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Did you feel that jolt of cool air this morning? How invigorating. Viagra discount It’s what I like to call World Series weather. Viagra discount  Nothing beats World Series weather, viagra discount 70 degrees in the day and 50 by night. Viagra discount As baseball fans we live to spend a few glorious nights rooting for our team wearing  our team colors on jackets, viagra discount caps and even a blanket if needed. Viagra discount You are never cold or uncomfortable in World Series weather because the thought of a championship is all you need to give you a warm feeling.

Viagra discount The last five seasons as a Mets fan, viagra discount we haven’t come close to experiencing World Series weather at Citi Field. Viagra discount  No, viagra discount as a Mets fan, viagra discount that first autumn chill is just a reminder to call the boiler company to do a clean out of the furnace, viagra discount to go to Home Depot and get some bags to collect the soon to be falling leaves and to take inventory of the rock salt supply. Viagra discount I’d much rather be getting my Mets jacket ready for use, viagra discount along with my Mr. Viagra discount Mets cap and maybe just maybe my blue and orange gloves with the Mets logo on them.

Viagra discount While I will still wear those articles of Mets clothing throughout the fall and winter in what will be a non-combative situation. Viagra discount  It’s been seven seasons since we’ve worn the post season war paint as Mets fans, viagra discount we have become just a bunch of post season spectators, viagra discount like Iceland at the United Nations, viagra discount we’re a member of the league but have no real influence in the serious stuff going on.

Viagra discount I’m not happy about the situation in fact I’m totally pissed off. Viagra discount  I guess 49 years of being a Mets fan, viagra discount you remember the best and the worst of times. Viagra discount You revel in the high moments and fall into despair over the low moments and you know your heart is still into being a Mets fan because things that shouldn’t bother you eat at your soul. Viagra discount Tonight is one of those nights that looks like it going to be noshing on my blue and orange soul.

Viagra discount Jerry Seinfeld will be a part of the Mets broadcast tonight on SNY. Viagra discount I’m am a very big Seinfeld fan, viagra discount his work is so outstanding that whenever I come by a re-run of SEINFELD I stop and watch no matter that I’ve seen the episode about 100 times. Viagra discount Seinfeld will be on the pre-game show with Chris Carllin and Bobby Ojeda as Seinfeld has a huge man crush on Bobby O and from there, viagra discount he will join Gary, viagra discount Keith and Ron (I guess) in the TV booth at Citi Field. Viagra discount I have a big time problem with this because this is not what September baseball is about.

Viagra discount Instead of Jerry Seinfeld doing Mets-Giants tonight, viagra discount I should be hearing Gary Cohen updating me on the Mets Magic Number to clinch the NL East. Viagra discount I should be hearing Keith and Ron going over the hypothetical pitching matchup for the Mets in the post season and busting our buttons with pride as Ronnie says, viagra discount “No one wants to be the first team to face the Mets with Harvey, viagra discount Niese and Wheeler starting a series”  I should be hearing that David Wright is the odds on choice to be the NL MVP and Harvey the NL Cy Young. Viagra discount I should be getting my post season groove ready. Viagra discount But I’m not.

Viagra discount The Mets are playing out the string for the fifth season in a row. Viagra discount It’s so bad the team has to resort to a side show of adding a standup comic to the best TV booth not just in baseball but all of sports. Viagra discount  Excuse me for not laughing at the jokes because I don’t see anything funny in losing.

Viagra discount When I made my feelings known on Twitter last late on how I’m not happy with Seinfeld in the booth, viagra discount I was treated like an Asian-American who just won the Miss America pageant. Viagra discount  Most folks called me cranky and old and someone who needs to get over themselves. Viagra discount  Some said it’s no big deal; some it seems are ok with all the losing as for they look at Mets games and Mets Twitter as more a social event. Viagra discount I’ve thought about those people.

Viagra discount Most of them weren’t even born when on August 20th 1985, viagra discount the day Dwight Gooden struck out 16 San Francisco Giants in a game the Mets won 3-0 and had them in first place by a game and a half, viagra discount at which point Mets fans were drooling over themselves and our reemergence as a World Series contender. Viagra discount  They have only seen on a You Tube what I watched live when Eric Davis of the Reds slid hard into third base and into Ray Knight and Knight taking exception and flatting Davis with a serious right hook. Viagra discount This was also the game that Davey Johnson used Jesse Orosco and Roger McDowell in the same inning by shuttling both pitchers from the mound to the outfield, viagra discount switching each pitcher for right or lefty batters. Viagra discount  These same people never met Homer the Dog or have had their head patted by Joan Payson. Viagra discount They have never heard Jane Jarvis play live at Shea Stadium. Viagra discount They didn’t cry tears of sorrow on June 15, viagra discount 1977. Viagra discount They never heard Lindsay Nelson, viagra discount Bob Murphy and Ralph Kiner do a Mets game. Viagra discount  They’ve never drank an R.C. Viagra discount Cola.

