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Brand buy from name usa viagra Last night watching the Celtics-Thunder game, brand buy from name usa viagra midway into the game during a break in the action, brand buy from name usa viagra the Celtics gave tribute to Thunder center Kendrick Perkins, brand buy from name usa viagra who was a major player in the C’s Championship run back in 2008. Brand buy from name usa viagra Perk wasn’t just a major part of the C’s on court rotation, brand buy from name usa viagra he was a huge fan favorite for his toughness, brand buy from name usa viagra hustle and desire and it was Perkins first game in the Garden since he was traded. Brand buy from name usa viagra Perk was clearly touched as his teammates stayed on the bench while he stood at center court thanking the Celtics and fans for a very classy tribute.

Brand buy from name usa viagra It got me to think, brand buy from name usa viagra what will the Mets do for Jose Reyes when he makes his first appearance as a former Met with the Marlins on April 24th. Brand buy from name usa viagra  They have to have some kind of Reyes career retrospective on the video board unlike the way they club never acknowledge the existence of Reyes during the video presentation at the new uniform unveilings a couple of months ago at Citi Field.

Brand buy from name usa viagra You have to figure, brand buy from name usa viagra as Reyes comes up to lead off the game, brand buy from name usa viagra there will be a raucous and long standing ovation so maybe when Reyes goes out to his shortstop position in the bottom of the first, brand buy from name usa viagra before first pitch the Mets announce for everyone to turn their attention to video board for a tribute to Reyes.

Brand buy from name usa viagra You would think it’s a no brainer that the Mets honor Reyes some way but then again these are the Mets we’re talking about.

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Viagra 50 mg tablets David Wright held his Vegas Night charity event in Virginia Beach last night and gave some quotes to the media about the upcoming season. Viagra 50 mg tablets  I don’t know if this means much of anything but Wright it seems, viagra 50 mg tablets has spent a lot of time back home in Virginia that I can remember in an off season. Viagra 50 mg tablets He was at Citi Field for the unveiling of the new uni’s but since then there hasn’t been much site of Wright around town.

Viagra 50 mg tablets Wright seems already agitated about hearing about trade rumors and being quizzed on a daily basis about his next baseball destination. Viagra 50 mg tablets He’s quoted as seeing Jose Reyes getting grilled about relocation last season and he doesn’t want to go through that. Viagra 50 mg tablets I wonder what that says about Wright? Maybe I’m being too critical of Wright but maybe it’s time he grew up and realized he’s not going to be a Met 4 Life.

Viagra 50 mg tablets Doesn’t Wright see the handwriting on the wall? First, viagra 50 mg tablets he plays for a team whose owner is like a co-worker who lives pay check to pay check and for a GM who has no emotional ties to him. Viagra 50 mg tablets Just like the GM had none to Jose Reyes. Viagra 50 mg tablets He will make $15 mil this season and has a $16mil team option for 2013 with a club buyout of $1mil. Viagra 50 mg tablets You know how many bargain basement pitchers you can buy for $16 mil?

Viagra 50 mg tablets Wright should take a page from Reyes and Carlos Beltran, viagra 50 mg tablets especially Beltran who knew his Mets days were numbered and used it as motivation to bounce back and get sent to a contender. Viagra 50 mg tablets Wright needs to get in the same mind set, viagra 50 mg tablets stop worrying about being traded (for Christ sake Babe Ruth, viagra 50 mg tablets was dealt away) and not worry about the Mets and just worry about himself.

Viagra 50 mg tablets Between the Wilpon’s money woes and Sandy Alderson’s distain for long term contracts, viagra 50 mg tablets it’s easy to see that these are the final days of David Wright as a member of the NY Mets. Viagra 50 mg tablets Is it sad? Sure it is. Viagra 50 mg tablets We all wanted to see Wright play his full career as a Met with a couple of championships and Hall of Fame credentials on his resume but neither is going to happen. Viagra 50 mg tablets Maybe the fan base needs to grow up a bit as well.

