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Viagra affects on women Here is the lineup Jerry Manuel wil send out against the Cubs today:

Viagra affects on women Pagan, viagra affects on women cf
Castillo, viagra affects on women 2b
Murphy, viagra affects on women 1b
Francoeur, viagra affects on women rf
Reed, viagra affects on women lf
Tatis, viagra affects on women 3b
Schneider, viagra affects on women c
Hernandez, viagra affects on women ss
Figueroa, viagra affects on women rhp

Viagra affects on women Here is the lineup that Casey Stengel used on this date in 1964:

Viagra affects on women Bobby Klaus 3B

Viagra affects on women Ron Hunt 2B

Viagra affects on women Ed Kranepool 1B

Viagra affects on women George Altman LF

Viagra affects on women Joe Christopher RF

Viagra affects on women Chris Cannizaro C

Viagra affects on women Roy McMillian SS

Viagra affects on women Denis Ribant P

Viagra affects on women At 1B Murphy or Krane? I’m a big Murphy fan but really who where my alliances lies here, viagra affects on women

Viagra affects on women 2B-Ron Hunt was THE MAN back then. Viagra affects on women The first Mets All Star when All Star meant something his numbers in ’64 .303/.357/.406  and was as tough as they come

Viagra affects on women 3B- Tatis big over Klauss

Viagra affects on women SS-Roy McMillan couldn’t hit but had a great glove. Viagra affects on women AHern can’t hit and used to have a great glove. Viagra affects on women Roy Mac for me.

Viagra affects on women LF Jeremy Reed get a rare start from Manuel why this guy got burried with all the injuries is a story that should be told. Viagra affects on women I know the guy is no ball of fire but who  did he piss off to get burried as he has on this team. Viagra affects on women George Altman spent one year with the Mets. Viagra affects on women He was traded to the Mets from the Cardinals for Roger (Hum Baby) Graig. Viagra affects on women I’ll take Reed as a pity pick

Viagra affects on women CF Jim Hickman had some very good season with the Cubs once he left the Mets. Viagra affects on women Angel Pagan seems to have gotten the message that he needs to play ball to the wall baseball everyday if he wants to stick around that’s a credit to Jerry Manuel . Viagra affects on women I’ll take Pagan as this is Jim Hickman 1964 not Hickman 1970

Viagra affects on women RF-Joe Christopher and Frenchy Francouer. Viagra affects on women Believe it or not Christopher hit .300/.360/.466 with 16 HR and 76 RBI for the Mets in ’64. Viagra affects on women This was tough but I’ll take Christopher

Viagra affects on women C-Not even close Chris Cannazaro BIG over Schneider

Viagra affects on women P-Nelly Figs has done well and Dennis Ribant was just a rookie with a 1-5 W/L and a 5.15 ERA Go with Figgy

Viagra affects on women So my score card reads 5-4 1964 Mets

Viagra affects on women what do you think?

Viagra affects on women

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Obtain viagra without prescription

Obtain viagra without prescription  

Obtain viagra without prescription  

Obtain viagra without prescription Cory Sullivan, obtain viagra without prescription cf
Luis Castillo, obtain viagra without prescription 2b 
Fernando Tatis, obtain viagra without prescription 3b 
Daniel Murphy, obtain viagra without prescription 1b 
Jeff Francoeur, obtain viagra without prescription rf 
Jeremy Reed, obtain viagra without prescription lf 
Alex Cora, obtain viagra without prescription ss 
Brian Schneider, obtain viagra without prescription c 
Livan Hernandez, obtain viagra without prescription sp

Obtain viagra without prescription WOW What a Murderer’s Row!!!!

Obtain viagra without prescription The biggest threat in the lineup is Livan at 9

Obtain viagra without prescription I’ll pass thank you (after listening to Gary and Ron’s openning) and watch Dodgers-Giants

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Viagra alternative uk And people around baseball want to know why Mets fans are on the lunatic fringe? One day we’re reaching for the anti depressants the next day it’s an Irish wake this Mets team will drain all the emotion out of your of your soul. Viagra alternative uk After the last two games I’m looking to get my spot on Broadway for the Championship parade but I know by this time next week I may be wondering what we’ll do with the first pick in the 2010 free agent draft.

Viagra alternative uk Dave Singer does it again with a great clip of Jonathan Papelpon going ape shit over D-Wright’ throw from closer to left field than third base to Luis Castillo with the big ssstttrrreeeccchhhh for a force of Youkilis.

