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Viagra in canada This isn’t the best commercial acting I’ve ever seen but you have to admit, viagra in canada it beats the hell out the SUBWAY ads with Joe Torre and Willie “But it’s toasted Joe “Randolph

Viagra in canada Yesterday I was invited to an event at Highlander Stadium by Dunkin Donuts that featured an appearance by Highlander skipper Joe Girardi and our own Terry Collins. Viagra in canada This was a much different experience than I’ve had at Citi Field when myself and other Mets bloggers have been invited to participate in the pre and post-game activities that the main stream sports media attend daily.

Viagra in canada Before I get to the access I had to the managers, viagra in canada a little about how they do things media wise in the South Bronx. Viagra in canada When I arrived at the stadium I headed for Gate 4, viagra in canada the press gate, viagra in canada as I entered there are two x-ray machines just like what you see at the airport. Viagra in canada I had to put my knapsack on the conveyor belt so it could be scanned, viagra in canada I didn’t know if this was a routine for everyone or just anyone affiliated with the Mets that had to be screened in such a way, viagra in canada maybe my 50th Anniversary pin set off a red flag. Viagra in canada From there I checked in and was told to wait for a member of the Highlander security force who would then escort me to the Audi Club.

Viagra in canada As the Highlander constable along with a rep from Dunkin Donuts walked me to the club, viagra in canada the DD rep asked me if I was impressed with the way the suite numbers were named after Highlander players who wore that corresponding number, viagra in canada I just looked at her and said, viagra in canada “I’m here as a Mets blogger so I couldn’t care less” to which she started staring at the carpet like she lost a quarter and the Highlander constable started talking in his wrist. Viagra in canada Still the long journey continued until finally we hit Yonkers where I believe the Audi club is located.

Viagra in canada There I was surrounded by Dunkin Donuts coffees, viagra in canada both hot and cold and so many donuts that I thought of dialing 911 to alert Mayor Bloomberg of the felonious assault by calorie in progress at the Audi club. Viagra in canada I grabbed an iced coffee and headed to the area where the presser was to be held. Viagra in canada To my surprise, viagra in canada this wasn’t a bloggers/writers event; it was more of an owner/operator of a Dunkin Donuts event.

Viagra in canada As Terry Collins and Joe Girardi are introduced, viagra in canada I see Girardi is wearing his Highlander home jersey, viagra in canada just the jersey not full uni and Collins is wearing his “business casual” sport coat slacks and open collar shirt as he said he knew that a Mets jersey is not a welcome site around here. Viagra in canada That kind of pissed me off, viagra in canada I would have loved for him to come in in full uni or at least his Mets warm up and cap just to make a statement and stop giving in to the Mets are the step child bullshit that’s allowed to go unchallenged. Viagra in canada It got my blood boiling enough to go on a bit of rant that I thought may have gotten myself an early exit from the event.

Viagra in canada There weren’t any main stream media at this unveiling of Collins and Giraridi as spokesmen for Dunkin Donuts ice coffee it seems Girardi reps the iced caramel and Collins the ice moca, viagra in canada and the fact that the team that wins the Subway Series that manager will received a $25, viagra in canada000 donation to their favorite charity. Viagra in canada When it was brought up that the teams could split the series 3-3, viagra in canada the DD execs looked confused and a bit embarrassed and gave the” we’ll come up with something” answer. Viagra in canada How about giving both managers $25k a piece? For what they charge for a dozen donuts I’m sure it’s doable.

Viagra in canada So after a lot of playful banter between the managers, viagra in canada the floor was open to questions. Viagra in canada Myself and the few other bloggers (I didn’t see anyone I’ve met before but there was one other Mets blogger there or at least one other person asking Terry Collins questions besides me) were off to each side of Collins and Girardi but we had to fight for Q & A time with the fans in attendance so it was time to get aggressive.

