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Sildenafil citrate 50mg Seems this play is the root of Johan Santana’s problems and will force him to the DL “Paging Matt Harvey, sildenafil citrate 50mg Mr. Sildenafil citrate 50mg Matt Harvey…………”

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Sildenafil citrate 50mg I think we all agree that there is something not right with Johan Santana, sildenafil citrate 50mg the question is what’s wrong?

Sildenafil citrate 50mg It doesn’t seem it’s a physical problem as Santana said he feels fine but know Johan, sildenafil citrate 50mg he’ll tell you he’s fine as the prep him for surgery, sildenafil citrate 50mg but again I don’t think this is a physical problem. Sildenafil citrate 50mg It could be he has hit a wall. Sildenafil citrate 50mg Being that Santana has said he has lost the feel for his pitches and it shows in his lack of command. Sildenafil citrate 50mg Some are pointing to the no hitter of June 1st and the subsequent handling of Santana by the Mets after that, sildenafil citrate 50mg I guess that’s the easy way to look at and as we all know the favorite past time of Mets beat writers is to point their mocking fingers at the Mets.  The problem with Johan could simply be that after missing a year of pitching, sildenafil citrate 50mg he’s tired.

Sildenafil citrate 50mg What would be the crime of putting Santana on the DL where he’ll miss two starts and then bring him back with limited innings or pitches? If Santana’s problems are fatigue and not structural, sildenafil citrate 50mg then the Mets are ahead of the game, sildenafil citrate 50mg beside we’re all dying to see Matt Harvey pitch aren’t we?

Sildenafil citrate 50mg (UPDATE: while I was out checking the field at SI Tech to make sure it was in game shape for our 3PM playoff game , sildenafil citrate 50mg I come back to find out Santana has been placed on the DL due to the ankle injury he suffered that made him use more arm that lower body while pitching hence a fatigued arm. Sildenafil citrate 50mg Carry on)

Sildenafil citrate 50mg Jeremy Hefner has been recalled for today’s game as a safety net for Miguel Batista so that means someone has got to go and that someone looks to be Kirk Nieuwenhuis. Sildenafil citrate 50mg It makes sense for Kirk to go to Buffalo since  he has slumped to the point Terry Collins would rather go with Andres Torres than him and when Nieuwenhuis did play he was striking out at an alarming rate. Sildenafil citrate 50mg Kirk seems to have a good head on his shoulders and a trip to Buffalo won’t devastate him, sildenafil citrate 50mg I’m sure he’ll work on his game and will be back in the big leagues soon.(UPDATE PART 2 Looks Kirk gets reprieve from Buffalo with Johan on DL wish the Mets would have done this sooner and saved me the time it took to do this post)  With that said if I’m Sandy Alderson I’d have released Andres Torres and that might just happen when Mike Baxter gets back. Sildenafil citrate 50mg If Baxter when healthy, sildenafil citrate 50mg is not brought right up to Queens there will be hell to pay believe me.

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Viagra report I don’t think we can question the poise and maturity of Matt Harvey after last night’s performance, viagra report in fact I came away quite impressed by his demeanor. Viagra report Think about how he handled this start with the knowledge that his call up to the big leagues hangs in the balance with Mets exec J.P Riccardi at the ball park in Buffalo and Sandy Alderson, viagra report Terry Collins and Dan Warthen monitoring his performance via SNY. Viagra report Make up wise Harvey, viagra report in my opinion is big league ready, viagra report ability wise could be debated.

Viagra report If Dillon Gee were healthy we don’t have this discussion on whether Harvey is a big leaguer or not but with the prospect that Gee is done for the year, viagra report the Mets need a starter and when you look at the options, viagra report Matt Harvey stands out as the best of them.

Viagra report Miguel Batista or Jeremy Hefner? No thank you. Viagra report We’ve seen all we need to see of Batista who is still making a living off that last game of the year shutout over the Reds. Viagra report If I had to pick between the two, viagra report I’d  go with Hefner but since Harvey is in the mix, viagra report I’d give Harvey the start on Saturday for sure.

Viagra report Is Harvey ready for it? It seems it’s a question with many answers. Viagra report Some folks are against bringing him up fearing a meltdown of some sorts, viagra report from what we’ve seen of Harvey from spring training to last night, viagra report I hardly think that will happen. Viagra report Will an early promotion stunt his growth as a pitcher? That’s a great question that I can’t answer but what we know of Harvey is he has a passion to be a major leaguer and he loves to learn and will ask questions and work on his craft to achieve success. Viagra report  My question is how will being on the big league roster with veteran pitchers like R.A. Viagra report Dickey and Johan Santana, viagra report two guys who always make themselves available to young pitchers, viagra report hurt Matt Harvey? If anything I think he’s thrive in that environment.