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Indian Viagra 762c3 generic viagra Well, 762c3 generic viagra Freddy Skill Sets came pretty close to being truthful with the fan base when he was interviewed by Brain Costa of the WSJ. 762c3 generic viagra Fred was in Arizona (wow Bolt goes to Phoenix?) for the quarterly owners meeting.  When asked about his financial struggle and the toll it is taking on him, 762c3 generic viagra the Mets organization and its fan base, 762c3 generic viagra Freddy Sez: 762c3 generic viagra “How could anybody deny that it’s been a challenging time?” Wilpon said. 762c3 generic viagra “But I came from nothing. 762c3 generic viagra I meet the challenges. 762c3 generic viagra So does Saul and Jeff and our whole family. 762c3 generic viagra We’re meeting the challenges and I think we’ll be fine.” 762c3 generic viagra “I think we’ll be fine”? Really?  How so Freddy ? What’ch ya keepin’ on the down low from us? The new minority shares are a band aid on a gaping wound but you know what, 762c3 generic viagra maybe the Skill Sets luck is changing as his Guardian Angel, 762c3 generic viagra Bud Selig is staying on for 2 more years as baseball czar and Wilpon enabler and as always has Freddy’s back: 762c3 generic viagra “He’s been a great owner, 762c3 generic viagra” Selig said. 762c3 generic viagra “Loves his team. 762c3 generic viagra He’s everything you’d want in a local owner. 762c3 generic viagra He’s had some economic problems, 762c3 generic viagra not caused by himself, 762c3 generic viagra and I have a lot of faith in him that he’s working his way through them.” 762c3 generic viagra And he’s oh, 762c3 generic viagra so good, 762c3 generic viagra 762c3 generic viagra And he’s oh, 762c3 generic viagra so fine, 762c3 generic viagra 762c3 generic viagra And he’s oh, 762c3 generic viagra so healthy, 762c3 generic viagra 762c3 generic viagra In his body and his mind. 762c3 generic viagra He’s a well respected man about town, 762c3 generic viagra 762c3 generic viagra Doing the best things so conservatively. 762c3 generic viagra Then Freddy was asked about Jose Reyes and his thoughts on Reyes: 762c3 generic viagra “Reyes was 17 years old when I met him, 762c3 generic viagra” Wilpon said. 762c3 generic viagra “He spoke pretty good English at that time, 762c3 generic viagra too. 762c3 generic viagra He said to me, 762c3 generic viagra ‘Can you give me some advice?’ I said, 762c3 generic viagra ‘Yeah, 762c3 generic viagra never wipe that smile off your face.'” 762c3 generic viagra Humm, 762c3 generic viagra “never wipe that smile off your face” looks like Freddy eats at Wo Hop like I do. 762c3 generic viagra Thankfully for Reyes’ sake Freddy didn’t hit him up with “Kid, 762c3 generic viagra I know a guy who can make you rich beyond belief” 762c3 generic viagra Here is a nice picture on a rainy, 762c3 generic viagra windy, 762c3 generic viagra cold New York afternoon 762c3 generic viagra Years before we would get to the 50th Anniversary of the NY Mets, 762c3 generic viagra Dana Brand was all pumped up about putting together a symposium at Hofstra University where he taught, 762c3 generic viagra on the history of the Mets. 762c3 generic viagra As you all know Dana passed away last year but his dream of having a conference at Hofstra will become a reality on April 26-28. Please check out all the details here and hopefully we can all meet up at Hofstra that weekend and celebrate not just the legacy of the NY Mets but of Dana Brand as well. 762c3 generic viagra Steve Popper, 762c3 generic viagra the Mets beat writer for the Bergen Record is leaving the Mets beat and will become the Records man at MSG following the NY Knickerbockers. Not only is this a big loss for Mets fans but a huge loss for Mets bloggers like myself and other bloggers who have had the privilege of meeting Steve at various team functions. 762c3 generic viagra Many of the beat writers and media folk won’t even give us a response to a hello but Popper (as well as Adam Rubin and Kevin Kernan ) has always been friendly to us and has been gracious in sharing his thoughts with us about the Mets. 762c3 generic viagra Good luck Steve and thanks. 762c3 generic viagra  

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Viagra canada Now that we have the holidays out of the way, viagra canada we can now look forward to spring training for what should be quite the interesting Mets season.

Viagra canada Eric Simon of Amazin’ Avenue had an interesting post today on how bad will the Mets be in 2012? Of course the number one item on his list of things that will impact the season is the Skill Sets financial situation, viagra canada something that will most likely overshadow what goes on, viagra canada on the field but Simon also touches on the health and availability of Johan Santana, viagra canada the hitting of Jason Bay and David Wright and where the offensive production lost from Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes will come from.