Viagra in canada I’ve mentioned a few times here that of all the people I’ve met and had a chance to talk to at Citi Field, viagra in canada Terry Collins is the only one who intimidates me, viagra in canada well after yesterday I think I’m over that. Viagra in canada I think it was the location Highlander Stadium and the fact just about everyone in the room was a Highlander supporter, viagra in canada that I started to assert my Mets blogger self. Viagra in canada  While most of the questioners were raising their hands to ask questions I had enough and just called out to Collins and have him look my way so I can get some queries in. Viagra in canada  I ask about Jason Bay and his availability for last night’s game and Collins told me he’s be in the lineup he wouldn’t tell me where in the lineup as I guess he didn’t spring it on Bay that he was batting 8th  , viagra in canada at 11 Am, viagra in canada  I followed up with where will he play LF or DH and was told LF. Viagra in canada I then continued my bogarting of the event by asking about Omar Quintanilla’ fractured  finger and my new obsession, viagra in canada when Ruben Tejada will return as the everyday shortstop. Viagra in canada Collins gave a look of “yo ixnay on the injuries-ay” and the rest of the attendees were like yeah enough with the Mets questions. Viagra in canada Well too damn bad ! I don’t care about David Robinson or Brent Gardner on the DL or how many home runs Curtis Granderson will hit (Girardi is a baseball manger folks not a goddamn fortune teller) so have some fucking manners, viagra in canada let me get my Mets questions in and then you can go back to your inane Highlander inquires about the style of underwear Derek Jeter wears.

Viagra in canada I asked Collins about David Wright and how it seems that now that he is the most tenured Mets player he has taken his leadership in the clubhouse up a notch. Viagra in canada Collins agreed saying that his treatment of the young players is fantastic and when other players see his work ethic and preparation they follow suit. Viagra in canada I then inquired about Ike Davis and if there was anything he has seen in his last few games that would lead him to believe that Davis is ready to break out of this horrendous start. Viagra in canada Collins gave a politicians answer going on how Ike’s teammates are behind him and how he’s working so hard to get back to where the club feels he should be but nothing on if Collins thinks he’s ready to bust out. Viagra in canada After watching Ike last night it’s going to be a very hard sell by the front office to keep him on the big league roster. Viagra in canada Whatever it is, viagra in canada losing most of the last season to injury or the bout of Valley Fever, viagra in canada Ike’s not right and has become an almost automatic out at the plate.

Viagra in canada The last question of the session came from a Highlander blogger I believe (I’m kicking myself in the ass for not asking his name and who what site he wrote for) who asked Joe Girardi if he could do something to help the Highlander Bloggers  get access to the team. Viagra in canada Girardi had no idea what he was talking about he told the blogger he has no control over who what or where when it comes to media access. Viagra in canada At that point I had to give the Mets props and tell the audience that the Mets have been very gracious in letting me and other bloggers have access to Collins and his players and how fortunate we are that they give us the opportunity. Viagra in canada Up yours NY Highlanders brass!!!

Viagra in canada When the Q & A broke up, viagra in canada the Highlander blogger came over to me and said how he wished the Highlander’s would follow the Mets line of working with the bloggers. Viagra in canada I said to him “The Highlanders are run by a bunch stuffed shirt tight asses who have no use for social media” I guess I said that a bit too loud as the Highlander constable started to walk towards me, viagra in canada I just put up my hand and said “it’s fine, viagra in canada I’ll show myself out” with that I grabbed another free iced coffee and head for the downtown 4 train. Viagra in canada My work there was done.

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BBA Names Arizona’s Gibson, indian viagra Tampa Bay’s Maddon Top Managers

Top Blogger Organization Awards Connie Mack Award For 2011

Arizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson and Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon were named the 2011 Connie Mack Award winners today by the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. Indian viagra  The Connie Mack Award recognizes those considered the top manager for the season.

Indian viagra Gibson took over an Arizona team that finished last in the National League West in 2010 and led them to a divisional title in his first year on the job. Indian viagra  Gibson’s Diamondbacks led all year long and finished a comfortable eight games ahead of defending World Champion San Francisco to move on to the postseason stage. Indian viagra  Voting was done before the Diamondbacks lost to the Milwaukee Brewers in five games in the National League Divisional Series.

Indian viagra Gibson was a unanimous winner, indian viagra scoring the top slot on all 21 ballots cast by the portion of the membership that voted on the National League award. Indian viagra  Ron Roenicke, indian viagra whose Brewers defeated Gibson’s squad, indian viagra finished second in the balloting, indian viagra while St. Indian viagra Louis Cardinal manager Tony La Russa finished third.

Indian viagra Maddon was rewarded after leading his team to the largest September rally in history, indian viagra leading his Rays from nine games back in the wild card race to passing up the Boston Red Sox on the last day. Indian viagra  As in the National League, indian viagra voting did not take into account the Rays falling to the Texas Rangers in four games in the American League Divisional Series.

Indian viagra Maddon received the top billing on 22 of the 25 ballots cast for the American League voters, indian viagra easily outpacing Detroit’s Jim Leyland and Texas Ranger manager Ron Washington. Indian viagra  Washington garnered the three first place votes that did not go to Maddon.

