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Canadian pharmacy viagra So when is Sandy Alderson going to make it official that Terry Collins will be back as Mets manager in 2014?  If Collins is “his guy” then why wait? Give him a raise and another year plus an option. Canadian pharmacy viagra  What’s the hold up?

Canadian pharmacy viagra Could it be there is a schism in the front office think tank? From this quote from Alderson there could be:

Canadian pharmacy viagra “I think I’ve been pretty open about my support of Terry, canadian pharmacy viagra” Alderson told reporters. Canadian pharmacy viagra “I think he’s done an excellent job across the board with the talent that he’s had, canadian pharmacy viagra with the injuries that he’s had to endure, canadian pharmacy viagra with the other changes in personnel. Canadian pharmacy viagra I think he’s handled all of those situations and individual events exceptionally well. Canadian pharmacy viagra On the other hand, canadian pharmacy viagra we haven’t won, canadian pharmacy viagra and that’s always an issue. Canadian pharmacy viagra But it’s not always a result that can be pinned on the manager.

Canadian pharmacy viagra From that statement it seems that one or more of Alderson’s cabinet members is playing the Win Card. Canadian pharmacy viagra Alderson states what is a huge indictment on the team and organization when he says the club is not exactly oozing with talent, canadian pharmacy viagra the old chicken salad out of chicken shit theory, canadian pharmacy viagra but all are not buying into it.

Canadian pharmacy viagra Who or whomever on the staff that’s pitching the “yeah but” on Collins coming back is on the same page as me. Canadian pharmacy viagra If (when) it’s announced that Collins will be back in the manager’s office for the Mets next season, canadian pharmacy viagra I won’t kick and scream about it but it’s also not the move I’d make if I were the GM. Canadian pharmacy viagra  

Canadian pharmacy viagra I would not fire Collins, canadian pharmacy viagra I’d reassign him to the job he is very good at, canadian pharmacy viagra minor league coordinator. Canadian pharmacy viagra Yes, canadian pharmacy viagra the team plays hard for Collins and they do compete but in order to get this team back to relevancy, canadian pharmacy viagra the Mets need a manager who puts the premium on winning. Canadian pharmacy viagra Collins seems to find a silver lining wherever he can, canadian pharmacy viagra like finishing in 3rd place in the NL East. Canadian pharmacy viagra Seriously, canadian pharmacy viagra who gives a shit, canadian pharmacy viagra 3rd  4th or last, canadian pharmacy viagra if you ain’t in first you ain’t shit. Canadian pharmacy viagra     

Canadian pharmacy viagra Bringing Collins back as manager is just treading water, canadian pharmacy viagra the GM has to make a huge statement this winter as does ownership in making the team relevant again. Canadian pharmacy viagra Right now the Mets are at NJ Devils level of nobody cares.

Canadian pharmacy viagra Alderson keeps saying he’s in Collins corner and feels he’s done well with the hand he’s been dealt, canadian pharmacy viagra so if that’s the case what’s he waiting for? Could it be his lieutenants are making a better case for change in manager?

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Generic cialis The word that David Wright was put on waivers and claimed by the Colorado Rockies is no big deal. Generic cialis For now.

Generic cialis Every team puts its players on waivers and when they are claimed either work out a deal or pull them back. Generic cialis Wright was pulled back but that doesn’t mean that Sandy Alderson won’t call Dan O’Dowd during the off season to talk trade.

Generic cialis Why not? Look, generic cialis we all love D-Wright and this is no indictment on Wright but this team has some huge holes, generic cialis pitching and defense to name two in general and these deficiencies  have to be address this off season or August/September 2012 will be a mirror image of August/September 2011.

Generic cialis The difference between the second half of this season as opposed to the last two seasons is this team still plays to win unlike the last two Mets teams of 2009 and 2010 and that is a compliment to the manager who deserves to have his 2013 option guaranteed after the season.

Generic cialis Sandy Alderson and his staff have a lot of work to do this off season with re-signing Jose Reyes a top priority. Generic cialis As we see, generic cialis this is a much different team without Reyes not just his bat and defense but his personality as well ignites this team.

Generic cialis Alderson has no allegiance to any of the players on this roster but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know that Reyes and Wright are fan favorites same as he knew the venom the fan base spewed at Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez, generic cialis which is why he will try very hard to sign Jose Reyes and I’m sure he doesn’t want to deal off Wright but he knows it’s his job to make this team better and if dealing Wright makes the team better then he’ll trade him.

