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Viagra propranolol WHEW!!!! Where to start? I feel like a detective arriving at a crime scene, viagra propranolol who found the body? Any witnesses? Ok, viagra propranolol start canvassing the area.

Viagra propranolol I hadn’t have time to post since Wednesday morning as I’ve had a whirl wind couple of days.

Viagra propranolol Wednesday I was granted a media credential. Viagra propranolol Yes you read that right, viagra propranolol a MEDIA credential. Viagra propranolol Never in a million years did I ever think I would walk into Shea Stadium/Citi Field press entrance and say to the receptionist “Good afternoon, viagra propranolol I’m Steve Keane of the Eddie Kranepool Society” and have her reply “Hi Mr. Viagra propranolol Keane here is your credential, viagra propranolol the managers press conference will be starting in few minutes, viagra propranolol go right in to the interview room”.

Viagra propranolol It was great to have a nice showing of the Mets Blogger-ratzi as Caryn Rose, viagra propranolol Kerel Cooper, viagra propranolol Ed Marcus, viagra propranolol Mike Sliva, viagra propranolol Joe Janish and Rob Castellano on Wednesday as we were welcome to attend Terry Collins pre game press conference. Viagra propranolol The only stipulation was we weren’t allowed to ask questions which was fine as the media assigned to cover this game does this for a living and have deadlines to meet, viagra propranolol believe me it was a kick just having the main stream media looking at us with that “ there goes the neighborhood look.

Viagra propranolol After the quickie presser, viagra propranolol we were led out to the field to watch batting practice. Viagra propranolol It was a bit awkward at times, viagra propranolol I’m standing right in front of R.A. Viagra propranolol Dickey and I’m like should I say hello? Ask him how his cracked nail is? What are you reading these days?  We were allowed to go into the dugout so as I entered, viagra propranolol standing at the bat rack is Daniel Murphy, viagra propranolol again I have to restrain myself from going all fanboy there. Viagra propranolol From attending events over the winter at Citi Field, viagra propranolol I’ve learn (a) don’t wear any Mets gear, viagra propranolol which is tough when three quarters of your wardrobe has either Mets or and interlocking blue and orange NY and (b) be prepared with good questions. Viagra propranolol I’m not there to swoon; I’m there to get as much information as I can. Viagra propranolol I have to say, viagra propranolol I let my guard down for a moment though, viagra propranolol as Josh Thole was strolling to the dugout, viagra propranolol I was standing right at the steps as he came right next to me and I blurted out “Hey Josh how’s it goin”? And Thole put his hand out for handshake and replied “doin’ great how are you”?  I kind of felt, viagra propranolol oh no did I break protocol? Then I thought, viagra propranolol” Well I’ll say I made a rookie mistake” on me not Thole. Viagra propranolol  I then composed myself and went back in to investigative mode and canvassed the area for info and I got some good stuff.

Viagra propranolol Many of the folks I talked to were very surprised of course by the awful start of the season the team has had but what they found more shocking was the venom spewed by some of the fan base. Viagra propranolol A lot of the talk was about, viagra propranolol it’s fine to boo and be pissed off by the early play of the team but the level of nastiness towards the Mets by Mets fans is unprecedented. Viagra propranolol  A few people I talked to could not believe the hate coming from what Mets fans were in the Citi Field stands. Viagra propranolol  Look, viagra propranolol no one would say any Mets fan is wrong for being angry and disillusioned by this awful start, viagra propranolol but some of the remarks I’ve heard on opening day and talk radio and on Twitter and Facebook have been a bit outlandish. Viagra propranolol  There is no question that the Mets have found more ways to beat themselves and have given away too many games and this start of the season has sucked more than any of us imagined but what was your best case scenario for the team before opening day? I felt, viagra propranolol give me 82-84 wins and be in the hunt for the Wild Card spot as my best possible. Viagra propranolol Did anyone think this team was better than the Phillies or Braves? I didn’t think so.

