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Viagra discount Have you been watching MLB Networks Baseball IQ quiz show? I watched the first couple of shows and for the most part it’s a pretty good show. Viagra discount It would be even better if Matt Vasgersian, viagra discount who just oozes douchebagness were not a part of it (I hope to see you one day at Citi Field Vasgersian as I have a gift for your ass, viagra discount a size 11 Nike) and if the participants had just a smidge of personality. Viagra discount Mets representative, viagra discount Ben Baumer , viagra discountwho has been the clubs Statistical Analyst for years has finally been seen in public but before he was free to be seen the Mets PR staff should have given him a primer in how to smile and not act like he’s being held by Al-Qaeda for questioning, viagra discount Ben, viagra discount sweetheart, viagra discount lighten up!

Viagra discount I will give the contestants this, viagra discount it is very tough to answer question on TV than when your ass in in a chair at home stuffing Cheez Doodles in your mouth. Viagra discount Some of the questions do take a bit of thinking like name the top 15 players Colorado Rockies history in games played, viagra discount but if you work for the Baltimore Orioles, viagra discount like their rep Jay Moskowitz does and not know Brooks Robinson (tied with Carl Yastrzemski) played   the most seasons for one team, viagra discount that’s disgraceful.

Viagra discount Most of the questions on the show are about listing the top 10 or 15 in a bunch of categories. Viagra discount One question that intrigued me was when the contestants had to name the teams with the most World Series championships. Viagra discount We all know the New York Highlanders and St. Viagra discount Louis Cardinals rank 1st and 2nd  but if I asked you off the top of your head who was 3rd and 4th would the Athletics and Red Sox come to mind right away? For all the Curse of the Bambino bullshit, viagra discount the Red Sox have the 4th most World Series titles in history at seven the A’s are third with nine, viagra discount again not easy answers to come with under hot studio lights.

Viagra discount The questions on the show got me to thinking, viagra discount if I were asked to name the top ten Mets in different categories, viagra discount how well would you do? So I took out my NY Mets 2011 Media Guide and opened it to the All Time Mets Record holders list to see and I found more than a few surprises.

Viagra discount I’m sure if I asked you who played the most games in Mets history, viagra discount you’d come up with (bow your head) Ed Kranepool. Viagra discount If I asked you was second, viagra discount would you know it was Bud Harrelson? Yes, viagra discount Bud played in 1, viagra discount322 games to Krane’s 1, viagra discount853. Viagra discount The only current Met on the list is David Wright who comes in 8th place at 1, viagra discount004. Viagra discount With the way baseball is today, viagra discount I wonder if Kranepool’s record for game played as a Met will ever be topped.

Viagra discount As I looked over the twenty categories listed in the Mets media guide in the all-time leaders section, viagra discount the name Edgardo Alfonzo popped up on fifteen of the twenty categories, viagra discount that put Alfonzo second just behind Darryl Strawberry for most top ten categories. Viagra discount (Straw is top ten in seventeen of the twenty failing to crack the top ten in  batting average, viagra discount pinch hits and pinch hit home runs. Viagra discount I think we should be clamoring for number 18 to be retire don’t you think?)

Viagra discount Here is a list of the fifteen categories and his rank all time as a Met for Fonzi:

Viagra discount 8th in HR w/ 172

Viagra discount 10th in RBI w/456

Viagra discount 6th in Total Bases w/1736

Viagra discount 7th in batting avg. Viagra discount w/.292

Viagra discount 7th in games played w/1086

Viagra discount 8th in at bats w/3887

Viagra discount 5th in runs scored w/614

Viagra discount 4th in hits w/1136

Viagra discount 4th in 2B hits w/212

Viagra discount 6th in OBA w/.367

Viagra discount 7th in HBP w/29

Viagra discount 5th in Sac Fly w/40

Viagra discount 7th in BB w/458

Viagra discount 5th in Multi-hit games w/314

Viagra discount The only offensive categories Fozi failed to make the top ten in were stolen bases, viagra discount triples, viagra discount SLG (just missing w/.445 avg) and two he’d never qualify for pinch hits and pinch hit home runs.

Viagra discount Which brings me to this conclusion, viagra discount Edgardo Alfonzo is a much more worthy inductee to the Mets Hall of Fame than John Franco. Viagra discount  Talk about underrated versus overrated. Viagra discount After looking over this all-time list it’s somewhat embarrassing that Fonzi is not in the Mets hall, viagra discount sure Franco is an ownership favorite but if you polled Mets fans I bet they vote for Fonz over Franco for Hall of Fame honors, viagra discount oh I forgot who cares what the fans think.

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