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Viagra drug interaction I know we fans of the New York Mets have a reputation of “oh woe is me” and have morphed into a village of Chicken Little’s but I would hope those of that ilk would just emerge from their fall out shelters to look around the New York sports landscape for a moment and see if they can try to see what has transpired over the three months.

Viagra drug interaction Fans of the NY Football Giants were ready to scream for John Mara to blow this team up and start over from the head coach to the defensive secondary, viagra drug interaction everyone must go the fans demanded. Viagra drug interaction What happened? The head coach closed ranks with his team and the players stopped listening to the fans, viagra drug interaction an extremely smart move by the way, viagra drug interaction and a Salsa dancing wide receiver and an Elite QB hooked up for a 99 yard TD pass/catch  TD against their loud mouth co-tenants, viagra drug interaction that to a man in the Giants organization say is what catapulted them to winning the Super Bowl. Viagra drug interaction That play, viagra drug interaction that game gave the Giants confidence.

Viagra drug interaction The NY Rangers are playing some of the best hockey Rangers fans have seen in many a year. Viagra drug interaction They are led by many great players, viagra drug interaction but one player stands out on this team as he is the last line of defense, viagra drug interaction goaltender, viagra drug interaction Henrik Lundqvist. Viagra drug interaction There is no goaltender on the planet that is better than the King and in every interview he gives he just oozes confidence and he never forgets to reinforce to the interviewer the confidence he has in his teammates. Viagra drug interaction Right now the confidence of the NY Rangers and Rangers fans is flowing like tap water.

Viagra drug interaction Here is the best example of how confidence in oneself can bring a whole team together for greater good. Viagra drug interaction I don’t think there is a New Yorker breathing air that doesn’t know who Jeremy Lin is. Viagra drug interaction The story of Lin is as inspiring as any we’ve seen around here in ages, viagra drug interaction Lin went to Harvard, viagra drug interaction not drafted, viagra drug interaction signed with his hometown team the Golden State Warriors who in turn waived him. Viagra drug interaction He was then claimed by the Houston Rockets who also put him on waivers and then he landed with the Knicks who claimed him out of desperation of having no one to run the point. Viagra drug interaction What I wonder, viagra drug interaction went through Lin’s mind after two teams released him and the third team he’d joined in a month let him sit at the end of the bench only looking to use him if something catastrophic were to occur like two of the teams superstars being out of the lineup for a length of time or the team losing and playing like they have no clue how to play team basketball or a coach in fear of getting fired figuring I have one last attempt here to save my ass and my teams season . Viagra drug interaction All these scenarios occurred and Lin got his chance and we all know how that has turned out. Viagra drug interaction Would you say that Lin’s confidence in himself and his ability to play basketball never waned as others refused to believe in him as he believed in himself? No one plays at the level Lin is playing at now who does not possess supreme confidence in themselves.

Viagra drug interaction That brings me to the Mets and a portion of the fan base. Viagra drug interaction Many fans are so focused on the financial situation of the Skill Sets and I won’t lie I’m intrigued about it to, viagra drug interaction to a point. Viagra drug interaction The players are starting to migrate to Pt. Viagra drug interaction St. Viagra drug interaction Lonesome to begin spring training and to get ready for the 2012 season. Viagra drug interaction As far as I’m concerned my worries over Fred and Uncle Saul’s money woes now take a back seat (once the court case is heard and verdict comes down I’ll worry about it) it’s time to concentrate on pitching, viagra drug interaction hitting, viagra drug interaction defense and confidence.

Viagra drug interaction My hope is that what Daniel Murphy said to me last month at the Thurman Munson Dinner is true, viagra drug interaction that the negativity of the media and fan base does not permeate through the clubhouse door. Viagra drug interaction I have to hope that Terry Collins, viagra drug interaction in his second year as Mets manager, viagra drug interaction has a good read on his team and can instill confidence in them. Viagra drug interaction   I mentioned in a previous post, viagra drug interaction that I felt Collins knows he can’t bullshit his team, viagra drug interaction t the NL East is going to be difficult but what Collins has to do is instill the confidence in his players that (a) they are major league baseball players, viagra drug interaction just like the ones who play for the Phillies, viagra drug interaction Braves, viagra drug interaction Nationals and Marlins and (b) all the people who say you can’t win (fans and media) are clueless assholes who never had the balls to compete in anything. Viagra drug interaction This is a huge test for Collins but what he has going for him is most of players in this camp know him and vice versa so he should know how to motivate them and make sure their confidence level stays high.

Viagra drug interaction Again it all goes back to confidence if David Wright and Jason Bay can gain their confidence back at the plate with the help of more hitting favorable field dimensions, viagra drug interaction if Lucas Duda can become confident in his ability and accept that he belongs in the big leagues, viagra drug interaction if Jon Niese can make that leap from what can he be too he’s arrived, viagra drug interaction if Daniel Murphy shows self-confidence at second base and if Big Plef, viagra drug interaction the guy who needs a mega dose of self-assurance can finally get his talent to translate to what it was that made him a number one draft pick then the Mets could add themselves a chapter to the this great New York Sports season.

Viagra drug interaction It would also help if some of the fan base adjusted their attitudes as well, viagra drug interaction so step up, viagra drug interaction those you need a pat on the ass line up to the left, viagra drug interaction ones who need a kick in the ass, viagra drug interaction to the right.

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