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Viagra I guess I should be more sympathetic towards Highlander fans who have to sit in a cold nasty drizzle for opening day, viagra but since I know not one of them would show us Mets fan any sympathy fuck ‘em let them freeze.

Viagra So as I wait for tomorrow night’s 7:05PM real opening day in South Florida, viagra I guess this would be a good time to make my season predictions, viagra

Viagra NL East

Viagra Chipper’s Chumps

Viagra Phuck Phaces

Viagra The Amazin’ New York Mets

Viagra Minnows

Viagra D.C. Viagra Follies

Viagra NL Central

Viagra Brewskies

Viagra Dusty’s Red Legs

Viagra Bird Brain Genius

Viagra Residents of the Friendly Confines

Viagra Bucos

Viagra McLane Gang

Viagra AL West

Viagra Height-Asbury Freaks and Beards

Viagra Hollywood Bums

Viagra Box O Rox

Viagra Friars Club

Viagra Snakes in the Sand

Viagra Wild Card

Viagra Phuck Phaces

Viagra NL Champs

Viagra Chippers Chumps

Viagra NL MVP

Viagra Ryan Braun

Viagra NL Cy Young

Viagra Tim Lincecum

Viagra NL Rookie of the Year

Viagra Freddy Freeman

Viagra NL Manager of the Year

Viagra Terry Collins

Viagra AL East

Viagra Team Dirty Water

Viagra Men of Maddon

Viagra Bronx Bastards

Viagra Ontario Audubon Society

Viagra Bucks O’s

Viagra AL Central

Viagra South Side Loco’s

Viagra Grady’s Gang

Viagra Motor City Cats

Viagra Midwest Monarchs

Viagra Woe is Wahoo

Viagra AL West

Viagra The Ghosts of Cornelius McGillicuddy

Viagra Ryan’s Express

Viagra Hello Halo’s

Viagra Space Needlers

Viagra Wild Card

Viagra Men of Maddon

Viagra NL Pennant

Viagra Team Dirty Water

Viagra AL MVP

Viagra Evan Longoria

Viagra AL Cy Young

Viagra Jon Lester

Viagra AL Manager of the Year

Viagra Joe Maddon

Viagra World Series Champs

Viagra Team Dirty Water

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Cialis 20 mg I don’t know about you but I’m bored to tears already by the search for the next Mets Manager. Cialis 20 mg It’s starting to take on an American Idol feel to it.  Sandy Alderson playing the Randy Jackson role as he tells each managerial interviewee, cialis 20 mg” Yo dawg, cialis 20 mg I dun know man, cialis 20 mg when you walked in the door I was like WHOA! But then you got some pipes dude, cialis 20 mg and then that resume Dawg, cialis 20 mg you were killin’ it, cialis 20 mg good lookin’ out dawg. Cialis 20 mg  Then J.P. Cialis 20 mg Ricciardi doing his Simon Cowell “ so tell me, cialis 20 mg have you had any formal managerial experience ? No? I didn’t think so. Cialis 20 mg This is a managerial interview and really if you know you have no bloody shot why waste our time and your time? Off you go? And then there is Jeffey Skill Sets the Paula Abdul of the trio “Ohhhhhhhhh Wally YOU COMPLETE ME<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Cialis 20 mg I’ll say this for Sandy Alderson every coach, cialis 20 mg ex-manager or minor league coordinator is getting a shot at the job, cialis 20 mg but when I think of it did Alderson miss the boat by not getting Ron Roenicke in for an interview before the Brewski’s hired him? Roenicke comes from the Mike Scioscia coach tree. Cialis 20 mg The same tree that bore fruit like Joe Maddon, cialis 20 mg and Bud Black and now Roenicke.

Cialis 20 mg So anyone interested in Dan Uggla ? If you look past his defensive shortcomings, cialis 20 mg his bat at the 2nd base position would look mighty purdy as a Met. Cialis 20 mg Uggla turned down a contract extension of 4yr/$48mil but it might not be because of money. It seems that Uggla has not gotten over his BFF Cody Ross getting exiled to San Francisco and may be feed up with that the Lord of Douchenberry, cialis 20 mg David Samson.

Cialis 20 mg The Oakland A’s have made the highest bid for the rights of Japanese RHP Hisashi Iwakuma. Cialis 20 mg The 29 year old Iwakuma has some impressive numbers pitching for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles. Cialis 20 mg Iwakuma’ won-lost record doesn’t do justice to his overall numbers. Cialis 20 mg A 10-9 record doesn’t measure up to 201 IP 2.82 ERA, cialis 20 mg 1.15 WHIP, cialis 20 mg 8.52 K/9IP and 1.61 BB/9IP. Cialis 20 mg Details of the amount of the bid have been reported. Cialis 20 mg The A’s now have 30 days to get Iwakuma’ to sign on the dotted line.