Viagra report I do worry about the enthusiasm level that Mets fans have for Harvey and Zack Wheeler as well. Viagra report  Between the four game losing streak (7 loses in last 10 games as well) the awful bullpen and ineffective offense against left handed pitching; the fan base is headed toward meltdown mode. Viagra report For the health and welfare of Mets fans everywhere, viagra report I hope the team can take two of three from the Nats.

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Cheap viagra 50mg If you’re going to lose three straight in the South Bronx, cheap viagra 50mg at least get blown out in all three so it doesn’t hurt Mets fans so much. Cheap viagra 50mg Friday night was easier to take than the last two losses as we can expect Johan Santana to bounce back and pitch well but in the Saturday and Sunday losses to the Highlanders the two big deficiencies of this Mets team were highlighted for all to see, cheap viagra 50mg the inability to execute the fundamentals of baseball and a bullpen that doesn’t know how to pitch.

Cheap viagra 50mg The lack of “fundi’s” were on full display yesterday. Cheap viagra 50mg I know Andy Pettite has been gone for a year but everyone knows he has one of the greatest move to first base in the history of baseball. Cheap viagra 50mg The Mets who are now a station to station base running team decide yesterday was the day to get aggressive on the base paths and it bit them in the ass as David Wright and Scott Hariston were picked off, cheap viagra 50mg with Hairston looking like deer on back road upset in the dead of winter look as Petitte ran right at him to get him out.

Cheap viagra 50mg Then there were the errors. Cheap viagra 50mg Wright was charged with a throwing error which was followed by the first Russell Martin homer to cut the Mets lead to 3-2 and before that Omar Quintanilla’s error allowed Jeter to go to second and that opened the flood gates for Bobby Parnell because no one in that Mets bullpen ever picks up a teammate. Cheap viagra 50mg  So from a 3-0 lead the Mets are now down 4-3 heading to the 9th inning. Cheap viagra 50mg Lucas Duda and Ike (That’s Right) Davis hits a game tying double and the Met tie the game at 4. Cheap viagra 50mg Now’s the time to get that go ahead run over to 3rd base with Quintanilla with a sac bunt but of course he doesn’t execute the bunt because just like last year no one on the Mets can lay down a bunt, cheap viagra 50mg Q then hits a bullshit roller to short and Jayson Nix throws to 3rd to get Ike who runs like he’s pulling a frost free refrigerator, cheap viagra 50mg again poor execution. Cheap viagra 50mg  Murph hits for Valdespin and gets a base hit with would have scored Ike had he stayed a 2nd base, cheap viagra 50mg so now it’s Q on 3rd 1 out and contact hitter Josh Thole up. Cheap viagra 50mg A base hit would be great but fly ball to one of those noodle armed Highlander outfielders would suffice. Cheap viagra 50mg  Thole works the count to 3-2 and leaves the bat on his shoulder to take a called third strike, cheap viagra 50mg then has the balls to argue the call with home plate Mike Muchlinski, cheap viagra 50mg are you kidding? SWING THE BAT!!!!!

Cheap viagra 50mg So the Mets fight back to tie the score at 4 and in comes Jon Rau………………………game over 5-4 Highlanders on a Russell Martin home run.

Cheap viagra 50mg Off to Tampa. Cheap viagra 50mg Ya Gotta Believe!!!

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Online doctor viagra This post is part of a progressive game blog as a joint venture between members of the St. Online doctor viagra Louis Cardinals chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and the NY Mets chapter of the BBA. Online doctor viagra Members of both chapters have been assigned an inning to write about on their blogs with your’s truly asked to write a Mets prospective  post game wrap up of today’s game. Online doctor viagra At the bottom of this post are the links to the other Cardinals/Mets bloggers involved in this endeavor

Online doctor viagra  

Online doctor viagra To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the New York Mets, online doctor viagra the organization has brought back many of the fans favorite things such as blue and orange as the team’s primary colors, online doctor viagra the pinstripe uni and blue cap, online doctor viagra blue outfield walls, online doctor viagra Banner Day and last but not least, online doctor viagra winning baseball.

Online doctor viagra The only way R.A. Online doctor viagra Dickey would have been able to top the historic no hitter tossed by Johan Santana last night would have been to pitch a perfect game. Online doctor viagra You know what? He came damn close.

