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When do i use cialis As first reported by Mike Silva of NY Baseball Digest, when do i use cialis LOOGY Deluxe Tim Byrdak has signed a contract extension with the Mets for next season. When do i use cialis Seems Sandy Alderson would like to keep two lefties in the pen and so far Little LOOGY Danny (Give me a LOOGY with Hair, when do i use cialis long beautiful Hair, when do i use cialis shining, when do i use cialis gleaming…..)Herrera is making his bid to be Byrdak’s stablemate.

When do i use cialis Between having John Franco babysit Bobby Parnell and now having Terry Collins breakdown of Dillion Gee’s pitch selection and approach, when do i use cialis it seems like Dan Warthen is on shaky ground when it comes to his job security for next season, when do i use cialis I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a return of The Jacket to Flushing.

When do i use cialis How much does the stellar play of Ruben Tejeda play into the Mets maybe not going all out to re-sign Jose Reyes?  I’m sure he will never admit it but I’d bet Sandy Alderson is praying that some dumb owner offers Reyes a ridiculous contract that he can’t match so he can use the $18-$20 mil on pitching.

When do i use cialis What a schizo team we root for. When do i use cialis They lose four games at home to the Nats and look like they packed it in for the year. When do i use cialis The manager calls his team out saying they “folded up” and says “the fans are right to be angry”  So they go into Atlanta, when do i use cialis usually a house of horrors for the Mets and take 2 of 3 from a Braves team that needed to win these three games to keep the Cardinals and Giants off their heels. When do i use cialis Amazing Mets indeed.

When do i use cialis This is beyond disturbing!

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Viagra order If it weren’t for the idiocy of Major League Baseball, viagra order all the talk last night and this morning would have been about the emotional and beautifully choreographed pre-game ceremony at Citi Field to honor the memory of the attack of September 11th and the first responders that gave their lives and the others who risked theirs to help others.

Viagra order I was brought to tears seeing Mike Piazza lead a parade of heroes from the right field side of Citi Field and John Franco doing the same on the left field side. Viagra order  Then having the ball park lights dim for a moment of silence followed by a spine tingling rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by Marc Anthony. Viagra order Franco and Piazza then took center stage in their snow white Mets uni tops with the words “9-11-01 we will never forget” embroidered on the sleeve just like it was 10 years ago, viagra order to deliver the first pitch of the game. Viagra order In an eerie silence, viagra order Franco, viagra order a “Noo Yawk” guy through and through tossed a perfect strike to Piazza, viagra order the man who made the Mets relevant again. Viagra order In fact  what struck me about last night was how sad it was for two reasons, viagra order the first was what the commemoration of the evening was for of course, viagra order the other, viagra order it reminded me when the last time the Mets were a big deal in this town, viagra order that choked me up as well.

Viagra order The Mets wore the same snow whites that they had on 9-21-11, viagra order the first sports event in NYC since the demise of the Twin Towers, viagra order but on their heads that night were the caps of the FDNY, viagra order NYPD, viagra order and PAPD the three groups the club had become very close to due to their working side by side during the awful aftermath of the attack. Viagra order At the time MLB said the Mets couldn’t wear those caps during a major league game and the Mets in turn led by Bobby Valentine told MLB to kiss their New York City ass, viagra order we’re wearing them. Viagra order  What did MLB do? Nothing, viagra order just like every other bully that is stood up to. Viagra order The Mets wore the first responder caps and celebrated in those caps when Mike Piazza, viagra order he of the NYPD batting helmet as well, viagra order hit his home run that put a smile on faces that thought they’d never smile again. Viagra order It was not just a classic NY moment or one the best moments in Mets history it showed that baseball, viagra order just like during all of the countries dark times, viagra order came through once again, viagra order it always does, viagra order its what makes baseball the great pastime it is.

Viagra order The Mets of 2011 asked MLB if they could have permission to wear the hats of the first responders again as they did 10 years ago. Viagra order MLB said no, viagra order just like they did 10 years ago. Viagra order This time though the Mets rolled over, viagra order scared to take a stand. Viagra order There was no Valentine, viagra order or Franco, viagra order or Ventura, viagra order or Zeile on the team to tell MLB to take their no cap memo and shove it up their tight ass’s. Viagra order The players thought about ignoring the order but claimed the organization would have been severely punished if they did. Viagra order If the Mets banded together and wore the caps, viagra order what was MLB going to do? Absolutely nothing. Viagra order  Again to beat the bully you need to stand up to the bully.

