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Generic cialis in india Dennis Ribant has nothing to to do with this post. Generic cialis in india I just felt like posting his baseball card. Generic cialis in india For some reason I was thinking about Ribant and why his Mets career was so short. Generic cialis in india Yes, generic cialis in india I need to go out and get some fresh air. Generic cialis in india   

Generic cialis in india So we are a mere 10 days away from opening day and the questions at the start of spring training are still questions as we hit the training camp home stretch. Generic cialis in india  Who’s on first? What’s on second and at shortstop? I DON’T KNOW!!!!!!!!

Generic cialis in india Let’s peruse the Mets roster that could debut at Citi Field a week from Monday in front a lot of empty seats:

Generic cialis in india The much anticipated battle of the stiffs never materialized as both Ike Davis and Lucas Duda went down with leg injuries.  That gave us a chance to see Eric Campbell and Josh Satin play the bulk of the spring games. Generic cialis in india Both players looked to be much better choices than either Ike or Duda but only one of them will make the 25 man roster and looks to be Satin. Generic cialis in india The shame of it is Campbell will not make it north because he hits from the right side, generic cialis in india and Ike, generic cialis in india Satin and most likely Duda will make the club. Generic cialis in india That’s a damn shame.

Generic cialis in india Daniel Murphy will be the everyday 2nd baseman until Ike Davis and Lucas Duda flop then he would shift over to 1st base and Terry Collins favorite Eric Young Jr would become the regular 2nd baseman that is unless Wilmer Flores takes that spot and EYJ keeps a spot as a super sub. Generic cialis in india Whew! Where for art thou Edgardo Alfonzo?

Generic cialis in india None of the in house candidates to play shortstop, generic cialis in india Ruben Tejada, generic cialis in india Omar Quintanilla or Wilmer Flores are much with the glove so why not take the best bat out of the three which would be Flores and start him at short? Let Ruben be what he was born to be a utility infielder and let Quintanilla be what he was destined to be, generic cialis in india a former big league player.

Generic cialis in india David Wright 3rd base. Generic cialis in india Nuff’ said

Generic cialis in india It seems as if long time minor league journeyman and Jersey boy Anthony Seratelli will make this club as a super-sub. Generic cialis in india His ability to switch hit and get on base makes him an asset.

Generic cialis in india Chris Young has picked up his offense lately this spring so let’s hope that translates into the season. Generic cialis in india $7.25 mil for a player whose offensive game has declined the last three seasons seems like a huge gamble for a team that has to scrape and scrimp to come up with that kind of scratch. Generic cialis in india Got to hope this is not the offensive version of Frank Frank  .

Generic cialis in india There is no way in hell Terry Collins cannot write Juan Lagares name in the everyday lineup. Generic cialis in india   Not just Collins but no one in the organization can make a rational argument as to why Lagares will not be in centerfield just about every day.  Here’s a newsflash, generic cialis in india the Washing ton Nationals are going to win the division by about 20 games so let’s play Lagares every day and let him grow as a big leaguer .

Generic cialis in india Can Curtis Granderson give the Mets an average Granderson season? Would you sign on for .261/.340/.488 with 30 HR 80 RBI? Oh hell yeah!

Generic cialis in india The training wheels are off Travis d’Arnaud, generic cialis in india it’s not only his pitching staff but he has to contribute offensively as well. Generic cialis in india TDA’s bat could be the X factor in this season’ run to respectability.  Yes that is Kevin Pawlicki in the rear view mirror

Generic cialis in india Jon Niese starts the season on the DL but could be activated by the first weekend series against the Cincinnati Red Legs. Generic cialis in india With Niese out, generic cialis in india Dillion Gee has been given the honor of starting the first game of the season. Generic cialis in india Good for Gee who was solid the last half of last season and has paid his dues in the organization. Generic cialis in india Gee will be followed by Zack Wheeler, generic cialis in india Bartolo Colon and Dice-K. Generic cialis in india That’s a solid starting staff and with Raphael Montero and the Mighty Thor waiting in the wings, generic cialis in india the club is flush with stellar pitching arms.

Generic cialis in india The front office has had a tough time putting together a solid bullpen. Generic cialis in india It doesn’t help that Terry Collins and Dan Warthen are not the best late inning pitching strategists  either but in order to be the 90 win team Alderson thinks he has here, generic cialis in india he’s going to need a bullpen that ranks in the top ten , generic cialis in india something that has eluded the Mets for a few years now.

