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Viagra collection service Last night on the Sport Media Watchdog Podcast, viagra collection service we discussed Joe Posnanski’s book PATERNO, viagra collection service Roger Clemens comeback with the Sugar Land Skeeters and the blockbuster deal between the Boston Red Sox and the LA Dodgers

Viagra collection service Saturday I was in New Jersey for most of the day in Colt’s Neck to be precise and at the Collingwood Flea Market. Viagra collection service As I walked around the market I came across a booth that was selling baseball jersey’s. Viagra collection service I found a beautiful Mets Daniel Murphy roadie that I just could not pass up. Viagra collection service After I bought it, viagra collection service I said to my son, viagra collection service “I hope this isn’t the kiss of death for Murph as a Met by me buying this jersey” So what happens, viagra collection service yesterday Murph hurts his shoulder and will spend his off day in an MRI tube. Viagra collection service Sorry 28!

Viagra collection service Sandy Alderson wants to sign David Wright and R.A. Viagra collection service Dickey to long term deals. Viagra collection service David Wright and R.A. Viagra collection service Dickey would love to sign long term deals with the Mets. Viagra collection service David Wright and R.A. Viagra collection service Dickey however, viagra collection service will not sign long term deals with the Mets until they hear what the Alderson Plan is going forward. Viagra collection service I don’t blame them at all.  Both players know that the money is out there for their services and this stage of both players careers it seems from what they are saying winning or just a commitment to building a winner is paramount if they will both stay Mets or not.

Viagra collection service In Wright’s case he sees that the lineup he’s in now offers no protection what so ever, viagra collection service put him on team like the Reds or Cardinals and his offensive game would flourish. Viagra collection service Wright is also starting to look at his legacy in baseball and his chances of making it to Cooperstown. Viagra collection service So far in his career Wright has 1393 hits, viagra collection service leaving him 1607 base knocks away from the holy grail of 3, viagra collection service000. Viagra collection service That would average out to about 178.5 hits a season for the next eight seasons to hit that mark. Viagra collection service Even if Wright was short of the 3K hits, viagra collection service joining a team that was a contender and committed to winning (don’t lie, viagra collection service it’s crossed your mind as you woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat  picturing Wright as a Highlander. Viagra collection service If George Steinbrenner were still alive I’d just about guarantee he’d have made Wright an offer so good he couldn’t say no) as a World Series ring or two along with the offensive output Wright should be able to produce for the next eight years would make him just about a lock for the Hall of Fame. Viagra collection service Can he achieve that as a Met? I’m not optimistic that he can.

Viagra collection service Looks like Terry Collins will be back as manager of the Mets in 2013. Viagra collection service I have no problem with that although I’d think there will be a major shakeup of the coaching staff. Viagra collection service What interests me is the job status of Wally Backman. Viagra collection service Would the Mets bring Backman on board as a coach with Collins starting the season in lame duck status? That would make for an uncomfortable coexistence for sure. Viagra collection service What would Sandy Alderson do if Backman is offered a big league managers job or a coaching position. Viagra collection service Couldn’t you see Davey Johnson convincing Nationals ownership to bring Backman on as his right hand man to groom as the next Nats field boss?

Viagra collection service Chris Jaffe at The Hardball Times writes about this date back in 1992 when the Mets traded David Cone to the Toronto Blue Jays for Jeff Kent.

Viagra collection service  

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Dangers of viagra for a copy of the 2012 Bill James Handbook check out ACTA Sports  

Dangers of viagra My must have book of the baseball off season is the Bill James Handbook (ACTA publishing) and this off season is no exception. Dangers of viagra I just got my hands on the 2012 edition of the Handbook and as usual it is filled with stats and essay’s that help any baseball fan make informed thoughts when looking at your teams needs for the coming season.

Dangers of viagra One of my favorite features in the Handbook is The Fielding Bible Awards.  John Dewan puts this section together and enlists some of the great baseball minds to vote on the awards. Dangers of viagra This year the voters are:

Dangers of viagra Bill James

Dangers of viagra Baseball Info Solutions (BIS) Video Scouts

Dangers of viagra Hal Richman creator of Strat-O-Matic  Baseball

Dangers of viagra Joe Posnanski

Dangers of viagra John Dewan

Dangers of viagra Peter Gammons

Dangers of viagra Doug Glanville

Dangers of viagra Rob Neyer

Dangers of viagra Todd Radcliffe Lead Video Scout for BIS

Dangers of viagra Tom Tango Fan Poll

Dangers of viagra These ten voters rank players at all nine positions using a 1-10 voting system, dangers of viagra the votes are tallied and the top 10 players are listed. Dangers of viagra For our purposes let’s look at how the Mets defenders faired