Viagra canada So my question to you my loyal readers, viagra canada what is your expectation for the Mets this coming season? What is a realistic expectation of this team and what will be their standing in the NL East, viagra canada a division that could be up for grabs if the reports of Prince Fielder signing with Washington are true. Viagra canada Can you see anything short of a last place finish in the division? Right now, viagra canada I can’t.

Viagra canada Where do you see Johan Santana this season? For me, viagra canada I’d be surprised if we see Santana pitch for the Mets before June.

Viagra canada What to do with David Wright? Wright is not a player, viagra canada right now that could realistically bring back a treasure trove of young talent but what if he is invigorated by good health and more friendly dimensions of Citi Field and puts up a .300/.380/.500 line with 15-17 HR’s and 75-80 + RBI by the All-Star break, viagra canada do you keep him and hope a new owner comes in with cash to re-sign him or is the lure of young robust baseball players to tempting to turn down in a trade?  I’m still undecided on this one but I am leaning towards a deal if the Mets get back a blue ribbon prospect or a young Major Leaguer under club control.

Viagra canada When I go to opening day at Citi Field, viagra canada who else will be there? If you are a true blue Mets fan and having been going to Mets games your whole life I can’t see how now you decide to sit this season out. Viagra canada No one has a right to tell you how to spend your time or money but as Boggy said, viagra canada “a hot dog at a ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz”. Viagra canada So true, viagra canada I mean today when I left for work I had on a sweater, viagra canada coat, viagra canada scarf and wool hat. Viagra canada You know what? That sucks. Viagra canada I want to wear shorts and t-shirt and have a scorecard in my hand. Viagra canada I have made peace with myself that the Mets will not be very good this season to the point that 100 losses would not shock me. Viagra canada However, viagra canada there is still a part of me that small sliver of Mets fan naivete` that still has me holding out hope that this season could be full of surprises and I want to be there to enjoy them. Viagra canada  I know all the die-hards will be out at Citi Field on Thursday April 5th at 1:10PM, viagra canada will you be there? If not tell me why not?

Viagra canada It’s funny the other teams I root for in other sports are playing at a level where they are contenders for championships in their respective leagues but it’s the Mets that are on my mind the most  and my biggest concern. Viagra canada Crazy shit eh?

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Cialis online without prescription  

Cialis online without prescription I would think by now every player on the Mets has gotten the message, cialis online without prescription you can be replaced, cialis online without prescription to that I say, cialis online without prescription it’s about time.

Cialis online without prescription I know there is a segment of the fan base who get their balls in a uproar when they hear of their favorite player mentioned in trade rumors and we can see by the group whose pissed off that Jose Reyes is now a former Met, cialis online without prescription  who will miss Reyes by the way not for his baseball prowess but because they love his dreads or he helps them sell t-shirts and don’t have the capacity to look at it as solely the baseball move that it was. Cialis online without prescription It’s the same way some have reacted to the scuttlebutt that Ike Davis and Jon Niese have been dangled as trade bait. Cialis online without prescription I know it’s been awhile since the Mets have had a true general manager running their team but I’ll let you kids in on a secret this is how you run a baseball team.

Cialis online without prescription Now before you call me an asshole (if you haven’t already) let me make it clear that I am not advocating that Ike and Niese be dealt but as a Mets fan you should be encouraged that Sandy Alderson is doing his job in trying to build this wreck of a franchise into a contending team for the long haul.

Cialis online without prescription I get it that the Mets fan base is quite diverse but you can’t keep sucking year after year and keep players just because they were drafted by the organization or have nice dimples you need players who can actually step up and win some baseball games. Cialis online without prescription Give me a flat ass, cialis online without prescription pimple face baseball player who can get on base, cialis online without prescription knock in runs or pitch seven innings a start any day of the week.

Cialis online without prescription It’s quite obvious that Alderson feels there is not one player on his current roster he cannot live without and as a fan of the TEAM that should make you happy. Cialis online without prescription When Alderson was first introduced as Mets GM he was asked about relationships with players, cialis online without prescription he let it known from the jump that he’s not here to be their friend but he would do whatever he could to help them if they needed his assistance.

