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Brand name cialis overnight Have  I lost my mind? Nope it’s time to make a BOLD move and by trading for Jimmy Rollins is as BOLD a move as you can make. Brand name cialis overnight See my rational below. Brand name cialis overnight  

Brand name cialis overnight It’s been pretty lackluster spring training for the Mets. Brand name cialis overnight Aside from watching the bumper crops of young pitching prosper and which organization is going to hand over a big league shortstop, brand name cialis overnight the position battles we anticipated just haven’t happened.

Brand name cialis overnight The first baseman fight to the finish between Ike Davis and the new and improved Body by Lake Michigan, brand name cialis overnight Lucas Duda has been non-existent. Brand name cialis overnight Both players have gone down with injury for most of the spring with Ike dragging a walking boot around to ease his calf injury and Duda resting a cranky hamstring. Brand name cialis overnight  So instead of who has the best at bats winning the first base job, brand name cialis overnight the player who can walk to the batter box without a medical appliance will win that job.

Brand name cialis overnight We were all sold a bill of goods about the shortstop position as well. Brand name cialis overnight Ruben Tejada was also sent to Michigan boot camp and so far it seems like that was a big waste of time and money. Brand name cialis overnight Tejeda looks as bad as he did last season even with Grandpa Terry telling him how marvelous he is. Brand name cialis overnight While Grandpa Terry is trying to inflate Tejada’s self-esteem, brand name cialis overnight Big Daddy Sandy is dangling young virile pitchers to any team with a shortstop who can move laterally and at least bat .250

Brand name cialis overnight The best move to fill the shortstop spot would be to sign Stephen Drew but Drew doesn’t want to play baseball he wants to be paid millions and then play baseball. Brand name cialis overnight It’s easy to kill Drew’s agent Scott Boras but doesn’t the agent work for the player? If Drew really had the hot desire to play baseball he would have told Agent Boras to get him the best deal out there. Brand name cialis overnight  There is no market for Drew except for one team, brand name cialis overnight our beloved Mets, brand name cialis overnight so if the GM should offer a face saving 1 yr for $14 mil to Drew/Boras and if they balk, brand name cialis overnight lose their number. Brand name cialis overnight Then go into the contacts on your phone and dial Ruben Armaro Jr. Brand name cialis overnight and ask what it would take to deal Jimmy Rollins to the Mets.

Brand name cialis overnight Yeah you read that right, brand name cialis overnight I want to bring Jimmy Rollins to the Mets as their everyday shortstop. Brand name cialis overnight I could care less that he’s a Phillie and that he’s rub our noses in the big stink of defeat for years, brand name cialis overnight that’s exactly why I want him on the Mets. Brand name cialis overnight We need an everyday bad ass and since our every fifth day bad ass, brand name cialis overnight Matt Harvey is out for the season. Brand name cialis overnight With  Rollins we get an everyday shortstop who has been told by his rookie manager that “he ain’t the ballplayer he used to be” and will be doing everything he can to prove him wrong.

Brand name cialis overnight Rollins makes $11 mil for this season and has very reachable clause in his deal to guarantee him $11 mil for 2015. Brand name cialis overnight That’s $22 mil the geriatric Phillies could use to get a player or two under 35 years old. Brand name cialis overnight  Since our owners declare they have cash to spend why not spend it on a guy who has a World Series ring an MVP and a prickly attitude?

Brand name cialis overnight I’m not saying I’d expect the Jimmy Rollins of 2007 his MVP year but if the Mets get Jimmy Rollins of the 2012 vintage it would make the season a lot more interesting .

Brand name cialis overnight Now for all of you, brand name cialis overnight who are against this move remember not a single young stud pitcher will be moved in this transaction. Brand name cialis overnight That alone should get you on board the J-Roll Train.

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Pharmaceuticals female viagra I’m sure many of you have read the stories concerning former Philadelphia Inquirer baseball writer Bill Conlin and the sickening accusation that he sexually abused children, pharmaceuticals female viagra some who were his niece and nephew, pharmaceuticals female viagra over 40 years ago. Pharmaceuticals female viagra It’s so sad that these people have had to carry this burden around with them for all these years and now due to the statute of limitations, pharmaceuticals female viagra Conlin cannot be arrested and prosecuted for the alleged crime he committed which is a shame. Pharmaceuticals female viagra    