Generic cialis This off season will be about acquiring pitching, generic cialis pitching and more pitching as well as finding players who can play defense. Generic cialis You can be feisty and hustle and play balls to the wall baseball but if you can’t pitch or defend then you are a second division team and if dealing David Wright brings back some pitching I can see Alderson pulling the trigger.

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Viagra store in canada I’m going to try very hard not to be a complete over reactionary schmuck after this first week of the Mets 2010 season but I’ll tell you right up front, viagra store in canada it won’t be easy.

Viagra store in canada Let’s play the “it’s so, viagra store in canada so early in the season” card right now and get it out of the way. Viagra store in canada Yes, viagra store in canada it is unbelievably early but after coming off an unmitigated disaster of a season last year and the happy talk bullshit we were fed the whole month of March, viagra store in canada needless to say I’m not impressed.

Viagra store in canada Well I shouldn’t say totally unimpressed. Viagra store in canada The pitching has been surprisingly good especially the bullpen, viagra store in canada which at the rate Jerry Manuel is using his relievers, viagra store in canada should be burnt out by mid May. Viagra store in canada The hitting has been for a lack of a better phrase “hit or miss” either lots of runs or barely getting any.

Viagra store in canada But the biggest problem I have so far this first week is the attitude of the team and that falls on the slumping shoulders of Jerry Manuel. Viagra store in canada The odds of Manuel finishing the season as manager are as slim as Sarah Palin being named the keynote speaker at the Mensa Convention (good morning my conservative friends and teabaggers) and J-Man looks like he hopes the end comes sooner than later. Viagra store in canada For a manager to come out and say that on April 11, viagra store in canada his team was unprepared to play is a big indictment that he is unfit to run the team. Viagra store in canada Then add some of the quotes out of the Mets clubhouse on how they felt that with the match-up between Santana and Livan Hernandez would a Mets walk over and when Santana gave up four runs in the top of the first, viagra store in canada it took the wind out of their sails. Viagra store in canada Are you kidding ? Down 4 runs in the first to the Nats and Livan and you feel like you’re finished for the day? That’s hard to stomach.

Viagra store in canada Added to this week of yuck, viagra store in canada was Frenchie saying the team is looking forward to getting out of town. Viagra store in canada HOLY SHIT!!! After one homestand, viagra store in canada you can’t wait to run for the hills? I-I-I-‘m speechless.

Viagra store in canada And let’s drop the happy horse shit that the team is pressing, viagra store in canada pressing for what ? This Mets team has the lowest expectation of any Mets team in years. Viagra store in canada They are not a contender which I think we all agree all we’re looking at is be competitive and stop with the woe is me bullshit. Viagra store in canada The manager sets the tone in that clubhouse and the team takes on the personality of its skipper. Viagra store in canada The attitude sucked last year and so far this week it still sucks.

Viagra store in canada To make my afternoon even worse, viagra store in canada the NY Rangers lost out on the last playoff spot in the NHL Eastern conference by losing the skills competition yesterday against the Flyers. Viagra store in canada King Henrik was subjected to a shooting gallery of Flyers shots 47 total with the King stopping 46 of them. Viagra store in canada Brandon Prust and Jody Shelly can hold their heads high as well for laying it on the line in this do or die game. Viagra store in canada I don’t think I was ever as wrong about a guy like I was with John Tortorella as coach of the Rangers. Viagra store in canada I was not a Tom Renny fan and felt that Torts was just what the team needed but I was wrong. Viagra store in canada Torts is so overmatched in this town between juggling lines like a circus performer and his attitude during interviews. Viagra store in canada Simple questions get a glare and a brush off even towards Sam Rosen who will never be compared to Mike Wallace. Viagra store in canada His profanity laden tirades toward Larry Brooks of the Post make Torts look like a big horses’ ass and Brooks vs. Viagra store in canada Torts isn’t even a fair fight, viagra store in canada Brooks beats Torts every time. Viagra store in canada Then there is the man known as Slats, viagra store in canada Glen Sather. Viagra store in canada He should have been dumped five years ago but Jim Dopelan loves Slats but you would hope that Sather has a shred of decency and retires immediately to allow a living breathing hockey exec come in to run the Rangers. Viagra store in canada Let the Dopelan’s use some of the money they steal from Cablevision subscribers and offer Lou Lamoriello $50 million dollars to come across the Hudson and revamp the Rangers.