Viagra order I don’t know if I’ve told this story here but if I did I apologize but I think it should be told here. Viagra order  As I’ve mention on numerous occasions, viagra order I manage a 14-15 year old Babe Ruth Team on Staten Island. Viagra order  During the heat wave of the summer, viagra order a day that was 97 degrees, viagra order I had scheduled a practice. Viagra order We try to have at least one practice a week during the season to work on some deficiencies and to go over the pitching rotation for the upcoming games. Viagra order We also take a round of infield/outfield drills and batting practice, viagra order in all it runs about two hours. Viagra order The place we like to practice is Miller Field in the New Dorp section as it was a one time air base during WWII and has plenty of fields to choose from. Viagra order Now because of the heat I was ready to cancel practice and let the boys enjoy their pools or whatever they were doing to stay cool. Viagra order Every kid that I called said, viagra order “ah coach it ain’t that hot we can practice” my son told me he was getting texts from some players asking him to convince me to hold practice. Viagra order What could I do? They want to play, viagra order fine let’s go practice. Viagra order So with the equipment and a case of water, viagra order off to Miller Field we go. Viagra order We were the only people in the park. Viagra order Acres of land at our disposal. Viagra order As we were half way through batting practice a federal parks department employee pulls up to the field asking “who is in charge here”? “ Well, viagra order that would be me”, viagra order “do you have a permit to play here” Ms. Viagra order Fed asks. Viagra order “A permit? For what? To play baseball”? “Yes” she said, viagra order “Ah no” I say “Well, viagra order she says then you will have to leave”.

Viagra order After I stopped laughing I ask here to clear her cart from the pitcher’s mound so we could continue to play. Viagra order Again she ask me if this was an organized team and where was our permit and on and on really annoying the living shit out of me. Viagra order I told her the organization we played for and that we had permits to play games here but being a programed bureaucrat all she knew was I didn’t have permit for the field and I had to leave. Viagra order At this point I asked her what her title was and she rattled off some administrative rank, viagra order I then told her to call someone with authority to make me leave, viagra order like the Federal Park Police, viagra order and while I wait for the police to come, viagra order we will continue to play baseball.

Viagra order Well, viagra order instead of calling the police, viagra order she called her supervisor who in turn called the league president who had to come down to the park to make me leave the park. Viagra order  So while I’m being screamed at with threats, viagra order I told my assistant coach, viagra order to continue with the practice this way I’ll go argue with these women long enough for all the players get their batting practice swings. Viagra order   For a good half hour, viagra order we argued back in forth about the lack of common sense being applied here, viagra order which was enough time for the team to finish practice. Viagra order When the coach told me practice was over, viagra order I thanked the ladies and said “yeah you know what, viagra order your right we don’t belong here, viagra order we’ll leave”.

Viagra order I didn’t give a shit about the two Federal Flunkies but the woman who ran the league was so mad at me she stopped talking to me. Viagra order It didn’t bother me in the least, viagra order you know why? She couldn’t do anything to me, viagra order what could she do, viagra order tell me I can’t manage the team anymore? No. Viagra order Luckily I had all the parents of the kids behind me 100 %. Viagra order That’s why I took the stand. Viagra order I knew there was nothing anyone was going to do to me to make me regret my decision.

Viagra order As I told the Feds, viagra order this will make a great story in the Staten Island Advance “Youth Coach and kids Thrown out of Park For Playing Ball” or maybe one of the local TV stations would love to expose the story, viagra order I had me some bullets in my gun. Viagra order  Sometimes you have to take a stand.

Viagra order That is what has me pissed off at the Mets, viagra order especially David Wright. Viagra order If Wright led the way and wore the NYPD cap he wore in the dugout on the field what was MLB going to do? NOTHING! If the whole Mets team would have worn the caps on the field what was MLB going to do? NOTHING!

Viagra order The bad publicity from this should be a huge embarrassment to MLB and I can’t believe no one in the P.R. Viagra order department didn’t beg Bud Selig or Clueless Joe Torre, viagra order who by the way showed is true colors as a big time phony, viagra order  to let the Mets wear the caps.

