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Cialis generic viagra One month from today is opening day!

Cialis generic viagra Busy day so far as I had to get to work by 6 AM so I can leave early as I have a meeting with my Babe Ruth team and catch Mets-Nats as well. Cialis generic viagra  I called for the meeting to held at local joint that has a back room with a TV so we can discuss business, cialis generic viagra eat pizza and watch the game.

Cialis generic viagra Unlike the Mets, cialis generic viagra no one from the NY Times followed me around to cover my early morning ferry and subway ride to work.

Cialis generic viagra The pitching line up for tonight will start with Dillon Gee but the guy all eyes will be on is Matt Harvey, cialis generic viagra who is scheduled to come in after Gee gets his work in. Cialis generic viagra Harvey will be followed by Miguel Batista who may still be basking in his wonderful 3-0 win over the Reds on the last day of the 2011 season, cialis generic viagra then Daniel Herrera, cialis generic viagra Tim Byrdak and Frank Francisco to close things out.

Cialis generic viagra Tomorrow we get out first look at Johan Santana. Cialis generic viagra It nice to have game and performances that we can comment on finally.

Cialis generic viagra While all are busy in St. Cialis generic viagra Lonesome getting ready for tonight’s first spring game, cialis generic viagra The Skill Sets will be focused on the Judge Jed Rakoff’s Manhattan court room to find out if the clawback suit against them is still a go.

Cialis generic viagra John Harper has concluded the reason the Mets have a lack of depth on the Major League roster is due to finances. Cialis generic viagra Tomorrow Harper will report on how jumping into the Atlantic Ocean will cause you to get wet.

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Buying viagra online It seems that the second base position for the Mets has become the black hole 3rd base had once been. Buying viagra online None of the four competitors for the job have stepped up to make it clear he is worthy of the job. Buying viagra online Brad Emaus has yet to hit this spring but has shown a pretty good glove. Buying viagra online Justin Turner seems to be the odd man out due to his two minor league options in his pocket  (I don’t see Turner’s name on either travel list for today) and Daniel Murphy has hit and shown some decent footwork at 2nd base but turning the double play has been what Terry Collins wants to see before he anoints Murph the opening day Mets second sacker. Buying viagra online  That leaves the incumbent at the spot, buying viagra online Luis Castillo and from reading John Harper’s piece in the Daily News today, buying viagra online I sure if it were up to Terry Collins he would love to rid himself of Slappy :

Buying viagra online Furthermore, buying viagra online Castillo, buying viagra online the incumbent of sorts, buying viagra online has annoyed Terry Collins by moping around in apparent protest of being forced to compete for the job, buying viagra online to the point where the manager called him into his office a couple of days ago to tell him he better start working harder if he wanted any shot at all.

Buying viagra online Castillo didn’t even take pregame ground balls one day last week when he was in the lineup as the DH, buying viagra online as Collins has had to juggle playing time to get looks at all four second-base candidates. Buying viagra online And that didn’t sit well with the new manager, buying viagra online who is not going to tolerate the laissez-faire attitude that permeated the clubhouse in recent years.

Buying viagra online Since meeting with Collins, buying viagra online who promised to try to get him more playing time, buying viagra online Castillo seems to have raised his energy level, buying viagra online and he had a solid game Wednesday with two walks, buying viagra online a bloop single to left, buying viagra online and a nice play going toward the hole on a ball that went off Ike Davis’ glove.

Buying viagra online This is the Castillo M.O. Buying viagra online when things don’t go his way or the way he wants it to, buying viagra online he mopes, buying viagra online in fact is there a bigger mope than Castillo? His attitude has sucked for a couple of years now and unless he is the starting 2nd baseman Luis will mope and be an all-out fucking malcontent. Buying viagra online  Why keep him around? Like Oliver Perez, buying viagra online he’s more trouble than he’s worth.

Buying viagra online Just by looking at the starting lineups for today’s spilt squad games you can see the manager wants no part of this slap hitting, buying viagra online diminished range, buying viagra online piss poor attitude has been. Buying viagra online Castillo will start today in Viera against the Nats but as the DH. Buying viagra online Murphy will start at 2nd base. Buying viagra online Over in Jupiter, buying viagra online Brad Emaus will start against the Fish and with Luis Hernandez on the roster in Jupiter he will most likely spell Emaus at 2nd as Hernandez has made himself a dark horse candidate in the this position race.