Viagra propranolol Again please don’t take this as any excuse for the horrendous play in the field by this Mets team. Viagra propranolol  This opening home stand has been a embarrassment and every single player on this team needs to step up his game and step up fast. Viagra propranolol I’d even include the manager in that as well. Viagra propranolol I feel for Terry Collins in the fact that from talking to guys who spent all of spring training covering this team in St. Viagra propranolol Lonesome, viagra propranolol there was more hands on instruction done in that camp than the last two put together. Viagra propranolol Collins main goal was to tighten up the fundamentals that have been lacking with the big league team and in the minor league system for years. Viagra propranolol As pissed off as you are as a Mets fan over the recent piss poor play, viagra propranolol it’s nothing like the angst the manager is going through. Viagra propranolol  So far TC has been composed and has his player’s backs but another few games of this bullshit and I’m sure Mount Collins will erupt.

Viagra propranolol What I’d take the manger to task over and this is not earth shattering as it’s seems to be the overwhelming consensus, viagra propranolol is not walking Troy Tulowitzki with 1st base open and 2 outs.  In hind sight, viagra propranolol I think Collins would love a mulligan there. Viagra propranolol What has me the most annoyed is that Tulo was never made uncomfortable in the batters box at any time in this four game series. Viagra propranolol I don’t say throw at his head but for Christ sake couldn’t someone on the pitching staff step up and dust him? This bothers me because when I first met Collins over the winter my first question was will you change the culture of this team letting the opposition come into your home ball park and do whatever they want with you. Viagra propranolol I gave him my opinion that the past couple of years the Mets have a rep for being soft and when punched they never punched back. Viagra propranolol Collins told me I wasn’t wrong in my assessment and it was something he said he would change. Viagra propranolol He even pointed out that if he had been the manager when Chase Utley took out Ruben Tejada last year, viagra propranolol he would have led the charge out of the dugout to confront Utley. Viagra propranolol   First at bat tonight I’d like to see Larry Jones eat some Georgia clay just to send a message.

Viagra propranolol Someone in the Mets P.R. Viagra propranolol department needs to tell Collins to cease and desist with the we played hard or how proud he is that the team battled back those replies have to stop like yesterday. Viagra propranolol We have heard the Rich Kotie/Art Howe/Willie Randolph refrain more time than we ever need to hear again. Viagra propranolol When Sandy Alderson took over and hired Collins for the job, viagra propranolol the mantra was that honesty and transparency would be  the bedrock of the new management team, viagra propranolol well it’s time to live up to the new company motto and stop with the we battled back, viagra propranolol tried hard line of horseshit because playing hard shouldn’t be rewarded it’s to be expected. Viagra propranolol  

Viagra propranolol Another topic of conversation around the dugout was what will be of Jose Reyes? Will he be traded mid-season if the team is out of contention? If he stays, viagra propranolol will the Mets sign him to a long term deal? How is long is too long and how much money is too much money for the Mets? Of a bunch of us discussing this no one had a definitive answer or solution. Viagra propranolol Many of us feel, viagra propranolol the lack of money will be a bullshit excuse. Viagra propranolol If the Skill Sets plead lack of funds then that is a flat out lie. Viagra propranolol If it’s years on the contract that would be more of a reasonable topic of debate.

Viagra propranolol As far as the Skill Sets legal woes go, viagra propranolol word on the street is the players couldn’t give a shit about their problems as long as there are sufficient funds to cash their checks. Viagra propranolol The day the bank shouts out “insufficient funds” then they’ll care.

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Best way to take cialis

Best way to take cialis  

Best way to take cialis On this date in Mets historyin 1974, best way to take cialis the Mets traded Tug McGraw, best way to take cialis Don Hahn and Dave Schneck to the Philadelphia Phillies for Del Unser, best way to take cialis John Stearns and the immortal Mac Scarce.