Viagra discount With all the losing seasons and ineptness of the present ownership, viagra discount it would be so easy to walk away and say who cares. Viagra discount I will never do that. Viagra discount Like the lyrics say in our Alma matter “Meet the Mets” (by the way who besides me has this song on their iPod?)”The fans are true to the orange and blue” , viagra discount I’ll be here reacting to the situation with this team as I see fit, viagra discount hoping those who don’t care start caring and those who wear their Mets heart on their sleeve get rewarded for the undying support they have given an organization that doesn’t know how to love them back.

Viagra discount  

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New drug for women viagra I thought I’d look at some of the Mets news of the day before I start reading more into the new CBA that seems to have those who follow amateur baseball and player development up in arms with how many restrictions there will be on clubs when it comes to drafting players from the June entry draft and players from the International player pool.

New drug for women viagra It figures when the Mets have made it their mission statement to invest in the draft and in cultivating home grown talent that these new restrictive rules go into effect.

New drug for women viagra If we see Adam Lowden roaming the outfield of Citi Field in 2012, new drug for women viagra it won’t be a good sign.

New drug for women viagra Jose Reyes finished 11th in MVP voting, new drug for women viagra to me that does not translate into a 6yr/$120 mil player

New drug for women viagra Jerry Seinfeld just got a dog and he named him Jose after Jose Reyes, new drug for women viagra he’s a cute little dog but he’s no Shamsky. New drug for women viagra By the way why can’t celebrity Mets fans like Seinfeld, new drug for women viagra Jon Stewart, new drug for women viagra Matthew Broderick, new drug for women viagra Ray Romano, new drug for women viagra Kevin James, new drug for women viagra Chris Rock to name a few form a syndicate and buy out the Skill Sets?

New drug for women viagra That’s it for today and until Friday unless Bernie Madoff sends Freddy Skill Sets a note from the big house on where he buried the missing millions he pilfered (I have a vision of the boardwalk at Brighton Beach as a starting point) and the Mets announce the signing of Reyes, new drug for women viagra  Albert Pujols , new drug for women viagra Mark Buehrle and C.J. New drug for women viagra Wilson if not enjoy your Thanksgiving, new drug for women viagra put your worrying about the Mets on the back burner and look around the table at dinner and give thanks for those who are with you and remember those who aren’t.

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Buy levitra viagra A tip of the BLUE Mets cap to The Mets Police for this pic of the offensive Seinfled cap

Buy levitra viagra Observations from a busy weekend, buy levitra viagra and a happy belated Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there:

Buy levitra viagra I went to the Mets-Dodgers games Saturday night as we live a in a time where you can go on your computer in the afternoon and buy and download tickets to a ball game that night in the comfort of your own home. Buy levitra viagra I wish the atmosphere at the ball park could be as blissful as purchasing the tickets.

Buy levitra viagra The Mets gave out caps on Saturday sponsored by Seinfeld, buy levitra viagra now I am a great fan of Jerry Seinfeld, buy levitra viagra but those caps that were given out were an embarrassment.  My wife told to stop complaining as what were you expecting for free, buy levitra viagra a New Era cap? No, buy levitra viagra not at all but they could have spent an extra dollar to make the cap something I’d wear instead of a one that felt and looked like it was made from scrap paper. Buy levitra viagra Then to top it off it was BLACK. Buy levitra viagra Maybe if they went with blue I wouldn’t have been this upset but really that cap was a piece of shit.