Dangers of viagra At first base Daniel Murphy (yes Daniel Murphy) graded out at #10 with 18 total points.  Bill James voted Murph 5th, dangers of viagra BIS Video Scouts voted him 10th, dangers of viagra Joe Posnanski voted him 5th and John Dewan listed him 6th on his ballot. Dangers of viagra This is why I won’t be shocked when Murphy is dealt this winter  to play 1st or even 3rd base where he grades out positive as well in exchange for one of the many needs the Mets have this off season. Dangers of viagra It’s at 2nd base where Murphy is a -2 in the Runs Saved (RS) category and why the Mets need to think of defense first at second. Dangers of viagra By the way Justin Turner grades out at a woeful -11 RS at 2nd base.

Dangers of viagra So you can see neither Murph nor Ginger Turner rated in the top 10 (Ruben Tejeda by the way was a +1 in RS at 2nd base) my favorite non-Mets player Dustin Pedroia finished #1 with 97 pts

Dangers of viagra A big surprise was at shortstop where Mets icon, dangers of viagra Jose Reyes didn’t come close to a top ten finish with a lowly 6 pts to his name.

Dangers of viagra I don’t know if this is a surprise or not (I’ll leave it up to you) but at 3rd base David Wright did not garner a single vote. Dangers of viagra The Wreck of Miguel Tejada received votes from Glanville, dangers of viagra Posnanski and Dewan . Dangers of viagra MIGUEL TEJADA!!!!!! If that doesn’t motivate D-Wright to get his leather groove on, dangers of viagra I don’t know what would?

Dangers of viagra Jason Bay finished out of the money in 15th but at least he was ahead of the 500 lb left fielder a/k/a Carlos Lee

Dangers of viagra In the section dealing with centerfielder’s I’ve stared at the page for hours, dangers of viagra held it up to the light then to a mirror and still not a sign of Angel Pagan, dangers of viagra in fact if the Handbook was released on vinyl and you played it backwards you would hear Pagan is dead. Dangers of viagra Could Sandy Alderson give us a shiny new centerfielder for Christmas?  Can he find a way to get Peter Bourjos or Adam Jones ? Hell, dangers of viagra I’d settle for Coco Crsip.

Dangers of viagra In the right field category there isn’t a Mets representative and I have a strong feeling there won’t be one in the 2013 Handbook either.

Dangers of viagra 24 catchers received Fielding Bible Award votes, dangers of viagra none were named Josh Thole. Dangers of viagra Kelly Shoppach received 12 votes and would a perfect tag team partner for Thole who in all fairness is still learning the tools of ignorance trade on the Major League Level.

Dangers of viagra The highest rated Mets defender is none other than Robert Allen Dickey, dangers of viagra R.A. Dangers of viagra to you and me. Dangers of viagra  I wonder if Dickster can play 2nd base or centerfield on his four days off?

Dangers of viagra That’s just some of the great features in the 2012 Bill James Handbook and it’s also a very useful reference as we play amateur GM of the Mets this off season.

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Viagra facts

Viagra facts Tomorrow night at 11PM ET Eric Simon of Amazin’ Avenue will join me on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN PODCAST on Blog Talk Radio.

Viagra facts Eric and I will be discussing the Mets early spring results and we will look at the 2011 Amazin ‘Avenue Annual, viagra facts (ACTA publishing) which you can purchase at Amazon, viagra facts Barnes & Noble (online and at the brick and mortar) and from ACTA Publishing directly.

Viagra facts The Annual has great articles ranging from Sam Page’ Conversation with R.A. Viagra facts Dickey to Joe Posnanski (Yes THE Joe Posnanski) writing about Carlos Beltran. Viagra facts There are also sections on the new look Mets front office as well as stats and player projections for players on the big league roster as well as on the farm.

Viagra facts The 2011 Amazin’ Avenue Annual is a must read for all Mets fans.

Viagra facts

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Where to get viagra

Where to get viagra A couple of notes from last night:

Where to get viagra On last night’s THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN I had a great time talking to Dave Payne and Aviv Blasbalg of the website Sox vs. Where to get viagra Stripes as we talked about the Red Sox, where to get viagra Yankees and the AL East. Where to get viagra  When I gave their site a plug of the broadcast, where to get viagra I gave out the wrong web address and for that I apologize to Dave and Aviv for that. Where to get viagra Check out Sox vs Stripes for your Yankees and Red Sox information.