Viagra order You know what in the long run maybe MLB was right did it really matter if the Mets wore the first responder caps? No one was watching anyway, viagra order especially with the Jets-Cowboys game on NBC.

Viagra order Enjoy those single digit post season ratings in the post season Bud, viagra order you douchebag.

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Uk deals cheap viagra It looks like John Franco wants to get back in uniform with the Mets, uk deals cheap viagra no not as a player but as a coach. Uk deals cheap viagra Franco said in today’s NY Post, uk deals cheap viagra that he would love to join the club as a mentor to Bobby Parnell, uk deals cheap viagra which I feel would help Parnell immensely and if Franco is sincere as I’m sure he is, uk deals cheap viagra instead of telling this to a newspaper reporter, uk deals cheap viagra why not approach Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins with this idea.

Uk deals cheap viagra When Collins was told of Franco’s wish he said “I’ll try and set that up”. Uk deals cheap viagra One of the things Collins told me during the winter was he told his coaching staff if you see something that you thing in a player or in a way the club is going about it’s business the needs fixing, uk deals cheap viagra you should speak up and let’s look at it as a staff. Uk deals cheap viagra So if John Franco feels he can help Bobby Parnell get his mindset right to be a closer and help him develop an off speed pitch to go with his supersonic fastball, uk deals cheap viagra Collins would definitely be on board for that.

Uk deals cheap viagra I love Howard Johnson, uk deals cheap viagra his combination of speed and power makes him one of the best players to wear a Mets uniform, uk deals cheap viagra but really HoJo it’s time to shut the fuck up. Uk deals cheap viagra As Mike Silva tells us, uk deals cheap viagra Johnson has taken to Twitter to bash Mets management claiming they are anti-86 Mets. Uk deals cheap viagra   As Silva points out there are a number of ex-86ers that work for the team, uk deals cheap viagra and the Mets gave HoJo a shot at being a manager and he failed and they handed him the job as the big league batting coach and many feel he’s ruined David Wright with his tinkering of his swing. Uk deals cheap viagra So really HoJo stop the whining you’re starting to sound like a bitter ex-wife.

Uk deals cheap viagra The Skill Sets are confident they will find at least 20 investors in their Ponzi scheme effort to raise some capital and to keep ownership of the Mets. Uk deals cheap viagra I’m sure Mortimer and Randolph Duke Freddy and Uncle Saul know what they’re doing, uk deals cheap viagra I mean what could go wrong? (BIG EYE ROLL!!!!!!!)

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Free viagra sample Took a day off from blogging and social media to celebrate my son’s birthday by spending the day in the city and taking in a performance of Spider Man Turn Off The Dark. Free viagra sample The show itself was entertaining it’s no Guys and Dolls but hey what is! I was disappointed in the music since Bono and The Edge wrote the score and the only song I really enjoyed was when Patrick Page, free viagra sample who really saves this show as his role as Green Goblin was the highlight of the performance, free viagra sample sings A Freak Like Me Needs Company to open a second act that salvaged the show for me. Free viagra sample The high flying Spider Man and Green Goblin scenes are spectacular as is the make up job doen on Page as the Green Goblin .  Just the fact that Spidey made it this far on Broadway is an accomplishment.

Free viagra sample On to the Mets, free viagra sample in no particular order:

Free viagra sample The news that John Franco and Mike Piazza will be the participants in the first pitch of the game on September 11th and the Mets will wear caps of the first responders of that tragic day, free viagra sample will help bring some joy to Mets fans on what should be proclaimed a National Day of Mourning. Free viagra sample It’s still hard to believe that it will be 10 years since the attack, free viagra sample of all the scenes of carnage and despair of that day, free viagra sample the vision of seeing the smoke smoldering from the wreckage of the Towers, free viagra sample from my bedroom window still haunts me.

Free viagra sample When I first heard about Howard Johnson playing for the Rockland Boulders this weekend so he could join his son Glen I thought it was a silly stunt but then I thought it’s an Independent League so really who cares?

Free viagra sample Jason Bay to center field? Flanked by #ImWith28 and The Dude? Better find some pitchers with a high GB/FB ratio.

