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Viagra how much If we thought Thursday night was a great night with the Bronx Bastards season ending, viagra how much Friday night was even better as the Phuck Phaces Phrom Philly went down in a heap to the Red Birds of St. Viagra how much Louis. Viagra how much Now believe me, viagra how much I am no fan of The Genius but as Dick Channey once said “in order to beat the bad guys, viagra how much you have to be a bad guy” and this instance, viagra how much as Mets fans we had to root for the bad guy.

Viagra how much The fallout in Philly is great because the whole town woke up this morning realizing they are back to being a worthless sports town again. Viagra how much The Dream Team Iggles are a nightmare and the Flyers having shipped off half their team in the off season will be fighting for a playoff spot in the NHL Eastern Conference. Viagra how much The best news for Philly sports fans is the NBA lockout so they don’t have to subject themselves to the stink that is the 76ers.

Viagra how much A couple of items I read today stuck out to me, viagra how much one is from our friend Metstradaums who not only reminded me about Gary Mathews Sr. Viagra how much “Mets are crybabies” line but also points out the Jimmy Rollins went silent after the game and then there is this quote from Jim Salisbury’ Phillies Insider column:

Viagra how much Long after the stadium had emptied, viagra how much and after most of the players had dressed and left the clubhouse, viagra how much Shane Victorino reached into his locker and pulled out a sheet of World Series tickets marked for games in Philadelphia. Viagra how much He looked at them wistfully then tore them in pieces and dropped them into the trash bin as he headed for the door and another cold winter.

Viagra how much Ha! Ha! Ha! Suck it Shane!

Viagra how much Over at The Real Dirty Mets Ed “RustyJr” Marcus has a terrific interview posted that he did with Howard Stern Show producer and longtime Mets fan, viagra how much Gary Della’Abate

Viagra how much Tony Plush is taking a lot of heat for his choice of words following last night’s Brewers win over the D-Backs but really why even have a reporter on the field after a game like that? We all know what Sam Ryan was going ask Morgan anyway, viagra how much “describe how you’re feeling”? “Describe that at bat”? Why do networks even bother? In fact, viagra how much what we got from Nyjer Morgan was great, viagra how much same as what we got from Tim Lincecum last year a big fat ‘FUCK YEAH”!!!! Between Morgan’s reaction and Prince Fielder blowing off Ryan and going over to Pedro Gomez of ESPN made it one of the best post games ever. Viagra how much  Let’s face it if the Mets ever win another World Series, viagra how much I’ll be FUCK YEAH-ing people all winter.

Viagra how much Even worse was Craig Sager’ prolonged inane questions to Chris Carpenter, viagra how much who just pitched the game of his life and as his body language showed he wasn’t happy to have to answer questions from a La Gage aux Folles castmember reject while his teammates were celebrating.

Viagra how much If the Brewers played in Citi Field, viagra how much the Skill Sets money woes would be over, viagra how much the place would be packed ever night, viagra how much they have a lot of 86ers in them personality wise.

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Swiss Oats A111

From reading the stories about this weekend’s series with the Cheesesteakers it looks as if Jerry’s Gang really wants to burry the Collapse of ’06 and sweep the three game series from Philly. Canadian healthcare cialis Not only would that put to rest the awful memory of last year it would also put the Mets up 6 games and put a swift kick in the balls to the Phlacid Phills.


Saw this on a Phillies fan site and I had to laugh it’s an exchange between Howard Stern side kick/heroin addict/fat fucking slob Artie Lang and actor Jerry O’Connell on O’Connell’s porn viewing habits:


{ Like so many conversations on the Stern show, canadian healthcare cialis Howard was asking Jerry O’Connell about his porn viewing habits. Canadian healthcare cialis Now, canadian healthcare cialis just in case you aren’t hip to the celebrity gossip scene, canadian healthcare cialis Jerry is married to Rebecca Romijn, canadian healthcare cialis who is currently pregnant with twins. Canadian healthcare cialis Because of that, canadian healthcare cialis the former Stand By Me fatty said he hasn’t been getting much sex from his wife lately and has turned to porno to quench his sexual needs. Canadian healthcare cialis (I apologize if this is getting weird, canadian healthcare cialis but trust me, canadian healthcare cialis it relates to the joke.)


