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Cheapest viagra Just about an hour ago (took a look around which way the wind blows) I had the privilege to be on a conference call with fellow Mets bloggers to talk to Rusty Staub. Cheapest viagra Rusty is in town for a big weekend, cheapest viagra first on Saturday the first 25, cheapest viagra000  Mets fan attending the 1:10PM game against the San Diego Padres will receive a Rusty Staub bobble head and then on Sunday, cheapest viagra Rusty will be a judge for the big Banner Day presentation.

Cheapest viagra Staub was a two term Met (1972-1975 and then 1981-1985) and is one of the more popular Mets of all time. Cheapest viagra When my turn came up to ask a question, cheapest viagra I wanted to focus on the adjustments he had to make when he was traded to the Detroit Tigers of the American League. Cheapest viagra Staub was a 13 year National Leaguer and back then, cheapest viagra pride in the league you played in was a major characteristic of big league players. Cheapest viagra I asked Staub about what it was like to learn the American League style of play which was more a power league and of course the league with the designated hitter. Cheapest viagra Staub explained he was not a fan of the DH and he made it known to his manager Ralph Houk. Cheapest viagra The Tigers had traded Willie Horton to the Texas Rangers and Houk named Staub his DH for the season. Cheapest viagra Staub said he wanted no part of DH’ing and put The Major on notice that he would do it for one season. Cheapest viagra It ended up Staub was the Tigers primary DH for 1977 and ’78 putting up some very impressive numbers but Staub was clear he was not very happy being a full time DH.

Cheapest viagra I also inquired about playing in the All Star games back in the 1970’s when the game was a very big deal. Cheapest viagra I remember reading about NL President Chub Feeney going into the NL clubhouse to give “his” team a pep talk same as Lee MacPhail with his American Leaguers. Cheapest viagra Staub spoke on no matter which All Star team he played on winning the game was paramount in the minds of all the players.

Cheapest viagra When talking about switching leagues, cheapest viagra Staub touched on Albert Pujols and his struggles so far as an Angel. Cheapest viagra Rusty said it takes time for any player even one the caliber of Pujols to learn the pitchers and get comfortable with his new team. Cheapest viagra He emphasized that learning about pitchers you have never faced before as a big obstacle as it seems all hitters keep a “book” on pitchers they face so when switching leagues it means a whole new tome.

Cheapest viagra It was quite a thrill to get to speak to Rusty who was one of the most productive and popular players in the team’s history and very much worthy of a bobble head day and to be a judge for Sunday’s Banner Day  Parade.

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Viagra alternative levitra Very interesting news coming from the Mets yesterday and today. Viagra alternative levitra First the team seems to be on the verge of locking up Jon Niese for the next 5 years, viagra alternative levitra that will reward the lefty pitcher during his arbitration eligible years and buy back a year of his free agency eligibility. Viagra alternative levitra  This quite a progressive and proactive move by the Mets front office, viagra alternative levitra something not seen in these parts in many , viagra alternative levitramany years.

Viagra alternative levitra Some reports have the deal at 5 years and $28mil, viagra alternative levitra the 5 years is a big commitment to a pitcher who has suffered from fatigue and injury issues in his brief major league career but it speaks to the high esteem the front office holds Neise in.

Viagra alternative levitra During the winter there were rumbles that the Mets put Niese’ name out on the trade market (at the same time Billy Beane made it known that Gio Gonzalez was available in trade and of course the deal was made with the Nationals) that wasn’t an indication that the Mets were looking to rid themselves of the young lefty as some Mets fans jumped to that conclusion, viagra alternative levitra it was more to see what was out there in trade for his valuable services as the Mets front office is trying very hard to add depth to the farm system.

Viagra alternative levitra Tying up Niese seems like a smart move by Sandy Alderson. Viagra alternative levitra As we see in this column by Mark Simon of ESPN, viagra alternative levitra Niese put up some very impressive numbers involving K/9IP, viagra alternative levitra BB/9IP and HR/9IP, viagra alternative levitra add to that he is 25 years old and left-handed, viagra alternative levitra  it’s hard for even the most jaded Mets fan to go against the front office in this move. Viagra alternative levitra   

Viagra alternative levitra Seems like the verbal kick in the ass that Mike Peflrey received last week when it was reported the club discussed however informally about giving Big Pelf his release, viagra alternative levitra  has now made its way to Jason Bay as Mike Puma reports there has been some talk about Bay becoming a platoon player if he continues to struggle at the plate. Viagra alternative levitra  This should show Mets fans that last year’s getting to know segment of Sandy Alderson’ reign as Mets baseball boss is over and now we are entering the “if you’re not part of the solution, viagra alternative levitra you’re part of the problem” phase of rebuilding the Mets.

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Cialis professional no prescription I don’t know about you but I’m bored to tears already by the search for the next Mets Manager. Cialis professional no prescription It’s starting to take on an American Idol feel to it.  Sandy Alderson playing the Randy Jackson role as he tells each managerial interviewee, cialis professional no prescription” Yo dawg, cialis professional no prescription I dun know man, cialis professional no prescription when you walked in the door I was like WHOA! But then you got some pipes dude, cialis professional no prescription and then that resume Dawg, cialis professional no prescription you were killin’ it, cialis professional no prescription good lookin’ out dawg. Cialis professional no prescription  Then J.P. Cialis professional no prescription Ricciardi doing his Simon Cowell “ so tell me, cialis professional no prescription have you had any formal managerial experience ? No? I didn’t think so. Cialis professional no prescription This is a managerial interview and really if you know you have no bloody shot why waste our time and your time? Off you go? And then there is Jeffey Skill Sets the Paula Abdul of the trio “Ohhhhhhhhh Wally YOU COMPLETE ME<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Cialis professional no prescription I’ll say this for Sandy Alderson every coach, cialis professional no prescription ex-manager or minor league coordinator is getting a shot at the job, cialis professional no prescription but when I think of it did Alderson miss the boat by not getting Ron Roenicke in for an interview before the Brewski’s hired him? Roenicke comes from the Mike Scioscia coach tree. Cialis professional no prescription The same tree that bore fruit like Joe Maddon, cialis professional no prescription and Bud Black and now Roenicke.

Cialis professional no prescription So anyone interested in Dan Uggla ? If you look past his defensive shortcomings, cialis professional no prescription his bat at the 2nd base position would look mighty purdy as a Met. Cialis professional no prescription Uggla turned down a contract extension of 4yr/$48mil but it might not be because of money. It seems that Uggla has not gotten over his BFF Cody Ross getting exiled to San Francisco and may be feed up with that the Lord of Douchenberry, cialis professional no prescription David Samson.

Cialis professional no prescription The Oakland A’s have made the highest bid for the rights of Japanese RHP Hisashi Iwakuma. Cialis professional no prescription The 29 year old Iwakuma has some impressive numbers pitching for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles. Cialis professional no prescription Iwakuma’ won-lost record doesn’t do justice to his overall numbers. Cialis professional no prescription A 10-9 record doesn’t measure up to 201 IP 2.82 ERA, cialis professional no prescription 1.15 WHIP, cialis professional no prescription 8.52 K/9IP and 1.61 BB/9IP. Cialis professional no prescription Details of the amount of the bid have been reported. Cialis professional no prescription The A’s now have 30 days to get Iwakuma’ to sign on the dotted line.

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