Buy levitra viagra We sat in the Pepsi Porch which is my favorite spot of Citi Field but on Saturday, buy levitra viagra I felt like I was watching the game on the corner of 42 St and Broadway, buy levitra viagra people getting up during play and then trying to get to seat 17 by going through the first 16 seats of the row in the middle of an inning. Buy levitra viagra I wouldn’t bitch so much if it was once or twice but this went on all game long. Buy levitra viagra  The Mets need to do what the Garden and Prudential Center enforce, buy levitra viagra keep ushers near the section entrances and hold people up until an at bat is done then let them get back to their seats. Buy levitra viagra And another thing, buy levitra viagra is it so hard to know where you’re sitting? How many times do you see some clueless asshole holding four beers standing on the steps of the section with a stupid look on his or her face not knowing where they sit? All you have to do is remember three things Section, buy levitra viagra Row, buy levitra viagra and seat. Buy levitra viagra  How do these people function in everyday life?

Buy levitra viagra I tried the Keith Burger on Saturday night and I wasn’t impressed at all, buy levitra viagra in fact in my opinion the only food that’s any good at Citi Field is Mama’s of Corona, buy levitra viagra Blue Smoke, buy levitra viagra or Sausage and Peppers hero, buy levitra viagra the rest of the food, buy levitra viagra even the highly vaunted Shake Shack, buy levitra viagra is overrated.

Buy levitra viagra If there is anyone of the Highlander persuasion reading this site (Michael maybe you can explain this phenomenon that I’m about to address and please remember you are excluded from the group I’m about to call out) can you explain why Highlander fans come to Citi Field dressed like they are going to a Highlanders game and root for the Mets opponent of the day? Do you know what kind of dick heads you people are? I can’t even get angry at these morons; I’m just stunned by their stupidity. Buy levitra viagra I go to Highlander Stadium but I never wear my “colors” when I go (unless it’s Mets-Highlanders) I always wear my “civvies” and I just sit and enjoy the game and the company as I couldn’t give two shits if the Highlanders win or lose the game. Buy levitra viagra It’s not like it just of few of these simpletons that come to Mets games, buy levitra viagra there’s so many that we Mets fans look at each other with that puzzled “what the fuck”? look when they stroll around our park.

Buy levitra viagra Just to closeout my Highlander fan rant, buy levitra viagra last week Highlander fans were ready to run Derek Jeter out of town. Buy levitra viagra If it were up to Highlander fans, buy levitra viagra “El Capitan” would be lucky to get a paving stone in Monument Park forget a deserving tribute to his career. Buy levitra viagra  Fans felt that Jeter was done, buy levitra viagra finished, buy levitra viagra a detriment to the team. Buy levitra viagra Fuck those 3, buy levitra viagra000 hits and 5 World Series rings and that first ballot Hall of Fame sitting with his name on it, buy levitra viagra Jeter has to go. Buy levitra viagra But wait, buy levitra viagra yesterday he went 4 for 6 with 2 HR’s and 3 RBI, buy levitra viagra so now he’s back in the pantheon of Highlanders, buy levitra viagra that is until he goes 0 for his next 15 at bats, buy levitra viagra then he’s back to a bum.

Buy levitra viagra The more I watch Dillon Gee pitch, buy levitra viagra the more impressed I am with him. Buy levitra viagra  Gee was called on in an emergency as Chris Young is on the DL with shoulder trouble and what made his start impressive in my eyes was the way he worked out of tough situations. Buy levitra viagra Gee looks on the mound like a guy who knows exactly what he wants to do and tries to translate what’s in his head to his arm and more times than not he succeeds. Buy levitra viagra He may not be an Ace but Gee will be around the big leagues a long time as long as he stays healthy.

Buy levitra viagra Give Sandy Alderson credit for honesty when he says, buy levitra viagra “After Dillon Gee, buy levitra viagra there isn’t much left” as far as pitchers to called up to step into the rotation if need be. Buy levitra viagra Just the fact that Pat Misch was recalled made that statement real. Buy levitra viagra Really Pat Misch ? I’m sick of seeing him and Willie Harris as well and while I’m at it throw in Chin-lu Hu too. Buy levitra viagra How in good conscious can Terry Collins send Hu up to pinch hit? I’d use R.A. Buy levitra viagra Dickey or Big Pelf as a PH’er before Hu.

