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Order cheap viagra Chris Jaffe of The Hardball Times, order cheap viagra has put together a 50 Years From The Mets Junk Draw column that looks at 50 of the best and most interesting moments in Mets history that are not the obvious choices, order cheap viagra such as:

Order cheap viagra  May 2, order cheap viagra 1963: Skipper Casey Stengel decides to do something different. Order cheap viagra He inserts catcher Choo Choo Coleman in the batting order’s leadoff slot. Order cheap viagra To this day, order cheap viagra it’s still the only time any catcher has led off for the Mets. Order cheap viagra New York wins, order cheap viagra 10-3

Order cheap viagra  WOW  who’da thunk that?  I would have bet either John Stearns or Mackey Sasser would have hit at the top of the order during their Mets career.   I bet Josh Thole hits in the leadoff spot at least once as a Met

Order cheap viagra Aug. Order cheap viagra 9, order cheap viagra 1963: Jim Hickman hits a walk-off grand slam for the Mets, order cheap viagra an achievement that’s extra special because it ends the 18-game losing streak of Roger Craig, order cheap viagra the team’s best pitcher in their early horrible years.

Order cheap viagra Jim Hickman had terrific power and hit some home runs as a Met but the lure of obtaining Brooklyn born and bred (and Boys High baseball and basketball standout) Tommy Davis from the Dodgers was too strong so Hickman was shipped to LA for Davis. Order cheap viagra Davis by the way played one season for the Mets in 1967 and was dealt in the off season to the White Sox for Tommie Agee and Al Weiss.

Order cheap viagra Sept. Order cheap viagra 16, order cheap viagra 1975: Since 1950, order cheap viagra quite a few baseball games have ended on a walk-off walk, order cheap viagra but none have happened as late as this one. Order cheap viagra The Mets top the Expos 4-3 when Montreal’s Don DeMola walks Del Unser with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 18th inning.

Order cheap viagra  

Order cheap viagra It has always seemed to me that the Mets have played more long extra innings games than any other team in baseball history

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Order viagra air travel On this date in 1966, order viagra air travel the Mets traded Jim Hickman and Ron Hunt to the Dodgers for the pride of Boy’s High in Brooklyn, order viagra air travel Tommy Davis. Order viagra air travel Davis lasted one season with the Mets as he was delt along with Jack Fisher to the White Sox for Tommie Agee and Al Weis .

Order viagra air travel I think we can now stop with all the questions of Terry Collins about the 1999 Angels and his eight year old DUI. Order viagra air travel I give Collins a lot of credit and it shows he has patients as I would have told the media to go fuck off by now. Order viagra air travel  Collins has also shown he won’t throw players under the bus as in all the stories you hear about that Angels team, order viagra air travel the main culprit in the uprising was Mo Vaughn, order viagra air travel one of the biggest fucking quitters in baseball history. Order viagra air travel  

Order viagra air travel Nice to see Ollie Perez is the Tom Seaver of the Mexican Winter League. Order viagra air travel Maybe Sandy Alderson can work out a deal with any team in the Mexican League for Perez. Order viagra air travel I’d take a couple of roosters (for cock fighting purposes, order viagra air travel of course) two cases of Bohemia Beer and an enchilada to be named later.

Order viagra air travel Ed Ryan makes the case that Carlos Beltran’s contract might not be so prohibited that he could be dealt. Order viagra air travel The way Ed puts it out there, order viagra air travel with the Mets picking up $5mil of the deferred dough in the deal that would live Beltran owed $13 mil for the season. Order viagra air travel   Would Theo Epstein be an interested buyer?

Order viagra air travel I wouldn’t be looking for John Maine Bobble Head Day on the 2011 promotional schedule.

Order viagra air travel R.I.P. Order viagra air travel Frank Drebin and don’t call me Shirley.

Order viagra air travel Joe Janish brings up a name from the past RHP Pedro Beato, order viagra air travel that at one time had my blood boil. Order viagra air travel Beato pitched for Xaverian H.S. Order viagra air travel in Bay Ridge and was drafted by the Mets, order viagra air travel who due to their lock step way with the Used Car Salesman, order viagra air travel were talked out of going over slot to sign him. Order viagra air travel Beato went back into the draft the next year, order viagra air travel and was drafted by the Orioles who had no problem going over slot to give the right handed putcher the same $1mil bonus the Mets were told they couldn’t give out. Order viagra air travel Well, order viagra air travel Beato could be a Rule 5’er and maybe an interesting pitcher to place in the Mets bullpen for 2011.