Best way to take cialis Off season? What off season, best way to take cialis there is more baseball news on this 32 degree morning in NYC than any other sports news. Best way to take cialis  Giants-Redskins? a murmur and some asshole comments. Best way to take cialis Jets-Pats? For such a big game the main topic is Tom Brady’s hair line. Best way to take cialis Knicks? Who gives a fuck. Best way to take cialis  Coach DiAntoni’s view of defense is when the opposition misses a shot. Best way to take cialis  NY Rangers, best way to take cialis second only to the Mets in my fan affection but even with Gaborik’s hat trick and the fact the beat the lowly Fishsticks, best way to take cialis not much buzz about the Blueshirts today. Best way to take cialis The big sports news in NYC, best way to take cialis Baseball, best way to take cialis Baseball and more Baseball:

Best way to take cialis The Mets non-tendered went as planned except for the curve ball Sandy Alderson tossed in by releasing Chris Carter. Best way to take cialis  As much as I like The Animal, best way to take cialis and lobbied for more playing time for him last year, best way to take cialis this is a very smart move by the Mets. Best way to take cialis According to Adam Rubin, best way to take cialis Carter would have been given a minor league deal and would have been paid $200K but the real reason is Carter has no position on defense in fact you’d be better off signing Jack Cust than Carter.

Best way to take cialis Looks like the game plan on acquiring pitching will be of the low risk/high reward variety as reports are the Mets are looking to make a deal with injury prone LHP Jeff Francis and former Padre Chris Young. Best way to take cialis If both can stay healthy (a big IF) they are definitely worth t shot of signing to incentive laden deals. Best way to take cialis  Young would thrive in Citi Field as he is an extreme fly ball pitcher and to that fact I hope the Mets are looking at RHP Joel Peralta another fly ball pitcher for the bullpen and George Sherrill for the LOOGY spot if Perpetual Pedro proves to expensive.

Best way to take cialis WOW LMillz may be a LI Duck or a Lancaster Barnstormer  or an Orix Buffalo or maybe a KC Royal ?

Best way to take cialis Under the prior regime I’d say Joe Janish’s post aboutmoving Francisco Rodriguez to the White Sox would be a pipe dream. Best way to take cialis Under the Alderson reign, best way to take cialis this post makes absolute sense and I could definitely see it happen.

Best way to take cialis Back in the day, best way to take cialis I couldn’t stand Ron Santo especially back in 1969 when Santo would jump up and click his heels after a Cubs victory against the Mets. Best way to take cialis But I’m still sad to hear of his passing

Best way to take cialis So when will LeBron and the Heat go to Cleveland? Wait? What? It was last night? Shit. Best way to take cialis Who knew!

Best way to take cialis Looks like those cut throats running the Bronx Bastards will let El Capi-Tan save some face and juice up their contract offer today. Best way to take cialis No matter what happens, best way to take cialis for now on Derek Jeter is Randy Levine’s bitch.

Best way to take cialis Good luck to Hisanori Takahashi on his signing with the Angels. Best way to take cialis A two-year deal for a 35 year old who can only pitch an inning of relief as the second time through the lineup he gets plastered may work in Anaheim but it sure doesn’t in Flushing .

Best way to take cialis Happy 62nd Birthday to the Prince of Darkeness. Best way to take cialis Hope you have bloody good fuckin’ birthday Ozzy!!!!!!!!!   

Best way to take cialis An Ike Davis Hanukkah, best way to take cialis OH……MY…….GOD!!!!!!!

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Best natural viagra

Best natural viagra  

Best natural viagra On this date in 1966, best natural viagra the Mets traded Jim Hickman and Ron Hunt to the Dodgers for the pride of Boy’s High in Brooklyn, best natural viagra Tommy Davis. Best natural viagra Davis lasted one season with the Mets as he was delt along with Jack Fisher to the White Sox for Tommie Agee and Al Weis .

Best natural viagra I think we can now stop with all the questions of Terry Collins about the 1999 Angels and his eight year old DUI. Best natural viagra I give Collins a lot of credit and it shows he has patients as I would have told the media to go fuck off by now. Best natural viagra  Collins has also shown he won’t throw players under the bus as in all the stories you hear about that Angels team, best natural viagra the main culprit in the uprising was Mo Vaughn, best natural viagra one of the biggest fucking quitters in baseball history. Best natural viagra  

Best natural viagra Nice to see Ollie Perez is the Tom Seaver of the Mexican Winter League. Best natural viagra Maybe Sandy Alderson can work out a deal with any team in the Mexican League for Perez. Best natural viagra I’d take a couple of roosters (for cock fighting purposes, best natural viagra of course) two cases of Bohemia Beer and an enchilada to be named later.