So, canadian healthcare cialis anyway, canadian healthcare cialis Jerry was explaining his particular porno fetish; which happens to be zoomed-in, canadian healthcare cialis up close shots of the woman’s vagina. Canadian healthcare cialis That’s when Artie chimed in with the hopes of helping Mr. Canadian healthcare cialis O’Connell out. Canadian healthcare cialis He goes:


“You know there used to be a magazine called Assholes & Pussies? All it showed was close-ups of assholes and pussies.”


Jerry seemed intrigued, canadian healthcare cialis but then Artie continued, canadian healthcare cialis


“Well… it was about the Mets.”}


HA, canadian healthcare cialis HA you pissed stained junkie, canadian healthcare cialis we’ll see who the pussies are after Sunday night.


Joel Sherman paints a picture of seashells and balloons for the Mets, canadian healthcare cialis especially this moment of Schadenfreude about the Cubs pitching staff:


{ The Cubs, canadian healthcare cialis pretty much the class of the NL all year, canadian healthcare cialis have lost five in a row. Canadian healthcare cialis More important they have lost top starters Carlos Zambrano and Rich Harden. Canadian healthcare cialis Zambrano was scheduled for an MRI exam of his shoulder yesterday with his season in the balance. Canadian healthcare cialis


Meanwhile, canadian healthcare cialis the Cubs finally conceded Harden has “discomfort” in his right shoulder. Canadian healthcare cialis And in Harden we are talking about a pitcher who was limited to just 13 starts for Oakland in the previous two seasons because of a variety of arm problems. Canadian healthcare cialis He is slated to start Wednesday on 11 days’ rest. Canadian healthcare cialis We’ll see. Canadian healthcare cialis


And what made the Cubs darlings to win their first World Series in a century was the depth of their rotation. Canadian healthcare cialis The Cubs will be a different team in October if their top two starters are Ryan Dempster and Ted Lilly rather than Zambrano and Harden. Canadian healthcare cialis }


FOR SALE: Used 2nd baseman with some wear and tear on the wheels. Canadian healthcare cialis Still gets on base but has range limitations in field. Canadian healthcare cialis Asking price negotiable. Canadian healthcare cialis Owner willing to eat some salary. Canadian healthcare cialis Call (718) 507-6387 ask for Omar


The NY Sun is damn good newspaper but like all newspapers it’s in trouble of shutting down it’s a shame but the time they are a changing and maybe the Sun will stay as a web based paper.


If Screamin’ A Smith had said only nerds played Fantasy Sports Games I’d have no issue but when you say only “white” nerds play it then I have a problem. Canadian healthcare cialis Screamin’ A goes on to say that blacks have better things to do than play these games like have barbeques and socialize, canadian healthcare cialis which is strange because I’m as white as rice and I socialize and I even own my own barbeque grill (cause we’re movin on up……..)  it’s unfortunate that Scream A has to stoop low like this to make a point but I guess when your career is going down the toilet you do what you have to do. Canadian healthcare cialis I like Screamin’ A’s work in the Philly Daily News covering the NBA but his work never carried over to TV and radio (could be the Screamin’ part of his act) but you know what? I’m not mad at ya S.A.S I’ll still split a bag of Cheez Doodles and bottle of grape soda with you anytime.


Just to prove that assholes come in all colors, canadian healthcare cialis ladies and gentlemen I give you Curt Schilling.


Last nights New York Football Giants game was a real snooze fest. Canadian healthcare cialis The Men of Coughlin could have and should have run for about 300 yards on the Redskins. Canadian healthcare cialis The G-Men have a stout defense that shut down the Synder’s Sad Sacks all night. Canadian healthcare cialis Towards the end of the game I was dozing off until the last play of the game when Mathias Kiwanuka went down and was grabbing his ankle in the first OH SHIT! moment of the season. Canadian healthcare cialis It looks like Kiwi is fine WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!


Click here and then scroll down, canadian healthcare cialis to see the pic of example of the biggest front running fans in sports. Canadian healthcare cialis Guaranteed you will be seeing a lot of Mets caps and Mets shirts on the streets of NYC  because the Mets are about to become a “NY event” So just a warning to Highlander fans on Staten Island and in the Tribeca/SOHO area of Manhattan and the Bay Ridge/Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn I know who you people are and I know your team affiliations if I see you with Mets gear on I will go Abu Ghraib on your ass. Canadian healthcare cialis You’ve been warned!  

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