go home Game 5:

Keeping a hardon “Well, keeping a hardon it’s what we said before the game. Keeping a hardon So it gave everybody a chance to get all their second-guessing ready about it, keeping a hardon” Leyland said. Keeping a hardon “That’s just the way it had to be today. Keeping a hardon We talked about it before the game and we did exactly what we felt we had to do to give ourselves any chance to win the series.”

Keeping a hardon In other words, keeping a hardon Leyland let all the wash women (a/k/a the main stream media)write up their “kill Leyland” stories ahead of time. Keeping a hardon Unfortunately for them Justin Verlander stepped up like a Cy Young/MVP and Phil Coke proved himself as a big time pitcher in relief. Keeping a hardon The game went just as Leyland planned and if it didn’t, keeping a hardon well you can kiss his ass.

Keeping a hardon Looks as though Bob Geren will get the job as Terry Collins’ consigliore over Jim Riggleman. Keeping a hardon Neither one of the candidates, keeping a hardon in my opinion, keeping a hardon are anything to get excited over, keeping a hardon in fact I feel they both suck. Keeping a hardon Riggleman walked out on his team because he didn’t get a contract extension and GM Mike Rizzo didn’t talk to him much. Keeping a hardon Geren was hated by his players in Oakland to where Houston Street said he was the worst person he ever met in baseball. Keeping a hardon Perfect. Keeping a hardon Looks as though Geren’s  Oakland pedigree got him the job. Keeping a hardon If the report is correct that Collins wanted Riggleman but the front office wanted Geren, keeping a hardon will Collins and the players look at Geren as an Alderson snitch? I would.

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Cialis price 100 mg The Mets will be holding audtions next Monday March 14th at 11 AM for singers to perfome the Star Spangled Banner at Mets home games this season. Cialis price 100 mg Here are the details:

Cialis price 100 mg FLUSHING, cialis price 100 mg N.Y., cialis price 100 mg March 7, cialis price 100 mg 2011 – The New York Mets today announced they will hold their annual Anthem Search Monday, cialis price 100 mg March 14 at 11:00 a.m. Cialis price 100 mg at Citi Field for the opportunity to sing the National Anthem prior to a 2011 Mets home game.

Cialis price 100 mg The first 100 to arrive are guaranteed an audition and an opportunity to perform a song of their choice – excluding the National Anthem – a cappella. 

Cialis price 100 mg Finalists from Monday’s event will advance to the final round of auditions at Citi Field in the weeks ahead where they will be judged on their performance of the National Anthem.  Each winner will perform the National Anthem before a game later this season.

Cialis price 100 mg 2008 Mets Anthem Search winner Pia Toscano is currently competing on Season 10 of American Idol. Cialis price 100 mg The 2011 Anthem Search winners will join the ranks of previous Anthem singers for the Mets including Marc Anthony, cialis price 100 mg June Carter and Johnny Cash, cialis price 100 mg Kristin Chenoweth, cialis price 100 mg Glenn Close, cialis price 100 mg Sheryl Crow, cialis price 100 mg Art Garfunkel, cialis price 100 mg Wyclef Jean, cialis price 100 mg Billy Joel, cialis price 100 mg Cyndi Lauper, cialis price 100 mg Aaron Neville, cialis price 100 mg *NSYNC, cialis price 100 mg Rihanna, cialis price 100 mg Carly Simon, cialis price 100 mg Matthew Morrison, cialis price 100 mg the casts of West Side Story, cialis price 100 mg Hair, cialis price 100 mg Mamma Mia! and South Pacific, cialis price 100 mg and many others.

Cialis price 100 mg The auditions are free and open to all ages.  Those under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Cialis price 100 mg  Parking is available in Official Lot G (entrance on 126th Street). Cialis price 100 mg  Attendees should enter Citi Field at Hodges VIP.  For more information on the Anthem Search, cialis price 100 mg log on to, cialis price 100 mg or call (718) 559-3119.

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Get online viagra   9 days until pitchers and catchers

Get online viagra I’ve had it uptohere with everyone panicking over the impending snow storm heading to NYC by tonight. Get online viagra Yes it is going to snow and snow a lot, get online viagra about a foot and yes all the assholes will attack the local supermarket to buy 10 gallons of milk and 15 loaves of bread because we all know a snowstorm in NYC is worse than an earthquake in Port A Prince. 

