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Viagra from canada My late mother was sitting with a few old biddie friends of hers, viagra from canada who were lamenting about how they missed the “good old days”. Viagra from canada  After they were done with their trip down memory lane, viagra from canada my mother laced into them telling them how stupid they sounded, viagra from canada “don’t you realize that you’re living in the greatest time ever”? She marveled in the fact that back in the “good old days” whenever she wanted to call one of her sisters in Ireland, viagra from canada she had to call the operator, viagra from canada who in turn called an overseas operator, viagra from canada who them needed to know the number you were calling and what number you were calling from, viagra from canada then there was about a 20-30 minute staring contest at the phone, viagra from canada willing it to ring so you could have a 5-10 min conversation (it was expensive to call Europe, viagra from canada how much? I couldn’t tell you, viagra from canada but I know it was a lot because when my father opened the phone bill he’d scream out “JESUS CHRIST, viagra from canada CAN’T YOU JUST WRITE A LETTER”???? ) before she passed away, viagra from canada in her late 90’s she spoke to relatives via Skype and followed family activities via Facebook. Viagra from canada  She proved the old biddies wrong again.

Viagra from canada I bring all this up because we have this great new phenomenon of social media bringing more and more people together. Viagra from canada Politian’s, viagra from canada actors, viagra from canada writers, viagra from canada and athletes have taken to Twitter to give their views on any and all subjects and to interact with fans. Viagra from canada Don’t like what someone wrote about your favorite team? Find their Twitter account and let them know about it. Viagra from canada Watching a game and a player comes out the game and you don’t know why? Go on Twitter, viagra from canada  as a beat writer will fill you in. Viagra from canada  Articles get linked, viagra from canada opinions are expressed and then you have without a doubt the REAL, viagra from canada most interesting man in the world (not the old broken down drunk in the Dos Equis ads), viagra from canada Robert Allen Dickey, viagra from canada of the NY Mets holding a daily Q and A session with fans.

Viagra from canada Dickey opened a Twitter account this past week and already has knocked out over 1, viagra from canada 000 Tweets plus he has over 7, viagra from canada000 followers (Disciples of Dickey)who check their timeline waiting for the tweet alerting them that R.A. Viagra from canada is here and will be taking any and all questions. Viagra from canada The questions run from what it’s like playing baseball in NYC, viagra from canada to Star Wars trivia, viagra from canada to whether Justin Turner (he too a great Twitter-er under the handle of @redturn2) is a natural redhead (the tweeter asked if Turners “carpet matched the drapes” to which Dickey tweeted back to keep it clean and Turner replied “hahaha” I’m telling you this is great stuff) to how Nick Evans cares for his hair.

Viagra from canada We’ve come a long way from the days of sending your favorite player fan mail and having some clubhouse guy send you back a letter thanking you for writing with an autographed picture, viagra from canada always signed by the clubbie.

Viagra from canada Got to go, viagra from canada you never know when the curtain will rise on The Dickey Show!

Viagra from canada!/redturn2/status/104023940548145152

Viagra from canada!/RADickey43

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