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Sildenafil plant I watched none of yesterday’s game due to my son scheduling his Boy Scout Eagle project which had us painting hop-scotch boards, sildenafil plant box ball courts and a huge map of the United States with each state in various colors, sildenafil plant a very time consuming but rewarding chore and now all he needs to do is file his paper work and he will officially be an Eagle Scout. Sildenafil plant Yes my wife and I are bursting with pride.

Sildenafil plant From reading the stories on the game and watching the highlights it seems home plate ump Larry Vanover was implementing the ameba strike zone as there were 14 walks called, sildenafil plant 10 by Mets pitchers and an out of character umpire argument by Jason Bay (leading to Terry Collins getting tossed)and speaking of Bay, sildenafil plant I’m sure the front office staff of Sandy Alderson and Co. Sildenafil plant are trying to figure out what can be done with Bay. Sildenafil plant I did catch TC on with Francesa after the game, sildenafil plant and Collins hinted that dropping Bay in the lineup is step one. Sildenafil plant Tomorrow night you could see Bay drop to 7th and Thole moved to 2 hole with Murph at 3, sildenafil plant that is if Wright is still out of lineup which we should know more today on DW’s status. Sildenafil plant But back to Bay, sildenafil plant I don’t care if the club was still flush with Madoff money, sildenafil plant releasing Bay and handing him a check for $35 mil, sildenafil plant would be a move of last resort. Sildenafil plant TC alluded that if the drop in batting order didn’t work for Bay, sildenafil plant then a platoon with a lefty hitter was next. Sildenafil plant Now if the Skill Sets gave Alderson the green light in releasing Bay, sildenafil plant it would have happened already as I think it’s safe to say the he is as worn out as you are at watching Bay in the batter’s box. Sildenafil plant  I have to think if Bay continues this downward spiral in the next month a major move will be made by the Alderson to remove Bay from the team.

Sildenafil plant Break from baseball tonight as the NY Rangers get their first round series underway against the Ottawa Senators. Sildenafil plant Rangers in 5

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Soft gel viagra tablets When I was back there in seminary school, soft gel viagra tablets

Soft gel viagra tablets There was a person there. Soft gel viagra tablets Who put forth the proposition, soft gel viagra tablets

Soft gel viagra tablets That you can petition the Lord with prayer.

Soft gel viagra tablets petition the Lord with prayer, soft gel viagra tablets

Soft gel viagra tablets YOU CAN NOT PETITION THE LORD WITH PRAYER………  

Soft gel viagra tablets But you can try wearing your spring training uniform ensemble or get thrown out of a game to break the bad mojo surrounding your team. Soft gel viagra tablets The Mets went with the hideous combo they wore in St Lonesome for most of March, soft gel viagra tablets snow whites, soft gel viagra tablets black socks, soft gel viagra tablets black undershirts and the always garish black cap with blue bill to help break the losing streak. Soft gel viagra tablets Terry Collins got what he wanted for a while a reason to kick back in the clubhouse in his underwear sipping on a tall boy while watching his team in HD as Dopey Doug Eddings gave TC an early boot for auguring a foul tip third strike. Soft gel viagra tablets  

Soft gel viagra tablets Great job by Chris Capuano coming up with the best start of the season by a Mets starter in going 7 innings of clinical pitching. Soft gel viagra tablets Capuano had great control as he hit is spots consistently with a nice change up. Soft gel viagra tablets Hopefully Cap can add to this start going forward.

Soft gel viagra tablets The David Wright Haters Club gets the day off today, soft gel viagra tablets enjoy you day of leisure you bunch of windbags.

Soft gel viagra tablets J-Bay with a nice homecoming with the famous “Little League Home Run” as he rumbled and stumbled around those bases. Soft gel viagra tablets No obliques were harmed during his round trip voyage.