Best natural viagra Ed Ryan makes the case that Carlos Beltran’s contract might not be so prohibited that he could be dealt. Best natural viagra The way Ed puts it out there, best natural viagra with the Mets picking up $5mil of the deferred dough in the deal that would live Beltran owed $13 mil for the season. Best natural viagra   Would Theo Epstein be an interested buyer?

Best natural viagra I wouldn’t be looking for John Maine Bobble Head Day on the 2011 promotional schedule.

Best natural viagra R.I.P. Best natural viagra Frank Drebin and don’t call me Shirley.

Best natural viagra Joe Janish brings up a name from the past RHP Pedro Beato, best natural viagra that at one time had my blood boil. Best natural viagra Beato pitched for Xaverian H.S. Best natural viagra in Bay Ridge and was drafted by the Mets, best natural viagra who due to their lock step way with the Used Car Salesman, best natural viagra were talked out of going over slot to sign him. Best natural viagra Beato went back into the draft the next year, best natural viagra and was drafted by the Orioles who had no problem going over slot to give the right handed putcher the same $1mil bonus the Mets were told they couldn’t give out. Best natural viagra Well, best natural viagra Beato could be a Rule 5’er and maybe an interesting pitcher to place in the Mets bullpen for 2011.

Best natural viagra Who has December 1 in the “When will Pat Riley take over as coach of the Heat”?

Best natural viagra Finally an athlete figures out that God doesn’t give a shit about a sporting event.

Best natural viagra Javier Vasquez signs a one year deal with the Fish for $7mil with a no trade clause (duh!) and a provision that the Fish cannot offer Vasquez arbitration. Best natural viagra Not bad for a suck ass pitcher.

Best natural viagra Tom Brady is the NFL MVP and the best QB in the game and one of the three best of all time (Johnny Unitas, best natural viagra Joe Montana, best natural viagra then Brady who is ready to move past Montana) if you want to argue this, best natural viagra talk to the hand.

Best natural viagra Joe Posnanski hits another blog post out of the park, best natural viagra this time taking on the “closer”. Best natural viagra I’m really, best natural viagra really hoping that the new Mets brain trust thinks like Posnanski and uses Frankie Rodriguez (if he’s still with the team) in the 7th and or 8th inning.

Best natural viagra Tonight is hockey night as I’m headed to MSG for Rangers-Penguins. Best natural viagra If you are not of the hockey fan persuasion, best natural viagra the NY Rangers are what we could hope the Mets will be in 2011. Best natural viagra They have a lot of young, best natural viagra talent and dedicated players, best natural viagra who while learning the ropes of the NHL, best natural viagra grind out game after game. Best natural viagra They have two superstars in Henrik Lundqvist  and Marian Gaborik and two young players in Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan, best natural viagra who are having break out seasons on the ice and in the locker room as the new leaders of this team. Best natural viagra The team also sticks up for one and other (something that has not been seen with the Rangers in years) and are becoming a tough team to play. Best natural viagra Cindy Crosby better have some vagina protection on tonight.

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Womens viagra

Womens viagra Time for some random samplings when complete thoughts just won’t do:

Womens viagra I’m surprised President Obama hasn’t announced that Jim Joyce will be given the Medal of Honor for showing such bravery for fucking up Aramando Galaraga’ perfect game. Womens viagra Sure it’s great that Joyce admitted to this major screw up and it’s admirable that Galaraga gave Joyce some love at home plate, womens viagra I wonder if the organist at Comerica Park played “Why Can’t We Be Friends” as they had their tender moment. Womens viagra Lost in all this is the fact that a major overhaul of the umpiring system in MLB is needed and needed fast. Womens viagra But we all know the Used Car Salesman will call his Blue Ribbon Committee together (pick out you best bow tie there George Will) they’ll look over the situation and do nothing. Womens viagra It’s the Bud Selig way.

Womens viagra There is enough technology now that using replay in baseball for plays other than home runs should be discussed. Womens viagra However, womens viagra if MLB did more to train its umpires better and weeded out the suck ass ones (I’m looking at you Joe West, womens viagra Angel Hernandez and Lance Barksdale) you wouldn’t have the fans clamoring for replays as you do now. Womens viagra Most of it is just knee jerk reaction that has become the American way.

