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Cialis dosage Ok nervous Nelly’s the Mets have signed a major league free agent. Cialis dosage Word broke just a little while ago that the Mets have signed RHP Shaun Marcum to a one year deal pending a physical, cialis dosage of course (or unless you’re Omar Minaya and look to save the co-pay. Cialis dosage See Putz J.J.)

Cialis dosage Marcum isn’t much of a risk as his deal is for just a season and he’ll be relegated to the back of the rotation  (Santana, cialis dosage Niese, cialis dosage Harvey, cialis dosage Gee, cialis dosage Marcum or Marcum then Gee if all breaks right) keeping a spot warm for the arrival of Zack Wheeler something after the All Star break.

Cialis dosage Marcum has some injury history with Tommy John surgery (I’m guessing that pitchers a year or two removed from TJ surgery is the new undervalued commodity in baseball at least as far as the Mets front office is concerned) and last year he had some nagging elbow problems but if he can stay relatively healthy Marcum should be a nice addition to the Mets rotation.

Cialis dosage Marcum is a real finesse pitcher who relies on his changeup and cut fastball more than more than your standard fastball which coming out of the hand of Shaun Marcum isn’t very fast. Cialis dosage He can be prone to the HR and does get a lot of balls in the air which means the Mets outfielders……………Oh Snap……………The Mets are going to need some outfielders………………….Damn!!!!

Cialis dosage One guy who is a looooooooooooooooooongshot to be in the Mets outfield in 2013 is Michael Bourn. Cialis dosage The only reason Bourn is a longshot is the cost of signing him. Cialis dosage Not monetarily but the high cost of the draft pick the Mets would surrender in his joining the Metropolitans.  When looking at the 11th pick in the MLB draft over the last 10 years, cialis dosage the lone stand out is Andrew McCutchen (Pirates 2005), cialis dosage other formable names taken with the 11th pick are Neil Walker, cialis dosage Jeremy Hermida, cialis dosage Max Scherzer and Justin Smoak. Cialis dosage Save for McCutchen it’s mostly solid to serviceable big leaguers who’ve blossom from that slot. Cialis dosage So should Sandy Alderson hold on to that draft pick as tightly as he has or should he use it as a chip to sign Boune ? Tough choice as we don’t know what the Bourn/Boras contract demands are. Cialis dosage Safe to say Bourn/Boras is not really in the driver’s seat since they are at least taking the Mets phone calls. Cialis dosage I guess Boras decided to go shopping in the frozen food aisle after finding the shelves bare in the meat department.

Cialis dosage Its real tough choice when you add in that Bourn is just 29 years old (he turns 30 in December) he gets on base at a decent rate (lifetime .339 OBP not great not awful) can steal a base and plays a fine centerfield.

Cialis dosage When word of the Mets being interested in signing Bourn I thought they  should pass but after looking at the history of that 11th spot in the draft the last 10 years and the Mets desperate need for a bona fided Major League outfielder, cialis dosage I have to say if I’m Sandy Alderson I have to open up a dialog with Scott Boras to see if there is a way to make this a match both money wise and years wise.

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Viagra affect a female I don’t understand how some members of our Flushing congregation have a hard time comprehending that due to the financial problems of our beloved Skill Sets, viagra affect a female it is not business as usual when it comes to restructuring this Mets team. Viagra affect a female  There will be no more careless bidding on free agents (I’ll see your 4th year and raise you a 6th year) as has been done in the past. Viagra affect a female Let’s put the cards on the table right now, viagra affect a female the Mets will not sign Albert Pujols, viagra affect a female Prince Fielder, viagra affect a female CC Sabathia or Ted Williams severed head.

Viagra affect a female Now that does not mean it will be a quiet off season, viagra affect a female in fact I’m looking at what will be the busiest off season in Mets history. Viagra affect a female When you look around and the needs of this team (again as opposed to years past when the Mets focused on wants instead ) there are so many, viagra affect a female it could take two off seasons to fill the gaps.

Viagra affect a female There is still a need at 2nd base, viagra affect a female Justin Turner and Daniel Murphy are not every day 2nd basemen. Viagra affect a female Turner, viagra affect a female while a hustler, viagra affect a female leaves much to be desired in the field and as for Murph, viagra affect a female he may get killed trying to turn a double play. Viagra affect a female So a bonafide 2nd baseman is on the want list. Viagra affect a female Ben Zobrist would look nice in a Mets throwback uni.

Viagra affect a female Shortstop will be manned by Ruben Tejeda. Viagra affect a female Get used to reading that.

Viagra affect a female In a perfect world, viagra affect a female the Mets would have a whole new outfield in 2012. Viagra affect a female But we Mets fans live in the most imperfect world on baseball earth. Viagra affect a female  I’m sure Sandy Alderson will try very hard to move Bay and his cement shoes contract. Viagra affect a female Unless he is willing to eat a lot of dead presidents or take back another unseemly contract, viagra affect a female this will be near impossible to do. Viagra affect a female Angel Pagan should be an ex-Met soon and Lucas Duda looks to be attractive trade chum. Viagra affect a female Of course the name Grady Sizemore comes up as a choice for center field but his injury history is a huge caveat. Viagra affect a female There will be suitors for Sizemore among teams that have outfield depth, viagra affect a female something the Mets lack. Viagra affect a female Coco Crisp and David DeJesus are nice fall backs or how about BJ Upton (get him with Zobrist in a mega deal with the Rays?  Would the Rays take a package of Murphy, viagra affect a female Duda, viagra affect a female Parnell and another minor league pitcher for both?) or how about a deal with the Orioles for Adam Jones (is Mike Pelfrey a viable trade chip? Would you trade Jon Niese for Jones? Hummmmm?)