Pharmaceuticals female viagra I bring up Conlin here because I got an e mail to moderate a comment on this sight from a poster named Edgy DC who found a post I wrote here back in November 2007 about a feud I had with Conlin back then via e mail. Pharmaceuticals female viagra  Check out the post from November 23, pharmaceuticals female viagra 2007 where I discussed with Conlin that a Phillies blogger wrote about how he felt David Wright was more deserving of the NL MVP award than Jimmy Rollins. Pharmaceuticals female viagra The back and forth I have with Conlin is pretty comical but with the severity of the allegation against Conlin now, pharmaceuticals female viagra I feel bad I didn’t wait for outside Shea Stadium and beat the living shit out of him. Pharmaceuticals female viagra    

Pharmaceuticals female viagra Big thank you to Edgy DC for finding this post and linking it back

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Cialis canadian cost  

Cialis canadian cost  

Cialis canadian cost If we thought Thursday night was a great night with the Bronx Bastards season ending, cialis canadian cost Friday night was even better as the Phuck Phaces Phrom Philly went down in a heap to the Red Birds of St. Cialis canadian cost Louis. Cialis canadian cost Now believe me, cialis canadian cost I am no fan of The Genius but as Dick Channey once said “in order to beat the bad guys, cialis canadian cost you have to be a bad guy” and this instance, cialis canadian cost as Mets fans we had to root for the bad guy.

Cialis canadian cost The fallout in Philly is great because the whole town woke up this morning realizing they are back to being a worthless sports town again. Cialis canadian cost The Dream Team Iggles are a nightmare and the Flyers having shipped off half their team in the off season will be fighting for a playoff spot in the NHL Eastern Conference. Cialis canadian cost The best news for Philly sports fans is the NBA lockout so they don’t have to subject themselves to the stink that is the 76ers.

Cialis canadian cost A couple of items I read today stuck out to me, cialis canadian cost one is from our friend Metstradaums who not only reminded me about Gary Mathews Sr. Cialis canadian cost “Mets are crybabies” line but also points out the Jimmy Rollins went silent after the game and then there is this quote from Jim Salisbury’ Phillies Insider column:

Cialis canadian cost Long after the stadium had emptied, cialis canadian cost and after most of the players had dressed and left the clubhouse, cialis canadian cost Shane Victorino reached into his locker and pulled out a sheet of World Series tickets marked for games in Philadelphia. Cialis canadian cost He looked at them wistfully then tore them in pieces and dropped them into the trash bin as he headed for the door and another cold winter.

Cialis canadian cost Ha! Ha! Ha! Suck it Shane!

Cialis canadian cost Over at The Real Dirty Mets Ed “RustyJr” Marcus has a terrific interview posted that he did with Howard Stern Show producer and longtime Mets fan, cialis canadian cost Gary Della’Abate

Cialis canadian cost Tony Plush is taking a lot of heat for his choice of words following last night’s Brewers win over the D-Backs but really why even have a reporter on the field after a game like that? We all know what Sam Ryan was going ask Morgan anyway, cialis canadian cost “describe how you’re feeling”? “Describe that at bat”? Why do networks even bother? In fact, cialis canadian cost what we got from Nyjer Morgan was great, cialis canadian cost same as what we got from Tim Lincecum last year a big fat ‘FUCK YEAH”!!!! Between Morgan’s reaction and Prince Fielder blowing off Ryan and going over to Pedro Gomez of ESPN made it one of the best post games ever. Cialis canadian cost  Let’s face it if the Mets ever win another World Series, cialis canadian cost I’ll be FUCK YEAH-ing people all winter.

Cialis canadian cost Even worse was Craig Sager’ prolonged inane questions to Chris Carpenter, cialis canadian cost who just pitched the game of his life and as his body language showed he wasn’t happy to have to answer questions from a La Gage aux Folles castmember reject while his teammates were celebrating.

Cialis canadian cost If the Brewers played in Citi Field, cialis canadian cost the Skill Sets money woes would be over, cialis canadian cost the place would be packed ever night, cialis canadian cost they have a lot of 86ers in them personality wise.

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Soft gel viagra  

Soft gel viagra

Soft gel viagra  

Soft gel viagra You have a World Series ring, soft gel viagra a multi-million dollar condo and hot blond wife what else could Cole Hamels want in life? Why a little African kid that’s what.  Not to be out done by Brad and Angelina or Alex Rodriguez’ stray piece of saggy ass, soft gel viagra  Cole and Hedi Hamels want their own little Ethiopian orphan too.

