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Viagra for women It’s time like these where I like to sit back and watch Mets fans devour each other and the organization. Viagra for women Mets fans can go from JOSE-JOSE-JOSE to YOU SUCK REYES! In a bi-polar second.  These are the same Mets fans who told us all winter that the Mets were not going to any good this season and would avoid Citi Field like it was a Japanese nuclear plant. Viagra for women That’s fine and I don’t blame you but what I don’t get is how some fans are killing Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson and his baseball operations for this horrendous start. Viagra for women What exactly would you like them to do?

Viagra for women Every report that came out of St Lonesome was how Collins was working this team hard on the fundamentals of the game  and how there will be no spectators on the field when the ball is put in play. Viagra for women Not one story came out negative of Collins camp, viagra for women all you heard from players, viagra for women media and fans was “it’s about time” The impression portrayed to Mets fans was this team will be ready, viagra for women willing and able to play solid baseball, viagra for women they seem ready and willing but the able to play solid baseball part still needs work. Viagra for women    

Viagra for women If you think the shitty play of this team is bothering you just think how Collins feels. Viagra for women Same for Alderson, viagra for women you think he wants any part of failure or ridicule this team is going through? He has never settled and has never sat back and let shit like this fester. Viagra for women  Let’s not forget one tiny little fact here, viagra for women he inherited a total mess and if you want to criticize him for anything it’s that maybe he underestimated what a mess this organization is. Viagra for women  

Viagra for women You could tell from listening to Terry Collins in his post game presser when asked about worrying about Bobby Parnell, viagra for women he made it known he’s not concerned about Bobby Parnell his concern is the NY Mets and that should be music to Mets fans ears. Viagra for women  Parnell I’m sure is a fine young man but if he can’t handle the bullpen role then see ya later. Viagra for women  All the work he put into his drills with the players have gone for naught. Viagra for women It’s one thing for pitchers to be ineffective but when you can’t execute a 1-2-3 double play, viagra for women you’ll pay a price.

Viagra for women Bobby Ojeda sees it as well. Viagra for women He has become a must watch on the post-game show. Viagra for women  Ojeda laid out the same scenario as Collins it’s time to take the diapers off some of these players such as Pelfrey and Parnell. Viagra for women It’s not about their feelings or their mental wellbeing; it’s about wins and loses. Viagra for women  Players have been coddled enough in Flushing it’s time to put up or pack a bag for Buffalo or other destinations. Viagra for women   

Viagra for women Big Pelf wasn’t great but he was better than the last two starts.  He showed more velocity but he still gave up more fly balls than ground balls and that’s not his game. Viagra for women His command was lacking as well. Viagra for women What gets me is the fans and media who ordained Pelfrey as the Ace of the Staff are the same folks who now kill him for being ineffective and not Ace worthiness.

Viagra for women Me and Mike Ganci of The Daily Stache  used the photo of Willie Harris on scoreboard on opening day to amuse ourselves on Twitter last night during the latest Mets meltdown.  #WILLIEHARRISFACE will scare you straight.

Viagra for women The one bright spot in the pen was the work of Jason Isringhausen making his return to Flushing. Viagra for women His curveball was working very well so maybe this is the light at the end of the Cliff Floyd Tunnel.

Viagra for women Please Jon Niese gives 7 innings tonight please!

Viagra for women I’m not crazy about this year’s model of Angel Pagan.

Viagra for women I’m shocked that the bullpen failures have not been pinned on Carlos Beltran.

Viagra for women Dear R.A. Viagra for women Dickey, viagra for women

Viagra for women I will be at the game tomorrow night and I have a request, viagra for women could you please throw strikes as I cannot endure a three hour plus game as I have to go to Philadelphia on Thursday morning and I have leave very early. Viagra for women Thank you in advance.

Viagra for women All the best, viagra for women

Viagra for women Steve

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Sildenafil citrate 100mg plus

Sildenafil citrate 100mg plus Jose Reyes has been cleared by doctors to retun to his baseball routine. Sildenafil citrate 100mg plus Hopefully, sildenafil citrate 100mg plus with two weeks of spring training left, sildenafil citrate 100mg plus Reyes can get in enough work to be in the opening day lineup.

