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Herbal viagra cartridge Dennis Ribant has nothing to to do with this post. Herbal viagra cartridge I just felt like posting his baseball card. Herbal viagra cartridge For some reason I was thinking about Ribant and why his Mets career was so short. Herbal viagra cartridge Yes, herbal viagra cartridge I need to go out and get some fresh air. Herbal viagra cartridge   

Herbal viagra cartridge So we are a mere 10 days away from opening day and the questions at the start of spring training are still questions as we hit the training camp home stretch. Herbal viagra cartridge  Who’s on first? What’s on second and at shortstop? I DON’T KNOW!!!!!!!!

Herbal viagra cartridge Let’s peruse the Mets roster that could debut at Citi Field a week from Monday in front a lot of empty seats:

Herbal viagra cartridge The much anticipated battle of the stiffs never materialized as both Ike Davis and Lucas Duda went down with leg injuries.  That gave us a chance to see Eric Campbell and Josh Satin play the bulk of the spring games. Herbal viagra cartridge Both players looked to be much better choices than either Ike or Duda but only one of them will make the 25 man roster and looks to be Satin. Herbal viagra cartridge The shame of it is Campbell will not make it north because he hits from the right side, herbal viagra cartridge and Ike, herbal viagra cartridge Satin and most likely Duda will make the club. Herbal viagra cartridge That’s a damn shame.

Herbal viagra cartridge Daniel Murphy will be the everyday 2nd baseman until Ike Davis and Lucas Duda flop then he would shift over to 1st base and Terry Collins favorite Eric Young Jr would become the regular 2nd baseman that is unless Wilmer Flores takes that spot and EYJ keeps a spot as a super sub. Herbal viagra cartridge Whew! Where for art thou Edgardo Alfonzo?

Herbal viagra cartridge None of the in house candidates to play shortstop, herbal viagra cartridge Ruben Tejada, herbal viagra cartridge Omar Quintanilla or Wilmer Flores are much with the glove so why not take the best bat out of the three which would be Flores and start him at short? Let Ruben be what he was born to be a utility infielder and let Quintanilla be what he was destined to be, herbal viagra cartridge a former big league player.

Herbal viagra cartridge David Wright 3rd base. Herbal viagra cartridge Nuff’ said

Herbal viagra cartridge It seems as if long time minor league journeyman and Jersey boy Anthony Seratelli will make this club as a super-sub. Herbal viagra cartridge His ability to switch hit and get on base makes him an asset.

Herbal viagra cartridge Chris Young has picked up his offense lately this spring so let’s hope that translates into the season. Herbal viagra cartridge $7.25 mil for a player whose offensive game has declined the last three seasons seems like a huge gamble for a team that has to scrape and scrimp to come up with that kind of scratch. Herbal viagra cartridge Got to hope this is not the offensive version of Frank Frank  .

Herbal viagra cartridge There is no way in hell Terry Collins cannot write Juan Lagares name in the everyday lineup. Herbal viagra cartridge   Not just Collins but no one in the organization can make a rational argument as to why Lagares will not be in centerfield just about every day.  Here’s a newsflash, herbal viagra cartridge the Washing ton Nationals are going to win the division by about 20 games so let’s play Lagares every day and let him grow as a big leaguer .

Herbal viagra cartridge Can Curtis Granderson give the Mets an average Granderson season? Would you sign on for .261/.340/.488 with 30 HR 80 RBI? Oh hell yeah!

Herbal viagra cartridge The training wheels are off Travis d’Arnaud, herbal viagra cartridge it’s not only his pitching staff but he has to contribute offensively as well. Herbal viagra cartridge TDA’s bat could be the X factor in this season’ run to respectability.  Yes that is Kevin Pawlicki in the rear view mirror

Herbal viagra cartridge Jon Niese starts the season on the DL but could be activated by the first weekend series against the Cincinnati Red Legs. Herbal viagra cartridge With Niese out, herbal viagra cartridge Dillion Gee has been given the honor of starting the first game of the season. Herbal viagra cartridge Good for Gee who was solid the last half of last season and has paid his dues in the organization. Herbal viagra cartridge Gee will be followed by Zack Wheeler, herbal viagra cartridge Bartolo Colon and Dice-K. Herbal viagra cartridge That’s a solid starting staff and with Raphael Montero and the Mighty Thor waiting in the wings, herbal viagra cartridge the club is flush with stellar pitching arms.