Free viagra sample Safe to say something will happen with the dimensions of the Great Wall of Flushing, free viagra sample like cutting the wall in half to 8 ft. Free viagra sample I’ve stood on the warning track under that Great Wall and that is some rarified air up there. Free viagra sample Bringing in the fences is not needed but an 8 ft left field wall will make a big improvement and hopefully help the stigma that David Wright and Jason Bay seem to have with the wall.

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The following is a press release from the Baseball Bloggers Alliance
Second baseman Roberto Alomar and starting pitcher Bert Blyleven were named today as the recommended 2011 Hall of Fame class by the Baseball Bloggers Alliance.
Alomar, cialis diarrhea who is on the ballot for his second year, cialis diarrhea and Blyleven, cialis diarrhea looking at his fourteenth time, cialis diarrhea both finished just shy of the BBA’s recommendation in 2010 at just a fraction under the 75% threshold. Cialis diarrhea  As was the case last year, cialis diarrhea both Alomar and Blyleven received the same amount of votes from the BBA membership in 2010, cialis diarrhea but this time it was enough to push them into the recommended status.
Both players received 117 votes out of the 154 ballots cast, cialis diarrhea resulting in a 75.97% approval rate. Cialis diarrhea  Again echoing the vote taken at the end of 2009, cialis diarrhea shortstop Barry Larkin was the third man in the balloting, cialis diarrhea missing selection by being named on just 70.78% of the ballots.
The Baseball Bloggers Alliance’s vote has no impact on the official vote taken by the Baseball Writers of America and the members of the Hall of Fame. Cialis diarrhea  However, cialis diarrhea the BBA has been often a predictor of awards granted by the writers, cialis diarrhea matching their selection in fourteen of the sixteen major awards in the last two postseasons combined.
The final voting results are as follows:
Roberto Alomar, cialis diarrhea 75.97%
Bert Blyleven, cialis diarrhea 75.97%
Barry Larkin, cialis diarrhea 70.78%
Jeff Bagwell, cialis diarrhea 62.34%
Edgar Martinez, cialis diarrhea 59.09%
Tim Raines, cialis diarrhea 54.55%
Mark McGwire, cialis diarrhea 44.16%
Lee Smith, cialis diarrhea 38.96%
Alan Trammell, cialis diarrhea 35.71%
Don Mattingly, cialis diarrhea 33.12%
Larry Walker, cialis diarrhea 31.17%
Fred McGriff, cialis diarrhea 27.27%
Jack Morris, cialis diarrhea 25.97%
Rafael Palmerio, cialis diarrhea 20.78%
Dale Murphy, cialis diarrhea 16.23%
Dave Parker, cialis diarrhea 12.34%
Harold Baines, cialis diarrhea 10.39%
Kevin Brown, cialis diarrhea 9.09%
John Franco, cialis diarrhea 7.14%
Tino Martinez, cialis diarrhea 5.19%
John Olerud, cialis diarrhea 5.19%
Al Leiter, cialis diarrhea 4.55%
Bret Boone, cialis diarrhea 3.90%
Juan Gonzalez, cialis diarrhea 3.90%
Marquis Grissom, cialis diarrhea 2.60%
Benito Santiago, cialis diarrhea 1.30%
Bobby Higginson, cialis diarrhea 0.65%
Charles Johnson, cialis diarrhea 0.65%
Kirk Rueter, cialis diarrhea 0.65%
Carlos Baerga, cialis diarrhea 0.00%
Raul Mondesi, cialis diarrhea 0.00%
BJ Surhoff, cialis diarrhea 0.00%
The Baseball Bloggers Alliance was established in the fall of 2009 for the purpose of fostering collaboration and communication among bloggers from across baseball. Cialis diarrhea  The BBA has quickly grown to its current membership of 256 blogs, cialis diarrhea including some of the most prominent blogs on the internet, cialis diarrhea spanning all major league teams and various other general aspects of the game.
More information about the BBA can be found at their website, cialis diarrhea, cialis diarrhea or by contacting the founder and administrator of the organization, cialis diarrhea Daniel Shoptaw, cialis diarrhea at

Cialis diarrhea In full disclosure, cialis diarrhea here is the ballot I submitted:

Cialis diarrhea Roberto Alomar

Cialis diarrhea Bert Blyleven

Cialis diarrhea Barry Larkin

Cialis diarrhea Jeff Bagwell

Cialis diarrhea Tim Raines

Cialis diarrhea I had struggled with naming Mark McGwire on my ballot, cialis diarrhea one day I’d say yea the next day nay as I look at it today I feel I should have put him on my ballot.