Where to get viagra All of baseball is sadden by the death of Ernie Harwell. Where to get viagra A must read today is Joe Posnanski’s reminisces of Harwell, where to get viagra and this video of Vin Scully talking about Harwell during the Dodgers-Brewers game last night. Where to get viagra Scully tells a great story about Ernie and does not miss a beat of the play by play.

Where to get viagra I’m sure Fernando Nieve can file an unfair labor grievance against Jerry Manuel, where to get viagra give the guy a day off J-Man.

Where to get viagra At what point do Phillies fans stop embarrassing themselves?  For me, where to get viagra I hope never. Where to get viagra I can’t believe there are people who feel that Philly cop was WRONG to Tased that little jerk off who ran on the field the other night. That video was priceless. Where to get viagra Just to watch that little shit head, where to get viagra prancing around the field with his  “LOOK AT ME, where to get viagra  “LOOK AT ME” attitude and when he wouldn’t stop, where to get viagra the cop zapped him and he goes down like the sack of shit he is was outstanding. Where to get viagra By the way the reason the guy last night wasn’t Tased is that whales are protected spices and by the way you fat fuck, where to get viagra Uncle Floyd called and he wants his pants back.

Where to get viagra Game time see ya later!

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Tell me why?
I don’t like Mondays.
Tell me why?
I don’t like Mondays.
Tell me why?
I don’t like Mondays.
I want to shoot
The whole day down.





First the Giants spit the bit, overnight delivery cialis then this morning the 6:40 AM Staten Island Ferry was canceled so my usual Monday morning foul mood is intensified today. Overnight delivery cialis The Giants better hope that the new stadium they are building has some kind of wind baffle built in it because for all his heroics, overnight delivery cialis Eli Manning turns into Tim Wakefield when the wind gets to 20 mph or more. Overnight delivery cialis Oh and thank you Plaxico Buress for letting down your teammates, overnight delivery cialis fans and the whole Giants organization for your stupidity. Overnight delivery cialis Next time you want to shoot yourself, overnight delivery cialis aim the gun a little fucking higher.


I’ll be rooting hard for the Cardinals on Sunday especially for my favorite Irish-American wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.


Count me as a huge Joe Posnanski fan. Overnight delivery cialis On his blog he has a great post on Adam Dunn and Willie Bloomquist.    I wanted Bloomquist on the Mets but he signed with the Royals where he will get a lot of playing time but Posnanski shows the difference between Dunn fans and Bloomquist fans and his analysis is right on the money I am most definitely a BLOOMQUIST FAN.


Today is Hall of Fame day and the one guy we know for sure who is getting in is Rickey Henderson and the reason there is an MLB Network is just for Rickey’s acceptance speech which I have no doubt will be right there with FDR and JFK Inaugural speeches in fact I would love for Rickey to write Barrack Obama’ speech for his inauguration:


                       “The only thing we need to fear, overnight delivery cialis is an opponent with an inside straight”


If I had a vote (that’ll be the day) here is how my ballot would look:


Rickey Henderson

Bert Blyleven

Jim Rice

Tim Raines


Rickey is a no brainer. Overnight delivery cialis Blyleven was a strike out machine and I also feel that longevity in the game is a plus and not a detriment (or as Mike Francesa would say “he’s a compylah” to me that’s not a knock) The thing with Rice, overnight delivery cialis when you look at straight numbers you could make a case that Dewey Evans was as good as Rice but I always remember that Rice was feared by the opposition but I don’t remember Evans in that way. Overnight delivery cialis Rock Raines was the total package of hitting/speed/defense. Overnight delivery cialis    


On the same subject, overnight delivery cialis Mike Silva had Darren Viola (a/k/Repoz) of BBTF fame on his NY Baseball Digest show last night, overnight delivery cialis discussing the HOF ballot for this year. Overnight delivery cialis First Mickey Rouke on Letterman and now Repoz on with Silva W-O-W!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is best interview/guest pairing sense Joe Franklin and Dee Dee Ramone!


I don’t know if this is old news or not but the Mets are intreseted in Derek Lowe and or Oliver Perez. Overnight delivery cialis In fact the Mets are hoping Lowe PAYS the Mets for the right to play for them.



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