Order viagra air travel Who has December 1 in the “When will Pat Riley take over as coach of the Heat”?

Order viagra air travel Finally an athlete figures out that God doesn’t give a shit about a sporting event.

Order viagra air travel Javier Vasquez signs a one year deal with the Fish for $7mil with a no trade clause (duh!) and a provision that the Fish cannot offer Vasquez arbitration. Order viagra air travel Not bad for a suck ass pitcher.

Order viagra air travel Tom Brady is the NFL MVP and the best QB in the game and one of the three best of all time (Johnny Unitas, order viagra air travel Joe Montana, order viagra air travel then Brady who is ready to move past Montana) if you want to argue this, order viagra air travel talk to the hand.

Order viagra air travel Joe Posnanski hits another blog post out of the park, order viagra air travel this time taking on the “closer”. Order viagra air travel I’m really, order viagra air travel really hoping that the new Mets brain trust thinks like Posnanski and uses Frankie Rodriguez (if he’s still with the team) in the 7th and or 8th inning.

Order viagra air travel Tonight is hockey night as I’m headed to MSG for Rangers-Penguins. Order viagra air travel If you are not of the hockey fan persuasion, order viagra air travel the NY Rangers are what we could hope the Mets will be in 2011. Order viagra air travel They have a lot of young, order viagra air travel talent and dedicated players, order viagra air travel who while learning the ropes of the NHL, order viagra air travel grind out game after game. Order viagra air travel They have two superstars in Henrik Lundqvist  and Marian Gaborik and two young players in Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan, order viagra air travel who are having break out seasons on the ice and in the locker room as the new leaders of this team. Order viagra air travel The team also sticks up for one and other (something that has not been seen with the Rangers in years) and are becoming a tough team to play. Order viagra air travel Cindy Crosby better have some vagina protection on tonight.

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Viagra usa Here is the lineup Jerry Manuel wil send out against the Cubs today:

Viagra usa Pagan, viagra usa cf
Castillo, viagra usa 2b
Murphy, viagra usa 1b
Francoeur, viagra usa rf
Reed, viagra usa lf
Tatis, viagra usa 3b
Schneider, viagra usa c
Hernandez, viagra usa ss
Figueroa, viagra usa rhp

Viagra usa Here is the lineup that Casey Stengel used on this date in 1964:

Viagra usa Bobby Klaus 3B

Viagra usa Ron Hunt 2B

Viagra usa Ed Kranepool 1B

Viagra usa George Altman LF

Viagra usa Joe Christopher RF

Viagra usa Chris Cannizaro C

Viagra usa Roy McMillian SS

Viagra usa Denis Ribant P

Viagra usa At 1B Murphy or Krane? I’m a big Murphy fan but really who where my alliances lies here, viagra usa

Viagra usa 2B-Ron Hunt was THE MAN back then. Viagra usa The first Mets All Star when All Star meant something his numbers in ’64 .303/.357/.406  and was as tough as they come

Viagra usa 3B- Tatis big over Klauss

Viagra usa SS-Roy McMillan couldn’t hit but had a great glove. Viagra usa AHern can’t hit and used to have a great glove. Viagra usa Roy Mac for me.

Viagra usa LF Jeremy Reed get a rare start from Manuel why this guy got burried with all the injuries is a story that should be told. Viagra usa I know the guy is no ball of fire but who  did he piss off to get burried as he has on this team. Viagra usa George Altman spent one year with the Mets. Viagra usa He was traded to the Mets from the Cardinals for Roger (Hum Baby) Graig. Viagra usa I’ll take Reed as a pity pick

Viagra usa CF Jim Hickman had some very good season with the Cubs once he left the Mets. Viagra usa Angel Pagan seems to have gotten the message that he needs to play ball to the wall baseball everyday if he wants to stick around that’s a credit to Jerry Manuel . Viagra usa I’ll take Pagan as this is Jim Hickman 1964 not Hickman 1970

Viagra usa RF-Joe Christopher and Frenchy Francouer. Viagra usa Believe it or not Christopher hit .300/.360/.466 with 16 HR and 76 RBI for the Mets in ’64. Viagra usa This was tough but I’ll take Christopher

Viagra usa C-Not even close Chris Cannazaro BIG over Schneider

Viagra usa P-Nelly Figs has done well and Dennis Ribant was just a rookie with a 1-5 W/L and a 5.15 ERA Go with Figgy

Viagra usa So my score card reads 5-4 1964 Mets

Viagra usa what do you think?

Viagra usa

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