Indian viagra The complete voting results are as follows (first place votes in parenthesis):

Indian viagra American League
Joe Maddon, indian viagra Tampa Bay (22) 113
Jim Leyland, indian viagra Detroit 48
Ron Washington, indian viagra Texas (3) 37
Mike Scioscia, indian viagra Los Angeles of Anaheim 13
Joe Girardi, indian viagra New York 9
Manny Acta, indian viagra Cleveland 5
John Farrell, indian viagra Toronto 1

Indian viagra National League
Kirk Gibson, indian viagra Arizona (21) 105
Ron Roenicke, indian viagra Milwaukee 39
Tony La Russa, indian viagra St. Indian viagra Louis 16
Charlie Manuel, indian viagra Philadelphia 13
Clint Hurdle, indian viagra Pittsburgh 7
Terry Collins, indian viagra New York 5
Bruce Bochy, indian viagra San Francisco 3
Freddi Gonzalez, indian viagra Atlanta 1

Indian viagra The Baseball Bloggers Alliance was formed in the fall of 2009 to encourage cooperation and collaboration between baseball bloggers of all major league teams as well as those that follow baseball more generally. Indian viagra As of this writing, indian viagra the organization consists of 316 blogs spanning all 30 major league squads as well as general baseball writing.

Indian viagra The BBA is organized under a similar structure as the Baseball Writers of America, indian viagra where blogs that follow the same team are combined into “chapters” and only two votes from the chapter on an award are counted. Indian viagra The blog chapters that are focused on general baseball were allowed two votes as well, indian viagra which they could use both on the same league or split between the two leagues.

Indian viagra Chapters generally followed one of two methods when casting their ballot. Indian viagra  Either representatives of the chapter were given the ballots for voting or a “group ballot” was posted, indian viagra accounting for both of their votes.

Indian viagra Notably, indian viagra though the Alliance’s awards come out well before their official counterparts, indian viagra the BBA selections have matched those of the Baseball Writers of America in all but two instances in the past two years. Indian viagra  This, indian viagra of course, indian viagra does not include the Goose Gossage Award that is exclusive to the BBA.

Indian viagra Ballots are posted on the respective blogs and for this award, indian viagra were tabulated on a 5-3-1 point scale for first through third place. Indian viagra In the interest of transparency, indian viagra links are given below for the ballots. Indian viagra Chapter affiliation is in parenthesis. Indian viagra  Those chapters that decided on the group method are noted with an asterisk.

Indian viagra American League
Advanced Fantasy Baseball (Fantasy)
Baltimore Sports and Life (Baltimore)
Baseball Is My Boyfriend (Texas)*
Baseball North (Toronto)
Boston Red Thoughts (Boston)*
Contract Year (Oakland)*
500 Level Fan (Toronto)
The Flagrant Fan (General)
Kings of Kauffman (Kansas City)*
Misc. Indian viagra Baseball (History)
Monkey With A Halo (Los Angeles of Anaheim)
Motor City Bengals (Detroit)
North Dakota Twins Fan (Minnesota)
Old English D (Detroit)
The Rays Rant (Tampa Bay)
Rise of the Rays (Tampa Bay)
Seattle Mariners Musings (Seattle)
The Tribe Daily (Cleveland)*
Twins Trivia (Minnesota)
Victoria Seals Baseball Blog (Other)

Indian viagra National League
Advanced Fantasy Baseball (Fantasy)
Appy Astros (Houston)
Blog Red Machine (Cincinnati)
Cincinnati Reds Blog (Cincinnati)
Dugger Sports (Philadelphia)
The Eddie Kranepool Society (New York)*
The Flagrant Fan (General)
I70 Baseball (St. Indian viagra Louis)
Left Coast Bias (San Diego)
Misc. Indian viagra Baseball (History)
On The Outside Corner (St. Indian viagra Louis)
Padres Trail (San Diego)
Prose and Ivy (Chicago)*
Raise The Jolly Roger (Pittsburgh)
Rockies Woman (Colorado)
22 Gigantes (San Francisco)*
Victoria Seals Baseball Blog (Other)

Indian viagra Prior Winners: 2010: Ron Washington, indian viagra Texas; Bud Black, indian viagra San Diego
2009: Mike Scioscia, indian viagra Los Angeles of Anaheim; Jim Tracy, indian viagra Colorado