Online doctor viagra Dickey scattered seven hits in a complete game shutout win over the St. Online doctor viagra Louis Cardinals by a score of 5-0. Online doctor viagra Dickey has taken his game to another level this season. Online doctor viagra With the win today he is 8-1 with a 2.69 ERA and a head spinning 70 K in 73.2 IP, online doctor viagra this from a pitcher who today threw his knuckleball at a Bugs Bunny- like 54 mph.

Online doctor viagra The Mets were led on offense by whom else? David Wright. Online doctor viagra The Mets have had a lot of firsts between last year and this year, online doctor viagra the dearly departed Jose Reyes won the first (tainted) batting title ever by a Mets player last year and of course Johan Santana with the first no hitter in franchise history last night, online doctor viagra so maybe we are looking at the first NL MVP award ever won by a Met with David Wright? The way this season is going never say never.

Online doctor viagra Cardinals starting pitcher Lance Lynn, online doctor viagra will be staring at the ceiling of his hotel room tonight, online doctor viagra trying to figure out how the hell he gave up three runs in the Mets half of the second inning. Online doctor viagra Ike Davis led with the only solid hit of the inning, online doctor viagra a single to right field. Online doctor viagra Fourth string shortstop Omar Quintanilla was hit on the left wrist with a pitch to make it first and second for the Mets, online doctor viagra no one out. Online doctor viagra The faster than your average catcher, online doctor viagra Josh Thole reached on an infield single and the Mets had the bags juiced with no one out.

Online doctor viagra When you look back after the Thole hit, online doctor viagra Lynn should have been out of the inning and if he did escape unscathed and unscored upon this could have been a whole different ball game, online doctor viagra alas the defensively changed Matt Adams botched a play on an R.A. Online doctor viagra Dickey ground ball hit by not catching a toss from second baseman Daniel Descalsco allowing Davis to score. Online doctor viagra Lynn got Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Andres Torres to ground out but instead of being down 1-0, online doctor viagra runs scored on both outs leaving the Mets with a 3-0 lead and Lynn and the Cards trying to figure out what just happened.

Online doctor viagra The Mets tacked on two more runs on a wild pitch and a David Wright new Citi Field dimension home run.

Online doctor viagra There are still many amongst the ranks of Mets fans that have not seen the light with the 2012 Mets. Online doctor viagra These are not your “Willie Randolph, online doctor viagra Jerry Manuel we couldn’t care less Mets” there is finally accountability and an esprit de corps in the Mets clubhouse led by field manager Terry Collins.  The toughest thing for a manager to do is getting his players to buy in to what he’s selling and in his second year at the managerial helm, online doctor viagra the Mets are buying in big time. Online doctor viagra Eat your heart out Mark Zuckeneberg.

Online doctor viagra For those new to watching Mets baseball in 2012, online doctor viagra you got a good view of the new Mets under Terry Collins on Friday night especially if you saw Collins post-game presser as he tried hard to hold his emotions in check when talking about the historic night.

Online doctor viagra Many of you Cardinals fans reading this post are Missourians hailing form the Show Me State. Online doctor viagra Well when it comes to the Mets, online doctor viagra Mets fans are from the Prove It To Me State so far the proof is on the playing field.

Online doctor viagra During the off season Mets Executive Vice President David Howard met with few of the Mets Bloggers to discuss the season ahead and the festivities for the 50th anniversary season. Online doctor viagra  We talked about the low attendance numbers at Citi Field and Howard made a very interesting statement. Online doctor viagra He said there are a whole lot of Mets fans out there, online doctor viagra millions of them but many of them are dormant Mets fans. Online doctor viagra What he was getting at is there are Mets out there who still root for the team but when they’re losing  they find it hard to come out to the ball park or watch on TV but when the team starts winning they come out of hibernation. Online doctor viagra After Santana’s no hitter Twitter blew up with so many Mets tweets that the top ten trending topics on Twitter were Mets related. Online doctor viagra Glad to see the dormant Mets fans come out of the cave.