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When was viagra released

When was viagra released Lot’s of noise over Jose Reyes being interrogated by the FBI, when was viagra released concerning Dr. When was viagra released Tony Galea , when was viagra released performance enhancer pusher to the stars, when was viagra released who is under investigation for trying to smuggle HGH into the U.S.

When was viagra released Reyes went to Dr. When was viagra released Galea to take part in his experimental procedure of plasma replacement therapy, when was viagra released hoping it would cure his leg problems last season. When was viagra released Reyes was accompanying by his agent Peter Greenberg and the Mets, when was viagra released even if they weren’t exactly on board with Reyes heading north for this treatment, when was viagra released stand by their player.

When was viagra released Of course the fact that Dr. When was viagra released Galea was trying to smuggle HGH into the country using his assistant as a mule is a big story but because it’s Jose Reyes and Legion of Idiots (a/k/a the Mets front office) it becomes a bigger story.

When was viagra released We’re starting to see that Tony Bernazard had more influence in the organization than he had any right to have. When was viagra released From John Harpers Daily News column today it seems Tony B strong armed his hitting philosophy of having Mets hitters concentrate on hitting to the opposite field, when was viagra released a philosophy that worked as well as his motivational speeches. When was viagra released When the season ended, when was viagra released it looks like Howard Johnson flexed his mussels a bit (it helps that HOJO and D-Wright are joined at the hip) and has pushed his way of hitting on the Mets as a more aggressive type of hitting. When was viagra released Wright of course is on board with this as is Frenchie who let Jerry Manuel know that if he had to hit 80 pitches a day to RF he won’t be coming into camp until the mandatory date of March 2. When was viagra released The revelation of the Bernazard way of hitting, when was viagra released is one more indictment of Omar Minaya’ reign of error. 

When was viagra released It’s March 1st Do you know who your set up man is?

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Name brand cialis The current state of the New York Mets is abysmal. Name brand cialis The long term state of the New York Mets is very promising. Name brand cialis This is a tale of two states.

Name brand cialis  

Name brand cialis As a fan base we Mets fans need to come to grips that the only place we will see post season baseball is on our televisions. Name brand cialis I hate to break this news to Freddie Skill Sets that the only meaningful games being played in Flushing in September will be the Bingo games at St Andrew Avelino Church and until Freddie and Jeffie come to grips with this the organization can move forward and re-organize the goal of building a contending team.

Name brand cialis  

Name brand cialis The upper reaches of the farm system is bankrupt of immediate talent as we have seen this season but when you look at the lower end that’s where the future lays and the word we hate to hear “patience” will have to be practiced.

Name brand cialis  

Name brand cialis I’ve heard calls for the team going out on a spending spree in the off season and that is the exact wrong approach to take. Name brand cialis As much as I kill the Skill Sets, name brand cialis it’s hard to call them cheap when they have a $140 mil payroll. Name brand cialis It’s not cheapness it’s cluelessness. Name brand cialis The Skill Sets have absolutely no baseball acumen, name brand cialis they are real estate men, name brand cialis and would serve the team best if they did what they do best, name brand cialis collect rent.

Name brand cialis  

Name brand cialis Is Omar Minaya a great GM? NO! Is he an awful GM? NO! Is he a good GM? Ahhhhh here is where the debate begins. Name brand cialis There is a ground swell in the fan base to FIRE OMAR and I admit that even though I’m an Omar fan, name brand cialis the thought has run through my head would the team be better served with a new GM? Most of this thinking is out of frustration that the team keeps crying about injuries which have nothing to do with lack of hustle and overall retarded baseball the team has played of late. Name brand cialis The biggest indictment of Omar regime as the head of the baseball ops is when F-Mart did not run out a ball in his first game as a Met. Name brand cialis The excuse that he is “only 20” holds no water as he has been in the Mets farm system since he was 16 years old so to me it shows that the farm system is broke. Name brand cialis Now does it just need some repair or does Omar need to clean house and bring in some new blood with new ideas? Tony Bernanzard seems to be a polarizing force in the organization as he has Jeffy’s ear (maybe he tells him that Shemp Howard hair cut is becoming) and that goes back to the problem of Jeffy being way to close to the baseball operation and until he stays out of personnel moves, name brand cialis the better for the organization.

Name brand cialis  

Name brand cialis I guess the whole Mets organization is like the Home Run Apple yesterday it’s not ready to go when we want it but after a little bit of  patience it could function nicely.

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