Buying viagra online Meanwhile over in the minor league backfields of St. Buying viagra online Lonesome , buying viagra online Reese Havens works out and hopes he can stay healthy because if he does he will be the Mets 2nd baseman by Memorial Day. Buying viagra online   

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Ordering viagra I agree 100 % with Terry Collins that Luis Castillo should have gotten to camp early since his job is on the line. Ordering viagra You would think a guy who the majority of Mets fans look at with distain and a big part of the failures of past management knowing that there are three guys lining up every morning in St Lonesome, ordering viagra auditioning for the manager to be the next Mets 2nd base Idol. Ordering viagra No matter which side of the Castillo fence you fall on, ordering viagra every Mets fan has to agree that at this stage of his baseball career, ordering viagra Castillo cannot just waltz into camp with a cavalier attitude that was tolerated in years past in this organization. Ordering viagra  Whereas Castillo would have been met with and hug and a laugh by management in the past he will now be greeted with a “Where the fuck have you been”? It’s about time.

Ordering viagra My doubts about Terry Collins are starting to lessen. Ordering viagra When I met him at the Mets Christmas Party the first questioned I had for him was about getting this team to be more aggressive and passionate and to stop being patsies for the division. Ordering viagra I told Collins in my opinion, ordering viagra every team in the NL East thinks of the Mets as a bunch of chumps, ordering viagra how do you change that mind set? Collins assured me that was one of the first things he wanted to change. Ordering viagra He tried not to disparage his predecessor but he said he agreed with me about the team allowing the opposition to intimate them and it will be a big part of his job to change that immediately. Ordering viagra  From reading John Harper’s story today, ordering viagra it looks like Collins has started his one for all all for one campaign:

Ordering viagra Indeed, ordering viagra the new manager of the Mets thinks it’s important to instill some toughness, ordering viagra some brothers-in-arms spirit, ordering viagra in his ballclub. Ordering viagra Remember the famous Chase Utley take-out slide of Ruben Tejada last September? The one the Mets took without retaliation?

Ordering viagra Collins wouldn’t have stood for such a passive response.

Ordering viagra “In Philly there would have been a fight, ordering viagra” he said Friday, ordering viagra “no doubt about it.”

Ordering viagra Collins made it clear he wasn’t looking to criticize Jerry Manuel when I asked him Friday how he would have handled such a situation. Ordering viagra In fact, ordering viagra he said a manager always walks a fine line on such matters, ordering viagra as not all players respond well to being put in a position where retaliation is expected.

Ordering viagra “But there’s still an unwritten code about how to protect your teammates, ordering viagra” Collins said. Ordering viagra “So I do believe in situations like that, ordering viagra there’s a right way to handle it.

Ordering viagra “And that’s something that starts right here in spring training. Ordering viagra That’s going to be part of my message on Monday when I speak to the team. Ordering viagra We’re going to bring a team together and we’re going to watch each other’s backs.”

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Who invented viagra  

Who invented viagra

Who invented viagra We kinda knew that Omar Minaya fancied Joel Pinerio but Jeffey Skill Sets was dead set on not paying market value. Who invented viagra This revelation comes from John Harper’ story in today’s Daily News:

Who invented viagra  So what happened? That’s what Pineiro would like to know. Who invented viagra It seems clearer than ever from reading his version of events, who invented viagra that Mets ownership simply wouldn’t let Minaya spend the money it took – two years, who invented viagra $16 million – for the Angels to get a deal done.

Who invented viagra  

Who invented viagra  

Who invented viagra Even worse, who invented viagra Minaya operative, who invented viagra Alex Cora, who invented viagra told his neighbor Pineiro that his signing  with the Mets was a done deal until ownership did the old double cross:

Who invented viagra   Pineiro said in November he considered the Mets to be “the front-runners” to sign him. Who invented viagra Much of that feeling was based on what he was hearing from his friend and neighbor in Miami, who invented viagra Alex Cora, who invented viagra that the Mets had every intention of signing him.

Who invented viagra  

Who invented viagra Considering that Cora has a strong relationship with Minaya, who invented viagra suffice to say it was solid information.

Who invented viagra  

Who invented viagra “Alex was telling me (it was going to happen), who invented viagra” Pineiro said Wednesday. Who invented viagra “I was like, who invented viagra ‘all right, who invented viagra I’m just waiting for that good thing to happen, who invented viagra and I’m ready to go.’

Who invented viagra  

Who invented viagra “But it never came.”

Who invented viagra The Mets offer was 2yr/$15mil and the Angels came in at 2yr/$16mil. Who invented viagra At that point Jeffey Skill Sets folded and walked away. Who invented viagra I’ll let you insert your favorite expletive here.

Who invented viagra I hope the folks of Buffalo NY appreciate the gift us “Downstater’s” have given them with Ike Davis and Chris Carter in the Bison everyday line up. Mike Jacobs and Fernando Tatis over Ike Davis and Chris Carter. Who invented viagra Even Vince McMahon couldn’t make that story line fly.