Buy levitra viagra Keith Hernandez shocked me a bit yesterday when he said during David Wright’s at bat in the 9th inning against Vicente Padillia that Wright’s bat speed looked like a guy late in his career who can’t get around on a fastball. Buy levitra viagra Hernandez was shocked that Wright could not get around on Padilia’s fastball as he was the tying run at the plate. Buy levitra viagra Wright has been bad at the plate so far this season but with RISP he’s been horrendous. Buy levitra viagra It’s time for Terry Collins to drop Wright in the batting order and I guess the only thing stopping that move is Jason Bay not hitting. Buy levitra viagra I’d like to see Collins us a lineup of:

Buy levitra viagra Reyes

Buy levitra viagra Murph

Buy levitra viagra Beltran

Buy levitra viagra Ike/Bay (depending on if it’s a LHP or RHP

Buy levitra viagra Ike/Bay

Buy levitra viagra Wright

Buy levitra viagra Pridie

Buy levitra viagra Thole

Buy levitra viagra Pitcher

Buy levitra viagra On days that Paulino catchers place him 7th and Pridie 8th. Buy levitra viagra Hey it’s couldn’t hurt this lineup needs a shakeup.

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Real cialis online A couple of quick hits before I settle in to watch the Jets-Colts game. Real cialis online I’ve got no dog in this fight but I guess I’ll root for the Jets since their name ends in “ets”

Real cialis online Great post by Amazin’ Avenue showing pics of celebs in Mets attire. The first pic though is of Adam Sandler who is a Highlander fan. Real cialis online Kevin James, real cialis online Chris Rock, real cialis online Jerry Seinfeld, real cialis online Baba Booey, real cialis online Tim Robbins and Jon Stewart I know are die hard Mets fans. Real cialis online I met Stewart at of all places the Bronx Zoo a few years ago when the zoo had a Holiday Lights Festival. Real cialis online He was waiting like me to put his kids on the Merry-Go-Round. Real cialis online I recognized him right away and before I could say hi to him, real cialis online he approached me and commented about my Mets jacket and cap. Real cialis online As our kids rode the Merry Go Round we talked Mets baseball. Real cialis online Yes that was a cool, real cialis online very cool.

Real cialis online Jason Robotham of Metszila found a great article about Chris Young that was written in Men’s Journal. Real cialis online I know there has been talk that Alderson will not go past $1.5 mil for another starting pitcher so it would be nice to sign a pitcher like Young to an incentive laden deal for one year with an option kicking in as one of those incentives .

Real cialis online Ed Marcus (a/k/a Rusty Jr.) of The Real Dirt Mets blog wants to know who you feel are the Top 50 Mets players of all time. Real cialis online I’m going to file my top 50 in the comments section of Ed’s post and I have to warn you there is no big research or statistical analysis with my list.

Real cialis online (as I write this post, real cialis online Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks just jaunted 60 yds for a TD to put the Seahawks up 41-30 over the defending champs New Orleans Saints. Real cialis online The Seahawks are a 10 pt underdog and have an 11 pt lead with 3 mins left in the game. Real cialis online Lynch broke six tackles during his run. Real cialis online Incredible)

Real cialis online

Real cialis online Somewhere on my Top 50 list of Mets players I will put the name R.A. Real cialis online Dickey. Real cialis online In just one year Dickey has won the respect and admiration of Mets fans like I’ve not seen in a long time

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Viagra online without a prescription How did you feel about Jerry Seinfeld in the booth with Gary and Keith? The best part about Seinfeld in the booth is he’s an honest to goodness Mets fan. Viagra online without a prescription He wasn’t there to plug a movie (looking at you Kevin James) or a TV show, viagra online without a prescription he was there as a Mets fan.

Viagra online without a prescription I thought his line to Keith when Jose Reyes hit his home run was classic:

Viagra online without a prescription   “Yes! Jose Reyes cruising around third. Viagra online without a prescription Keith Hernandez is not liking this. Viagra online without a prescription Always whining about the Reyes homers. Viagra online without a prescription I love ’em! Always love a homer no matter who hits it … Boom! You have got to love this.”

Viagra online without a prescription Seinfeld may have gone a bit overboard gushing over Gary Cohen, viagra online without a prescription to the point where it seemed Cohen was getting a bit embarrassed but he was correct when he said that Gary, viagra online without a prescription Keith and Ron (and don’t forget the Great Kevin Burkhardt as well) form the best announcing team in sports.

Viagra online without a prescription Too me the line of the night is when he talked about Lady GaGa and how they cleaned up his suite after she soiled it with her presences:

Viagra online without a prescription  “Everything’s fine. Viagra online without a prescription We brought the bedbug dog in. Viagra online without a prescription What’s his name? Rusty, viagra online without a prescription the beagle? Now everything’s clean.”

Viagra online without a prescription That made me laugh out loud.

Viagra online without a prescription Too bad they didn’t  take calls in the booth as I’m sure Uncle Leo would have dialed

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