Womens viagra It absolutely sucks that Daniel Murphy injured his knee again in Buffalo as he was taken out on a slide and is done for the year. Womens viagra In a post on Mets Today, womens viagra Joe Janish puts the blame for Murphy’s injury on the way the Mets Baseball Ops do business:

Womens viagra The Mets’ lack of foresight and reactionary, womens viagra force-feeding decision-making process are not new — they’ve marked the Omar Minaya era. Womens viagra Is there any logical reason why, womens viagra when Murphy was in Port St. Womens viagra Lucie, womens viagra he was officially banned from taking ground balls at any position other than first base? Wouldn’t it have made sense to have him work with someone like Sandy Alomar, womens viagra Sr., womens viagra Wally Backman, womens viagra or Kevin Morgan, womens viagra on footwork and other techniques around the bag, womens viagra in a non-competitive situation, womens viagra while he was down there? If they were serious about making him a “utilityman” and teaching him second base in particular, womens viagra wouldn’t it have made more sense to keep him in Florida, womens viagra working intensely and regularly with one of the aforementioned coaches — or an external, womens viagra short-term hire like Roberto Alomar, womens viagra Jose Valentin, womens viagra or a similarly adept and experienced former MLB second baseman? Such an expense is a smart investment for a club with a $140M+ payroll, womens viagra that is also desperate to develop “trade bait”.

Womens viagra  

Womens viagra That has been the story of Daniel Murphy and the failure of the organization that they have switched him from 3rd base to 2nd base to 1st base to left field and back to 2nd base all without the proper instruction that he needed. Womens viagra I’ve watched Razor Shines hit fly balls to him time and again at Citi Field but has anyone worked with him on technique like proper use of the drop step and picking up fly balls ? Same with 1st base, womens viagra the team finally asked Keith Hernandez to help him out and Murphy was more that conscientious student. Womens viagra Murphy has done everything the organization has asked of him but what has the organization done for Murphy? NOTHING!!!!

Womens viagra Stephen Strasburg beat the Buffalo Bison yesterday, womens viagra just a prelude to what we are in store for the next 10 years when he joins the Nationals next week.

Womens viagra If Oliver Perez refuses to go to the bushes again today therefore blocking the activation of Jon Niese, womens viagra I have a way of getting him to go

Womens viagra Last night Kevin Garnett looked old and broken down. Womens viagra Rajon Rondo, womens viagra maybe his fear of not making free throws, womens viagra refused to drive to rack-passing up going strong to the basket and passing off to Big Baby for jump shot is beyond wrong it’s almost criminal-Ray Allen was taken out the game by the only officials worse than MLB Umpires, womens viagra NBA Thieves Refs. Womens viagra But, womens viagra one thing I’ve learned about these Celtics, womens viagra just when you think they are a bunch of old broken down hoopsters and your ready to throw dirt on them, womens viagra they bounce back. Womens viagra I expect a full recovery on Sunday.

Womens viagra Prayers and good thoughts to The Coach

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Cialis overnight delivery  

If you saw the back page of the Daily News this morning you’d think “oh shit” but then when you read the story you say “what’s the big deal”?:


And asked if he could be certain that he’ll return to the Mets at some point during the 2009 season, cialis overnight delivery Delgado said: “I can’t guarantee that. Cialis overnight delivery But it looks that that’s going to be the case. Cialis overnight delivery The most important thing is to get better, cialis overnight delivery get healthy, cialis overnight delivery that you can perform effectively, cialis overnight delivery and that’s our goal. Cialis overnight delivery


“I think that’s going to happen sometime this year, cialis overnight delivery but I can’t guarantee nothing.”



So he feels he can get back this year but who knows what set backs he could endure during his rehab. Cialis overnight delivery Makes sense no?