Herbal viagra cartridge The front office has had a tough time putting together a solid bullpen. Herbal viagra cartridge It doesn’t help that Terry Collins and Dan Warthen are not the best late inning pitching strategists  either but in order to be the 90 win team Alderson thinks he has here, herbal viagra cartridge he’s going to need a bullpen that ranks in the top ten , herbal viagra cartridge something that has eluded the Mets for a few years now.

Herbal viagra cartridge There has to be trepidation over the lack of velocity coming from the right arm of Bobby Parnell and the lack of command shown by Vic Black.  Jose Valverde looks like he’s made the team and could step in to close when needed as well as Jeurys Familia who has had a spectacular spring. Herbal viagra cartridge Scott Rice comes back as the LOOGY with Carlos Torres and John Lannan as long men/spot starters. Herbal viagra cartridge This could be the year the Mets have a pen to believe in.

Herbal viagra cartridge Jeremy Gibson of the Blue Jays blog 500 Level Fan asked me for my take on the NL East race this season by the way seems the Jays fans are still hurting from the trade last year.

Herbal viagra cartridge  

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Cialis cost Well, cialis cost well, cialis cost well it seems like someone other than a  paying customer, cialis cost has finally had enough of the slackers that makeup the 2010 Mets:

Cialis cost The day after Jerry Manuel called the Mets’ offense “pathetic, cialis cost” hitting coach Howard Johnson  convened a meeting before Friday’s game and harshly criticized his hitters for their recent performances and pregame card-playing, cialis cost team sources told the Daily News.

Cialis cost

Cialis cost “It was really in your face, cialis cost and some guys didn’t like that, cialis cost but it needed to be said, cialis cost” one player said.

Cialis cost Wait, cialis cost when did Rickey Henderson get back to town? CARD PLAYING!!!!! So I guess this team is looking toward making the World Series of Poker instead of baseball’s Fall Classic.

Cialis cost The first thought that popped in my head was, cialis cost someone (Jeffey) whispered in HoJo’s ear that he will be back next year as part of Wally Backman’ staff so we need you to fire the first salvo of the soon to be Under New Manager Mets. Cialis cost Then I saw that HoJo was not too happy that Manuel called the offense “pathetic” and in turn threw HoJo under the bus, cialis cost so The HoJo strikes back by calling out the players and in turn showing up Manuel by doing the mangers works by shaking up his players.

Cialis cost Look if the clubhouse is going to blow like a powder keg it might as well happen in Pittsburgh where the Mets are on the verge of an almost impossible three game road series sweep today.

Cialis cost After the Hojo Blow-Blow, cialis cost I think it’s a foregone conclusion that Jerry Manuel Mets Era is in the home stretch and that thought will be cemented when Backman and his Brooklyn Cyclones show up at Citi Field for Celebrate the 2010 NY-Penn League Championship Day next month and Backman joining the Skill Sets, cialis cost Uncle Saul and Dave the Shyster in the Skill Sets Suite.

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Prescription cialis 11 days until pitchers and catchers

Prescription cialis Yesterday I hopped over to Mid-Town Manhattan (where miraculously  there was no snow on the ground when I left about four inches of the white stuff on my walkway in Staten Island) to attend a meeting of the Casey Stengel Chapter of the Society of American Baseball Research (SABR). It was there that I met up with Dana Brand who was one of the guest speakers at the event.

Prescription cialis As I greeted Dana I asked him “So are you ready for pitchers and catchers” ? He gave me that look you give the dentist when he says “would you like Novocain or gas”?  Dana was not the only Mets fan in attendance that had that same queasy feeling bout the 2010 Mets season.