Cialis online without prescription I’m sure Alderson thinks David Wright is as fine a young man as he’s met in baseball but that won’t stop him for dealing him away for a front line pitching prospect or a top flight center fielder. Cialis online without prescription  It’s not personal its business.

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Female version of viagra So what do you do with that REYES 7 you won’t be wearing to Citi Field anymore? Well, female version of viagra you can bring it to Foley’s NY and exchange it for a beer or an appetizer (or champagne if your happy he’s gone) Here is the info :

Female version of viagra Foley’s NY Pub & Restaurant (18 W. Female version of viagra 33rdSt.) offers New York Mets fans the opportunity to bid adios to former shortstop Jose Reyes, female version of viagra who has signed with the Miami Marlins.   The popular baseball bar will allow customers to exchange their Mets #7 Reyes jerseys for a free beer (to drown their sorrows), female version of viagra champagne (to celebrate his departure) or free appetizer (for fans who do not drink).

Female version of viagra  

Female version of viagra  “New York baseball is feeling a swirl of emotions as Jose Reyes heads south this winter, female version of viagra  We’re giving Mets fans a chance to drown their sorrows — or celebrate — and bid adios to Jose, female version of viagra one of the best and most popular Mets players ever, female version of viagra” said Shaun Clancy, female version of viagra owner of Foley’s, female version of viagra which features 2, female version of viagra500 autographed balls, female version of viagra bats and other baseball memorabilia.  “By doing this, female version of viagra we can have a little fun and donate to clothing drives for people who are less fortunate.”

Female version of viagra  

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What is better viagra or levitra As we wait for Sandy Alderson and his Front Office Posse to check  into the Motel 6 Hilton Anatole in Dallas so they can get some much needed work done to reshape the 2012 Mets, what is better viagra or levitra let’s look at a few news items from that last few days:

What is better viagra or levitra ITEM: JOSE REYES STILL A FREE AGENT

What is better viagra or levitra I would love to hear the conversations between Reyes and his agent on their free agency game plan. What is better viagra or levitra So far all we’ve heard is a rumor of an imminent deal with the Fish and nothing more, what is better viagra or levitra just a lot of speculation, what is better viagra or levitra in fact we’ve heard about this deal for about three weeks now. What is better viagra or levitra  As I’ve mentioned before, what is better viagra or levitra I love how Alderson is playing is hand here, what is better viagra or levitra especially how he told the Mets beat writers all he knows about Reyes right now is what he reads in the papers. What is better viagra or levitra This guy is good, what is better viagra or levitra very good. What is better viagra or levitra If by some chance Reyes comes back to the Mets he may end up paying them to play here.

What is better viagra or levitra By the way check out this post from Coop on the Reyes free agent saga at Kiner’s Korner a well worthy read.


What is better viagra or levitra Congrats to Omar as he was named the SR. What is better viagra or levitra VP of Baseball Ops for the San Diego Padres. What is better viagra or levitra As a GM and the front office face of a franchise, what is better viagra or levitra Minaya was miscast, what is better viagra or levitra his perfect role is that of scout and amateur talent evaluator. What is better viagra or levitra Safe to say Minaya will never be a big league GM again same as Willie Randolph will never be a big league manager again, what is better viagra or levitra the jobs were just too big for both of them.

What is better viagra or levitra ITEM: DODGERS SIGN CHRIS CAPUANO TO A 2YR/$10 MIL DEAL

What is better viagra or levitra And you want to know why the Dodgers are bankrupt? Thank the baseball gods that Nick Colletti is not the Mets GM.


What is better viagra or levitra No doubt about it, what is better viagra or levitra Pedro is a first ballot Hall Of Famer. What is better viagra or levitra I’ve never hide my man crush for Pedro and who could forget his first start with the Mets, what is better viagra or levitra Opening Day April 4, what is better viagra or levitra 2005 in Cincinnati where he gave up 3 runs in the first inning then settled down to K 12 Red Legs before giving way to the bullpen and suckitude closer Braden Looper losing the game. What is better viagra or levitra Then a week later at opening day at Shea Stadium, what is better viagra or levitra the fans cheering every time Pedro was shown on the Jumbotron or walked on the field, what is better viagra or levitra talk about electric. What is better viagra or levitra It’s sad his Mets career wasn’t very fruitful but still Pedro was the man.