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Mexico pharmacy generic viagra While I sit and wait for the Skill Sets to pick a new baseball czar, mexico pharmacy generic viagra there is post season baseball to revel in starting today with a triple header on TBS. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra As viewers, mexico pharmacy generic viagra we can be thankful that this year we won’t get “fisted” while watching the coverage but he have to hope that Ernie Johnson knows the difference between a suicide squeeze and a pick and roll. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra On to my predictions:

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Phuck Phaces vs. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Cincin-NATTA Red Stockings

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Let’s be truthful here the Phuck Phaces have the best three man rotation in the playoffs with Halladay, mexico pharmacy generic viagra Oswalt and the Girlie Man so this is a tough assignment for ol’ Dust-aroo and his Queen City Rollers. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra If Edison Volquez can beat Doc Halladay in game 1 we could have the makings of a great upset but that’s asking a lot but if the Reds can win game 1 and then have Mike Francesa Boy Toy, mexico pharmacy generic viagra Bronson Arroyo going in game 2 then their will a ton o’ pressure on Cholly Chuckles boys. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra I want to say Reds in 4 but it ain’t gonna happen. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Phuck Phaces in 4

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Small Cox vs The Fuck Yeahs

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Has word gotten to Braves fans that their team is in the post season? Maybe a couple of them would like to go to a game or two ? My rooting interest is with the San Francisco By Way of W 155 St & 8th Avenue Giants. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra It’s part nostalgia and part that I’m a Tim Lincecum fanboy and part I find the Braves and the city of Atlanta revolting. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra The Bochy Boys have too much pitching to lose here in fact I’m calling this one Giants in 3.

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Lone Stars vs Men in Plaid

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra This is a tough choice here as I love Nolan Ryan but I find Joe Maddon cute and goofy plus there is the Stu Sternberg Brooklyn/Mets fan factor so I’ll go with the Rays in 4. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Of all the game 1 match ups today the Cliff Lee -David Price engagement is the best. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra  It’s a shame that this game is not the prime time game but hey, mexico pharmacy generic viagra it’s my day off so I’ll have ass in seat at 1:30 to watch it.

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Bronx Bastards vs. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Gardy’s Gang

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra It’s that time of year kids, mexico pharmacy generic viagra time to get your Highlander Hate On. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra You know I’m going all out to root for the Men of the Land O Lakes and I think they will dispose of the Highlanders in 5 games, mexico pharmacy generic viagra Just to make it even more painful for those who call themselves Disciples of the Bronx Robber Baron, mexico pharmacy generic viagra let’s have Delmon Young hit a game tying homer of Joba and Jim Thome, mexico pharmacy generic viagra the game winner off Mariano in game 5. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra By the way who wants to join me on Halloween to go egg the Robber Baron’s plaque in Monument To Douchebagery Park ?

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I did take some perverse pleasure watching the Famous Rays bullpen implode last night in one of the great collapse not involving the NY Mets. Viagra order cheap I admit I turned the channel at 7-0 to watch Life On Mars (Can we just give Harvey Kitel the Best Actor in a Drama Emmy now and save time later)  and flipped back at 11PM waiting to see the Famous Rays celebrate their first Pennant so you know I was shit shocked to see the game was at 7-4. Viagra order cheap I hung for the rest and I must say that Coco Crisp at bat in the 8th should shown to every little leaguer in the country as that is how you work an AB and a pitcher. Viagra order cheap  Wheeler is a classic reliever with two pitches, viagra order cheap fastball/slider and Crisp just kept fouling off pitch after pitch until he got hanging slider to drive to right field. Viagra order cheap You have a pitcher on the ropes and team that is now drowning in self doubt and defending championship team that is never out of a game. Viagra order cheap Just classic baseball. Viagra order cheap Now Game 6 becomes must see as the Rays and Joe Maddon are in uncharted territory as they gave the Red Sox life. Viagra order cheap They had the pillow over their faces but lifted up too early.


The dark clouds of Flushing seem to be lifting a bit after reading Adam Rubin’s Q & A with Daniel Murphy maybe the hard nosed Dykstra/Backman type we have been looking for is right under our nose. Viagra order cheap


It doesn’t look like the market of Manny will be a large one. Viagra order cheap Manny and Agent Bloodsucker are looking for a 6yr deal for over $120 mil. Unless the United Arab Emirates is getting an expansion team next season, viagra order cheap that’s not happening. Viagra order cheap  Those demands are off base. Viagra order cheap The Dodgers management is in a bind here as they have to make an offer to Manny but how long can they hang in with the Mets, viagra order cheap Highlanders and the dark horse in the Manny races the Blue Jays? I don’t really see the Highlanders going for Manny but they could make a bid just to break balls. Viagra order cheap The Dodgers should be the favorite to sign Manny but Frank McCourt not only doesn’t own a TV station that flows dough he has a piss poor relationship with PrimeTicket but you would think he’d try to sit down with the station to workout a partnership to keep Manny. Viagra order cheap McCourt should plead his case that if they add more to the rights fee for Dodger games it helps the team sign Manny and that brings up ratings which brings up the ad revenues and everyone makes some scratch.    


If I’m Omar, viagra order cheap I offer 4yrs/$100mil and wait for the counter offer. Viagra order cheap I wouldn’t budge off the years but I would go a bit higher on the money by using incentive bonuses but I’d cap my offer at $110 mil. Viagra order cheap Now in these economic times that looks like I’m bat shit crazy but as loony as it looks Manny will pay for himself as the SNY ratings go up and the merchandise revenues as well. Viagra order cheap If it’s just a question of money then Mets will make Manny theirs to loose if it’s all the other questions about attitude and the Manny Being Manny baggage that’ s another story. Viagra order cheap But if Manny gets away from Flushing again that will be sad. 

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