Prescription cialis I never thought it could happen but the Wilpon’s have now displaced the Dolan’s of MSG as the worst owners of a NYC franchise.  I thought I despised Jeffey Skill Sets more than most but after talking to the Mets fans yesterday, prescription cialis I see I have competition.

Prescription cialis By this time in the winter, prescription cialis as a baseball fan , prescription cialisSuper Bowl Sunday signals the home stretch of winter and knowing that spring training is around the corner. Prescription cialis Usually for Mets fans we start to think of April and opening day, prescription cialis and opening day is usually cold. Prescription cialis But we never cared about the cold. Prescription cialis We wore Mets sweatshirts under our Mets jackets and figured our Mets gloves and the knit Mets hat we got last season on Fan Apprecitaion Day would shied us from the elements. Prescription cialis We were just happy to have a ticket and a seat to root for our favorite baseball team. Prescription cialis But from what I’ve read and heard from Mets fans this winter, prescription cialis  I have a feeling opening day at $iti Field will not be a hot ticket, prescription cialis in fact I figure the longer you hold out the better your chance to get a prime seat for below cost.

Prescription cialis Where and when did this all go wrong? I’m starting to think the demolition of Shea Stadium will become our Curse of the Bambino, prescription cialis or Billy Goat.

Prescription cialis When a team opens a new ballpark, prescription cialis the fan base is usually fired up about the new home and the great amenities so you’d think as Mets fans we’d be happy about all there is at $iti Field. Prescription cialis But the more I talk to Mets fans and the more I think about it, prescription cialis maybe we should have stayed at Shea. Prescription cialis Shea was a pitchers park and no one screamed to pull in it’s fences. Prescription cialis But after one season at $tit, prescription cialis the cry is, prescription cialis “the outfield fence is too high” “the ball doesn’t carry” “the fences need to come in” what we’re really saying is “this place sucks, prescription cialis we want our Shea Stadium back”. Prescription cialis Face it Mets fans we hate change and we hate $iti Field.

Prescription cialis Now I ‘d say it’s mostly us old timey Mets fans that hate change and I know I’m of that crowd, prescription cialis it surprises me that I’m like that with the Mets as I embrace progress with everything else in my world. Prescription cialis I guess I need one small part of the old world to stay with me. Prescription cialis I still want pinstripe unis with no name on the back and blue caps with and orange NY. Prescription cialis I want organ music instead of ear splitting pop shit, prescription cialis and this from a guy who still listens to Black Sabbath albums with the volume on 10 but at a baseball game I want to here the Mexican Hat dance played on a Thomas organ. Prescription cialis I don’t want to be told to “Clap my hands” I’m not a idiot I know when to clap and when to cheer and when to say “AH SHIT!!”. Prescription cialis I want my teams National League heritage to be displayed and educate fans of where we came from how our lineage evolved from the days of John McGraw and Mel Ott and Carl Hubble to Bobby Thomson and Willie Mays along with Zack Wheat and Joe Medwick and Dolph Camli and Jackie Ribinson and Duke Synder. Prescription cialis NYC was always an NL town until now that the Wilpon’s let that distinction slip away and for that they should be ashamed of themselves.

Prescription cialis Jeff Wilpon has not only surpassed Jim Dolan as the most spoil son of a rich man in NY sports but he is close to reaching M. Prescription cialis Donald Grant status as a franchise killer. Prescription cialis But we shouldn’t put the blame all on young Jeffey, prescription cialis I put  90% of the fiasco that is now the NY Mets on Fred Wilpon. Prescription cialis Freddy has the power to tell sonny boy, prescription cialis “I’m sorry but you are in way over your head here my boy, prescription cialis it’s time for me to find a real baseball man to run this franchise and bring it back to respectability and to being a championship baseball team”. Prescription cialis If Fred Wilpon does not step up and do what is right for the NY Mets franchise, prescription cialis he will become as hated here as much as Walter O’Malley. Prescription cialis The only difference is Mets fans might be wishing he move himself and team someplace else.

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