Sildenafil citrate 100mg plus JOSE-JOSE, sildenafil citrate 100mg plus JOSE, sildenafil citrate 100mg plusJOSE-JOSE-JOSE

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Canada viagra generic  

Canada viagra generic

Canada viagra generic   2 days until pitchers and catchers

Canada viagra generic Ed Ryan over at Mets Fever has a great write up on Shawn Riggans, canada viagra generic the catcher cut loose by the Tampa Bay Rays and picked up by the Mets as part of the parade of back up catchers. Canada viagra generic After reading Ryan’s piece, canada viagra generic if Riggans is healthy he could make a run at one of the catcher roster spots on the Mets.

Canada viagra generic JOSE, canada viagra generic

Canada viagra generic  JOSE-JOSE-JOSE, canada viagra generic

Canada viagra generic  JOSE, canada viagra generic

Canada viagra generic  JOSE 

Canada viagra generic “Once again, canada viagra generic Daniel Murphy was the first player to arrive. Canada viagra generic This kid won’t lose the job because he was lazy.”

Canada viagra generic And my Murphy man-crush continues to blossom.

Canada viagra generic Adam Rubin can write it and Omar Minaya can say it but it would be a major upset for Mike Jacobs to beat on Murph for the first base job. Canada viagra generic Why the Mets keeping fucking with Murph is puzzling. Canada viagra generic He has been working out in Florida all winter; he’s the first guy at the workouts and the last to leave. Canada viagra generic He is doing everything plus more to become a strong first baseman and a better hitter. Canada viagra generic I have no beef with Mike Jacobs but I just don’t see where he is a fit here. Canada viagra generic Jacobs reeks of DH.

Canada viagra generic Dave Singer at NY Sports Dog has the complete TV/Radio Mets Spring Training Schedule posted.  First game Tuesday March 2 will be on SNY.

Canada viagra generic D-Wright has been in camp since late January, canada viagra generic and it seems his mind set is to pull the ball more in 2010. Canada viagra generic The biggest plus for Wright this year will be the protection in the lineup he’ll get from Jason Bay. 

Canada viagra generic Ladies and Gentlemen, canada viagra generic Sandy Koufax is in the house!

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Viagra from canada I think I’ve given up on trying to figure out the ways and means of Omar Minaya. Viagra from canada I see where he has signed Livan Hernandez and even though it’s a minor league deal and in order to cash in he has to make the team, viagra from canada I still don’t get it. Viagra from canada Wouldn’t that money be spent on something the Mets need like a lefty reliever? I don’t know how much Will Ohman is looking for but it can’t more than the $1 mil they Mets set aside for Hernandez, viagra from canada by the way if Ohman is looking for more than that he needs to wake up and smell the disinterest from the other 29 teams in baseball for his services.

Viagra from canada  

Viagra from canada The Warlord is in camp and dropped a bombshell that he is thinking of using Gimp Castillo in the 1 hole and dropping Jose Reyes to the 3 hole, viagra from canada in order to get Gimp’s bat going. Viagra from canada I got to think Jose, viagra from canada Jose, viagra from canada Jose will be not be pleased with this.

Viagra from canada  

Viagra from canada Freddy Garcia had some bold words about gaining a spot in the starting rotation. Viagra from canada If he’s as healthy as he says and can walk the walk his signing could be a huge coup for Omar and the Mets as a healthy and effective Chief is ace material.

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If I’m ESPN and a producer of their BASEBALL TONIGHT show I’d be sweating a bit that after just five days MLBN’ Hot Stove Shove has become must see TV for all baseball fans. Viagra generic I really like Harold Reynolds and ESPN made a big mistake letting him go. Viagra generic What’s the problem with a little grab ass in Bristol? Hell if I worked there I’d be chasing Rachel Nichols all around the campus. Viagra generic HR loves baseball and he loves talking baseball and it comes through the TV in something stronger than HD, viagra generic PASSION. Viagra generic


Joe Magrane has the makings of a very strong game analyst. Viagra generic I always felt that he and Dewayne Staats while doing Rays games very vastly underrated. Viagra generic Victor Rojas runs a tight desk moving the discussions from chair to chair. Viagra generic Trenni Kusnierck will take time for me to warm up to because my girl Hazel Mae is the total package. Viagra generic And then there is Mitch Williams.