Cialis diarrhea I was very surprised that Tim Raines did not garner more votes as he was one of the best all-around players of his era.

Cialis diarrhea The same way I can’t vote for closers (except when Mariano Rivera comes up for vote) I can’t vote for DH’s. Cialis diarrhea Sorry Edgar.

Cialis diarrhea From 1976 to 1987, cialis diarrhea Dale Murphy looked like a lead pipe cinch to be a Hall of Famer, cialis diarrhea but from 1988 to 1993 he turned into a journeyman stumblebum. Cialis diarrhea Sad.


Cialis diarrhea

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Viagra buy in uk online As expected, viagra buy in uk online Wally Backman will remain in the Mets organization as manager of the Binghamton Mets. Although there was an outcry in the some parts Metsville on Backman getting the big league job as skipper, viagra buy in uk online a jump from managing short season team to a Double A team is very impressive.

Viagra buy in uk online Nothing sparks debate better than a list of all time players and Mike Silva has stoked the fire of Mets fans hearts with his Top 50 All Time Mets list. Viagra buy in uk online I will be quite curious to read the comments on Mike site over this list as I found out with Kerrel Copper writing about retiring Ed Kranepool’s #7, viagra buy in uk online there is a bit of a generation gap between the guys of my generation and the 20-30 something Mets fans. Viagra buy in uk online 2011 will be the 25th Anniversary of the 1986 World Champs, viagra buy in uk online that means the twenty something’s have never witnessed a Mets parade down the Canyon of Heroes (my old ass has seen both Mets parades) and the thirty something’s  have a vague memory of the festive day on Broadway. Viagra buy in uk online I don’t blame the younger Mets fans for getting tired of old farts like myself waxing poetic about the Mets of yesteryear but then again don’t discount the players of the era either. Viagra buy in uk online  

Viagra buy in uk online By the way, viagra buy in uk online I e-mailed Mike with my displeasure of John Franco being ranked higher that Ed Kranepool on his list. Viagra buy in uk online  Same with Johan Santana at #20, viagra buy in uk online a bit high. Viagra buy in uk online Tug McGraw and Rusty Staub should definitely be ranked higher than Santana. Viagra buy in uk online  Jerry Grote at #30?  Com’on way tooooooooo low and by the way all you kids better get off my lawn. What about George Theodore, viagra buy in uk online Joel Youngblood, viagra buy in uk online Ron Swoboda, viagra buy in uk online Ron Hunt and Dennis Ribant, viagra buy in uk online okay Ribant is a reach.          

Viagra buy in uk online The best part about the end of the holidays is that the Mets front office should be open for business next week and maybe we can start seeing some signings or trades for pitchers. Viagra buy in uk online Yeah I’m beyond antsy.

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Viagra without prescription I hope you are all enjoying this St Stephen’s (my namesake) Day nice and warm as we here in NYC are looking at a foot-foot and half of snow with blizzards conditions tonight which should make the morning commute just a joy.

Viagra without prescription Of course there is no Mets news but I did read an interesting post today by my buddy Mike Silva, viagra without prescription where he ranks his top ten Mets teams of all time. Viagra without prescription As I commented on Mike’s site, viagra without prescription it’s hard not to just award the top two spots on this kind of list to the 1969 and 1986 Mets, viagra without prescription as they are the only teams to bring home a championship trophy to Queens.

Viagra without prescription Silva mentions the 1997 team in his honorable emotions and when you look at that team, viagra without prescription there are some much underrated players in Mets history on the roster. Viagra without prescription Todd Hundley doesn’t get the mentions he should as his spilt with the club was not amicable, viagra without prescription as he lost his job for the fact that Mike Piazza was a catcher and when he was asked to move to the outfield he was offended and really didn’t help himself with his playing left like a kid given a plate of Brussels sprouts. Viagra without prescription   It wasn’t all Hundley’s fault as the front office didn’t handle the situation as they should, viagra without prescription such as dealing Hundley.