Soft gel viagra tablets I know I gush about Sandy Alderson a lot and some of you may be sick of it but eh, soft gel viagra tablets I don’t care (just a little insight to you kids out there, soft gel viagra tablets about the only good thing about turning 50 years old is you stop giving a fuck worrying what people will say or think about you in a negative way and you can wear dress socks with sweat pants) I guess it’s the fact that I feel he is honest with Mets fans. Soft gel viagra tablets Alderson was on with the Sports Pope yesterday which is a mismatch of the minds as you have Francesa, soft gel viagra tablets a narrow minded blow hard who is stuck in a time warp unable to embrace new media to the point the parade is passing him by and Alderson who has a pedigree of being an innovator and progressive intelligent thinker, soft gel viagra tablets who embraces new ways of communication. Soft gel viagra tablets I haven’t heard the whole interview but from reading the excerpts on Amazin’ Avenue the first quote of Alderson’s really stuck with me:

Soft gel viagra tablets On roster moves this early in the season

Soft gel viagra tablets We’ve made some moves that weren’t strictly necessitated by injuries and what have you, soft gel viagra tablets but the other thing that I have to accept is that we don’t have a lot of moves to make. Soft gel viagra tablets We brought in a lot of players, soft gel viagra tablets role players, soft gel viagra tablets etc., soft gel viagra tablets primarily because we don’t have at the top end of our system players who can make a contribution right away or that we want to ask to make a contribution right away. Soft gel viagra tablets So, soft gel viagra tablets well, soft gel viagra tablets Jenrry Mejia, soft gel viagra tablets what about him? Well, soft gel viagra tablets no, soft gel viagra tablets we’re not going to ask him to make a contribution.

Soft gel viagra tablets This to me is more than not having the money to take on a contract to two, soft gel viagra tablets Alderson knows the team is swimming in debt and unlike the Omar/Jeffey” throw more bad money to solve the ills of the original bad money” way of doing business, soft gel viagra tablets Alderson realizes that he doesn’t have the ready minor league trade chips to get an impact player here nor the ready minor leaguer to call up that will be a difference maker. Soft gel viagra tablets The front office also realizes that a full season of Jenry Mejia pitching for the Bison could pay a bigger benefit for the Mets in 2012 and beyond. Soft gel viagra tablets  

Soft gel viagra tablets Now with that said, soft gel viagra tablets if Angel Pagan is more hurt where he will miss work (AFLAC!) for a fortnight and and a day could Captain Kirk make his ML debut? A move on the 40 man roster would have to be made if not then WILLIEHARRISFACE will play CF. Soft gel viagra tablets     

Soft gel viagra tablets On the state of the roster:

Soft gel viagra tablets For the foreseeable future, soft gel viagra tablets this is the team. Soft gel viagra tablets Now what I’d like to say is that maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Soft gel viagra tablets Given the under-performance so far this three weeks into the season by a number of guys who are fairly key to us, soft gel viagra tablets we probably have a better chance of seeing significant improvement from those players than we would from going out and finding somebody else who is just as capable of underachieving over three weeks as the guys we’ve got.  

Soft gel viagra tablets In other words keep quiet all you yahoo’s who want to deal off the whole roster, soft gel viagra tablets what do you think is out there that’s any better and what GM in his right mind would deal a player on any impact in April? Sure Jack Z is dying to ship out King Felix for David Wright and some A ball a prospect, soft gel viagra tablets that’s a Bronx baseball mentality.

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Viagra purchase by phone As we sit here waiting for the Ike Davis Era to begin, viagra purchase by phone let’s look at the trickle down effect of the promotion of Davis to everyday first baseman’s job with the Mets.

Viagra purchase by phone Mike Jacobs was DFA’d and for a guy who was cut by the KC Royals and NY Mets within a few months, viagra purchase by phone he still has a high opinion of himself. Viagra purchase by phone Jacobs has made it known that he will not accept a job with the Buffalo Bisons if it means grabbing some pine. Viagra purchase by phone Jacobs is hardly in a position to dictate when and where he’ll play, viagra purchase by phone but with Davis coming up there is an opening for first base and Jacobs fits fine there, viagra purchase by phone if that’s not good enough for Jacobs, viagra purchase by phone well then good riddance.

Viagra purchase by phone Now if Jacobs takes the assignment to Buffalo, viagra purchase by phone how long will it last ? It all depends on how Davis fits in Queens. Viagra purchase by phone If Ike is what we think he’ll be, viagra purchase by phone then when Daniel Murphy comes back from his knee injury, viagra purchase by phone then Murph needs to go to Buffalo to become a super.  What a better place and time for Murph to work on playing outfield, viagra purchase by phone 2b and 1st base, viagra purchase by phone hell you might as well grab a catchers mitt and learn that position to as an emergency catcher. Viagra purchase by phone Hey you never know when your team will play a 20 inning game your versatility will come in handy.

