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Cheap viagra This whole changing of the walls at Citi Field has me a bit perplexed to a point of being a bit pissed off. Cheap viagra While I agree with lowering the height of the outfield walls to eight feet, cheap viagra which they should have been when the park was first built, cheap viagra it seems the lowering of the walls and bringing them in a bit closer to home plate is because some of the Mets starting eight have been traumatized by the outfield dimensions. Cheap viagra According to Pitching Coach Old School Warthen, cheap viagra his pitchers “got a bit lazy” due to the vast pasture of the Citi Field outfield that they had a hard time pitching in a place like Citizen’s Bank or even the Mall of The South Bronx.  What all this tells me is this team collectively is mentally weak and the pitching coach has no idea how to do his job.

Cheap viagra I’ve always been a card carrying member of the David Wright Fan Club but his constant crying about the Citi Field dimensions have me wondering if I want to renew my membership. Cheap viagra Same with Jason Bay, cheap viagra I was never a fan of his as his signing was just another example of the damage Omar Minaya and Jeffey Skill Sets did to this organization. Cheap viagra So now that the fences have been moved in and the walls lowered (I guess it is perfectly clear now that Citi Field was badly planed and put together between the skyscraper outfield walls, cheap viagra the lack of a Mets-eccentric feel and the whole homage to the Brooklyn Dodgers that was met with Mets fans ire) there should be no excuse for Wright and Bay to not have monster seasons in 2012. Cheap viagra Right? Wright?

Cheap viagra As for Warthen his quote :

Cheap viagra “We got into being a little bit mentally lazy and overly secure. Cheap viagra … I think that caused a lot of the homers this year. Cheap viagra I really do. Cheap viagra …[The new dimensions] will help us focus and concentrate and not be so ready to go out there and throw a fastball away and hope they hit it to center field.”

Cheap viagra As the pitching coach shouldn’t you have nipped this problem in the bud ? By saying this out loud didn’t you realize that you are just feeding into the frenzy of many Mets fans (this one included) that you have no clue on how to fix this staff and should have been relieved of your duties this off season? It’s quotes like this that make me wonder if it’s Warthen fault that Bobby Parnell, cheap viagra he of the Howitzer arm, cheap viagra had no clue on how to pitch? Same with Mike Pelfrey. Cheap viagra Pelf has talent and his a big strong workhorse of a pitcher is that Old School can’t or doesn’t know how to tap into what it takes to make both pitchers the dominate arms we feel they can be?

Cheap viagra Jeffey Skill Sets says, cheap viagra not to worry about whom and when these minority shareholders of the Mets come on board. Cheap viagra Besides it’s none of your business:

Cheap viagra “Some of the people don’t want to be public, cheap viagra” Wilpon said. Cheap viagra “Some of the people might never be public. Cheap viagra I don’t think anybody knows all the minority shareholders in each of the other teams. Cheap viagra Do you know all the minority shareholders in Atlanta or Kansas City or St. Cheap viagra Louis, cheap viagra Cincinnati, cheap viagra the Yankees? It’s just not widely known.”

Cheap viagra Do I care who holds a minority share in the Braves, cheap viagra Royals, cheap viagra Cardinals or the Bronx Bastards? No, cheap viagra because I don’t root or spend my money on tickets and merchandise on those teams but I do on the Mets. Cheap viagra See I want to know as a Mets fan/customer what financial resources the team has to improve the product they are selling to me and my fellow Mets fans. Cheap viagra I’m not going to pay Broadway prices for a high school production. Cheap viagra  This is just another example of this ownership having not a clue of how to treat or connect with its fan base.

Cheap viagra I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween maybe it was because the neighborhood I grew up in was more about ducking flying eggs or avoiding getting jumped by guys with socks full of chalk (usually pulling a knife on the sock hopper curtailed those attacks) than collecting candy but Ed “Rusty Jr.” Marcus went to a Mets Halloween Party last night and saw some interesting costumes. Cheap viagra Oh and by the way Ed, cheap viagra the image of you in KISS makeup is disturbing.

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Viagra affiliate How did you feel about Jerry Seinfeld in the booth with Gary and Keith? The best part about Seinfeld in the booth is he’s an honest to goodness Mets fan. Viagra affiliate He wasn’t there to plug a movie (looking at you Kevin James) or a TV show, viagra affiliate he was there as a Mets fan.

Viagra affiliate I thought his line to Keith when Jose Reyes hit his home run was classic:

Viagra affiliate   “Yes! Jose Reyes cruising around third. Viagra affiliate Keith Hernandez is not liking this. Viagra affiliate Always whining about the Reyes homers. Viagra affiliate I love ’em! Always love a homer no matter who hits it … Boom! You have got to love this.”

Viagra affiliate Seinfeld may have gone a bit overboard gushing over Gary Cohen, viagra affiliate to the point where it seemed Cohen was getting a bit embarrassed but he was correct when he said that Gary, viagra affiliate Keith and Ron (and don’t forget the Great Kevin Burkhardt as well) form the best announcing team in sports.

Viagra affiliate Too me the line of the night is when he talked about Lady GaGa and how they cleaned up his suite after she soiled it with her presences:

Viagra affiliate  “Everything’s fine. Viagra affiliate We brought the bedbug dog in. Viagra affiliate What’s his name? Rusty, viagra affiliate the beagle? Now everything’s clean.”

Viagra affiliate That made me laugh out loud.

Viagra affiliate Too bad they didn’t  take calls in the booth as I’m sure Uncle Leo would have dialed

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