Viagra affect a female The bullpen and starting pitching will be the toughest to fill as we have seen in this past post season, viagra affect a female pitching is at a real premium these days. Viagra affect a female  There is a glut of closers on the market and one, viagra affect a female Joe Nathan has declared the Mets a destination of choice, viagra affect a female if a two year deal with incentives could be worked out with Nathan that would be a great signing by Alderson.

Viagra affect a female Josh Thole is not an everyday catcher, viagra affect a female in fact he may be better off in Buffalo learning the tools of the trade but that won’t happen, viagra affect a female I don’t think. Viagra affect a female  I’d love the Mets to get their hands on Chris Iannetta or Nick Hundley but I think I’d settle for Kelly Shoppach as a tag team partner for Thole. Viagra affect a female A top flight catcher is hard to find.

Viagra affect a female I can see the Mets making a lot of deals this winter, viagra affect a female when you are strapped for cash, viagra affect a female the barter system is the way to go. Viagra affect a female As the late Bob Murphy said “Fasten your seatbelt” and be careful of getting whiplash.

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Happy Easter to one and all. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg It’s a great day to head to Citi Field to watch the suddenly hot NY Mets. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg I have a bunch of family coming over or else I’d head to the ballpark. I’d sneak out but with my luck I’d end up on TV like George Costanza with chocolate ice cream all over my face.

Viagra soft tabs 100 mg You hear the rumblings, viagra soft tabs 100 mg how can the Mets send Dillon Gee back to Buffalo. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg In fact Ron Darling said during the telecast yesterday that Gee has nothing to prove at Triple A that he belongs in the big leagues and I concur. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg But if he stays, viagra soft tabs 100 mg who goes to either the pen or Buffalo?

Viagra soft tabs 100 mg The names Chris Young and Chris Capuano come up as bullpen squatters which I think is ridiculous. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg One of the traits you need to be a reliever is the ability to warm up quickly and sometimes as in Tim Brydak’s case, viagra soft tabs 100 mg often. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg With the pedigree and injury history neither pitcher fits the profile of a reliever.

Viagra soft tabs 100 mg For some reason today’s starter, viagra soft tabs 100 mg Jon Niese’ name doesn’t come up when it comes to removal from the rotation or bullpen relegation and I can’t understand why it doesn’t?

Viagra soft tabs 100 mg Since a fine start on April 2nd against the Marlins, viagra soft tabs 100 mg Niese has not been very effective getting blown up by the Phillies and Rockies and allowing 7 hits and 5 BB in 6 innings to the Astros in his last start a 6-1 Mets loss. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg I hope Niese throws a gem today at Citi Field but if he has another of these more hits than innings pitched along with 4 or 5 BB, viagra soft tabs 100 mg then maybe Gee takes Niese’ spot in the rotation and Jon take a turn or two or three in Buffalo.

Viagra soft tabs 100 mg The St. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg Lonesome Mets of the FSL are 15-2 after another win last night and another outstanding pitching performance. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg After rising star Matt Harvey pitched himself closer to Binghamton on Friday, viagra soft tabs 100 mg RHP Jeurys Familia tossed 7 outstanding innings for the baby Mets.

Viagra soft tabs 100 mg I know the strikeouts make fans crazy but really, viagra soft tabs 100 mg how in the world do some Mets fans hate David Wright? There are some of you who think Wright is a JAG (just another guy) but with Bay back in the lineup and Ike on fire and Beltran back to being a solid everyday mainstay in the lineup, viagra soft tabs 100 mg Wright will have the protection in the lineup that will make him not only more productive but getting it out of his head that he needs to hit 6 run home runs to get the Mets a win. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg It just seems to me all the Wright haters are just lazy louts who parrot what they hear on talk radio.

Viagra soft tabs 100 mg The Murph giveith and the Murph takeith away. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg Daniel Murphy is a work in progress at 2nd base to say the least but the boy can swing a baseball bat.

Viagra soft tabs 100 mg It’s tough to say anything bad about R.A. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg Dickey but Bobby Ojeda went off on The Dickster for his interview with Matt Vagisil and Tim McFullofshit last Saturday. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg Dickey was asked about his trip to Mt. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg Kilimanjaro that he will partake in in the off season. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg Bobby O filliped his rug  about R.A. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg talking about an off season endeavor in April. Viagra soft tabs 100 mg I can see Ojeda’s point, viagra soft tabs 100 mg in fact I hate all these in game interviews and I’m sure the players and managers dislike them as well but Dickey was asked specifically about the trip and it is for charity so what was The Dickster to do?

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