Online doctor viagra Pre game United Cardinals Bloggers

Online doctor viagra 1st inn Pitchers Hit Eighth/Subway Squawkers

Online doctor viagra 2nd inn Cards N’ Stuff

Online doctor viagra 3rd inn I 70 Baseball/Mets Fans Four Life

Online doctor viagra 4th inn Rally Birds/STL Sports 360

Online doctor viagra 5th inn Fungoes/Metsrospectus

Online doctor viagra 6th inn On The Outside Corner

Online doctor viagra 7th inn Aaron Miles’ Fastball/Mets Public Record

Online doctor viagra 8th inn Cards Tied For First/Saint Louis Sports

Online doctor viagra 9th inn Balls & Strikes/Mets News Now

Online doctor viagra Game Recap C70 At The Bat

Online doctor viagra  

Online doctor viagra  

Online doctor viagra  

Online doctor viagra  

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Sildenafil citrate tablets  

Sildenafil citrate tablets This post will be all over the place, sildenafil citrate tablets so let me apologize in advance because I still can’t get my thoughts all in one place after watching Johan Santana’s no hitter last night. Sildenafil citrate tablets What has me all verklempt is this was more than just the first no hitter in the history of the NY Metropolitan Baseball Club, sildenafil citrate tablets it was more a display of what this little thing of ours, sildenafil citrate tablets being a Mets fan means. Sildenafil citrate tablets If the non-believers don’t grasp the concept of Mets fandom after last night, sildenafil citrate tablets they never will and that’s their loss.

Sildenafil citrate tablets The look of determination on the face of Santana will stay with me for a long, sildenafil citrate tablets long time as will the image of Terry Collins who was put in the worst spot of al, sildenafil citrate tabletsl worrying about the health of his Ace and the historical place this game was headed. Sildenafil citrate tablets Later we would learn that Santana would sing his own version of The Weight as he told Collins he was not coming out of this game taking the load off the manager and putting on him.

Sildenafil citrate tablets I thought of Josh Thole, sildenafil citrate tablets just activated after suffering a concussion guiding Santana along. Sildenafil citrate tablets After a week- ten days of working out in a back field of Pt. Sildenafil citrate tablets St. Sildenafil citrate tablets Lonesome to this electrifying moment, sildenafil citrate tablets I was hoping his head wasn’t hurting.

Sildenafil citrate tablets I thought about Mike Baxter who went above and beyond the call of duty crashing into the left field wall to make a catch that is now another in memorable catches in Mets history. Sildenafil citrate tablets Watching him come off the field with Ray Ramirez holding his arm, sildenafil citrate tablets I thought the worst but then this morning I read Baxter quotes where he said “I’ll be ok, sildenafil citrate tablets it’s not about me it’s Johan’s night”. Sildenafil citrate tablets Baxter typified the all for one, sildenafil citrate tablets one for all attitude this team has taken on.

Sildenafil citrate tablets I thought about Gary Cohen calling the game on SNY and Howie Rose calling the action on WFAN, sildenafil citrate tablets they are not just the Mets play by play men, sildenafil citrate tablets they are one of us. Sildenafil citrate tablets I feel even closer to them since we are all from the same generation who got into Mets Fandom on the ground floor. Sildenafil citrate tablets I’ve always wondered if our paths ever crossed way back when in the Upper Deck at Shea maybe during a Craig Swan start or cheering a Willie Montanez home run, sildenafil citrate tablets complete with the stutter step home run trot. Sildenafil citrate tablets When the no hitter was “in the history books” as Howie noted, sildenafil citrate tablets Ron Darling, sildenafil citrate tablets who was extremely fired up in the late innings of this game, sildenafil citrate tablets and Keith Hernandez, sildenafil citrate tablets who was astonishing quiet maybe superstition took over, sildenafil citrate tablets asked Gary if he thought the no hitter drought would ever be broken and without missing a beat Cohen said “NO” I got a bit misty in the eyes when Gary said that because I knew exactly where he was coming from.

Sildenafil citrate tablets I thought a lot about Johan Santana. Sildenafil citrate tablets I thought about all the hard work he put in to get back on a Major League mound and like Bobby Ojeda said on the post-game show pitching “on back fields in front of tumble weed and three legged dogs”. Sildenafil citrate tablets This is part of the professional athletes life that many fans either ignore or just don’t care about. Sildenafil citrate tablets The work that Santana put in after his shoulder surgery is what separates him as one of the top pitchers in MLB to the guy holding on or trying to get a roster spot. Sildenafil citrate tablets All pitchers at this level can throw a baseball, sildenafil citrate tablets it’s the few who have the work ethic and the intelligence to make the climb to the top that stand out. Sildenafil citrate tablets When Santana went down with his shoulder injury that needed surgical repair he was one of the best pitchers in baseball. Sildenafil citrate tablets He worked his ass off in rehabilitating the shoulder and in getting himself back on his game right where he left off. Sildenafil citrate tablets  After last night’s performance all those days with the physical therapist and then on the back fields of the Mets minor league complex with the sweat dripping off him to the scrutiny of Dan Warthen and Terry Collins in spring training to the skepticism of the media and fan base, sildenafil citrate tablets wondering which Johan Santana we would see, sildenafil citrate tablets has paid off big time. Sildenafil citrate tablets What we’ve seen is one of the best pitchers in Mets history and a player with the heart of a lion.