Who invented viagra If Jerry Manuel wants to bat Jose Reyes in the 3 spot in the lineup go right ahead but if he better not mess with Mike Jacobs in that cleanup spot. Who invented viagra Pardon me I need to lie down.

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Cialis strenght mg

Cialis strenght mg With the witch hunt by guys like John Harper and the Legion of Ignoramuses A/K/A the callers to WFAN talking out their ass about Jose Reyes’ Thyroid (how is this for a man bites dog story, cialis strenght mg Joe Benigino and Evan Roberts are now the best and informative hosts on the station since they had an actual Endocrinologist on their show to talk about thyroids unlike the Hot Air Balloon that’s on from 1-6 whose show is as dated as the old Lawrence Welk shows that run on WLIW. Cialis strenght mg I wish I had a tape of Francesa trying to figure out how Twitter works, cialis strenght mg did you see that Mikey? that was the 21st Century passing you by) and all the other righteous assholes dogging Mark McGwire  I thought about this song and how great would it have been if McGwire would have preformed it before Congress

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Viagra scotland

Viagra scotland  7 days until pitcher and catchers

Viagra scotland The Mets off season reminds me of the old TV show Green Acres. Viagra scotland Remember, viagra scotland Mr. Viagra scotland Haney the guy who sold a lot junk to the residents of Hootersville? Well that seems to be who Omar Minaya has morphed into a purveyor of useless pieces.

Viagra scotland The latest move that makes no sense is the signing of Mike Jacobs. Viagra scotland Jacobs was cut loose by the KC Royals because for over $3 mil a year the Royals got a player who can’t hit lefties, viagra scotland has an aversion to getting on base, viagra scotland and plays defense like Edward Scissorhands. Viagra scotland Brilliant let’s sign him up. Viagra scotland Think about this, viagra scotland in 7 days you’ll have so many players lining up at first base it will look like an Italian bakery on Christmas Eve, viagra scotland get there early and take a number.

Viagra scotland Great story on Johan Santana by John Harper who donned the tools of ignorance to catch Santana down in Florida. Viagra scotland This is what, viagra scotland the third or fourth story on Santana this winter and each one Johan is sending a message to Mets fans that the season won’t be the disaster most of us think it will be. Viagra scotland From your mouth to Tug McGraw’s ears, viagra scotland Johan.

Viagra scotland As per Jon Heyman, viagra scotland the Mets are taking a Pasadena on Rod Barajas but have signed John Harper to a one year deal.

Viagra scotland No PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL tonight but we should have a show next week to welcome in Spring Training.

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I come here today to defend Jerry Manuel and his decision to let Fernando Tatis hit away in the 8th inning yesterday. Viagra prescription drug Technically you J-Man killers are right that is a sacrifice situation but I want you to step back and take a deep breath and think about the old saying sometimes you have to lose a battle to win the war.


I agree with what John Harper wrote today and with Keith Hernandez who said on the air that as much as the bunt was in order he understood why J-Man let Tatis swing away. Viagra prescription drug What I couldn’t believe was the nasty narrow thinking of Mets fans that I heard on WFAN afterwards with some nit wit who refers to himself as Adam the Bull, viagra prescription drug another in that stable of mediocrity that FAN calls “talent”  killing Manuel for the sake of staying on the good side of the yahoo faction of Metsfandom.


Before you take Manuel to task remember this. Viagra prescription drug Last year Tatis was one of the best Mets hitters in clutch situation and his timely bat was sorely missed down the stretch when he blew out his shoulder. Viagra prescription drug Tatis was one of the few success stories on the ‘07 team and was rewarded with the Comeback Player of the Year Award. Viagra prescription drug He then went from a steady platoon outfielder to a player buried waiting for his number to get called. Viagra prescription drug Yesterday it was called as he played 2nd base a spot he’s played twice in his career. Viagra prescription drug Tatis is a pro and a dream for a manager. Viagra prescription drug You know he’s is burning to play but he won’t rock boat, viagra prescription drug the definition of a team guy. Viagra prescription drug So J-Man has to show Tatis that he is still the player he thinks he is so being that its April and the team has had a problem early hitting in the clutch what better way to show faith in a player and reinforce the thinking that he can still do it. 


If Taits gets a hit there J-Man looks like a genius but not only didn’t Tatis get a hit he struck out badly bringing out all the John McGraw’ on AM radio and that’s fine let them have their day but when Tatis comes up in a big spot against the Phillies and delivers it will be Tatis and Manuel turn to gloat.