Soft gel viagra At first Hedi wanted to adopt Shane Victorino but Victorino insisted on being breast feed. Soft gel viagra Then she thought about Ryan Howard but trying to find a diapers for him, soft gel viagra  well com’on.  Cole Hamels felt a bit uncomfortable with Jimmy Rollins begging to be the baby to Hedi being the babby’s momma so it’s off the Africa to find a newborn.

Soft gel viagra Hey some guys use their World Series check to buy a Porsche some guys buy African babies.

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As I was channel surfing last night I stumbled upon the US-PR WBC game on the MLB Network and I nearly passed out when I saw D-Wright sliding head first into home plate for Team America. Viagra aus usa  I figured Wright, viagra aus usa the Mets and Mets fans had dodged a bullet when Wright taking in knee to the head was ok but now here comes the separated shoulder and 6 months on the DL but Wright jumped up clapping his hands and was in fine shape. Viagra aus usa  So relieved , viagra aus usa I went back to Rangers-Canadians on MSG.

After a thrilling Rangers victory in a shootout of the Habs (and a jump to 6th place in the East, viagra aus usa I so want the Devils in the first round just to kick Fat Marty’s ass) I flip back over to the classic which is now in the 9th inning just in time to see D-Wright take Fernando Cabrera’ slider that was down and away-a pretty good pitch-the other way (J-Man’s hitting drill comes thru again) for a well placed single to win the game for USA. Viagra aus usa

As happy as I was for Wright it was still a bit unnerving to see Derek Jeter and Jimmy Rollins grabbing Wright and hugging him during the celebration. Viagra aus usa I bet Jeter wishes his third baseman was hot like ours


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Whoever came up this World Baseball Classic bullshit tournament needs a punch in the face. Prescription viagra You want to play a trumped up fantasy type game like this do it on a computer or X-Box. Prescription viagra When it comes defending my country, prescription viagra I’m all in but when it comes to baseball my heart is Blue and Orange. Prescription viagra All I care about are the New York Mets and what spring training is for is to evaluate my team to see if we’re ready for the upcoming season and with this WBC, prescription viagra that goal is taking a back seat and that pisses me off.


The Pudge to the Mets rumors are back and hotter and heavier as the team may be trying to give Shrek a prod in the ass or maybe they are just sick and tired of his underachieving.


As per Mike Silva NYBD, prescription viagra the Philadelphia Inquirer is running a poll on which Mets collapse was the best the 2007, prescription viagra 2008 or the on this upcoming season. Prescription viagra Silva does a great job taking the paper to the wood shed but I’d say to Mike and all Mets fans just let these Philly Phuck heads be. Prescription viagra It will be fun watching them embarrass themselves as they have no idea how to handle success. Prescription viagra The whole town is like trailer trash winning the Mega Millions Lottery, prescription viagra they will self-destruct soon. Prescription viagra


You get the feeling at some point the U.S Dept of Justice will throw in the towel on trying to prosecute Barry Bonds. All this is a waste of Federal Agent manpower, prescription viagra clogging the courts and a big waste of money. Prescription viagra Just blame it all on the Bush Administration we’ll all understand.


I would pay money to watch Lou Pinella beat Steve Philips’ ass.


Just the thought of D-Wright lockering next to Jimmy Rollins and Derek Jeter makes me want to heave

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If you are a fan of college football and are in favor of a playoff system instead of the ridiculous BCS bullshit rankings then you have two things going in your favor, cialis alternatives the NHL Winter Classic and MLB Network because after what used to be college football’s showcase day New Years Day is dominated with news of the Blackhawks-Red Wings game at Wrigley Field and the launch of MLB Network.

The only drawback last night for the debut of MLBN was the mug of the Nutty Professor on the screen at 6PM. Cialis alternatives The 30 second countdown, cialis alternatives a montage of players with the numbers 30 (Nolan Ryan) to 1 (Ozzie Smith) was great with the exception of number 3 (Evan Longoria) how could it not be the Bambino? The Hot Stove Show was terrific (even with Rosalita Leiter on the dais and a cameo by Jimmy Rollins) Harold Reynolds was close to Dickie V like in his enthusiasm and Victor Rojas (Cookie’s kid) looked very comfortable as a host. Cialis alternatives You can see that MLBN come spring training will be destination TV and every night during the season as the network has cameras at all 30 ball parks so post game interviews with players and a mangers will be plentiful. 