Generic cialis in india There has to be trepidation over the lack of velocity coming from the right arm of Bobby Parnell and the lack of command shown by Vic Black.  Jose Valverde looks like he’s made the team and could step in to close when needed as well as Jeurys Familia who has had a spectacular spring. Generic cialis in india Scott Rice comes back as the LOOGY with Carlos Torres and John Lannan as long men/spot starters. Generic cialis in india This could be the year the Mets have a pen to believe in.

Generic cialis in india Jeremy Gibson of the Blue Jays blog 500 Level Fan asked me for my take on the NL East race this season by the way seems the Jays fans are still hurting from the trade last year.

Generic cialis in india  

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Cheapest cialis Looks like the Mets have no interest in signing RHP Jason Marquis which means either of two things; Marquis has nothing left as a pitcher or the Mets have enough faith in Chris Young making a contribution very soon and the young arms in the system are progressing nicely.

Cheapest cialis I’ve felt that taking on Marquis to a minor league deal could help both the Mets and Marquis who is what I’d call the journeyman’s journeyman and maybe being able to pitch at home here in NYC would recharge him a bit.  Marquis lives on Staten Island and was a star pitcher for Tottenville High School, cheapest cialis this past winter his daughter had a mishap on a bicycle that landed her in the hospital and was serious enough of an injury that Marquis was summoned from Twins camp in Florida back home to Staten Island. Cheapest cialis  Thankfully, cheapest cialis his daughter recovered and is doing fine today but you wonder how much of a toll that took on Marquis and what his mindset has been playing in Minnesota while his family is back in SI.

Cheapest cialis After looking over Marquis page at Baseball-Reference it’s hard to take the Mets to task for not pursuing the 33 year old righty, cheapest cialis but I wouldn’t rule out the Highlanders taking a chance on Marquis .

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Chinese herbal viagra If I worked in the Mets payroll department, chinese herbal viagra when it’s time to cut the players paychecks, chinese herbal viagra I would put Robert Allen Dickey’ name on the check for Ollie Perez and put Perez name on Dickey’ digits. Chinese herbal viagra Obviously OP has no shame or is just as ignorant as we Mets fans make him out to be, chinese herbal viagra that he still picks up his check for doing absolutely nothing positive for this team while R.A. Chinese herbal viagra Dickey goes out start after start and lives the journeyman’s dream season in the Big Leagues.

Chinese herbal viagra At some point doesn’t professional pride resonate with Perez, chinese herbal viagra where he sees that going to Buffalo and then heading to St. Chinese herbal viagra Lonesome in the winter to work on being a pitcher, chinese herbal viagra instead of the thrower he has become? Then again you would have to have a little bit going on between your ears and OP seems to be lacking in that, chinese herbal viagra so he is relegated to the Mets version of the NYC Board of Education’s “rubber room” where they send teacher’s who can no longer handle a classroom and pay them full salary and benefits while they figure out what to do with them.

Chinese herbal viagra If I were the manager of the Mets, chinese herbal viagra I would take all of Perez’ belongings from his locker and leave them in the janitor’s closet and give the locker to Pat Misch. Chinese herbal viagra How is OP not embarrassed by the fact, chinese herbal viagra the club never even gave it a thought of giving him the ball today against the Phillies ? Ollie Perez, chinese herbal viagra have you no shame?

Chinese herbal viagra For the first time in his Mets career, chinese herbal viagra Luis Castillo and Mets fans are on the same page, chinese herbal viagra yes Luis, chinese herbal viagra you got to go! What other team has players begging for their release or trade and are STILL ALLOWED TO PLAY!!!!!! Castillo and Francoeur want to leave, chinese herbal viagra so why haven’t they been granted their wish?

Chinese herbal viagra It’s not often these days we hear from Omar Minaya, chinese herbal viagra and when we do, chinese herbal viagra we realize why he shouldn’t speak in public. Chinese herbal viagra When asked what Frankie Rodriguez said to him about the incident with his babies moma’s daddy, chinese herbal viagra Omar the Orator said:

Chinese herbal viagra “He said he feels really bad he let the organization down. Chinese herbal viagra He let himself down and his teammates down, chinese herbal viagra” Minaya said. Chinese herbal viagra “To me, chinese herbal viagra that’s an apology. Chinese herbal viagra Did he use that word? I will not tell you that, chinese herbal viagra but I will tell you that he does not feel good.”

Chinese herbal viagra Omar, chinese herbal viagra what the fuck are you talking about? Did he apologize or not? And did you, chinese herbal viagra as the GM of the team, chinese herbal viagra tell him he had better apologize to his teammates especially to those teammate whose wives and children were in that room to witness what happened? I would hope that Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes, chinese herbal viagra who both said their wives and kids were there at the time all hell broke lose, chinese herbal viagra would confront him on what happened. Chinese herbal viagra Prove me wrong Mets players, chinese herbal viagra I say no one has the balls to call out K-Rod on this.