After doing as good a job as you can expect yesterday, viagra prescription drug Nelson Figueroa was DFA and most likely headed to Anaheim and he might be joined by Darren O’Day also DFA but he must be offered back to the Angels for $25K. Viagra prescription drug If both Figueroa and O’ Day end up in SOCAL for nothing in return then Omar Minaya deserves all the criticism he will get.


So now Casey Fossum comes up for the sloe reason the he can throw a baseball with his left arm. Viagra prescription drug Anyone see Tim Redding?



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As we get ourselves ready for the big three game series with the Cheesesteakers let’s take a look at some of the Mets news of the day:


John Harper has become the P.R. Lowest price viagra agent for Warlord Jerry as he has for the second day in row wrote a story giving us the feel that Randolph was out of touch with his players and didn’t know what buttons to push to motivate his team. Lowest price viagra Also there are more quotes from Tony Bernazard who is taking on a much more public persona. Lowest price viagra Now I don’t know if that is for the better but if you think this turnaround is not in part due to the change on manager your, lowest price viagra delusional. Lowest price viagra The players like Delgado and Reyes won’t come out and say it but Ron Darling had no problem on the post game show last night saying that the Mets clubhouse is a much more relaxed place with J-Man. Lowest price viagra The facial hair ban, lowest price viagra the music ban and not having the ability to interact with his players led to the charge that Randolph didn’t have the feel or pulse of his clubhouse which is one of the biggest thing a manager needs to be successful. Lowest price viagra The x’s and o’s are not as big as some of us think but the ability to connect with your players is something Randolph via his Highlander training couldn’t do. Lowest price viagra After awhile Rick Peterson couldn’t do it either. Lowest price viagra What you hear about J-Man is that he is a straight shooter that we tells his players up front what their role will be and what he is doing. Lowest price viagra He looks them in the eye and let’s them know the deal which it seem is something Randolph and a hard time doing. Lowest price viagra J-Man is as cool as the other side of the pillow whereas Willie was in meltdown mode as we saw with his race comments and ripping SNY coverage sent a message to his team that he was losing it. Lowest price viagra


So Mets fans instead of ripping Tony Bernazard you should be praising him for being adamant in his stance that a managerial change had to be made. Lowest price viagra Omar wanted to be more patient but it looks as if Jeffey Skill Set was siding with TB but Full Autonomy Omar wanted to keep his guy Randolph as he felt is was his failure that Randolph wasn’t working out but TB prevailed and that makes me think that’s why the Randolph axing was handled so badly.


When the off season comes at what point do the Mets drop out of the Oliver Perez Sweepstakes?  Does OP let that dictator of an agent Scott Boras sell his service to the highest bidder or does OP uses his brains and works out a deal with the Mets and stays where he’s comfortable? Remember OP was a throw in the Roberto Hernandez deal and was a mess when he arrived in NY. Lowest price viagra But with extensive work by Rick Peterson, lowest price viagra Dan Warthen and Randy Neiman Perez has emerged as a top line starter. Lowest price viagra Sure he is still an enigma especially when he gives up walks after walk but still LHP like OP are a valuable commodity. Lowest price viagra So if you’re the Mets what is your first offer? He’s not getting Ace money or even #2 starter money so I’d start off with a 3yr/$36mil which of course Boras will be insulted by. Lowest price viagra My counter would be still 3 yrs but sweeten up the money to $37.5 mil with incentives that boost it over $40mil. Lowest price viagra Now Boras will want at least 5 yrs I figure but I don’t see the Mets going for 5 yrs with OP but then again he is only 27 years old but 5 yrs to a pitcher who is not a 1 or a 2 is tough pill to swallow. Lowest price viagra So how about a 4 year deal for $40mil with incentives that could bring the deal to $50mil total with a mutual option for a fifth year. Lowest price viagra If OP produces in those four years he could again be a free agent at the age of 31 and if he doesn’t produce, lowest price viagra well at least he’ll have a very nice nest egg to fall back on. Lowest price viagra


Check out Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest not just for his great interviews and all around insight on baseball but he has a great piece on the Ford C Frick Award and is looking to get out the vote for our own Gary Cohen. Lowest price viagra


The Brooklyn Cyclones are taking a page out of the parent club’s book as they are making a surge to the NY-Penn League playoffs.


Where O’ where has Aaron Heilman gone? O’ where O’ where can he be?  Right now the pecking order of the pen in the late innings is the hybrid Felicano/Smith, lowest price viagra Brian Stokes as the set up and Luis Ayala as the closer. Lowest price viagra Billy Wags could be back next week and if healthy goes back to closer and that drops each releiver down a peg. Lowest price viagra    



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