Sildenafil citrate tablets Last night was not about the owner and how much money he has or doesn’t have  nor was it about whether this team is playing over their heads, sildenafil citrate tablets no, sildenafil citrate tablets it was about what it’s like when you sign on to become a Mets fan. Sildenafil citrate tablets There are good days and some bad days and then there are days like yesterday that wash away all the bad. Sildenafil citrate tablets  If you’ve decided not to support this team because of your disdain for the ownership, sildenafil citrate tablets well you’re stupid. Sildenafil citrate tablets If you learned anything last night it’s not about the Skill Sets, sildenafil citrate tablets it’s not about the Robinson Rotunda, sildenafil citrate tablets it’s not about the outfield walls and it’s not about the Shake Shack, sildenafil citrate tablets it’s about the 25 players and it’s about us and for all of you who have been avoiding Citi Field, sildenafil citrate tablets you better hop back on the bandwagon and buy some tickets and come out to watch this team play because I don’t think they are done making history, sildenafil citrate tablets the no hitter might just be the beginning of something very special.

Sildenafil citrate tablets  

Sildenafil citrate tablets  

Sildenafil citrate tablets  

Sildenafil citrate tablets  

Sildenafil citrate tablets  

Sildenafil citrate tablets  

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Viagra alternative levitra It was a bad night all around for the Mets, viagra alternative levitra in particular Johan Santana, viagra alternative levitra who pitched another gem and left without a win, viagra alternative levitra the Mets bullpen which imploded once again, viagra alternative levitra for D.J. Viagra alternative levitra Carrasco who had to confess his sins to Terry Collins and David Wright before the game and asked to be used in pressure situation in late innings got his wish and pitched like shit and mercifully Sandy Alderson did a mea culpa and cut his ass after the game.

Viagra alternative levitra Collins did not have a great game either when it came to bullpen management. Viagra alternative levitra Heads were on swivel at Citi Field last night when Bobby Parnell did not come out to pitch the 8th inning after a just a 5 pitch one batter K in the 7th. Viagra alternative levitra I was waiting to see Parnell come out the dugout but instead Jon Rauch ran in from the bullpen. Viagra alternative levitra I know Collins is trying to keep everyone in their role but so far this bullpen has been dreadful with only Parnell and Tim Brydak pitching effectively so why not let Parnell start the 8th and have Rauch up just in case ? I love all the positive spin that comes from the Mets clubhouse but its games like last night that has many in the fan base unconvinced that this positive first two months is real.

Viagra alternative levitra With Jason Bay getting back to baseball activity, viagra alternative levitra the speculation is on as to who will be chucked once Bay comes back to the big league team. Viagra alternative levitra  The club is making it known that Ike Davis will not be shipped upstate so he’s safe. Viagra alternative levitra Mike Baxter is more than safe with his uncanny ability to get a hit off the bench to match his speed and defensive ability he has become a very valuable piece to the 2012 Mets. Viagra alternative levitra That leaves Scott Hairston and Kirk Nieuwenhuis as the last options to be re-assigned.

Viagra alternative levitra Nieuwenhuis’ bat has cooled as he has gone 8 for his last 33 (.242) but no one expected him to hit at the pace he has and even though his strikeout rate is high he still gets on base at a decent .367 clip. Viagra alternative levitra Kirk also plays terrific defense and can play all three outfield positions and he has added toughness to the team that has been sorely needed.

Viagra alternative levitra Hairston biggest plus is he’s a right handed hitter with some pop and that is in short supply on this team. Viagra alternative levitra The other RH on the bench right now are Rony Cedeno and Justin Turner but if Hairston was traded to make room for Bay’s return you could platoon Bay and Nieuwenhuis in LF so on days a right-hander pitches you’d still  Bay and his righty bat ready off the bench.

Viagra alternative levitra I guess it comes down to do the Mets feel it’s better to have Nieuwenhuis play every day in Buffalo  and have him ready if another outfielder goes down or leave him here in a platoon in LF and to spell Andres Torres in centerfield. Viagra alternative levitra I’d go with the Bay/Kirk platoon myself and make Hairston expendable. Viagra alternative levitra Stay tuned!