Viagra alternative uk O-MIR SAN-TOS, viagra alternative uk…. Viagra alternative uk O-MIR SAN-TOS, viagra alternative uk…. Viagra alternative uk O-MIR SAN-TOS….Good luck getting your job back Brian Schneider. Viagra alternative uk This will be on to watch as no way J-Man wants Santos going to Buffalo and with all the injuries the team has suffered look for three catchers on the 25 man roster. Viagra alternative uk If I’m Jeremy Reed I’m a little nervous right now.

Viagra alternative uk Another strong start by Big Pelf as that ERA drops again after every start. Viagra alternative uk Good job by the sports shrink he visited as well as he was yip free last night.

Viagra alternative uk Man I thought I was a Highlander Hater but Gary Cohen has us all beat

Viagra alternative uk My Babe Ruth League team won for just the second time this season as my top pitcher K’d 10 and we played flawless defense. Viagra alternative uk Maybe the message will finally get through to them throw strikes, viagra alternative uk limit walks and play solid D wins games. Viagra alternative uk Right Jerry?

Viagra alternative uk I’m off to Englishtown Flea Market today with my radio and headphones to listen to the game. Viagra alternative uk We need this trip because you can almost see there is this spot in my garage that is vacant so I need some crap to fill it. Viagra alternative uk Never have enough crap. Viagra alternative uk Plus I’m looking for another catchers mask and a first baseman’s glove.

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5 Mg Original Brand Cialis







Last night was a tough one but I’m trying to keep a positive outlook (which is very very difficult) as Livan Hernandez was outstanding throwing strikes in a great bounce back start of his stinker in SF. Discount viagra online Wright and Beltran are still carrying the team on their offensive shoulders and lo and behold Daniel Murphy was Gold Glove caliber at first base (just makes J-Man putting Jeremy Reed at first look more stupid) I didn’t see the bot of 8th as I passed out and when I woke up at 1AM saw the results and turned over for four hours of sleep but from looking at the Gameday charts it looks like JJ Putz was throwing hard as his fastball was low mid 90’s so that is encouraging but when your offense is lacking protection for your big boys your pitching walks a slender tight rope. Discount viagra online Add in the fact that the Hollywood Bums are a good baseball team that has not lost a step from the loss of Manny and are tough to beat at home. Discount viagra online That being said I don’t have a good feeling about going into Boston this weekend. Discount viagra online It didn’t take much for my positive outlook to turn to shit. Discount viagra online


One area that I will roast the front office is another in the many episode of not getting injured players looked at and put on the DL. Discount viagra online Reyes should have been sent for tests while in SF or LA as I know those two major cities have competent doctors and MRI machines that work very well. Discount viagra online From Church’s mishandling from concussion to Delgado being flown across the country with a hip that needed surgery to the newest fuck up with Jose Reyes now looking like a DL candidate makes the Mets look amateurish and is one of the reasons fans have no faith in Omar Minaya and his board of directors. Discount viagra online


On that note with Reyes looking like he will be gone for awhile and Alex Cora gone for a couple of months as well, discount viagra online how about going after Jeff Keppinger or even Ramon Santiago of the Tigers? Or Nick Green on the Red Sox it’s time for Omar to get to work.


I’ll have a lot more to talk about tonight on Pro Baseball Central so join us at 9PM EDST live and call in with your rants and raves at (646) 595-4462 If you can’t join us then listen to the podcast on our PBC site or on the upper right on this page. Discount viagra online   

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I’m starting to realize that I am more of a fan of Jerry Manuel the person than I am of Jerry Manuel the manager. Cialis discount Most nights win or lose Manuel is usually a cool cat at his press conference as he never gets rattled by questions and he takes his time giving an answer to the tough inquiries. Cialis discount In that, cialis discount Manuel reminds me of St Joseph of Torre in his handling of the media and that is a major challenge for any manager or head coach in this town.  But some of the tactical moves that Manuel has made on this road trip and in the recent weeks have be befuddled.

Take last night. Cialis discount When Jeremy Reed was obtained in the Putz deal this past winter we were told he was as good as Endy Chavez at bat and in the field. Cialis discount So if Reed is such a good outfielder why was he playing first base last night while the defensively challenged Daniel Murphy  was put in left field. Cialis discount I swear I was in a daze for the first inning trying to figure the logic here and sure enough the first batter for the Hollywood Bums, cialis discount Juan Pierre hits a ball to left that Murphy botched. Cialis discount Just stunning.

Why not just leave Murphy at first base and tell him it’s all yours until Delgado gets back maybe it would relive a bit of pressure off this kid because this is not the same Daniel Murphy we fell in love with. Cialis discount The Murphy kid I saw last year and early this year does not get picked off first base like an inept little leaguer. Cialis discount How many times have we heard Keith Hernandez say that “someone taught Murphy the right way to play baseball”?