Viagra purchase by phone With the front office finally realizing that this is the dawning of the age of Ike Davis, viagra purchase by phone there needs to be a few more moves to that would show that the front office is serious about getting this sink ship right. Viagra purchase by phone Please enough of Gary Mathews Jr. Viagra purchase by phone I don’t care how cheap his labor costs are enough is enough. Viagra purchase by phone Angel Pagan should be planted everyday in CF case closed. Viagra purchase by phone Bring up Chris Carter. Viagra purchase by phone Send down Jenry Meija for the good of the organization and let him start so at least by the All Star break you could put him in the rotation.

Viagra purchase by phone While were making alterations why not bring up Bison’s pitching coach Rickey Bones and reassign Old School Dan Werthen some where in the organization. Viagra purchase by phone It’s time for a shake up.

Viagra purchase by phone You want to fire Jerry Manuel ? I won’t shed a tear especially when you bat Frank Catalanotto clean up (rumor has it Ron Washington called Manuel while watching the game last night to ask him if he was high) but if you tell me Bob Melvin is the replacement, viagra purchase by phone I say why bother. Viagra purchase by phone Bob Melvin is just J-Man without the jokes. Viagra purchase by phone We all know who should be given the job.

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Viagra free trial   21 days until pitchers and catchers

Viagra free trial It looks like Fernando Tatis is retuning for a third season with the Mets. Viagra free trial Please hold your applause until the end, viagra free trial thank you. Viagra free trial If you look at the offensive numbers on Tatis’ Baseball-Reference page you might be inclined to say this is a good deal for the Mets.  I’ll go as far as say I’m happier with Tatis coming back just for the fact that it means that Carlos Delgado’ career as a Met is done.  Last night on Twitter I was angry about the Tatis return but by this morning I’m more, viagra free trial “eh, viagra free trial whatever”. Viagra free trial I’m tired of ranting about the off season and the mish-mosh ways of the organization, viagra free trial that has both the fan base and media baffled, viagra free trial I guess it’s time we just let it play out, viagra free trial we’ll have all summer to scream and yell.   

Viagra free trial Look at this from John Smoltz point of view, viagra free trial what was good for Pedro Martinez could be good for him as well. Viagra free trial Why sign with a team this early when you can workout on your own, viagra free trial play golf, viagra free trial even do some TV if you like and then wait to see the pitching landscape during the season and make the best deal you can.

Viagra free trial As much as I can’t stand the way ownership and the front office fuck up and the on field personnel play like amateurs, viagra free trial there is no way I could ever, viagra free trial ever root against the Mets. Viagra free trial I don’t care if a loss meant that the Jeffey, viagra free trial Omar, viagra free trial and J-Man all get the boot, viagra free trial I would never and have never rooted against the Mets. Viagra free trial If I didn’t root for the Cincinnati Reds when Tom Seaver was traded and pitched against the Mets, viagra free trial I’m sure as hell not going to root against them now. Viagra free trial Root against the Mets? Never in a million fucking years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viagra free trial I don’t understand J-Man saying that Fernando Nieve is the front runner for the 5th spot in the pitching rotation? Not to get to worked up over the 5th spot (when spots 2-4 are not exactly the Rocks of Gibraltar) but where does Jon Niese or Nelly Figs fit with this team? How about Bradley Holt or Dillon Gee? Why is J-Man so against competition? Why am I full of questions?

Viagra free trial No matter what happens this season, viagra free trial I’m rooting hard for my boy Daniel Murphy to put up big time numbers. Viagra free trial No one on this team works as hard as Murphy and I just hope his hard work pays off and he just hangs in there until Wally Backman gets the job with the big club. Viagra free trial Am I a Daniel Murphy fanboy? Yes. Viagra free trial He is everything we Mets fans want in a player. Viagra free trial Shows up for mini-camp when he’s not required to (Jose? Jose Reyes? Are you here? Come out, viagra free trial come out , viagra free trialwherever you are!) will be the first guy at St Lonesome waiting for the gates to open for spring training (it will be neck and neck with him and D-Wright) and is working hard to improve at the fourth positions the Mets have assigned him to. Viagra free trial How can you as a Mets fan not root for this kid?    

Viagra free trial No Pro Baseball Central tonight but I will be on the with Kenrick Thomas and his Real Sports Talk Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio tonight at 10PM ET.