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Cheap viagra online <

Cheap viagra online  

Cheap viagra online  

Cheap viagra online We were invited to a party last night in our old neighborhood in Brooklyn, cheap viagra online as many you know how much pride I have in being born and raised in Brooklyn  and with the passing of Adam Yauch a fellow Brooklynite and Beastie Boy I  made sure as we crossed over the Verazzano Narrows Bridge last night I  made sure I had this song queued up R.I.P. Cheap viagra online MCA

Cheap viagra online Just so happened I was in Brooklyn last night to attend a dinner to for the son of friends who was receiving his Eagle Scout award from his Boy Scout troop. Cheap viagra online  We were all waiting for the festivities to begin but before we would get started, cheap viagra online the pastor from the church of this young man’s parish was to give the invocation prayer before the start of the evening. Cheap viagra online Seems the priest was running a bit late, cheap viagra online most guessed he officiated the 5 o’clock mass at his church, cheap viagra online not at problem, cheap viagra online it just gave the guests more time to socialize and enjoy each other company. Cheap viagra online Finally after being over 45 minutes late, cheap viagra online the priest walks into the hall, cheap viagra online shakes a few hands and arrives at the podium. Cheap viagra online The crowd rises as we prepare for his opening prayer, cheap viagra online but before we get to make the sign of the cross, cheap viagra online the priest makes the following confession.

Cheap viagra online “Ladies and gentleman, cheap viagra online  I have to apologize for my lateness this evening. Cheap viagra online  I’ve been sitting in my car the last 20 minutes listening to the 9th inning of the Mets game, cheap viagra online (all of a sudden a lot of eyes focused in my direction “hey did I sit in the car “? “No I followed the game right here on my phone”) a game they needed to win because Johan Santana has been such an inspiration and deserves to see a W next to his name in the box score and with this bullpen lately, cheap viagra online nothing is certain. Cheap viagra online So with that in the name of the father, cheap viagra online son and the holy spirit………………”

Cheap viagra online Mets fans. Cheap viagra online Go figure.

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Viagra pill splitter  

Viagra pill splitter  

Viagra pill splitter  

Viagra pill splitter NEWS: Mariano Rivera tears his ACL

Viagra pill splitter UH OH! First let me say I feel very badly for Mariano as he is the greatest closer of all time and from all you read and hear he’s a first class guy and I won’t criticize him or the Highlanders for allowing him to shag fly balls in batting practice since he has been doing this his whole career but as a Mets fan I have to say if this were Johan Santana or R.A. Viagra pill splitter Dickey who suffer this freak injury the Mets would be eviscerated from every keyboard and microphone in the NY sports media universe.

Viagra pill splitter It’s the same as the Bronx Bastards keeping Nick Swisher on the active roster with bad hammy, viagra pill splitter remember how the Mets and Omar Minaya were smacked upside down for actions like this but Pee Wee Cashman never gets hammered for any of his bone head moves in this town. Viagra pill splitter NYC sports media is Shillsville.

Viagra pill splitter Just to show how fair and balanced I am when it comes to the New York Highlanders, viagra pill splitter I received a copy of Marty Appel’s new book   Pinstriped Empire: The New York Yankees from Before the Babe to after the Boss (Published by Bloomsbury USA) and I cannot wait to read it. Viagra pill splitter I have had the pleasure of meeting Marty and various SABR events and have read all his books so I know Pinstriped Empire will be a winner.

Viagra pill splitter NEWS: Mets Need A 5th Starter……

Viagra pill splitter And it won’t be Matt Harvey. Viagra pill splitter Or Jeurys  Familia or Zack Wheeler so says Sandy Alderson and of course that’s the correct course of action. Viagra pill splitter Right now there are three choices to fill Big Pelf’s spot (did you ever think at any time in your Metsfandom life you say to yourself “WOW I miss Mike Pelfrey”? ) Miguel Batisita is one of the choices and quite frankly I’ve seen enough of Batisita and his total ineffectiveness so why not send up Jeremy Hafner and give him the next shot or even better how about Alderson doing some good old fashion GM’ing and make a deal for a pitcher as I said yesterday Jason Marquis would be a great fit.