What is better viagra or levitra  

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Cialis transdermal Last night I had the privilege to be invited to be part of the Mets bloggers Q & A conference call with Mets GM Sandy Alderson. Cialis transdermal Eric Simon and the staff at Amazin’ Avenue have done another outstanding job of putting together a transcript of the conference call (click the link and read the whole transcript it will be the most informative information you’ll get about the Mets anywhere) and I thank them very much for undertaking the chore of transcribing and crediting each blogger with a link to our sites along with our questions, cialis transdermal Thanks again Eric.

Cialis transdermal A few observations I took from the call:

Cialis transdermal Alderson is playing his hand in the Jose Reyes sweepstakes like a top poker player. Cialis transdermal In years past, cialis transdermal the Mets were always duped into not just setting the market price on free agents but bidding against themselves. Cialis transdermal His answer to the question on whether he thought of Reyes as a franchise player was 100 % spot on:

Cialis transdermal Do I consider him a franchise player? Yes. Cialis transdermal But a franchise player is only valuable as such if he is contributing to a winning franchise as opposed to simply acting as eye wash for a team that is not very good.

Cialis transdermal Again, cialis transdermal everybody loves Reyes and wants him to be a Met For Life, cialis transdermal yet less than 5, cialis transdermal000 fans showed up on the final day of the season and what may have been Reyes last game as a Met. Cialis transdermal That’s why Alderson doesn’t play to the lunatic fringe of Metsfandom and for that I am so grateful.

Cialis transdermal Alderson got into the business end of running the Mets as Howard Megdal, cialis transdermal who should be your go to read with the anything Mets related but most certainly on learning the financial end of what the Skill Sets and the organization are up against in these trying money times with the Mets. Cialis transdermal It may a bit simplistic on my part but it seems Alderson is saying that he has x-amount of dollars in his budget given to him by ownership and he has to do the best he and his staff can to fill the roster with players good enough to compete and not hurt the bedrock of foundation of the organization, cialis transdermal the farm system. Cialis transdermal There are some (I’d say a minority) of Mets fans who don’t get the fact that finances of this franchise are in a total state of flux but no matter the outcome, cialis transdermal it would take either a discovery of oil or gold during the renovation of the Citi Field outfield for the Skill Sets to own this team for the long term. Cialis transdermal  

Cialis transdermal I really believe Alderson enjoys doing these Q & A’s with the Mets bloggers more than dealing with the MSM. Cialis transdermal The first one we did last year lasted about half an hour, cialis transdermal then when we met with Alderson face to face at the Mets Holiday Party he joined us in our own little group for more questions and didn‘t seem to be in a hurry to get away from us. Cialis transdermal Last night he spoke to us for an hour and seemed to enjoy the questions and giving us insight into what he and his staff are doing to making the Mets into a top flight franchise.

Cialis transdermal His answer to my question was about that, cialis transdermal he is hell-bent in turning around the perception of the NY Mets franchise, cialis transdermal as much as Alderson feels there has been progress in that direction he knows the only way to advance it is for him to put together a winning team:

Cialis transdermal {Steve Keane (The Eddie Kranepool Society): Your first year as a Mets general manager, cialis transdermal how would you assess your progress that you and your staff have made in the first year with the Mets? What has been the most challenging situation or thing that’s happened with you as the GM of the Mets, cialis transdermal and what’s been the biggest surprise on the positive side and on the negative side?

Cialis transdermal  

Cialis transdermal Alderson: I look at things in three areas. Cialis transdermal The organization as a whole, cialis transdermal the infrastructure, cialis transdermal what’s happening in player development and scouting, cialis transdermal and what’s happening at the major league level.

Cialis transdermal  

Cialis transdermal Organizationally, cialis transdermal I’m very pleased with where we are. Cialis transdermal We’re not fully where we want to be. Cialis transdermal In the areas of structure and process and personnel, cialis transdermal we’re making a lot of progress. Cialis transdermal We made some personnel changes last year, cialis transdermal we’ve made a few this year. Cialis transdermal The more important changes organizationally have come in the area of process as we blend the pre-existing staff with newly added staff. Cialis transdermal From an organizational standpoint, cialis transdermal we’ve made some progress.