Viagra without prescription That team could get on base led by John Olerud with a .400 OBA followed by Hundley at .394 (and a team leading OPS of .943 on the strength of 30 homers) Edgardo Alfonzo at  .391 and Lance Johnson at .385

Viagra without prescription The pitching was good too led by Bobby Jones and his 15 wins and Rick Reed who won 13 games was the ace of the staff. Viagra without prescription The bullpen led by John Franco closing out games and Greg McMichale taking care of the 8th inning moved this club to a +17 over the  ’96 team in the win column in Bobby Valentine’ first full season as Mets manager.

Viagra without prescription Besides the World Series winners, viagra without prescription who do you think were the best teams in Mets history?

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Generic viagra in mexico So now that our weekend of fun (no Highlanders or Phuck Phaces in the World Series) and we await what I think will be a terrific World Series, generic viagra in mexico it’s time to look at what is taking so long for the Skill Sets to figure out who will be the next leader of the baseball operations.

Generic viagra in mexico On Mets Minor League Blog, generic viagra in mexico they feel it’s up to Uncle Saul as to who will get the GM job. Generic viagra in mexico Freddy Skill Sets is in the pro-Alderson camp, generic viagra in mexico while Jeffey is leaning towards Josh Byrnes due to both of them being similar age. Generic viagra in mexico It’s this kind of bullshit that brings out the nastiness in me when it comes to Jeffey, generic viagra in mexico he’s done this with players (Al Leiter, generic viagra in mexico John Franco and Tom Glavine) he did it with Omar and with John Ricco as well. Generic viagra in mexico Doesn’t this little shit have friends of his own? But then again who would want to be friends with this dolt? So the third and final vote comes down to Uncle Saul Katz. Generic viagra in mexico Whoever Uncle Saul picks most likely will be the next American Idol Mets GM. Generic viagra in mexico Why do I have the feeling the Skill Sets will fuck this up?

Generic viagra in mexico If Jeffey Skill Sets sent me e-mails like Metstadaums has on his site, generic viagra in mexico I would be waiting with heighten anticipation to receive them.  

Generic viagra in mexico Metszilla has a link to a 2008 interview that Sandy Alderson did with the site Ducksnorts when he was in charge of the Padres. Generic viagra in mexico It is a fascinating read.

Generic viagra in mexico Sometimes I just can’t figure out our fan base. Generic viagra in mexico Daniel Murphy is back playing after a devastating knee injury. Generic viagra in mexico He’s playing 2nd bas in the Dominican League and from some of the stuff I read on Twitter you’d think that Murphy is solely responsible for the suckitude of the franchise. Generic viagra in mexico Am I saying that Murph is the answer at 2nd base ? No. Generic viagra in mexico But I see no reason why he and Nick Evans can’t be viable bench pieces next season. Generic viagra in mexico What I can’t understand is, generic viagra in mexico Murphy is the kind of player most Mets fans feel the team needs. Generic viagra in mexico He shows up to spring training with the pitchers and catcher. Generic viagra in mexico He will play any place the manager asks him. Generic viagra in mexico He plays that balls to wall hustle that it seems the majority of the fan base is clamoring for, generic viagra in mexico so tell me all you Murphy haters out there, generic viagra in mexico what is it that bothers you about him? I know he’s a player without a position but as a sub or spot starter, generic viagra in mexico I feel Murphy would make a solid contribution to this team. Generic viagra in mexico The comments section is now open for all of you to let me know how much of an asshole I am over this.

Generic viagra in mexico Tomorrow night on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN on BLOG TALK RADIO my guest will be Ed Marcus a/k/a Rusty Jr of The Real Dirty Mets blog. Generic viagra in mexico Ed and I will discuss the hunt of a new Mets GM and all things Mets. Generic viagra in mexico That’s tomorrow Tuesday October 26th at 10PM ET on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN. Generic viagra in mexico   

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Viagra non prescription Day/Nighter today and I was sooooo ready to cut work and head to Flushing to watch Santana do his magic, viagra non prescription but my desk is piled as high with cases as thick as Fernando Martinez’ medical folder, viagra non prescription  So I’ll pass on going to the game to spend the afternoon with Howie, viagra non prescription Wayne and my un-fucking-believable case load. Viagra non prescription So while you wait for Game 1 some great links to peruse:

Viagra non prescription Ed Ryan at Mets Fever feels the time is right to bring back Bobby Parnell and his high heat to bolster the bullpen. Viagra non prescription I agree as it my be time to send Ryota Igarhashi down and when John Maine comes back, viagra non prescription stick him in the pen as well. Viagra non prescription To make room for Maine, viagra non prescription the Mets can put Fernando Nieve on the DL saying he is suffering from exhaustion. Viagra non prescription No one will dispute that.