Joe Janish hits a home run in his post at Mets Today on Fernando Martinez and the lazy ass culture of the Mets. Cialis overnight delivery I went over this last night with Joe McDonald on PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL. Cialis overnight delivery Larry Brooks in a story in yesterday Post said the same thing that the Mets are known for non-hustle and I agree. Cialis overnight delivery Delgado has been a culprit as has Beltran at times, cialis overnight delivery Reyes has not hustled on numerous occasions and the fan fav Mike Piazza dogged it regularly (Yeah Joe Mac Piazza dogged it!!) Now most of this non ass busting is not to maligners but down right laziness. Cialis overnight delivery The more I think of young Martinez not busting it the other day the more pissed off I am at him and at J-Man for not taking him off the field. Cialis overnight delivery As I said last night, cialis overnight delivery I’m trying not to rush to judgment on F-Mart as it’s just two games but do far I don’t see what the big fuss is about this kid and maybe it would have been more beneficial to him to leave him in Buffalo for the whole season.


Mets Grrl in her continuing endeavor to make $iti Field a better place for Mets fans and to help straighten out this clueless ownership has a third installment of her letter writing campaign this time to have the Skill Sets acknowledge the history of the NY Mets in $iti Field. Cialis overnight delivery This prove how pathetic the Skill Sets are when it comes to knowing it’s fan base that you actually have to pressure them to celebrate the franchise history.


You may have read the Tyler Kepner piece in the Times the other day where he reports on Nolan Ryan and Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux are going back to old school tactics with the Rangers pitchers throughout the organization to go deeper into games and not be a slave to pitch counts. Cialis overnight delivery All I can say is HALLE-FUCKING-LUJAH!!!!!! I would hope the Mets would get in on this retro trend as well. Cialis overnight delivery It has to start in the low minors as it’s time pitchers learned how to pitch and how to pitch out of trouble. Cialis overnight delivery Too many guys stand on that mound when they are in a jam ready to shit themselves while looking toward the bullpen for help. Cialis overnight delivery I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the minor league teams records and winning the fucking Sally League Championship, cialis overnight delivery how about teaching not only pitchers but all players in the organization the proper way to play baseball. Cialis overnight delivery You can shove the NY-PENN League Championship Banners up Jeffey’s ass.


For a much calmer look at pitch counts check out Mike Silva’s NYBD and his thoughts on this.



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While we wait for the Mets to make a counter offer to Ollie Perez (3yr/$30mil, viagra prescription label plus unlimited White Castle burgers after every home start, viagra prescription label  20 free oil changes in one of the auto repair shops next to $iti Field, viagra prescription label use of the Oscar Myer Weiner car from the 1964 World Fair on weekends, viagra prescription label 10 free hair cuts at Hiram’s House of Hair Styling in Corona and the right to pick the in-flight movie on flights to Pittsburgh) and due to the fact that have to do some real work here a few links that are well worth your while..


A big Happy Birthday to Mike Silva of New York Baseball Digest, viagra prescription label check out his great Q&A with Dr. Viagra prescription label Mike Marshall.


Mike Steffanos of Mike’s Mets has the first part of an interview with Joe Janish of Mets Today up on his site for your entertainment


This Joe Torre tell all is a bit over blown but in these tough times when it’s tough to spend $25 bucks on a book (There is no greater place on earth than the New York Public Library) you have to admire the publisher to get the word spreading like a five alarm fire through the media for this book.  I love Tom Verducci and I’m sure this book will be well worth the read so I may drop some of my limited discretionary funds on this tome.


I always wondered why Wes Westrum never wrote a book about what a pain in the ass Jack Hamilton was or the how Kevin Collins used to stalk Ken Boyer





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Buy viagra in uk Some fellas like the way they walk
The way they swing and sway
Some fellas like the way they talk
Dig the things they say.
I don’t care if they wobble like a…
or talk with a lisp
I still think I’m a good lover
if the dollar bills are crisp
First I look at the purse!

Buy viagra in uk Outstanding post this morning by Joe Janish at Met Today on how the Mets off season started like a house on fire but as soon as the Madoff bombshell hit Freddie, buy viagra in uk Jeffey and Uncle Saul hid all the bank books from Omar Minaya

Buy viagra in uk Joe points out how it’s mind boggling that a team with a strong fan base, buy viagra in uk a TV network, buy viagra in uk new ball park and more government money to float it’s bonds are now operating like they are WIC recipients.

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