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I guess Terry Collins doesn’t believe that pitchers win/loss records are meaningless. Viagra britain Last night Collins pulled Jeremy Hefner from his start after 6 innings and 94 pitchers with a 3-2 lead because he wanted Hefner “to feel good about himself and not let HIM lose the game”. Viagra britain HIM, viagra britain Hefner the individual not the TEAM but this one player on the TEAM the manager was worried about. Viagra britain Collins went on to say that Hefner has been down about not getting a win, viagra britain seriously ?  Is this where we are now, viagra britain worried about individual feelings of players?   

It’s not just Hefner but how about Ike Davis? On any other team Ike would have been sent to Triple A told to work out his hitting problems and then work on getting back to the big leagues. Viagra britain  Teams do this all the time. Viagra britain  Why Sandy Alderson has become so passive with Ike is baffling to me. Viagra britain But then again it seems the organization has taken a big step back when it comes to accountability.

We all knew this wasn’t a contending team but did we think it would be a non-competitive team? I didn’t but when I hear the manager worry about the psyche of a journeyman pitcher instead of challenging him to get out there and finish the job and then to keep running Ike Davis out there every day to embarrass himself, viagra britain you have to wonder how lost Terry Collins is right now. Viagra britain What does it say about Hefner that he didn’t demand the ball for the 7th inning? Hefner should have put up a fight to where he would have to be restrained from ripping the bullpen phone out the wall. Viagra britain But like the bulk of this Mets team he lacks passion.  In fact the whole organization lacks passion. Viagra britain  

And talk about killing a players confidence, viagra britain how do you think Juan Legares and Jordany Valdespin feel  sitting out of the lineup day after day? And  you wonder why JV1 has a piss poor attitude? I don’t blame him. Viagra britain  If I’m Legares and Valdespin I try to figure out whose arm I have to break to get them out the lineup so I can get in.

Its’ one thing to compete and lose but at least you can say I gave it all I have and played to win. Viagra britain The Mets play not to lose and when you have that mindset, viagra britain you usually lose.



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Generic viagra uk supplies  

Generic viagra uk supplies  

Generic viagra uk supplies Let’s face it, generic viagra uk supplies when Terry Collins rolls out his majority right handed hitting lineup the opposition isn’t exactly quaking in their cleats. Generic viagra uk supplies So add the righty lineup with sloppy base running and defense (besides bullpen help and a right handed power bat, generic viagra uk supplies Sandy Alderson really needs to put getting a defensive catcher high on his things to do over the all star break list, generic viagra uk supplies really enough of Mike Nickeas already!) and Clayton Kershaw you get an 8-2 Mets loss but this game was more the Mets losing it than the Dodgers winning it.

Generic viagra uk supplies A 3-1 Mets lead disintegrated  again by poor defense (I’ve been a supporter of Lucas Duda and the job he’s done in RF but lately he’s been regressing out there and I’m getting a little worried)  which seems to happen every time I think the Mets are ready to run off a big win streak (My daughter and I were in a t-shirt store in Hyannis  yesterday when the clerk saw my Mets cap and t-shirt, generic viagra uk supplies he said “wow the Mets are doing really well this year what are they like 5 games out of 1st place”? and in my “no you asshole “voice I told him the Mets were 2.5 games out of 1st  at which point my daughter walk slowly out of the store full of embarrassment) but still the Mets have had three winning months in a row and have not been below .500 all season so with that and the fact they are a mere 3.5 games back of the Nationals for first place in the NL East it’s been a great first half of the season.

Generic viagra uk supplies And you want to know why I think so highly of Sandy Alderson, generic viagra uk supplies the truth hurts doesn’t it Mets fans

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Real viagra without prescription I have to say I am more than a little surprised that some Mets fans have made Terry Collins the bad guy for being totally, real viagra without prescription and in my mind justifiably, real viagra without prescription pissed off over the rash of injuries that have hit the Mets this spring. Real viagra without prescription Two of Collins “Must Do’s” on his list of things to work on this spring were improve the defense and work on baseball fundamentals, real viagra without prescription two of the biggest deficiency of the 2011 Mets. Real viagra without prescription It’s very hard to do when the players you are counting on for the season are sitting in the trainer’s room.

Real viagra without prescription I don’t understand why some folks feel that Collins tirade yesterday meant he wanted players to spit on the injury or rub some dirt on it, real viagra without prescription no it’s more frustration as to why are these players are suffering  pulled muscles and how does the training staff help prevent these nagging hurts.

Real viagra without prescription Collins is a realist he knows his team is projected by many to be awful this season add in that the same people feel Citi Field will be a ghost town as well, real viagra without prescription so he knows it’s his job to get this team off to a fast start. Real viagra without prescription That’s why he gets giddy talking about Johan Santana’s performance so far this spring.

Real viagra without prescription Sitting Ruben Tejada yesterday was the right thing to do, real viagra without prescription but put yourself in the managers shoes. Real viagra without prescription He makes out his lineup and is set to go but then he finds out his shortstop can’t go, real viagra without prescription what is he supposed to do laugh and make jokes like Jerry Manuel? You all detested Manuel for his clown act and now you’re all pissed that Collins is intense. Real viagra without prescription Your all are sick of being the laughing stock of baseball but you don’t want the players challenged?