Chinese herbal viagra I hope Pat Misch pitches a great game today as he has earned the right for this start and anything that puts it up Mets management’s ass is fine with me.

Chinese herbal viagra This is what is has come down to for me. Chinese herbal viagra Mets management has taken a forty six year Mets fan and has me rooting for the organization to fall flat on it’s face. Chinese herbal viagra I want Ollie Perez to pitch and get shelled. Chinese herbal viagra I want Jeff Francoeur to play every day and strike out four times a game. Chinese herbal viagra I want Jerry Manuel to keep lifting starting pitchers for an ineffective bullpen. Chinese herbal viagra I want David Wright to go to ownership and ask them “where are we going as an organization so I know if I should play out my contract and go elsewhere”. Chinese herbal viagra I want some other financial shyster to come along and steal the rest of the Skill Sets money so they are forced to sell the team (You suck Bernie Madoff why couldn’t wipe out the Wilpon’s I would have spoken up for you at your parole hearing if you did ) I want to burn this fucker to the ground and start over. Chinese herbal viagra I so fucking sick and tired and being so fucking sick and tired about this disaster of an organization.

Chinese herbal viagra Oh in case you haven’t picked up on it, chinese herbal viagra I’m back from vacation.

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Viagra by online Every casual Mets fan can rattle off the names of great pitchers in Mets history, viagra by online Seaver, viagra by online Koosman, viagra by online Matlack, viagra by online Gooden, viagra by online Darling, viagra by online but the die hard Mets fan has guys that when they  here the nam, viagra by onlinee one of those cartoon clouds form over their head with reminisces of terrific performance of the past. Viagra by online The mention of their name is usually followed with the refrain “What ever happened to that guy”?

Viagra by online Don Cardwell was one of them, viagra by online a journeyman who pitched for three full and part of a fourth season for the Mets back in the late 60’s and was on the ’69 World Champion team as a spot/starter long reliever. Viagra by online Cardwell was better than his record and was one of those guys who when called upon either won a game for you or at worse kept the team in a game.

Viagra by online Ron Taylor was another ‘69er who was key in the pen and today is a physician in his naïve Toronto and works for the Blue Jays.  His problem was he was overshadowed by a young, viagra by online brash fellow reliever, viagra by online Frank (Tug) McGraw

Viagra by online George Stone came to the Mets with Felix Milan in one of the most underrated deals in Mets history (Danny Frisella and Gary Gentry were shipped to Atlanta) and went 12-3 in 1973 and his misuse by Yogi Berra in the 1973 World Series still bothers me to this day. 

Viagra by online Rick Reed, viagra by online Skip Lockwood, viagra by online Craig Swan, viagra by online Bruce Berenyi, viagra by online Bill Pulshiper, viagra by online Izzy and Neil Allen are guys who I think about now and then, viagra by online about the contribution to the Mets teams they played or how some like Reed came out of nowhere or Stone who had the year of his life in 1973 or Lockwood an very underrated reliever or poor Puls’ one of the Titanic Trio along with Izzy and Paul Wilson, viagra by online the ill fated Generation K. Viagra by online Craig Swan the Ace of some bad pitching staff of the late 70’s. Viagra by online Berenyi, viagra by online a June 15th pick up in 1984 when the Mets were starting to turn things around and became pennant contenders. Viagra by online All these guys forever etched in my Mets fan memory of players. Viagra by online Now we have one more pitcher who I can add to that list, viagra by online R.A. Viagra by online Dickey.

Viagra by online If the Mets go on to win a seat at the post season table, viagra by online R.A. Viagra by online Dickey will have played a major role. Viagra by online Dickey is the kind of pitcher I’ve always wanted the Mets to have. Viagra by online He looks like a guy right out of Bull Durham. Viagra by online The long hair, viagra by online three day stubble, viagra by online the southern drawl, viagra by online a real dirtbag and I say that with the utmost affection. Viagra by online Sometimes a guy starts to realize he has nothing to lose anymore and stops listening to others and just goes out and does things the way he wants, viagra by online and it works, viagra by online you just have to root like hell for him. Viagra by online I even like the fact that he knows Jerry Manuel wanted no part of him on the team and Dickey saying, viagra by online He could care less what Manuel thinks as he doesn’t pitch for Manuel he pitches for himself and the team.