Same with second base. Cialis discount If Ramon Martinez is the best we have to play back up infielder then we’re in trouble. Cialis discount I know that Castillo has sucked at the plate lately so if you’re going to give him the night off the let the Latin Joe McEwing (Fernando Tatis) play second he can’t do any worse than Martinez.



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What was up with Big Pelf last night? Was he channeling his inner Doc Ellis? Did he spend part of the day in Height-Ashbury? Or is he trying to be the new Bill Lee, overnight viagra a/k/a The Space Man? Long strange trip for Big Pelf. Overnight viagra  IF it weren’t for the brain farts leading to 3 balks, overnight viagra Pelf would have had a stellar afternoon in Frisco. Overnight viagra The best part of his performance was the 10 ground ball outs he got so I’d say it was still a positive outing for Pelfry.


What you’re shocked that Steve Phillips sounded like a total douchebag last night during the ESPN telecast? Whoever came up with the idea to add Smarmy Steve to the booth needs to be fired. Overnight viagra Still smarting over getting canned by the Mets eh Stevie boy ? Well you sucked as a GM and you suck as a TV analyst in fact all you’re any good at is banging secretaries. Overnight viagra When Joe Morgan becomes the voice of reason in the ESPN booth then the apocalypses is near. Overnight viagra Jon Miller should be arrested for the fucking shirt and tie he wore last night. Overnight viagra That outfit was gayer than a weekend on Fire Island.


Tip of the Mets cap to Dave Singer at NY Sportsdog for calling out J- Man for pinch hitting for Daniel Murphy. Overnight viagra As I posted on Dave’s site, overnight viagra whatever crime Ryan Church committed to get in the J-Man doghouse, overnight viagra Daniel Murphy must have been an accomplice as he is not getting the Chateau de Bow Wow treatment. Overnight viagra With Delgado gone (I think he’s gone for good) can we just let Murphy play first base? Either that or offer the Orioles Jeremy Reed and Eddie Kunz for Aubry Huff.


My evening started out great as I was a guest on The Seven Train To Shea radio show and had a great time with those guys. Overnight viagra But after that the night sucked as my Boston Celtics had the rigors of old legs, overnight viagra lack of size and lack of depth catch up with them to lose to the Magic (enjoy it now Orlando as you guys will be gone in 4 to the Cleveland Le Brons) and then the Mets loss coupled with the embarrassing announcing crew on ESPN topped off the evening.          





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Thank you to everyone who commented and emailed me with suggestions to help me with my pitching staff. Cialis discount I am happy to report that we won our first game of the season 10-0 (now 1-3 on the year) with only three walks against us in the game. Cialis discount Rick Peterson would be proud of all of you.

Speaking of The Jacket, cialis discount he will play himself in the movie version of “Moneyball” with Brad Pitt playing Billy Bean.  Art Howe will also be in the film playing the cadaver they extract  the ligaments from for Tommy John surgery.

The Mets are rolling through NOCAL yesterday 9-6 win. Cialis discount Another strong start I felt, cialis discount by Johan Santana who had one bad inning (the 6th) in the 7 innings he pitched as he had an incredible 79/22 K/B spilt plus he got the win to go to 5-2.

The pitching and hitting is as good for the Mets as any in baseball right now but the fielding needs to tighten up a bit especially with Wright and Castillo. Cialis discount Yes I’m never happy I have to find something to bitch about with this team.

With Carlos Delgado on the DL (what a shock!) the Mets have to make decision on what to do with first base. Cialis discount I don’t see how Jeremy Reed is an option over Daniel Murphy if they want to go a righty/lefty platoon. Cialis discount In fact it looks like the increased playing time for Reed is more of a showcase as why would you need both Reed and Angel Pagan on this roster that now is top heavy with outfielders? Pagan can do as much if not more than Reed both with the bat and in the field plus the added bonus of being a switch hitter. Cialis discount Maybe  a deal with the Orioles for Aubry Huff that would have the Mets send Reed and Eddie Kunz to Baltimore could snare Huff? By the way can we let Murphy play tonight at first base? It’s been four games since his last start. Cialis discount FREE DANIEL MURPHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A reminder, cialis discount I will be a guest tonight on The Seven Train To Shea Radio Program tonight at 7PM EDST.







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Omar Minaya’s Best Week Ever came to an abrupt end last night as his team ended it’s winning streak, generic viagra his Ace pitcher again received no run support and this time the defense betrayed him as well, generic viagra the best free agent pitcher on the market last winter who camethisclose to being the second banana to Santana that the Omar will be looking for before July came to $iti and showed the Mets what could have been, generic viagra his rejuvenated first baseman is headed for a DL stint and his manager made some head scratching moves before and during the game last night. Generic viagra


Big thank you to Dave Singer at NY Sportsdog and James K at Amazin Avenue for doing the heavy lifting on dissecting J-Man’s brain farts last night. Generic viagra Let’s hope he learns a lesson from last night.


