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Get viagra Here is the most critical component of this Mets team and the twelve men mentioned here hold the future of the season in their left and right arms. Get viagra Without pitching we are nothing!

Get viagra Starting Rotation

Get viagra Johan Santana

Get viagra Mike Pelfrey

Get viagra Oliver Perez

Get viagra John Maine

Get viagra Nelson Figueroa/Jon Neise

Get viagra I’m starting to calm down a bit about starters 2-5 in this rotation. Get viagra Big Pelf and OP have improved with each spring appearance and hopeful they gain confidence in these starts. Get viagra Maine goes tomorrow and hopefully he bounces back and is focused in this start. Get viagra The fifth spot if given on merit should go to Nelly Figs as he has continued from his great performance in the Caribbean World Series so far this spring. Get viagra Neise has shown that the hammy tear from last year is healed. Get viagra The easiest move here is Niese in the fifth slot and Figs in the pen as long/middle man

Get viagra Bullpen

Get viagra Frankie Rodriguez

Get viagra Pedro Felicaino

Get viagra Sean Green

Get viagra Hisanori Takahashi

Get viagra Ryota Igarashi

Get viagra Bobby Parnell

Get viagra Kiko Calero

Get viagra This all changes if the front office makes the huge mistake by letting Jenry Mejia come North, get viagra then someone has got to go most likely Parnell. Get viagra Takahashi has also pitched himself into a job and the 40 man roster with his stellar spring, get viagra by the way has anyone in the organization realized that Takahashi uses his left arm to pitch ?  Again the pen is in flux as brain trust decides if they want LOOGY Joe Beimel (at their price) and keeping Mejia but the locks are Frankie Rodz, get viagra Feliciano, get viagra Green and I guess Igarashi. Get viagra That leaves three spots with I’d think Takahashi getting one of them. Get viagra The next two could be filled by Parnell, get viagra Calero, get viagra Mejia, get viagra Beimel or some other arm from another organization. Get viagra Then again Nelly Figs could be sent packing once more.

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Man O Manischewitz  we are swimming in baseball news today most of it negative of course but still with temps looking at the high 50’s in NYC today and players  breaking down the gates to get into St Lonesome to work out spring is defintetly in the air.

Tomorrow night at 9PM we will have another edition of Pro Baseball Central and our guest will be Craig from the Florida Marlins blog FISH STRIPES. Cheap viagra We will talk NL East, cheap viagra the lowdown on the new stadium and get an overview on the Marlins, cheap viagra plus we will have Mets news from the opening of camp and I’m sure Joe McDonald and I will touch on Alex Rodriguez and the effect his being outted has on the Highlanders, cheap viagra so join us at Pro Baseball Central tomorrow night at 9PM EST and as always you can join the debate by calling in at (646) 595-4462


Glad to see someone in the main stream call out Captain Craptastic to step up and show some leadership. Cheap viagra Seriously Highlander fans, cheap viagra how bad is it when D-Wright shows more support for Alex Rodriguez than your field leader?  This story doesn’t go away until Jeter steps up and sticks by his teammate no matter how much it hurts him. Cheap viagra It’s not always about you Diva errrrrrr I mean Derek, cheap viagra

Another reason I have a little “spring” in my step today is while reading the NY Daily News with my Special K this morning, cheap viagra I saw the first Mets Notebook of the year by Adam Rubin. Cheap viagra  Ah when the ink stain wretches fly down to Florida that means spring is in the air. Cheap viagra

They shoot horse don’t they? Well maybe someone needs to put Titan Tom Glavine out of his misery. So much for wanting to be around wifey and the kids. Cheap viagra Phony bastard!


LHP Joe Beimel is crying that no team will pay him big dough to pitch. Maybe it’s because you’re not worth a multi-million dollar salary to be a LOOGY. Cheap viagra  There are guys out there that can do as good if not better job for half the price. Cheap viagra I’d love to get on board the collusion conspiracy train but the truth is ML front offices have smarten up and have stop over paying guys who are league average or below.

The ‘Stache is back!

We pause now for this public safety announcement: Brady Anderson please report to the free clinic for testing!