Viagra by online Who knows maybe in the year 2020 at Old Timers Day, viagra by online R.A. Viagra by online Dickey will be welcomed with a huge ovation as he’s introduced or maybe he will be a guy that pops in my head when I see a homeless guy with a cap pulled down to his eyes and stubble on his face bringing cans and bottles in for nickel deposit and say “I wonder what ever happened to R.A. Viagra by online Dickey.”

Viagra by online Whatever happens, viagra by online it’s a joy to watch this Mets team play. Viagra by online As we head toward the end of June, viagra by online that Mets are a mere ½ game out of first place. Viagra by online Let the summer fun begin!

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Canadian viagra 50mg I hope Frankie Rodriguez can pick up a fork and knife this morning to eat his breakfast, canadian viagra 50mg I mean the guy had to come in to pitch in the 8th inning last night instead of his customary 9th inning to get a (GASP!!!!) 5 out save!!!!!! Rodriguez had to throw 25 pitches to complete this unbelievable test of endurance and I’m hopping the 6ft 200lbd K-Rod is not just totally exhausted from that heavy duty work load.

Canadian viagra 50mg All sarcasm aside here, canadian viagra 50mg when did baseball lose its way when it comes to pitching? Sure we could throw this all on The Genius as he reinvented bullpen use with the A’s and Denis Eckersley in the late 80’s but why did the rest of the sport follow suit and turn TLR into the baseball version of L. Canadian viagra 50mg Ron Hubbard? Why hasn’t any organization stepped  up and denounced LaRussa-ology ? I know Nolan Ryan has as he is going about changing the mind set of the Texas Rangers organization into developing starting pitchers to go deep into there starts, canadian viagra 50mg but why are other organization so scared to follow The Express’ as an example?

Canadian viagra 50mg As far as I know, canadian viagra 50mg TLR was a marginal journeyman player and as much as I can’t stand his hide behind his Foster Grants ass, canadian viagra 50mg he knows baseball. Canadian viagra 50mg Just ask him he’ll tell you but when it comes to pitching if it comes down to TLR or even his top disciple Dave Duncan, canadian viagra 50mg or Nolan Ryan, canadian viagra 50mg I’m going with the Hall of Famer fireballer.

Canadian viagra 50mg Watching Jerry Manuel work this bullpen drives me up a fucking wall. Canadian viagra 50mg Fernando Nieve pitches in every game, canadian viagra 50mg as does Vitamin Pedro. Canadian viagra 50mg Jenry Mejia, canadian viagra 50mg the kid who Manuel told management he needed desperately is being totally misused. Canadian viagra 50mg Now that Ryota Igarhasi is on the DL look for Ruben Valdes to become an everyday pitcher.

Canadian viagra 50mg Manuel manages his pen like he still in the American League, canadian viagra 50mg it’s excruciating to watch. Canadian viagra 50mg But back to my original question, canadian viagra 50mg why does it have to be this way?

Canadian viagra 50mg Yesterday I wrote about the 40th anniversary of Tom Seaver’ 19 K game against the SD Padres. Canadian viagra 50mg That year the 25 year old Seaver threw a baseball in 290 innings. Canadian viagra 50mg That’s almost two seasons worth of innings in today’s game. Canadian viagra 50mg Seaver threw for the fourth most innings that season in the NL as Bob Gibson was third with 294 IP, canadian viagra 50mg Fergie Jenkins was second with 313 and Gaylord Perry led the league with 328.2 IP.

Canadian viagra 50mg In 2009 Justin Verlander led MLB pitchers in innings pitched with 240. Canadian viagra 50mg In 1970 that would have ranked him 29th overall (Dick Drago of the Royals threw 240 IP in 1970) Bronson Arroyo was10th overall in IP last year with 220.1 IP. Canadian viagra 50mg In 1970 Rick Wise of the Phillies threw for 220.1 IP good for 40th overall.

Canadian viagra 50mg One would think with the advancements today in the physical training and with all the computer and video that teams have they could come up with some kind of pitching program that would get more length and production out of starting pitchers. Canadian viagra 50mg Instead of paying tens of millions of dollars to a guy to come in and work one inning and throw 15-20 pitches wouldn’t it make sense to spend those millions on cultivating an organizational pitching program to train pitchers go deeper into games they’ve started ? Call it Reverse-LaRussa-ology.

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Alternative viagra external   13 days until pitchers and catchers

Alternative viagra external Last night’s hour long PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL show, alternative viagra external went by in a flash thanks our own Yankee-Doodle, alternative viagra external Michael calling in and Matt Silverman coming on to talk about the ’69 Mets. Alternative viagra external Some of the topics I wanted to get to in the opening of the show got pushed back as I went on a bit of a Fernando Martinez rant, alternative viagra external so I guess I’ll touch on those here.