Get online viagra Its fucking incredible how people shit themselves when they here of a snow storm coming. Get online viagra It snows, get online viagra you shovel, get online viagra it piles up and guess what? IT GOES AWAY!!!!!!! In the fifty-one years I’ve been breathing and living in NYC THIS HAPPENS EVERY WINTER. Get online viagra DDDDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL WWIIIIIITTTTHHHHH IIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT !

Get online viagra Now that I got that out of system, get online viagra The Mets will now slice the center field wall in half to a new height of 8 ft. Get online viagra Also the player’s moms will be responsible on a rotating basis to provide orange slice for each home game.

Get online viagra Marcus Thames (as pointed out by our resident Highlander fan Michael) has signed a minor league deal with the Bronx Bastards. Get online viagra I called Omar Minaya for to ask about the Mets having any interested in Thames or any other free agent still on the market. Get online viagra Here is a transcript of our conversation:

Get online viagra EKS: Omar, get online viagra with the team not making many moves this off season and basically going with the same starting pitching staff that was dreadful last season, get online viagra is there any interest in a pitcher like Jarrod Washburn?

Get online viagra Omar Minaya: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Get online viagra EKS: Marcus Thames signed a minor league deal with the team in the Bronx. Get online viagra A pretty good righty bat who can play outfield and first base, get online viagra did you have any interested in bringing Thames into the Mets fold?

Get online viagra Minaya: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Get online viagra EKS:  Thanks for your time Omar.

Get online viagra Sorry I got to go now and head to Shop Rite before all the olive loaf and liverwurst is gone. Get online viagra I don’t know if you heard but a BIG FUCKING SNOW STORM IS COMING!!!!!!!

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The one bright spot in Daniel Murphy’s error yesterday was it verified my rant to every Little Leaguer I’ve ever coached “CATCH THE BALL WITH TWO HANDS”!!!!!!!


Murphy the outfielder is a work in progress and if you just read the headline you’d think Johan Santana was looking to jack up Murphy for costing him and the Mets a win but after you read the quotes, viagra users Santana came off showing leadership qualities instead of being a finger pointer:


 “It’s one mistake that he made. Viagra users It cost us the whole ballgame, viagra users but its part of the game, viagra users” Santana said of Murphy’s gaffe. Viagra users “I know he’s in a learning process. Viagra users This is not going to be the first time. Viagra users I don’t think it’s going to be the last one, viagra users either. Viagra users The only thing is we learn from our mistakes. Viagra users That’s all I can say. Viagra users I’m pretty sure he’ll be back and try to do better.”


“We cannot afford to make a lot of mistakes, viagra users” he continued. Viagra users “We were out by one game last year. Viagra users Every game is very important. Viagra users We have to do the routine plays, viagra users and I’m pretty sure (Murphy) was trying his best there and it didn’t work out.”


I have no problem with want Santana said as it’s true. Viagra users Its basic baseball, viagra users don’t give the opposition more than 3 outs. Viagra users When you do, viagra users you lose and Murphy’s error was negligence. Viagra users I still love you Danny Boy but next time “TWO HANDS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do you get the feeling that if J-Man could have one wish it would be to have someone other than Gimp Castillo playing 2nd base?


How about this, viagra users on this day in 1962 the New York Mets had their inaugural home opener at the Polo Grounds losing to the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-3. Viagra users The “crowd” that day was 12, viagra users 447 which will be the same amount standing in the cue at the Shake Shack concession stand tonight at the Grand Opening of $iti Field.


Wouldn’t have been a nice idea to incorporate the first ever home game for the Mets with the first game at the Shea and $iti? You could introduce the starting lineups from each Mets team (or a surviving member of the players family) and how about this, viagra users Shea opened on April 17th 1964 also against the Pirates and the Pirates won that one 4-3 as well. Viagra users If MLB had used their heads and made the Pirates the Mets opponent in this first series then maybe Opening Day at $iti would have been in the day time?


Check out Adam Rubin’s Mets-Padres preview and to all you are headed to $ti tonight, viagra users ENJOY!!!!!!!  






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Viagra dose With a rare Saturday with nothing to do (just one basketball game today, viagra dose my daughter’ and that was a home game at noon which means just a walk around the corner from my house ) I decided to give my eyes and fingers a day off but since the computer was on as my son finished a report for school, viagra dose I figured “what the hell’ I’ll throw out a quick post so with The Grateful Dead Steal Your Face vol 1 and 2 in the background away we go.