No good Phillie-ass kissing Mitch Williams. Viagra generic I can see where Williams is just going to piss me off all season with his Phillies loving ways. Viagra generic Last night HR, viagra generic Joe Magrane and Wild Thing were discussing the New Years resolutions for the NL East teams. Viagra generic When it got to the Mets, viagra generic Wild Thing wigged out big time with the same old Cheesesteak bullshit about Jose Reyes and his antics. Viagra generic Give props to HR for knocking Wild Thing down a peg while defending Jose, viagra generic Jose, viagra generic Jose. Viagra generic The voice of reason was Magrane who kind of poo-pooed the antics angle for the Collapse I & II and put the blame where we have been saying it should be in the clubhouse and the veteran leadership.


If that wasn’t enough for a Monday bonanza, viagra generic none other than Scott Boras took a trip to Secaucus to plead his case for his millionaires in waiting. Viagra generic HR, viagra generic questioned Boras on how he could be looking for #1 starter money for Kevin Lowe when he’s not an Ace? Boras did a little dance and jive and the best he could come with is the disgrace that is Barry Zito. Viagra generic If that’s his defense in getting Lowe the dough he wants, viagra generic then Omar has them both by the cajones.


I wish I could get in side the head of Lastings Milledge and rearrange some of the furniture in there and toss out the bassinette and changing table and put some big boy stuff in there. Viagra generic Milledge is going to be challenged by the Nationals and Elijah Dukes for the Nats centerfield job and I would guess a spot on the DC 25 man roster. Viagra generic If he fails he’ll either be dealt or released. Viagra generic I have told kids that have played for me in leagues that just when you think you’re all that, viagra generic remember there are 1, viagra generic000 guys out there better than you and just because you have some talent but your attitude sucks will be the difference of making a team and being cut. Viagra generic You have to be one outstanding ball player (Manny Ramirez) to have a piss poor attitude to make in the big leagues. Viagra generic I’ve never met Milledge or dealt with him but from folks I know who have told me he has been a big dick head. Viagra generic Time for LMillz to man up and grow up and be a big leaguer, viagra generic if not the Atlantic League ain’t so bad.


 Joe McDonald posts some pics of the dismantling of Shea. Viagra generic This is like watching a family member die a slow death just put us and Shea out of our misery already.


From a link at the BBTF site I found Tim Marchman’ new website so to Repoz and Marchman, viagra generic thank you!


So J.C Romero went into the local GNC bought some kind of supplement, viagra generic took it and is now banned from playing for the Phillies for 50 days. Viagra generic According to Romero, viagra generic he called the Union and told them what he was taking and they thought it was fine. Viagra generic He spoke with the Phillies training staff and they found nothing wrong with the supplement either. Viagra generic The one place Romero didn’t go for guidance was the Hot Line that is set up by MLB that is the be all end all of what’s approved and disapproved under the new and tougher baseball drug code. Viagra generic This is why when you have a tooth ache you don’t go to the chiropractor.   First, viagra generic Mets-killer Pat Burrell goes to Tampa and now Romero in lock up maybe the Philly worm is turning?


Saw this on the Sox & Dawgs site. Viagra generic There is a pettion out there to get Ted Williams’ likeness on a postage stamp. Viagra generic Go there and sign it as if there ever were a real American hero it’s the Splendid Splinter and he should be honored on a stamp.


Don’t forget to make a not to join me and Joe McDonald on Thursday at 9PM EST for Pro Baseball Central on Blog Talk Radio.






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Citrate salt of sildenafil In a way I understand the obsession the Philadelphia Phillies have with the Mets. Citrate salt of sildenafil As much as the can celebrate being the best team in baseball, citrate salt of sildenafil they know in the back of their mind that the Mets have the resources to make their championship rein very brief. Citrate salt of sildenafil They know this Mets fan base is not only vocal but is not intimated of it’s management to call it out and force it’s hand. Citrate salt of sildenafil  I mean what other pro sports team can be readying the opening of a brand new ball park and have it’s fan not give a shit about food courts and roomy seating if the team is not going to go out and fight for 162 games? And it’s not even about winning championships as we’re not idiots (as management thinks we are) no we know that a season that concludes with a World Series trophy is special what Mets fans ask for from their team is passion and 100 % balls to the wall hustle and if we don’t get it you are going to here from us.