Real viagra without prescription David Wright is starting to annoy me as well, real viagra without prescription not because he’s hurt but he’s supposed to be the leader here but when he makes statements like this I shake my head a bit:

Real viagra without prescription As for the frustration Terry Collins expressed the previous day about the litany of Mets injuries, real viagra without prescription Wright said: “It’s OK to be frustrated. Real viagra without prescription But at the end of the day it’s spring training. Real viagra without prescription You have to err on the side of caution. Real viagra without prescription We spoke to Terry about it. Real viagra without prescription Terry will be the first one to tell you that if you feel something, real viagra without prescription come right in. Real viagra without prescription It’s frustrating, real viagra without prescription obviously, real viagra without prescription because you want all of your guys out there. Real viagra without prescription But if you look around the league, real viagra without prescription every team is going to be banged up and every team is going to be more cautious than trying to push guys out there in spring training.

Real viagra without prescription  

Real viagra without prescription “I think sometimes a guy gets a day off or two and things get a little overblown. Real viagra without prescription Spring training, real viagra without prescription it’s not about trying to go out there and push yourself. Real viagra without prescription We’ll do that during the season. Real viagra without prescription We’ll go out there and play banged up. Real viagra without prescription Everybody has done it. Real viagra without prescription But spring training you have to be a little more smart about it.”

Real viagra without prescription First I don’t care what other teams are doing I care about that the Mets season not being done by Memorial Day. Real viagra without prescription I care that this team is nowhere near good enough to flip a switch on April 4th and play good baseball. Real viagra without prescription The margin of error for this team is slimmer than the Olsen Twins standing sideways.

Real viagra without prescription The injury to Wright has me worried because what happens if the injection he received doesn’t work, real viagra without prescription what if this becomes chronic like Ryan Zimmerman last season and he misses more than a month or two? What is Plan B if Wright can’t make opening day?

Real viagra without prescription Wright seems to think he can just go over to the minor league camp to make up missing at bats which is fine but as much as his offensive game has slipped the last two seasons his play at 3rd base has deteriorated even more and I worry about that part of Wrights game than his offense.

Real viagra without prescription When you’ve been as bad as the Mets have been the last few years and with all the negative off the field bullshit that surrounds the team, real viagra without prescription I would hope the so called face of the franchise would have more of an edge to him.

Real viagra without prescription  

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Gnc viagra I remembered that the good folks at Kiners Korner did an interview with Gary Carter sometime last year their Blog Talk Radio podcast and lo and behold I get an e-mail for Nik Kolidas with a link to the interview and a note saying he thought I’d enjoy hearing it again. Gnc viagra Not only did I enjoy it, gnc viagra I felt I had to share with you folks as well.

Gnc viagra This seems to be the last live interview that Carter participated in

Gnc viagra A big tip of my Mets cap to Nik, gnc viagra Matthew Fazelpoor, gnc viagra Taryn Cooper, gnc viagra Gene Anthony and Rob Z. Gnc viagra on a job well done.

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China viagra Outstanding job by Chris Capuano last night with his only flaw the three run home run he gave up to Espinosa in the second inning. China viagra 8K’s and 1 BB in 6 innings pitched with a 71/26 spilt of strikes to balls is as good as it gets.

China viagra Carlos Beltran just can win with some folks. China viagra Instead of celebrating the fact he hit 2 home runs and is looking very comfortable at the plate, china viagra there will be critics who will bash him for the off day today and those in the media saying he will be excellent trade bait. China viagra I love to see some of the critics wear a knee brace all day and say they feel great.

China viagra Ike-Ike Baby, china viagra Vanilla Ike, china viagra Ike-nstein whatever you want to call him add big time in front of that. China viagra So far so good on no sophomore jinx.

China viagra Alderson has a big decision to make as it pertains to the bullpen. China viagra Izzy is ready and able to go at the big league level, china viagra so the Mets need to decide who is cut to make room for Izzy. China viagra Tell you the truth, china viagra with the way the starting pitching has not giving many innings, china viagra I’d demote Lucas Duda, china viagra since Collins is in love with Willie Harris and Duda is rotting on the bench and buy some time with an 8 man pen until Jason Bay comes back. China viagra By that time Alderson, china viagra Collins and Warthen might have a better idea on who to keep.

China viagra Chris Young on the mound today so if Mets take this game and series that will be two out of three series the Mets have won. China viagra Take that haters.

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Pfizer viagra cheap Still going over the aftermath of Adam Rubin’ remarks about Wally Backman’ having no shot of getting the Mets managers job that he made on his ESPN chat and on my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN show last night.

Pfizer viagra cheap There has been lot’s of debate on the ethics of Rubin, pfizer viagra cheap some are upset in the pro-Backman crowd and feel  Rubin is out to get Backman and some are upset with the tactics Rubin took in reporting this. Pfizer viagra cheap The thing is, pfizer viagra cheap Rubin didn’t come out with a column to dish dirt on Backman, pfizer viagra cheap he was asked about Wally’s chances of being named the manager in a chat and stated there were things he heard about Backman via a source with the Mets and he feels he won’t get the job. Pfizer viagra cheap I asked Rubin about this and I took away from the conversation that this has to do more with on the field doings than off.