Viagra pill splitter NEWS: NY Knickerbockers go down 0-3 to the Miami Heat

Viagra pill splitter As many of you know I am not a Knicks fan, viagra pill splitter my allegiance is to the Boston Celtics. Viagra pill splitter Since my C’s didn’t play last night I watched the Knicks-Heat game and my question to Knicks fans is how do you root for Carmelo Anthony ? My God, viagra pill splitter how overrated is this guy ? Again being a fan of the Celtics I’m spoiled watching Paul Pierce, viagra pill splitter Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen drag their old bones up and down the court for one last run at Banner 18 but the hype for Carmelo Anthony just escapes me. Viagra pill splitter    

Viagra pill splitter  

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Buy viagra no prescription WHEW!!!!!  Yesterday’s Mets-Rockies game is like trying to eat a Carnegie Deli sandwich, buy viagra no prescription where do you begin?

Buy viagra no prescription I’ll start with Johan Santana who has topped everyone’s expectations so far this season. Buy viagra no prescription  Santana relied on fastball/change up combo and I hate using this word, buy viagra no prescription battled. Buy viagra no prescription If you want to take Johan to task (I don’t know why you would) his walk rate 4.13 BB/9IP is high but as he progress through the season that should drop. Buy viagra no prescription  The main thing that separates Santana from Mark Prior and Chen Ming Wang, buy viagra no prescription the two pitchers who have had the same surgery as Santana, buy viagra no prescription is he is a superior pitcher than either two. Buy viagra no prescription Prior was more a thrower than a pitcher and Wang is a back of the rotation guy, buy viagra no prescription Santana is an anchor. Buy viagra no prescription Since his 1.1 IP performance in Atlanta on April 17 th, buy viagra no prescription his last two starts have been outstanding, buy viagra no prescription having  pitched 12.2 innings and given up 1 earned run dropping  his season ERA from 3.97 to 2.25. Buy viagra no prescription See how easy life is with a solid #1 pitcher.

Buy viagra no prescription Well somewhat easy I guess. Buy viagra no prescription I have no problem with Terry Collins pulling Santana after 6 innings in a start where Johan had thrown 105 pitches in his last start with an extra day rest. Buy viagra no prescription  So far the program the Mets have put together for Santana has been working so why get greedy, buy viagra no prescription besides with the exception of Frank Frisco, buy viagra no prescription the back end of the bullpen has been good. Buy viagra no prescription Now would I have gone with Miguel Batista in the 7th inning? No, buy viagra no prescription I’d have gone with Bobby Parnell, buy viagra no prescription but when I thought about why TC would go with Batista in that spot, buy viagra no prescription I thought it would be to show confidence in Batista after that awful start last Monday, buy viagra no prescription putting him a spot to succeed. Buy viagra no prescription Collins is the anti-Joe Girardi, buy viagra no prescription he’s more a feel and from the gut kind of manager, buy viagra no prescription he knows when a player needs a confidence boost and when a guy needs a day of reflection from the bench. Buy viagra no prescription Binders? Terry Collins doesn’t need no stinkin’ binders. Buy viagra no prescription Batista pitched a fine 7th inning and things were moving along nicely until………………

Buy viagra no prescription We could scream and yell about home plate ump Paul Emmel squeezing the strike zone on Jon Rauch especially on the Michael Cuddyer at bat (as per pitch f/x, buy viagra no prescription Rauch only hit the strike zone with a pitch once but look at the 4th and 5th pitch of the AB, buy viagra no prescription can we have some consistency please !)But the Carlos Gonzalez at bat was the at bat to look at. Buy viagra no prescription Rauch’ first pitch was a strike that was called a ball after that Rauch lost all control of the strike zone. Buy viagra no prescription Getting Cargo there would have left Fowler on first with 2 out but instead it’s 1 out runners on first and second with Troy Tulowitzki up. Buy viagra no prescription Rauch starts off with two straight strikes and then gets Tulo to hit the next pitch back to him for a 1-3 put out and it looked like Rauch was getting out of this jam until of course the Cuddyer base on balls and out goes an irate Jon Rauch and in comes Tim Byrdak to face Todd Helton with the bases loaded.

Buy viagra no prescription Just like that, buy viagra no prescription a slider that was middle in took away a stellar start by Santana, buy viagra no prescription a breakout game for Ike Davis, buy viagra no prescription the continued wonderment of Kirk Nieuwhenhuis, buy viagra no prescription the continued rejuvenation of David Wright and of course a 4 run lead, buy viagra no prescription went for naught as the ball of Helton’s climbed to the upper reaches of right field for a Grand Salami. Buy viagra no prescription Heads of Mets fans were hung, buy viagra no prescription obscenities were screamed, buy viagra no prescription scapegoats were being named, buy viagra no prescription jobs had to be terminated, buy viagra no prescription but this Mets team laughs at your lack of faith, buy viagra no prescription you think they packed all those cowboy clothes to wear to Houston for a loss, buy viagra no prescription HELL NO!!! This Mets team does not go quietly.