Citrate salt of sildenafil And for this some in the main stream media chastise us for booing and giving our team a tough time. Citrate salt of sildenafil Well I’m not a boo bird as a guy my age looks silly booing anyway and beside why boo when I have a keyboard to get my opinion out. Citrate salt of sildenafil That’s why I feel our division rivals hate for the team is more a fear of us Mets fans.

Citrate salt of sildenafil When our rivals say the Mets celebrate to much, citrate salt of sildenafil Mets fans say “Good, citrate salt of sildenafil more curtain calls please” When they complain about Joese Reyes dancing and handshakes Mets chant “Jose-Jose-Jose” louder and longer. Citrate salt of sildenafil The biggest fear Mets opponents have is that the team takes on the persona of it’s fans because they know if that happens it’s over for them.

Citrate salt of sildenafil So Philadelphia enjoy your parade and I’ll continue my tough love of the Mets and I’ll slap them around until they show me they will slap and when they do your ass is ours.

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Funny how you don’t hear about Tony Bernazzard that evil bad man that was undermining the former manager and was the cause of all the clubhouse chaos and is it just a coincidence that two players who were not favorites of Willie Randolph’s, rx generic viagra Jose Reyes and Carlos Delgado are not just hitting and playing on an MVP level but Reyes for one is back to the Jose-Jose-Jose we all love and Delgado has stepped up his leadership role as he looks and plays like an anvil was lifted off his shoulder. Rx generic viagra When Jeff Torborg and Art Howe were run out of town the media in this town loved putting a big foot in their asses as they headed out the door but when it comes to Randolph no one has heard a discouraging word, rx generic viagra even though the skies at Shea are no longer cloudy all day. Rx generic viagra This not meant to bash Willie as I think he worked hard as a bench boss but he just couldn’t get out of his tight ass Highlander ways. Rx generic viagra One of the things that stands out with J-Man over Randolph is you hear the term “communication”  from the Mets players when they are asked what the big differences between pre J-Man and now and it shows on the field. Rx generic viagra The Mets are having fun and yes this stretch of prosperity and good cheer is coming from the bottom feeders of the league, rx generic viagra but back in May this team would have lost to those teams. Rx generic viagra


One big difference now from then is J-Man uses his whole team. Rx generic viagra Everybody contributes and everyone gets to play. Rx generic viagra Guys are not asked to take a day off which puts them in an awkward position as if they are weak and maybe the manger is playing a head games with them, rx generic viagra no they are told they are getting the day off and there is no argument. Rx generic viagra Yesterday David Wright took a breather and today Jose Reyes gets a personal day, rx generic viagra which hopefully will keep them fresh and smelling good come September.


If it were up to J-Man, rx generic viagra Gimp Castillo would sit out until September 1 or off into the sunset) as his tag team second base duo of Easley Reyes has done more than an admirable job at the position but why does that tandem need to be broken up? How does Robinson Cancel fly under the NOLA radar as to me as a third catcher is more luxury than necessity so I would think Cancel would be the one cancel-ed out.


Speaking of the walking wounded, rx generic viagra Ryan Church is off to NOLA as Hurricane Fay could be washing out games in the Sunshine State along with Trot (Mojo Risen’) Nixon and Ambiorix  Burgos  (anyone want Brain Banister back?) goes to Kingsport where he will continue his comeback from elbow surgery. Rx generic viagra  Jeffy better order some folding chairs for the Mets dugout come September as it going to be one crowded hangout.


A story in today’s Daily News details astronaut Mike Massimino transporting Shea Stadium home plate from the 2007 season into orbit . Rx generic viagra Word is J-Man was hoping that Gimp Castillo would be joining the plate in outer space. Rx generic viagra


I hope you all appreciate Gary Cohen as Gary is defiantly one of us. Rx generic viagra Saturday night during the SNY telecast Cohen relayed the word that Titan Tom Glavine had blown out his elbow after making his first start since being out most of the season with elbow trouble. Rx generic viagra Cohen made it known that it would mean that Titan Tom would not be back at Shea this week and the Mets fans would not be able to give him the ovation he deserved after he disgraced the Mets uniform in his last start for the club. Rx generic viagra . Rx generic viagra Now Mex had a problem with this and said that Mets fans should calm down and forgive and forget and as soon as I got the “Fuck you Mex” out of my profane mouth toward my TV set, rx generic viagra  Gary told him in a nice way the same thing.   


I wonder what time the ticker tape parade is for Brett Farve and the Jets after their pre season win the other night.?


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