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Try viagra for free As a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, try viagra for free every year we cast our Hall of Fame ballot to compare our results with those of the Baseball Writers Association of America. Try viagra for free  I’m pretty sure my ballot is a lot different from many in the BBWAA who enjoy going on witch hunts rather doing real honest to goodness research on the candidates. Try viagra for free  Without further ado here is the ballot I just cast:

Try viagra for free Mike Piazza

Try viagra for free Only someone seeking attention would NOT cast a vote for Piazza, try viagra for free and this is coming from someone who is not overly found of the former Mets catcher. Try viagra for free But I won’t let that cloud my view that Piazza was not only the best hitting catcher of his era but he was one of the best right handed hitters as well. Try viagra for free The majority of BBWAA members who vow not to vote for Piazza because the suspect he was a PED user, try viagra for free even though they have no proof whatsoever except for their short attention minds, try viagra for free the same short attention minds that feel playing Words with Friends in a big league press box is more fun than actually watching the game they are being paid to cover, try viagra for free are just making ass’ of themselves.  Piazza is a without a doubt first ballot Hall of Famer.

Try viagra for free Jeff Bagwell

Try viagra for free Again no proof of being a juicer but the voters of the BBWAA get their rocks off snubbing him on the ballot. Try viagra for free  His lifetime slashes of .297/.408/.540/.948 is certainly Hall worthy and when you add in the power (449 HR), try viagra for free speed (202 SB and only 78 CS) and defense, try viagra for free Bagwell was the total package as a ballplayer.

Try viagra for free Craig Biggio

Try viagra for free The other half of the Astros Killer B’s his 3, try viagra for free060 hits makes him an automatic

Try viagra for free Barry Bonds

Try viagra for free All of the main streamers hate Bonds and will hold off voting for him due to PED’s even without proof (remember Bonds was guilty of perjury the only charge the government could get to stick and made sure the tax payers of California paid a lot of money that could have went to building schools or hospitals to convict Bonds) but they voted him the MVP 7 times including 4 times during the Era of Taint.

Try viagra for free Roger Clemens

Try viagra for free I’ve come from not giving a shit about who took PED’s to today where I feel the game is much better and more enjoyable than it was during the Steroid Era. Try viagra for free I still don’t feel the players who took PED’s were cheaters since my definition of a cheater is someone who breaks the rules and at the time there were no rules in MLB or in the CBA that said use of PED’s by players were against the rules. Try viagra for free Players have taken narcotics and stimulants since the beginning of baseball time to get an advantage same as when players corked bats or went for Lasik surgery to better their eye sight, try viagra for free every athlete looks for an edge. Try viagra for free Add in that the Steroid Era followed the cancelling of the second half of the 1994 season along with playoffs and World Series due to labor strife, try viagra for free the game needed something to bring back disgruntled paying customers and I’m still not convinced it wasn’t a juiced ball as much as juiced players . Try viagra for free Even before the Era of Taint, try viagra for free Clemens was a Hall of Famer and with 354 Wins, try viagra for free 4, try viagra for free672 K and 7 Cy Young Awards, try viagra for free even though I hate ya’ Roger I gotta respect ya!

Try viagra for free Tim Raines

Try viagra for free One of the most exciting and better players of his era Raines was right there with Andre Dawson and Gary Carter as the cog that ran the Montreal Expos of the 1980’s. Try viagra for free Raines stole an amazing 808 bases and was caught just 146 times in his 23 year career and was an on base machine.

Try viagra for free Allan Trammell

Try viagra for free Trammell could always find a way to get on base or hit you a Home Run or steal a base while playing a stellar shortstop.

Try viagra for free Jack Morris

Try viagra for free Hey Bill Madden I saw Jack Morris play and he was damn good. Try viagra for free If Morris were a Highlander for most of his career, try viagra for free Madden would have pleaded with his fellow BBWAA members to get him Hall of Fame enshrinement.