Pfizer viagra cheap As Mets fans we have to put our trust in Sandy Alderson  that he will hire the man he feels is the right man for the job. Pfizer viagra cheap  I mentioned how I was afraid of a Bob Melvin hire thinking this would be Art Howe Redux, pfizer viagra cheap but Rubin stated that Melvin is no way an Art Howe clone.

Pfizer viagra cheap I think we just need to sit tight Mets fans and be patient.

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Does viagra expire As we wait for the Skill Sets to decide on either Sandy Alderson or Josh Byrnes (could it be both would be hired? Alderson as GM and Byrnes and John Ricco working in concert with Alderson? Interesting isn’t it?)  why not join me tonight at 10PM ET for THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN on BLOG TALK RADIO. Does viagra expire The following subject will be discussed:

  • A look at what to be expected for the upcoming World Series.
  • The on going dispute between FOX and Cablevison hurting baseball fans
  • The future of the Yankees and Phillies
  • A look at the season ending awards handed out by the Baseball Bloggers Alliance
  • I will be joined by Ed Marcus (a/k/a Rusty Jr) of The Real Dirty Mets blog as we look at the who we feel should get the GM’s job and what improvements the Mets need to make on and off the field.

Does viagra expire  

Does viagra expire I hope you can join us tonight but if you can’t then you can always listen to the podcast on our homepage on BLOG TALK RADIO or right here on Kranepool Society (lower left sidebar) and of course on iTunes.

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Index According to this story in the Baltimore Sun, index Bobby Valentine is scheduled to get an interview with Orioles President Andy MacPhail for the job of manager.  I have no idea why BV would want this job as Peter Angelos has destroyed what was one of the finest franchises in baseball. Index With the Stephen Strasbug in DC now and Bryce Harper not far behind, index the O’s will be the second team in the area very soon. Index I figure this is Valentines’ way of letting everyone know he’s interested in getting back in the dugout.

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Imitation viagra Even if the Mets take the next three from the Phuck Phaces as the series starts tonight at $iti Field, imitation viagra it looks like Jerry Manuel could still be out as manager of the Mets. Imitation viagra There are some serious cracks in the foundation.

Imitation viagra First there was the confrontation between Frankie Rodriguez and Randy Neimann the bullpen Sunday night. Imitation viagra At first glance, imitation viagra I chalked this to shit happens in the heat of battle but upon closer inspection it seems Rodriguez is getting annoyed by the way Maunel is using him and made it known when the call came in to get up and get warm. Imitation viagra It’s not really known what was said but I could guess that Rodriguez made it known that he’s getting tired of the way he’s being used, imitation viagra getting up, imitation viagra sitting down, imitation viagra being told you won’t be used then having to get ready and come in and get a 5 out save as it seems he’s not just saving games but saving the managers job.

Imitation viagra The second incident has to do with a couple of “prominent Mets” upset that Darryl Strawberry has been in the clubhouse trying to help players relax and focus on winning. Imitation viagra I mean we can speculate on who’s “wittle feelings” were hurt that big bad Straw. Imitation viagra It’s not like Straw said anything critical of inflammatory:

Imitation viagra   “He was saying you’re better than last place. Imitation viagra He told them it was ‘rough’ watching them play, imitation viagra but you’re better than what you showed, imitation viagra” a Mets insider said. Imitation viagra “Some of the guys who don’t know Darryl that well, imitation viagra don’t know he still bleeds Mets blue might have thought it (his advice) was too tough.”

Imitation viagra  

Imitation viagra “If they don’t know Darryl they might have wondered why he was coming on so strong, imitation viagra” the spy said. Imitation viagra “He is sincere. Imitation viagra He still cares. Imitation viagra That’s why.”

Imitation viagra  

Imitation viagra  

Imitation viagra WOW if they think that was too tough they’d cry like a baby reading what I write. Imitation viagra I don’t think it’s Wright or Reyes doing the complaining as they’ve been around and know what Strawberry and all the 86’ers mean to the organization and the fan base but it would be leader-like for Wright and Reyes to step up and defend Darryl and his fellow World Champs and tell those who are complaining to shut the fuck up. Imitation viagra If I ever find out who the players are who are crying about Strawberry in the clubhouse, imitation viagra I promise to expose these frauds for the fucking losers that they are.

Imitation viagra It’s these little outbursts that show whether the manager is losing his team or not and add this in with the Maine blowout and the total misuse of his bullpen and the fact that David Wright was benched and Jeff Francoeur gets his name in the lineup every day and produces nothing but failure tells you it’s time to let Jerry Manuel go.

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Viagra discussions Great job by both Mike Silva and Dave Singer to post this video of the at bat Dae-Sung Koo had against the Big Doofus in the Mets-Highlanders game of May 25th, viagra discussions 2005

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