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Price cialis I was so sorry I missed going out to Citi Field on Saturday and the tribute to Dana Brand at the location of where home plate of Shea Stadium was. Price cialis I am honored to be a contributor to a book that has been published with essays by fellow Mets bloggers titled “Mets Brand” honoring Dana. Price cialis All the proceeds of the book will be donated to Lynn Cohen’s Pitch for a Good Cause.

Price cialis There seems to be this misconception about Daniel Murphy’s defense. Price cialis I’m not proclaiming Murph is a solid defender but he’s not the liability some in the fan base make him out to be. Price cialis The media plays into this as well, price cialis more the national drop ins on FOX and ESPN who have a tough time doing their homework before broadcasting games, price cialis mostly because of their disdain for statistical analysis. Price cialis If you look at the numbers Murph is not a bad 1st baseman, price cialis he’s a serviceable 2nd baseman and an ok fill in at 3rd base. Price cialis His biggest problem is he doesn’t have the power that is needed to play a corner position but his production is perfect for 2nd base. Price cialis With David Wright ready to come back by the end of the week, price cialis figure Lucas Duda or Jason Pridie would have to be moved with Murph and Nick Evans holding down 1st base and Justin Turner taking over 2nd base with Ruben Tejada back to his utility role.

Price cialis I’d love to spy on the meetings Sandy Alderson and his staff have when the subject of Jason Bay comes up. Price cialis I just picture Alderson leaning back in his chair with his hands in back of his head offering a major bonus to anyone who can remotely solve this very expensive dilemma. Price cialis  I have no idea how the Mets get away from Bay’s declining performance at the unbelievable price of $35 mil over the next 3 years. Price cialis  That contract is untradeable unless the Mets were to eat at least half of that deal. Price cialis Bay is troubled by his lack of production and he works hard to improve but you wonder what runs through his mind when each and every day he’s asked the same questions over and over again and now that the boos are reigning from the Citi Field stands, price cialis I’d be  surprised if he is in the lineup tonight, price cialis I’d bet we see Willie Harris in LF for the makeup game with the Fish.

Price cialis We are in the throes of the Last Days of Mike Pelfrey. Price cialis If he’s not dealt, price cialis he’ll be DFA. Price cialis I’d be SHOCKED if Pelfrey is a Met in 2012.

Price cialis I’m ready to add Angel Pagan in that equation as well. Price cialis Pagan has had a tough season offensively and a lot of that has been due to injury but a decision will have to be made here as well with Pagan making $3.5 mil this year and looking at a bump in pay to $5-$5.5 mil. Price cialis Is Pagan worth that much? I don’t think so.

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History of viagra Justin Turner had a great night, history of viagra a two run double that continued to keep his bat blazing hot and he caught a 6 lb Bass right near 3rd base. History of viagra  Add me in with the rest of the fan base who were siting dry and cozy at home trying to figure out how last night’s game wasn’t called due to monsoon?

History of viagra Jon Niese had a strong game in the less than ideal conditions that should help to toughen him up. History of viagra  In fact if  were any team other than the anemic Nationals I’d be talking how maybe Niese turned the corner with this start and that this could be a springboard to launching a great rest of the season for Niese, history of viagra but like I said, history of viagra it was against the Nationals a team that swings balsa wood bats.

History of viagra The Mets have made a big time effort to have their players go into the community for a number of charitable events. History of viagra Yesterday Matt Falkenbury of The Daily Stache caught up with Jason Pridie and Scott Hairston at Middle School 111 in the Bronx yesterday as the help the kids at the school work on their softball skills.

History of viagra Ed Marcus (a/k/a Rusty Jr.) writes about the “Ironic” Mets season.

History of viagra Angel Pagan had a walk and a home run for St. History of viagra Lonesome last night in a rehab start. History of viagra I bet we see Pagan this weekend in the South Bronx.

History of viagra Who is Chris Schwinden ? Don’t look in any prospects books because you won’t find his name. History of viagra Toby Hyde has the skinny on Schwinden who may be the next pitcher called up to Flushing.