Viagra non prescription Nice gesture by the Mets to draft John Franco’s son JJ in the first year draft even though he is headed off to Brown University. Viagra non prescription I watched JJ play at Staten Island Little League when I was managing a team and John would come to the complex whenever the Mets were off and his son played. Viagra non prescription Another young man from Staten Island Little League, viagra non prescription Bobby Lanigan has been very impressive pitching for the Ft. Viagra non prescription Myers Miracle of the FSL.

Viagra non prescription Ike Davis is a rare species of Met 

Viagra non prescription When David Wright can slap Big Pelf in the mush with his batting gloves and live to tell about it, viagra non prescription then you know all is right in Metsland.

Viagra non prescription I swear the guys over at Amazin’ Avenue get up with the roosters (or they just stay up all night) and I for one am glad they do as their Daily Mets Farm Report is a must read for me every morning.

Viagra non prescription Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks for ending their 49 year drought by winning the Stanley Cup last night on one of the strangest goals in hockey history. Viagra non prescription Patrick Kane scored in OT but it wasn’t until the video review verified it. Viagra non prescription Kane and his teammates were celebrating but the Flyers and their fans just stood around like “now what” even the great Doc Emrick was a bit flustered. Viagra non prescription Anyway it’s nice to see an Original Six team win the cup. 

Viagra non prescription Memo to David Stern: Your thieving bastard refs are ruining the NBA Finals. Viagra non prescription When they are not gambling and throwing games or trading first class airline tickets for coach seats and pocketing the difference, viagra non prescription they all but destroy the flow of the game and are so inconsistent with their calls that I don’t know what is and isn’t a foul anymore. Viagra non prescription And to you Mike Breen, viagra non prescription your lucky I’m not working with you as I’d have punched you in the head by now you referee toady suck up.

Viagra non prescription Here’s your lineup for game 1:

Viagra non prescription             Reyes SS

Viagra non prescription •           Pagan CF

Viagra non prescription •           Bay LF

Viagra non prescription •           Davis 1B

Viagra non prescription •           Wright 3B

Viagra non prescription •           Francoeur RF

Viagra non prescription •           Cora 2B

Viagra non prescription •           Blanco C

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Statistics on viagra When I first heard about Tony Bernazard went off on the Bingo Mets especially Jose Coronado I admit to laughing my ass off. Statistics on viagra All I could do was picture in my mind Tony B whipping off his silk shirt and standing in the middle of the clubhouse in a wife beater calling out Coronado, statistics on viagra “Yo maricon, statistics on viagra who a piece of me”? But when I settled down I realized what an embarrassment this guy has become and the fact that he hasn’t at least been suspended until a formal hearing by the Skill Sets to determine if he should be terminated is even more outrageous.

Statistics on viagra Someone or a bunch of folks are tired of Bernazard’ act and have been feeding Adam Rubin story after story and even as ignorant as Jeffey Skill Sets is he has to be contemplating firing Bernazard. Statistics on viagra The problem here is Jeffey has a big man crush on Tony B because he is everything Jeffey wishes he could be. Statistics on viagra The only difference between Marlins Pres David Samson (another annoying little shit) and Jeffey is the Fish have two World Championships under Samson rein of ridiculousness.

Statistics on viagra Jeffey is so weak and players and guys like Bernazard see that and play him like a fiddle. Statistics on viagra Look at all the knuckle heads who have been in the Jeffey Love Nest, statistics on viagra John Franco, statistics on viagra Rosalita Lieter, statistics on viagra Titan Tom Glavine and of course Tony B. Statistics on viagra Jeffey is as easy to get over on as the fat chick going stag to the High School prom. Statistics on viagra It’s that weakness of character that is bringing down the organization.

Statistics on viagra The baseball world is laughing at the Mets and it’s Mets fans who are taking it the worst.

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