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Cialis online sales There  has  been a lot of chatter over a piece that Jeff Pearlman wrote for CNN about tracking down a couple of guys who sent him some hate e-mail over a blog post he made about Jeff Bagwell not being Hall of Fame worthy. Cialis online sales One of the e-mails was cloaked in deception as a civil response to Pealrman’s anti- Bagwell post but when Peralman opened the link he was struck with a pornographic image instead. Cialis online sales What made it worse was he was sitting with his 7 year old daughter when he opened it.

Cialis online sales Pearlman’ naiveté of opening a link sent by a stranger can be debated but what can’t be denied is that Pearlman went  all George Costanza on his ass. Cialis online sales Remember when George was driving  Danny Tartabull to a PBS fund raiser when he thought another driver had given him and Tartabull the finger and chased the guy all the way upstate NY only to find the guys’ finger was in a cast? Well, cialis online sales that sort of what Pearlman did.

Cialis online sales Pearlman doesn’t reveal how he tracked these vile critics down but he did and when he confronted them on the phone, cialis online sales they were shocked and I guess a bit scared that their cloak of anonymity was lifted.

Cialis online sales When you write a blog you have to expect nasty and vile comments. Cialis online sales On this site, cialis online sales I’ve had commentators who have left some awful comments about me personally and some of my posts. Cialis online sales If they are funny or creative I let them stand, cialis online sales but if they are about someone else either a subject I’ve written about or another commentator I delete them. Cialis online sales I can’t tell you how many racists and homophobic comments I’ve had to delete over the last few years. Cialis online sales I won’t ever allow that here.

Cialis online sales Now I wouldn’t go to the extreme that Pearlman did unless someone made a personal threat against me, cialis online sales if that happened I’d probably got to the police with it as my ass kicking days are over. Cialis online sales By the way Pearlman is all wrong about Bagwell, cialis online sales the guys belongs in the Hall of Fame. Cialis online sales If Jeff or anyone else thinks I’m wrong you know where to find me. Cialis online sales I ain’t hiding.

Cialis online sales The San Francisco Giants brought the 2010 World Series trophy to NYC this weekend. Cialis online sales Greg Prince and Caryn Rose both got to lay eyes on the great baseball prize. Cialis online sales As many long time readers here know, cialis online sales my dad was a huge NY Giants fan and even when they left town he still rooted for them until 1962 when the Mets were born. Cialis online sales Not only because it was a new NL team (There was never ever a thought of my dad becoming a Highlanders fan. Cialis online sales You had a better chance of him saying the Queen of England was a pretty good gal than have him say anything nice about the Bronx Bastards)but by playing in the Polo Grounds, cialis online sales he could now get back to his old stomping grounds. Cialis online sales   So for all sons and daughters of old NY Giants fans I’d like to tip my Mets cap to Bill Neukom for not forgetting the franchises roots.