History of viagra Terry Collins may make you scratch your head sometimes with his strategic moves but you have to give him a ton of credit for keeping this team playing hard and producing in the wake of injuries. History of viagra Add in that he has proven to have his player’s backs and he has been handling the press like he’s been here for years, history of viagra his managerial tenure so far is a big success. History of viagra Last year with these kinds of injuries, history of viagra the club would have lay down and died, history of viagra not this year. History of viagra Good job by TC to change the culture in the clubhouse. History of viagra   

History of viagra I feel badly for not posting about the death of Harmon Killebrew earlier. History of viagra No way could I recap the career of “Killer” better than Joe Posnanski did so I’ll let you read his great column on Killebrew and also check out this classic episode of Home Run Derby contest between Killebrew and Mickey Mantle. History of viagra R.I.P. History of viagra Harmon.

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Cheapest viagra Again it’s one of those days where the minutia in my head is overflowing so the floodgates are now open:

Cheapest viagra As any Mets fan I am concerned for the health of Jose Reyes but I’m trying to get a handled on the hysteria over the revelation of Reyes having an overactive thyroid . Cheapest viagra I guess it’s due to the fact that my wife has had problems with her thyroid for years and takes Synthroid for an under active thyroid and it hasn’t been a huge hindrance to her so that leads  me to think Reyes will be fine. Cheapest viagra You want something to worry about, cheapest viagra worry about the bullpen.

Cheapest viagra I’m getting worried that the manger and the front office are going to screw up on Jenry Mejia big time. Cheapest viagra Yesterday Mejia gave the team a dominant performance in relief and with the bunch of  JAG’s (just another guys) roaming the pen, cheapest viagra how much temptation is there for Jerry Manuel, cheapest viagra with April now a job/career saving month, cheapest viagra  to put pressure on the front office to bring the 20 year neophyte north at the end of spring training ?

Cheapest viagra Am I in the minority about this air traffic controller at Kennedy Airport letting his kid talk to the pilots? I know he just told the kid what to say and if this was little air field in the Midwest, cheapest viagra I wouldn’t give a shit but to do this at one of the busiest airport in world, cheapest viagra to me is the height of irresponsibility. Cheapest viagra I don’t want to see the controller lose his job but a suspension and fine seems to be in order here and maybe a rule like NO KIDS IN THE FUCKING TOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheapest viagra Sometime Marty Noble can come off as big fat windbag but in his Noble Thoughts column today he has some good nuggets like Frenchy breaking Ike Davis’ balls over an error he made at 1st base and then turning the tables on himself by proclaiming he will take three base on balls today and maybe win the leadoff spot in the bullpen. Cheapest viagra Also Frank Catalanotto and Jason Pridie are making heads turn early in camp.

Cheapest viagra Victor Rojas has been named as the TV play by play man for the Angels thus his leaving MLB Network. On his blog, cheapest viagra Rojas details his taking the Angels job, cheapest viagra it’s a great read and I wish Victor all the best with the Angels. Cheapest viagra Oh and a Happy Brithday to Victor’s dad Cookie

Cheapest viagra It’s hard to imagine how corrupt and out of control the sate government of New York is right now. Cheapest viagra It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or Democrat an Upstater or Downstater as tax payers and residents of the state, cheapest viagra the way we are treated by these bunch of bungling assholes in Albany is fucking disgrace. Cheapest viagra Should Governor Patterson resign? No, cheapest viagra he should thrown in jail! along with every fucking member of the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

Cheapest viagra I am a fan of Bill Simmons and have been from as far back as his days at AOL as the Boston Sports Guy but his take on Tiger Woods coming back to golf and comparing it to Muhammad Ali’s comeback after being banned from boxing for not joining the military is so ridiculous that there is no way in hell you could defend that opinion. Cheapest viagra But of course Keith Olberman not only has to make the point that Simmons’ opinion is so off base but he has to attack him personally. Cheapest viagra That’s what Olberman does. Cheapest viagra I know first hand. Cheapest viagra When I started doing Kranepool Society, cheapest viagra I had e mailed Olberman a few of my posts (I got his e-ail address for the SABR members list as I’m a member as well) just to see what he thought of my work. Cheapest viagra All I got back was a nasty e-mail from him stating how dare I send him these post and then commanded to never send him anything again. Cheapest viagra To say the least I was a bit upset. Cheapest viagra As time went on and I saw that Olberman has a problem in work and social settings so I didn’t feel so bad. Cheapest viagra So now that he ripped Simmons a new asshole, cheapest viagra I feel like a little camaraderie with The Sports Guy. Cheapest viagra Olberman is not the Worst Person in the World just the biggest douche bag.

Cheapest viagra Ooops I’m late for my anger management class!

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