Indian viagra The official website of the BBA is located Indian viagra The BBA can be found on Twitter by the handle @baseballblogs and by the hashmark #bbba. Indian viagra  For more information, indian viagra contact Daniel Shoptaw at

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Viagra for women

Viagra for women  

Viagra for women On this  date in 1961, viagra for women the National League held it expansion draft as it welcomed two teams into the league for the first time in 70 years, viagra for women the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club (Mets) and the Houston Colt .45’s (who became the Astros )

Viagra for women Chris Jaffe of The Hardball Times takes a look at how both teams went about putting together their inaugural teams. Viagra for women  The Mets were run by former Highlander GM George Weis and went more for players with New York baseball roots, viagra for women like Gil Hodges, viagra for women Duke Snider and Don Zimmer whereas the Colt .45’s under Paul Richards, viagra for women took a Moneyball approach looking for undervalued commodities especially in the pitching department in the later rounds of the draft.

Viagra for women A lot of stories this weekend were about the Big 3 getting bounced out of the postseason. Viagra for women  The Highlanders and Red Sox are strapped with bloated contracts that can’t be moved and the Phillies are stuck with payroll restrictions and an older lineup with not much farm help in sight. Viagra for women This is why it won’t be the devastating blow that many Mets fans think it will be if Jose Reyes signs elsewhere. Viagra for women  If Reyes is up for a 4yr/$80-$90 million deal with the Mets, viagra for women that would be perfect, viagra for women any more years than that, viagra for women then take care Jose. Viagra for women Remember all that talk about Reyes getting a Carl Crawford like contract? There is no way Sandy Alderson would ever do that; even if the Skill Sets still had Bernie Madoff money he wouldn’t do it. Viagra for women I still say Alderson hopes there is the one dumb owner out there who will go six years  for Reyes so he can bow out of the bidding. Viagra for women As we see this post season you can have all the bling, viagra for women bit it don’t mean a thing.

Viagra for women I’ll make this prediction now; Joe Girardi doesn’t last the season in 2012 as Highlanders manager. Viagra for women I could see Lou Pinnella taking over as interim while grooming Jorge Posada to take over as skipper in 2013.

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Viagra by mail

Viagra by mail The only team in baseball having a better October than the Mets are the SF Giants. Viagra by mail The introductory press conference for Sandy Alderson proved a point on why the Highlander organization and fan base fear the Mets more than any team in baseball.

Viagra by mail Highlander high strung manager, viagra by mail Joe Girardi was signed to a three year extension the other day and the reaction by the NY sports media was “that’s nice but did your hear? Sandy Alderson will hold a press conference on Friday”. Viagra by mail To those too young to know this, viagra by mail there was a time around here that everyday was like yesterday, viagra by mail where folks walked around town with Mets hats and jackets and greeted one and other with “Hey, viagra by mail how ‘bout those Mets”. Viagra by mail The Alderson era brings Mets fans hope and that has not been in abundance around here for a long time. Viagra by mail Sandy Alderson also has a plan, viagra by mail another strategy missing in Queens as well, viagra by mail and most importantly he wants the same exact thing for the Mets franchise that we all want, viagra by mail respect and accountability.

Viagra by mail Alderson knew just what to say yesterday. Viagra by mail First when he talked about the NY Mets being an iconic franchise, viagra by mail my face was flush. Viagra by mail I’ve gotten on my soap box time after time here about the Mets being the flagship team of the National League and how our lineage goes back to 1876 when the New York Mutuals played the first NL season and then of course in 1883 when our ancestors the New York Giants came to be. Viagra by mail The NY Highlanders were not even a glint in Ban Johnson’s eye when NL ball was featured in NYC and for Sandy Alderson to acknowledge that made an outstanding first impression on me.

Viagra by mail Alderson was asked about his choice for manager as Mets fans are nervous nellies because the reports and track record of Alderson’ is he goes for the weak silent type. Viagra by mail After surviving the Dead Manger Era (Art Howe) and the Clueless Manger Era (Jeff Torborg) we waited to hear what our the new leader of free Mets world would say. Viagra by mail When the words “I like a manager who kicks ass and takes names” rolled off his tongue, viagra by mail it was 1964 at the Ed Sullivan Theatre all over again. Viagra by mail All I needed to hear was “and the Black uniforms and caps have already been shit canned” then I’d have had to been resuscitated. Viagra by mail Alderson gets it. Viagra by mail He knows that he not only has to build a winning team but he has to build an entertaining team and a team Mets fans want to embrace. Viagra by mail Rooting for a losing team sucks but being a supporter of a team you can’t stand is heartbreaking.