Alternative viagra external By the way I got to see F-Mart’s AB last night with the bases loaded and two out in the Dominican Republic v. Alternative viagra external Venezuela Caribbean World Series game. Alternative viagra external Martinez did not get a hit in the AB but it was an impressive turn at the plate that lasted 10 pitches until he hit a foul pop that was caught by the Venezuelan right fielder.

Alternative viagra external I’m not anti-Fernando in any way; I just want the kid to stop acing like he’s a 27 year old journeyman who has never gotten a chance and be the 20 year old who plays so well this spring that he beats out Angel Pagan to be Carlos Beltran’s understudy.

Alternative viagra external Looks like me and Orlando Hudson have something in common; we both will never play second base for the Mets. So after all the debate about second base for the Mets what’s done is done, alternative viagra external Luis Castillo is the Mets second baseman for better or worse till death due us part (or until Reese Havens can prove he can play at the big league level) for 2010.

Alternative viagra external What is the under/over on how many times Gary Cohen or Howie Rose say “Just out of the reach of Castillo, alternative viagra external for a base hit” this season? Let’s set the number at 75.

Alternative viagra external The last place in the world I thought I’d ever see the name Municipal Credit Union would be on a ball park marquee.  I wonder if those of us with accounts at MCU will get a discount on Cyclones tickets.

Alternative viagra external I’m very happy for Nelly Figs and his great performance the other day for DR in the Caribbean Series but it wasn’t like he was pitching against the Phillies or Highlanders, alternative viagra external it was against Mexico and 45 year old  270 lb Vinny Castila, alternative viagra external The Big Fajita!

Alternative viagra external Maybe things are not as bleak for the Mets as we think. Alternative viagra external FOX has the Amazin’s scheduled for broadcast 8 times this coming season and one of the games is a prime timer versus the Bronx Bastards.

Alternative viagra external Maple Street Press is coming out with it’s Mets Annual in a few weeks and there will be a section on the Mets Blogosphere, alternative viagra external that will include yours truly.

Alternative viagra external Matt Silverman is putting out a revised paperback version of his book “100 Things Mets Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die” 

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Viagra gay Loss in all the Beltran minutia is the fact that the Mets are going to need a centerfield for the first three months of the season, viagra gay and the pickin’s are slim.

Viagra gay I don’t know how some folks have come to the conclusion that Angel Pagan is the centerfielder understudy for Carlos Beltan. Viagra gay What has Angel Pagan done in his career that allows this position to be handed to him this spring? I don’t dislike Pagan, viagra gay I think he’s a good backup, viagra gay his baseball I.Q. Viagra gay sucks but he is a good 4th OF’er. Viagra gay The big knock I have on him is he’s a journeyman with injury issues and quite frankly he has not earned a permanent spot in the starting 8.

Viagra gay When you look at the Mets today January 17, viagra gay the only positions that should be givens are 3B, viagra gay SS, viagra gay LF, viagra gay RF, viagra gay Ace pitcher and closer. Viagra gay Everyother position should be open competition (throw Perpetual Pedro in the lock column as well)

Viagra gay To that issue, viagra gay where is the manger of the Mets, viagra gay the Gangsta’? I wrote a few weeks ago that I felt he should have been at the Jason Bay unveiling and now with Beltran out we haven’t heard from him again. Viagra gay Of all the imbeciles in the Mets organization, viagra gay the one guy I want to hear from has clamed up. Viagra gay Maybe Jerry Manuel has to get permission from the head beer vendor, viagra gay the ladies room matron in the Acela Club and then Jay Horowitz before he can speak about his team? If  I were Jerry Manuel and I know I’ll most likely be out of a job but Memorial Day, viagra gay instead of being a Gansta’ I’d be going all Conan O’Brian on the Mets ass’

Viagra gay I need for Jerry Manuel to come out and say that if Angel Pagan thinks he’s the CF’er he is sorely mistaken. Viagra gay I need for Jerry Manuel to say that the 2nd base job is wide open and the amount of money you make does not influence who plays. Viagra gay I’d make it know to every right handed hitter coming into camp that you would be doing yourself a favor by brining a 1st baseman’ glove with you to spring training. Viagra gay I’d also let it be known that a team that has two collapses and season of indifferent play better be ready to come to work early and stay late. Viagra gay You don’t want to be the first guy clocking out of a spring workout.

Viagra gay But then again this would only happen to a team that is committed to winning. Viagra gay As it stands now I feel that Jerry Manuel is Art Howe with a sense of humor and all the Mets organization cares about is that you renew your Sunday ticket plan.

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