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The following is a press release from the Baseball Bloggers Alliance
Second baseman Roberto Alomar and starting pitcher Bert Blyleven were named today as the recommended 2011 Hall of Fame class by the Baseball Bloggers Alliance.
Alomar, viagra and sexual performance who is on the ballot for his second year, viagra and sexual performance and Blyleven, viagra and sexual performance looking at his fourteenth time, viagra and sexual performance both finished just shy of the BBA’s recommendation in 2010 at just a fraction under the 75% threshold. Viagra and sexual performance  As was the case last year, viagra and sexual performance both Alomar and Blyleven received the same amount of votes from the BBA membership in 2010, viagra and sexual performance but this time it was enough to push them into the recommended status.
Both players received 117 votes out of the 154 ballots cast, viagra and sexual performance resulting in a 75.97% approval rate. Viagra and sexual performance  Again echoing the vote taken at the end of 2009, viagra and sexual performance shortstop Barry Larkin was the third man in the balloting, viagra and sexual performance missing selection by being named on just 70.78% of the ballots.
The Baseball Bloggers Alliance’s vote has no impact on the official vote taken by the Baseball Writers of America and the members of the Hall of Fame. Viagra and sexual performance  However, viagra and sexual performance the BBA has been often a predictor of awards granted by the writers, viagra and sexual performance matching their selection in fourteen of the sixteen major awards in the last two postseasons combined.
The final voting results are as follows:
Roberto Alomar, viagra and sexual performance 75.97%
Bert Blyleven, viagra and sexual performance 75.97%
Barry Larkin, viagra and sexual performance 70.78%
Jeff Bagwell, viagra and sexual performance 62.34%
Edgar Martinez, viagra and sexual performance 59.09%
Tim Raines, viagra and sexual performance 54.55%
Mark McGwire, viagra and sexual performance 44.16%
Lee Smith, viagra and sexual performance 38.96%
Alan Trammell, viagra and sexual performance 35.71%
Don Mattingly, viagra and sexual performance 33.12%
Larry Walker, viagra and sexual performance 31.17%
Fred McGriff, viagra and sexual performance 27.27%
Jack Morris, viagra and sexual performance 25.97%
Rafael Palmerio, viagra and sexual performance 20.78%
Dale Murphy, viagra and sexual performance 16.23%
Dave Parker, viagra and sexual performance 12.34%
Harold Baines, viagra and sexual performance 10.39%
Kevin Brown, viagra and sexual performance 9.09%
John Franco, viagra and sexual performance 7.14%
Tino Martinez, viagra and sexual performance 5.19%
John Olerud, viagra and sexual performance 5.19%
Al Leiter, viagra and sexual performance 4.55%
Bret Boone, viagra and sexual performance 3.90%
Juan Gonzalez, viagra and sexual performance 3.90%
Marquis Grissom, viagra and sexual performance 2.60%
Benito Santiago, viagra and sexual performance 1.30%
Bobby Higginson, viagra and sexual performance 0.65%
Charles Johnson, viagra and sexual performance 0.65%
Kirk Rueter, viagra and sexual performance 0.65%
Carlos Baerga, viagra and sexual performance 0.00%
Raul Mondesi, viagra and sexual performance 0.00%
BJ Surhoff, viagra and sexual performance 0.00%
The Baseball Bloggers Alliance was established in the fall of 2009 for the purpose of fostering collaboration and communication among bloggers from across baseball. Viagra and sexual performance  The BBA has quickly grown to its current membership of 256 blogs, viagra and sexual performance including some of the most prominent blogs on the internet, viagra and sexual performance spanning all major league teams and various other general aspects of the game.
More information about the BBA can be found at their website, viagra and sexual performance, viagra and sexual performance or by contacting the founder and administrator of the organization, viagra and sexual performance Daniel Shoptaw, viagra and sexual performance at

Viagra and sexual performance In full disclosure, viagra and sexual performance here is the ballot I submitted:

Viagra and sexual performance Roberto Alomar

Viagra and sexual performance Bert Blyleven

Viagra and sexual performance Barry Larkin

Viagra and sexual performance Jeff Bagwell

Viagra and sexual performance Tim Raines

Viagra and sexual performance I had struggled with naming Mark McGwire on my ballot, viagra and sexual performance one day I’d say yea the next day nay as I look at it today I feel I should have put him on my ballot.

Viagra and sexual performance I was very surprised that Tim Raines did not garner more votes as he was one of the best all-around players of his era.

Viagra and sexual performance The same way I can’t vote for closers (except when Mariano Rivera comes up for vote) I can’t vote for DH’s. Viagra and sexual performance Sorry Edgar.

Viagra and sexual performance From 1976 to 1987, viagra and sexual performance Dale Murphy looked like a lead pipe cinch to be a Hall of Famer, viagra and sexual performance but from 1988 to 1993 he turned into a journeyman stumblebum. Viagra and sexual performance Sad.


Viagra and sexual performance

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