Cialis transdermal  

Cialis transdermal Player-development-wise, cialis transdermal we’ve made significant progress, cialis transdermal I think our approach to the draft last year was a departure from previous years, cialis transdermal and I think at least early returns are that it was a positive change. Cialis transdermal If you look at our top prospects, cialis transdermal we were able to add to that list not only from not only the further development of existing players, cialis transdermal but also from the draft as well as the trade, cialis transdermal most prominently the trade for Zack Wheeler. Cialis transdermal I think player-development-wise, cialis transdermal the continued development of Matt Harvey and some others, cialis transdermal and remember at this time last year, cialis transdermal Matt Harvey had never thrown a professional pitch. Cialis transdermal I think some very positive things are happening at the player development and scouting level.

Cialis transdermal  

Cialis transdermal At the major league level, cialis transdermal I’m very pleased with Terry Collins last year and I think our major league staff will be even stronger this year than it was. Cialis transdermal Dave Hudgens did a great job in refocusing our offensive philosophy. Cialis transdermal I think we’ve made a lot of progress philosophically at least in how we are approaching the game, cialis transdermal not just in respect to hitting, cialis transdermal but a more aggressive approach, cialis transdermal a more accountable approach that Terry has demanded.

Cialis transdermal  

Cialis transdermal If you tie those three things together, cialis transdermal what I’d hoped to achieve in the first year primarily was to change the perception of the organization. Cialis transdermal Despite the fact that we didn’t finish over .500, cialis transdermal I think overall, cialis transdermal the way the team played, cialis transdermal some of the other things that happened over the course of the year, cialis transdermal did help to change the perception of the organization and its direction and its chances of success in the future.

Cialis transdermal  

Cialis transdermal My biggest disappointment going back to last year was just the way we finished the season. Cialis transdermal We finished poorly, cialis transdermal we started poorly. Cialis transdermal Part of that was attributable to injury, cialis transdermal but some of it was a result of weakening the team later for long-term benefit. Cialis transdermal I think for example, cialis transdermal if we’d kept Frankie Rodriguez, cialis transdermal we would have finished well over .500. Cialis transdermal I think that the lack of a closer cost us a number of games.

Cialis transdermal  

Cialis transdermal But, cialis transdermal the overall perception did change. Cialis transdermal I think that there is some greater confidence in the future for the Mets and that was an important thing to accomplish. Cialis transdermal I think the way we finished detracted from that somewhat, cialis transdermal I think we were able to move people’s thinking in that direction.}

Cialis transdermal I’d like to thank Danielle Parillo and Shannon Forde for putting this and all the Mets bloggers event together and of course a big thank you to Sandy Alderson for his time and insight    

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Discount phentermine viagra for a copy of the 2012 Bill James Handbook check out ACTA Sports  

Discount phentermine viagra My must have book of the baseball off season is the Bill James Handbook (ACTA publishing) and this off season is no exception. Discount phentermine viagra I just got my hands on the 2012 edition of the Handbook and as usual it is filled with stats and essay’s that help any baseball fan make informed thoughts when looking at your teams needs for the coming season.

Discount phentermine viagra One of my favorite features in the Handbook is The Fielding Bible Awards.  John Dewan puts this section together and enlists some of the great baseball minds to vote on the awards. Discount phentermine viagra This year the voters are:

Discount phentermine viagra Bill James

Discount phentermine viagra Baseball Info Solutions (BIS) Video Scouts

Discount phentermine viagra Hal Richman creator of Strat-O-Matic  Baseball

Discount phentermine viagra Joe Posnanski

Discount phentermine viagra John Dewan

Discount phentermine viagra Peter Gammons

Discount phentermine viagra Doug Glanville

Discount phentermine viagra Rob Neyer

Discount phentermine viagra Todd Radcliffe Lead Video Scout for BIS

Discount phentermine viagra Tom Tango Fan Poll

Discount phentermine viagra These ten voters rank players at all nine positions using a 1-10 voting system, discount phentermine viagra the votes are tallied and the top 10 players are listed. Discount phentermine viagra For our purposes let’s look at how the Mets defenders faired

Discount phentermine viagra At first base Daniel Murphy (yes Daniel Murphy) graded out at #10 with 18 total points.  Bill James voted Murph 5th, discount phentermine viagra BIS Video Scouts voted him 10th, discount phentermine viagra Joe Posnanski voted him 5th and John Dewan listed him 6th on his ballot. Discount phentermine viagra This is why I won’t be shocked when Murphy is dealt this winter  to play 1st or even 3rd base where he grades out positive as well in exchange for one of the many needs the Mets have this off season. Discount phentermine viagra It’s at 2nd base where Murphy is a -2 in the Runs Saved (RS) category and why the Mets need to think of defense first at second. Discount phentermine viagra By the way Justin Turner grades out at a woeful -11 RS at 2nd base.