Watching the Larsen Perfect Game was a late Christmas/New Year’s treat but it took a bit to get used to. Cialis alternatives No centerfield camera in those days and no replays were the biggies for me. Cialis alternatives One part of the telecast that should still be implemented in today’s game telecast was the lack of crowd shots. Cialis alternatives The camera was focused on the field the whole game making for a more enjoyable watch. Cialis alternatives  Big contrast in pitching styles by Sal Maglie and Don Larsen. Cialis alternatives Maglie had that windmill windup that was popular back then but Larsen had more of a step and throw approach and no real wind up. Cialis alternatives Both teams seemed to have issues with home plate ump Babe Parrelli’s strike zone.  When 28 year old Vin Scully was on the screen the first thing I thought of was how he looked just like Conan O’Brien. Cialis alternatives No chatter between pitches by either Scully or Mel Allen. Cialis alternatives Talk about a game of inches, cialis alternatives Sandy Amoros and Duke Snyder just missing home runs to right field could have altered history.  Also Mickey Mantle with a running catch in left center and notice the 457 sign in that gap at Old Highlander Stadium. Cialis alternatives Also the monuments in centerfield and the scoreboard on the left field wall. Cialis alternatives  For the most part, cialis alternatives the batters stayed in the batter’s box between pitches but I thought Larsen was like the Steve Trachsel of his day in his very deliberate way he worked.

The interviews with Yogi and Larsen by Bob Costas were good although I think I’m Yogi-ed out by now with all his Yogi-isims and the fact that Berra has slowed down a lot and maybe it’s time he stopped giving interviews. Cialis alternatives Larsen seemed a little embarrassed when Costas went over the litany of Hall of Famers that were on hand that day as if to say if it weren’t for this perfecto Larsen would have drifted in to obscurity. Cialis alternatives It was surprising that Larsen admitted he didn’t realize he pitched a perfect game but then it was brought out that the last perfect game in baseball was over 30 years before this one.

I loved the ads and I nearly fell off the sofa when I saw that pocket size Baseball Encyclopedia that came with the Gillette razor because I have a copy of it. Cialis alternatives When my mother was moving and I was cleaning out her apartment I found it in a draw and I never knew whose it was or where it came from. Cialis alternatives After seeing the ad I have to figure it was my father’s as he always used a Gillette razor and blades. Cialis alternatives That makes the book even more special now.

MLBN is running the Larsen Perfect Game all day today but I guess starting next week there will be more diverse programming but either way MLBN is on my favorites list.


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Buying generic cialis mexico rx STRIKE 1-Chase Utley and Pedro Feliz are going under the knife. Buying generic cialis mexico rx Utley with an injured hip and Feliz with  back trouble. Buying generic cialis mexico rx Jimmy Rollins would have been on that list but I coudn’t catch him.

Buying generic cialis mexico rx Strike 2-The Bronx Robber Barron has turned over the keys to his South Bronx Castle to his baby boy Hal (Michale) which means that Hank (Fredo) will run a casino instead. Buying generic cialis mexico rx Shout out to Hank, buying generic cialis mexico rx if Hal wants to take you fishing, buying generic cialis mexico rx run for the hills.

Buying generic cialis mexico rx Strike 3-Rob Neyer makes note that Mike Musisna and Sandy Koufax have something in common, buying generic cialis mexico rx both winning 20 games and then retiring. Buying generic cialis mexico rx Let this be the last time Mike Mussina and Sandy Koufax are mentioned in the same sentence.

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Cheapest viagra in uk A blog named Philly Sportscast has proclaim the Phightin’ Phills as the 2008 NL East Champs:

Cheapest viagra in uk {It’s that time of the year again and there is no doubt in my mind that the Phillies will make the playoffs. Cheapest viagra in uk Last night’s loss aside, cheapest viagra in uk (Kyle Kendrick had better get his shit together) the Phils are in place to go on a tear and put the Mets in their place once again.

Cheapest viagra in uk I understand I am jinxing this team by writing this – count it! – but I see a playoff run in the making with this offense. Cheapest viagra in uk This team loves to talk about the panic button and that it will know when to push it. Cheapest viagra in uk Well, cheapest viagra in uk that time is now and the Mets need to pay the price for all those smelly fans coming into our ballpark.

Cheapest viagra in uk Fuck the Mets and their “revenge” – time to do it all over again.}

Cheapest viagra in uk  

Cheapest viagra in uk Fuck the Mets? Fuck you! you Cheez Wiz eatin’ asshole

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