Buy viagra no prescription I guess it’s due to the Mets having had some bad managers the last few years from Art Howe, buy viagra no prescription the Admiral James Stockdale of baseball managers (Who am I ? Why am I here?) The insecure and overmatched Willie Randolph and the “is it payday”?  skipper Jerry Manuel , buy viagra no prescription we are still getting used to the passion of Terry Collins.

Buy viagra no prescription TC has learned a hard lesson in baseball, buy viagra no prescription his last three managerial stints ended very badly and he had to go back to baseball purgatory as a minor league coordinator to rebuild his resume. Buy viagra no prescription Give the man credit, buy viagra no prescription he could have left baseball, buy viagra no prescription gone to a 9 to 5 job and just be another working stiff, buy viagra no prescription instead he went back to the bushes and rebuilt his reputation as baseball man and worked on what were his short comings. Buy viagra no prescription  If it weren’t for the financial fallout from the Madoff mess, buy viagra no prescription Collins wouldn’t have gotten this shot. Buy viagra no prescription He got the job because he came cheap and this cheap investment is paying dividends.

Buy viagra no prescription Collins holds players accountable, buy viagra no prescription you know Ike Davis was mad to be pinch hit for and I’m sure he was livid to be out the lineup but he wasn’t producing and as TC said I have faith in my players but it’s about the team and it’s about winning. Buy viagra no prescription Since that time of his benching and with some work with hitting coach Dave Hudgins, buy viagra no prescription Ike has picked up his hands and maybe using his anger as a positive, buy viagra no prescription has started to look like the Ike we love. Buy viagra no prescription Give tons of credit to Ike for his two run single in the top of the 11th that proved to be the game winner but don’t forget the manager for instilling a mindset into this team that they are a good baseball team and to the other 24 players who refuse to give up.

Buy viagra no prescription  

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Buy viagra cheap I don’t know about you but after hearing the news of Mike Pelfrey’s name getting added to the DL and that he’s now packing his bags for a date in Birmingham with Dr. Buy viagra cheap Andrews, buy viagra cheap my focus was on Johan Santana and how sound his left shoulder is. Buy viagra cheap Oh I know most of you were obsessing over Jose Reyes’ first at bat, buy viagra cheap quite frankly it was much ado about nothing, buy viagra cheap yeah some booed, buy viagra cheap some cheered but Reyes first at bat ended with Kirk Neuienhuis telling Jose “Bite Me” with his outstanding catch to save at least a triple, buy viagra cheap but I digress.

Buy viagra cheap See it’s not the fact that Big Pelf looks to be done for the season that has me edgy , buy viagra cheap it’s the next injury to a starting pitcher that’s giving me the shakes, buy viagra cheap  the Mets can pop in a Chris Schwinden for Pelfrey and not really miss a beat, buy viagra cheap but if another starting pitcher goes down, buy viagra cheap then what? This is the byproduct of lack of depth in your upper levels of your farm system. Buy viagra cheap If another starter were to go down then either Garret Olson of Jeremy Hefner would be next on the list. Buy viagra cheap So now would be a good time for ownership to show the fan base that they have the resources to add a pitcher and go contact Roy Oswalt’s agent and see what it would take to bring him to NY . Buy viagra cheap It’s time for Sandy Alderson and the Skill Sets to get pro-active before the next starting pitcher hits the DL. Buy viagra cheap If they don’t, buy viagra cheap the Mets will be entering into the Yogi Zone where it gets late early.

Buy viagra cheap Okay are we done with the cross examination of Jose Reyes’ first rip to Citi Field as a Fish ? He came, buy viagra cheap you cheered, buy viagra cheap you booed, buy viagra cheap you shrugged. Buy viagra cheap In fact it was a fitting tribute for Reyes last night as there were just as many fans  for his return as there was for his departure at Citi Field. Buy viagra cheap The Mets showed a little video tribute and no baby seals were killed. Buy viagra cheap Let’s move on shall we.

Buy viagra cheap The message was sent to Ike Davis by Terry Collins last night, buy viagra cheap produce or grab some pine and for all of you who were flabbergasted by the move, buy viagra cheap grow up this is big league baseball not Little League. Buy viagra cheap If Ike doesn’t straighten out soon he’ll be a Bison in a couple of weeks.

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