Discount phentermine viagra So you can see neither Murph nor Ginger Turner rated in the top 10 (Ruben Tejeda by the way was a +1 in RS at 2nd base) my favorite non-Mets player Dustin Pedroia finished #1 with 97 pts

Discount phentermine viagra A big surprise was at shortstop where Mets icon, discount phentermine viagra Jose Reyes didn’t come close to a top ten finish with a lowly 6 pts to his name.

Discount phentermine viagra I don’t know if this is a surprise or not (I’ll leave it up to you) but at 3rd base David Wright did not garner a single vote. Discount phentermine viagra The Wreck of Miguel Tejada received votes from Glanville, discount phentermine viagra Posnanski and Dewan . Discount phentermine viagra MIGUEL TEJADA!!!!!! If that doesn’t motivate D-Wright to get his leather groove on, discount phentermine viagra I don’t know what would?

Discount phentermine viagra Jason Bay finished out of the money in 15th but at least he was ahead of the 500 lb left fielder a/k/a Carlos Lee

Discount phentermine viagra In the section dealing with centerfielder’s I’ve stared at the page for hours, discount phentermine viagra held it up to the light then to a mirror and still not a sign of Angel Pagan, discount phentermine viagra in fact if the Handbook was released on vinyl and you played it backwards you would hear Pagan is dead. Discount phentermine viagra Could Sandy Alderson give us a shiny new centerfielder for Christmas?  Can he find a way to get Peter Bourjos or Adam Jones ? Hell, discount phentermine viagra I’d settle for Coco Crsip.

Discount phentermine viagra In the right field category there isn’t a Mets representative and I have a strong feeling there won’t be one in the 2013 Handbook either.

Discount phentermine viagra 24 catchers received Fielding Bible Award votes, discount phentermine viagra none were named Josh Thole. Discount phentermine viagra Kelly Shoppach received 12 votes and would a perfect tag team partner for Thole who in all fairness is still learning the tools of ignorance trade on the Major League Level.

Discount phentermine viagra The highest rated Mets defender is none other than Robert Allen Dickey, discount phentermine viagra R.A. Discount phentermine viagra to you and me. Discount phentermine viagra  I wonder if Dickster can play 2nd base or centerfield on his four days off?

Discount phentermine viagra That’s just some of the great features in the 2012 Bill James Handbook and it’s also a very useful reference as we play amateur GM of the Mets this off season.

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Female male viagra If Angel Pagan is the Mets opening day center fielder I’m going to be pissed off. Female male viagra  A lot of my angst over Pagan has to do with his inconsistent play especially in the outfield and some of it has to do with what is perceived as a “me” attitude that looks as if it chaps the mangers ass as well. Female male viagra Terry Collins was miffed when Pagan took himself out of a game last year claiming he had a stomach virus and was dehydrated but never told the manger he was headed to the porcelain palace in the clubhouse as his turn to bat was up. Female male viagra Pagan also bitched and moaned about batting leadoff when Jose Reyes was out with his blown up hammy, female male viagra solidifying his rep as a selfish player

Female male viagra Mike Silva wrote a piece on how Pagan may be the best of what’s out there as far as centerfielders go, female male viagra but why do the Mets always have to settle?  If it’s going to cost at least $5mil to sign Pagan why not go a couple of million more and sign David DeJesus?

Female male viagra DeJesus would be a upgrade over Pagan in the outfield for sure and  an upgrade in the lineup as well as DeJesus has a better ability to get on base than that of Pagan.

Female male viagra Sandy Alderson has targeted the pitching staff, female male viagra zeroing in on the bullpen, female male viagra as job one this off season but he also needs to address the defense which was one of the worst in baseball last year. Female male viagra  The up the middle D was especially poor (Jose Reyes by the way was -11 in Runs Saved ) so if the organization can’t afford to go all out to get some decent arms then maybe an upgrade on the defensive side would help the arms the Mets have now?

Female male viagra I think this post by Shannon at  Mets Police says it all about being a Mets fan.

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