Carlos Delgado’ tragically hurting hip could send him to the DL. Generic viagra He already had cortisone shot this spring in the hip and is a little leery of taking another one so soon because as we all know cortisone is a steroid. Generic viagra That’s why I don’t get all in a huff over players using PED’s  as cortisone injections are given out to athletes like flu shots at a nursing home.


It’s no secret that J- Man doesn’t think Ryan Church is Gangsta’ enough for him but the truth is Jeremy Reed is the same player as Church but with better and more versatile outfield play. Generic viagra Even more bad news for Church is if Delgado goes on the 15 day DL you could see Murphy and Tatis spilt the first base duties with Reed going to RF and Gary Sheffield going to left and Church going to sunflower seed distributor.





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Cialis professional 20 mg The 6th and 7th innings last night summed up the Mets early and I mean realllllllllll early problem of not busting a game wide open. Cialis professional 20 mg When the opportunity comes up to administer an ass kicking, cialis professional 20 mg championship teams kick ass, cialis professional 20 mg pretenders come up short.

Cialis professional 20 mg Top of the 6th the Mets catch a break as they couldn’t get a sniff of a rally off Anibal Sanchez but Freddi Gonzalez went to his pen and brought in Dan Meyer who promptly gave up a lead off homer to Carlos Beltran to get the Mets on the board. Cialis professional 20 mg Ryan Church comes up next and singles and this is where you say “here comes the big inning”. Cialis professional 20 mg Schneider sac bunts Church to 2nd, cialis professional 20 mg a good play because odds are Schneider hits in to a DP in that spot, cialis professional 20 mg Gimp Castillo comes up with a man in scoring position and files out. Cialis professional 20 mg With Castillo getting lifted for a pinch hitter (Jeremy Reed) in 9th tells you the leash on Gimp is getting shorter and shorter. Cialis professional 20 mg With 2 outs man on 2nd Gary Sheffield bats for John Maine who was great last night but Dan Meyer wants no part of Sheffield and throws three pitches out of the strike zone and then Gonzalez orders Meyer to walk him. Cialis professional 20 mg Respect thy names is an intentional walk. Cialis professional 20 mg Up steps Jose Reyes and an awful at bat.

Cialis professional 20 mg Meyer was shook up by the sight of Sheffield and couldn’t throw a strike. Cialis professional 20 mg The first pitch to Reyes was ball 1. Cialis professional 20 mg On the next pitch Meyers tries to hit the corner low and away put the pitch was out of the strike zone but of course that doesn’t stop Jose from reaching over and popping it up to RF for an easy fly ball out. Cialis professional 20 mg Ever hear of take a strike Jose?

Cialis professional 20 mg On to the Mets 7th where Daniel Murphy leads off with a base hit (of course!) In comes non-roster invitee Kiko Calero (this looks to be the Marlins downfall, cialis professional 20 mg the bullpen that and not being able to play the Mets for 162 games) who walks D-Wright and hits Carlos Delgado with a pitch and the bags are drunk with Carlos Beltran up. Cialis professional 20 mg Smells like a big inning right ?(“here we are now, cialis professional 20 mg entertain us”) uhhh NO!. Cialis professional 20 mg Beltran drives in a run (a cheap Rib Eye Steak though) hitting into an FC but then Church walks and the bags are juiced once again as Fernando Taits bats for Schieder (J-Man ain’t fooling around, cialis professional 20 mg if you can’t hit you will sit) and misses a Grannie bythismuch and that would have broken this one up big. Cialis professional 20 mg Wright scores and it’s 3-3 and if you want to take a positive out of the inning it’s that the Mets scored some runs late.

Cialis professional 20 mg Gimp Castillo came up with 2 out worked the count 3-2 and let strike 3 sail over the plate. Cialis professional 20 mg The clock is ticking fast on Gimp.

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Can viagra be used by women On this the last day of the Bush Presidency, can viagra be used by women I get to use the last of my former President material thanks to Omar Minaya’ signing of left handed hitting outfielder Cory Sullivan  to a 1yr $600K deal that with incentives could go to $900K.

Can viagra be used by women There has to be more to this signing as now the Mets have Ryan Church, can viagra be used by women Dan Murphy, can viagra be used by women Jeremy Reed and Sullivan who play outfield and bat left handed so the presumption is there must be a deal in the works.

Can viagra be used by women My feeling is that Ryan Church will not be the Mets right fielder come April

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