Viagra free trial There is a group NYRNation that is planning a FIRE GLEN SATHER rally outside of Madison Square Garden on Sunday March 7th  at 5PM before the Rangers-Sabres game. Viagra free trial It is getting very ugly at MSG as the Rangers find themselves in the middle of 10 teams look at the 7 and 8 spot in the NHL playoffs. Viagra free trial In fact the Rangers are a mirror of the Mets. Viagra free trial Underachivers, viagra free trial Bad Management, viagra free trial Clueless Owner!

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Which is better viagra cialis As I was in the middle of my interview with Bill Reynolds last night on PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL, which is better viagra cialis Raul Ibanez hit Ken Takahashi’ pitch that was below his ankles out of the park Iw as ready to yell OH FUCK! But I kept my composure and concentrated on the interview but if you listen to the show you could tell after the Reynolds interview I tried to fill the last half hour of the show although I was shell shocked by the Mets again unable to hold a lead.

Which is better viagra cialis I don’t know if it’s just frustration or that there is in power struggle between J-Man and Omar but some of Jerry Manuel’s moves have me puzzled. Which is better viagra cialis His choice of Fernando Tatis as and everyday player and burying Daniel Murphy on the bench is ridiculous. Which is better viagra cialis Tatis has been a great addition to the Mets but for Christ sake he ‘s not Lou Gehrig, which is better viagra cialis he’s a very good utility guy who produces when used sparingly. Which is better viagra cialis Please, which is better viagra cialis FREE DANIEL MURPHY at put him at first base. Which is better viagra cialis Same with Ryan Church can you leave the guy in RF? Let F-Mart platoon with Sheffield in LF because as great as Sheff has been he’s is 40 years old and can not play every day.

Which is better viagra cialis So now John Maine joins the walking wounded with a “tired arm”. Which is better viagra cialis How much you want to bet this is another line of happy horseshit from Flushing ?

Which is better viagra cialis PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Don’t tell me that Nelly Figs is coming up for Maine. Which is better viagra cialis I don’t care what Jon Neise’ numbers are in Buffalo bring him up and let him pitch and stop burying this kid. Which is better viagra cialis ENOUGH OF NELSON FIGUEROA already!

Which is better viagra cialis You’ll read no more criticism of D-Wright or Carols Beltran here as both of these guys have stepped up and gone above and beyond the call of duty. Which is better viagra cialis If I were managing a team against the Mets I’d never give either guy a pitch to hit I’d take my chances with the other six guys in the lineup.

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Let me join Ya Gotta Believe in saying I’m sorry to Carlos Delgado for wanting to run him out of town earlier this year. Cheapest viagra Who knew Del-GOD-o would turn around his season/career like he did? I didn’t that’s for sure but I got caught up in the rush hour a fellow starter to shower you with love and affection now you won’t look in my direction. Cheapest viagra But I want to make it up to CD how about after a game next week we hit the mobile taqueria on 108 St and have a little rice and beans and talk about our plans for October.


Word out of Flushing is that Mookie Wilson, cheapest viagra Davey Johnson and Doc Godden have declined invites to the Last Day of Shea. Cheapest viagra I don’t care how pissed off these three are at the organization they should know that this day is not about the Skill Sets it’s about the Mets fans and the Mets players past and present. Cheapest viagra Sure Mookie is ticked off that he was not given a bigger role In the organization and that the Mets didn’t hold on to Preston Wilson or even bring him back to the team and the fact that fans like myself were angry with him about being decked out in Cardinal regalia during the 2006 post season, cheapest viagra time burry the hatchet Mookie. Cheapest viagra Same with Davey the original bad ass has to realize he would be given a heroes welcome. Cheapest viagra And Doc, cheapest viagra my god  with all the bullshit that he has been through in his life you would think he’s want to here the cheers from the crowd in the place where he made his name and fame? Maybe he loves the Highlanders so much because they are the biggest enablers around (see Martin, cheapest viagra Billy former player/manager/violent alcoholic) and the Skill Sets tried in vain to get him on a straight path, cheapest viagra whatever Gooden needs to be a Shea he heeds to feel the love from Mets fans Com’on Doc come home I’m not mad at ya.!  


As much as our bullpen makes us want to pull our hair out remember one thing, cheapest viagra you will never here  “Now pitching for the New York Mets, cheapest viagra Eric Gagne”  Gagne makes Aaron Heilman look like Cy Young


It is official the great exalted (and bloated ) Mike Francesa has pronounced the 2008 New York Highlanders dead!  To pay your respects, cheapest viagra Suzyn Waldman will be sitting shiva in her home in Westchester. Cheapest viagra




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