Every spring there are a plethora of baseball books that are released but this one by Darryl Strawberry looks to be a winner.  Just read this clip from PAGE SIX of the NY Post and you will know why some people are sad that Shea Stadium is being torn down:

    Although he doesn’t name names, cheap viagra Strawberry relates how team members picked out girls from the stands for quickies. Cheap viagra He once watched a pitcher march a frisky fan to a private room for oral sex: “I was jealous. Cheap viagra When I saw her heading back to her seat, cheap viagra I gave her a sign. Cheap viagra She smiled, cheap viagra turned right back around, cheap viagra and met me in that same little room . Cheap viagra . Cheap viagra . Cheap viagra I had to be quick and run back out on the field.”


Another time, cheap viagra “I was in the clubhouse, cheap viagra having one last quickie with this cute little Florida girl. Cheap viagra Charlie Samuels, cheap viagra the equipment manager, cheap viagra came in and caught us. Cheap viagra He just stood there shaking his head while I finished up.”


Nik Kolidas of Kiners Korner is my hero. Not a good posting but a GREAT posting here.


 I am a supporter of Israel. Cheap viagra But I’m also very proud to be from Brooklyn. Cheap viagra   

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I’m moving to a new desk today (a nice corner spot) so I wanted to post some items before I get busy with the heavy lifting so here we go:


No one is a bigger fanboy of Petey than me but no way, viagra prescriptions no how does Omar bring him back. Thank you Petey and good luck. Viagra prescriptions See you in Cooperstown.


Okay all you commentators who told me I was out of my mind about bringing Jason Varitek to the Mets, viagra prescriptions after further review you guys are right I’m nuts. Viagra prescriptions It just that I am not impressed with Brian Schneider both with the stick and especially behind the plate.


Anthony (or as we say in Brooklyn ANT-NEE) has a post on Hot Foot on the culinary treats awaiting us at $iti Field. If I were on the concession planning committee I would add an old time New York candy store at the ballpark as well. Viagra prescriptions Have penny candies, viagra prescriptions Pretzels, viagra prescriptions Mets periodicals and of course EGG CREAMS!!!! If Freddy Skill Sets doesn’t have a spot for an Egg Cream concession then he’s not as Brooklyn as I think he is.


Speaking of $iti Field, viagra prescriptions Maury Brown of the Biz of Baseball posts on how the name $iti Field will still be atop the ballpark even with the firm throwing 50, viagra prescriptions000 workers out into the street a month before Christmas.



Do you get the feeling that Francisco Rodriguez’ agent Paul Kinzer is in a bit over his head in negotiating a contract for his client? How do you not have the medical records from the Angles to show the Mets or any other team interested in K-Rod?


Happy Birthday Jay Hook. Viagra prescriptions Also the late Cal Koonce was born on this day.


Omar better keep an eye on Brain Sabean as he is looking to grab all the fringe relievers on the market. Viagra prescriptions I’m not a big fan of Sabean as I feel he is very overrated as a GM but the signing of Jeremy Affeldt was solid and the word is he is looking to lock up Joe Beimel and Juan Cruz as he sees the NL West as weak enough for the Giants to make a run at the division in ‘09


In this post by Joe Posnanski he writes about listening to football on the radio and how football in person is much tougher to watch than on TV as you need to see replays from three or four angles to appreciate what happened on every play. Viagra prescriptions The best part of the post though is that Posnanski is writing a book on the 1975 Cincinnati Reds. Viagra prescriptions I will be all over that book when it’s released. Viagra prescriptions Back in those days, viagra prescriptions as much as I was a Mets fan the Mets were pretty bad and I just found the Big Red Machine fascinating. Viagra prescriptions


WCBS880 has pics of $iti Field (with its grass in place) and the demo of Shea Stadium. Viagra prescriptions I wish Shea was demoed already as watching these pics is torture. Viagra prescriptions I hate watching Shea just waste away Please give the place the dignity it deserves.


I know hockey does not have the pizzazz of baseball or football in this town but Henrik Lundquist should be a much bigger deal in NYC than he is. Viagra prescriptions Hopefully he and the Rangers will enjoy a Stanley Cup during his Ranger career as his goaltending will lead to his 30 to hang from the Garden rafters. 


Legendary basketball coach Pete Newell has passed away at 93 and big men everywhere are sad.

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