Viagra by mail Think about the dimension we are about to enter Mets fans. Viagra by mail We have gone from a GM who had no time for statistical analysis of which he called “false hustle” which was really Omar Minaya verifying he was behind the times and quite frankly lazy as a GM, viagra by mail to a man who will use those numbers and a consensus from his staff and scouts on player evaluation for drafting, viagra by mail trading and free agent signing purposes. Viagra by mail Welcome to the 21st Century Mets fans.

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Find viagra online

Find viagra online Happy Highlander Elimination Day to ya! I can’t wait to see Michael Kay’s head explode on the YUCK post game show if Bronx Bastards lose game five. Find viagra online I hope Joe Girardi studied that binder of his and found the page where it says, find viagra online “when a suck ass pitcher like AJ Burnett gives you five innings, find viagra online take it an run”

Find viagra online No Mets news today except for Frankie Rodriguez getting a mere $3mil deduction from his personal worth for his altercation and embarrassment of himself and of the Mets organization. Find viagra online Hopefully who ever takes the reigns of the baseball operations let’s K-Rod know his days as a Mets closer are done. Find viagra online Welcome to a setup role K-Rod.

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Canada Viagra Generic

Discount cialis levitra viagra Last week Angel Pagan arrived late to $iti Field, discount cialis levitra viagra the Mets had no problem with this since Pagan contacted management that he a family issue to take care of.  No problem. Discount cialis levitra viagra The next day while I was reading the Daily News, discount cialis levitra viagra it was reported that Pagan was taking his daughter to the doctor and afterwards got jammed up in traffic getting to the game. Discount cialis levitra viagra Again no problem, discount cialis levitra viagra but was it any of our business that Pagan was late due to taking care of his daughter ?  No.

Discount cialis levitra viagra A.J. Discount cialis levitra viagra Burnett shows up at Camden Yards with a black eye. Discount cialis levitra viagra He goes on to pitch the Highlander’s to victory, discount cialis levitra viagra when questioned after the game about how he got yoked in the eye, discount cialis levitra viagra Burnett gave the MSM nothing. Discount cialis levitra viagra When Pee Wee Cashman was asked about the black eye he said it wasn’t any of his business and if Burnett keeps pitching like he did Friday with the eye, discount cialis levitra viagra Pee Wee would look to blacken his eye at every start. Discount cialis levitra viagra HA HA HA so funny.

Discount cialis levitra viagra Highlander pitching coach Dave Eiland leaves the team for about four weeks in June for what was called personal reasons. Discount cialis levitra viagra When asked about Eiland , discount cialis levitra viagramanager Joe Girardi told the media he was taking care of a personal matter and that’s all you’re getting.

Discount cialis levitra viagra Staten Island Yankees pitching coach Pat Daneker, discount cialis levitra viagra lost his World Series ring when after spending a night in a drunken stupor with a prostitute. Discount cialis levitra viagra The story came and went. Discount cialis levitra viagra Were any of these stories our business? Nope and the Highlanders made sure it stayed that way.

Discount cialis levitra viagra How is it the Highlanders get to clam up on incidents involving their personnel but the when a Mets player takes his kid to the doctor the details are printed in the paper’s ?

Discount cialis levitra viagra Maybe when The Skill Sets re-configure the front office and the way the baseball ops does business, discount cialis levitra viagra they also pick up from the Highlanders the gift of allowing no leaks to the press and also letting them know when to go fuck off.

Discount cialis levitra viagra Blogging at this site will be sporadic over the next week as I’ll be on the move as our office is getting a face lift with a badly needed paint job and a new carpet. Discount cialis levitra viagra Our office could have double as a set for the old NYPD Blue TV show. Discount cialis levitra viagra So during the daytime I’ll be all over the city but mostly in Queens with no computer access. Discount cialis levitra viagra So anything  I do post will be at night if I’m not exhaust from gallivanting from boro to boro.

Discount cialis levitra viagra

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Does viagra expire I don’t know how he got in there but Michael Leggett of RANDOM FANDOM RED SOX NYC got a picture of the place St Joseph of Torre did most of his writing for his new book and where Joe Girardi went to cry after not making the post season. Does viagra expire Also check out the link to Harvey Araton; story on the lucky folks of the South Bronx having two stadiums to call their own and the pics of the final days of Shea.

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