Viagra dose Seems there was a very nice turnout in the cold for the last day of Shea wake. Viagra dose Dave Singer at NY Sports Dog has a clip of those in attendance singing my favorite song. Viagra dose It looks like by the end of the week Shea Stadium will be just a pile of rubble. Viagra dose After looking at the clip of the folks singing Meet The Mets it occurs to me that the Skill Sets are not worthy of such loyal and passionate fans.

Viagra dose I see where the Rays have signed LOOGY extraordinary Brian Shouse to a two year deal which seems a bit much for a 40 yr old lefty but now there is a logjam in the Tampa pen and they are looking to move Chad Bradford. Viagra dose Bradford is up to make $3.5 mil in 2009 and how would he look in the Mets pen in the 6th or 7th inning? Damn good if you ask me. Viagra dose I think I’ll just slam my hand in a car door now and save me the pain for when Omar tells us the Mets have no interest in Bradford.

Viagra dose I missed St Joseph of Torre on Larry King last night ( I was at Devils-Pens game more on that in a minute.) But a couple of things about this book. Viagra dose Torre didn’t get involved with this book for the money or for notoriety this was his revenge against the Highlanders for the way he feels he was shoved out the door by Two Packs A Day Hank, viagra dose Shallow Hal and Pee Wee Cashman. Viagra dose Make no mistake St. Viagra dose Joe is one scorned ex-employee and he wanted the world to know it. Viagra dose As impossible as this may seem I know a few people close to the Highlander high archy and others who have dealt with St Joe and they inform me there are Two Joe’s, viagra dose public Joe who is gracious and suave and then there is down and dirty Joe who lets all the Brooklyn come out of him when you rattle his cage.

Viagra dose With that low rent asshole David Wells coming out with his dumb ass statements against Torre (remember Wells got his ass kicked by a Guido midget in a Manhattan diner so I doubt he has the onions to punch Torre in the face) it reminded me of a story my Highlander operative relayed to me.

Viagra dose One Old Timers day, viagra dose Wells was not scheduled to pitch and during the regular game decided he wanted to go up to the owners box and hobnob with the old timers while his teammates were engaged in a game. Viagra dose As he was trying to finagle getting a cocktail he saw the Highlander Clipper, viagra dose Joe DiMaggio and struck up a conversation. Viagra dose After a while Wells took off his uni top and undershirt so he could show Joltin’ Joe the faces of his kids and mom he had tattooed on his upper torso. Viagra dose Needless to say, viagra dose the sight of a shirtless Wells did not go over well with the old timers and swells in the Bronx Robber Barons Box. Viagra dose At that point the phone in the suite rang and on one end was one angry manager as word got to St Joe that Tons o’ Fun Wells was up in the owners box swillin’ and chillin’. Viagra dose Wells was told to get back to the Highlander bunker and when he arrived, viagra dose St Joseph of Torre morphed into Brooklyn Joe and had to be restrained for giving Wells a good old fashion Brooklyn ass kicking. Viagra dose No wonder Torre laughed when he was told of Wells’ comments for St Joe knows who the real “punk ass” is.

Viagra dose  

Viagra dose Went to the Prudential Center last night for the Devils-Penguins game a good one as the Devils came back from 2 goals down to tie in regulation and win in OT on Jamie Langenbrunners second OT winner in two nights. Viagra dose I really like The Rock. Viagra dose It has great sight lines and the wide concourses make it very manageable to get around but I have (of course ) a few issues. Viagra dose First, viagra dose the area around the arena is mostly office buildings and the streets are the darker than the other side of Mars. Viagra dose There aren’t any places to go get something to eat before the game so you either eat at home or eat at the arena which is your standard arena/stadium fare. Viagra dose The area you enter to get into the arena is small and when there is a big crowd on a cold night the open doors create a wind tunnel and you freeze your ass off waiting to get in. Viagra dose Then when you get in they have security guards who use a wand on you to search for weapons which for some reason cracks me up as I say to myself ‘are you kidding? This is Newark” Who doesn’t have a piece on them”? Add to that the guards all look like they just got out of the Rahway State Pen. Viagra dose Forget President Obama, viagra dose when a black guy in a “doo-rag” and gold teeth is patting my pasty white ass down looking for a shive well that my friends tells me there really is Change in America. Viagra dose One last thing, viagra dose how can a concession stand that is one of the biggest I’ve seen in an arena run out of hot dogs and pretzels after the first period of a hockey game?

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