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Oral viagra My good buddy Ed “Rusty Jr.” Marcus over at The Real Dirty Mets has a very good column posted this morning on the patients Mets fans will have for the team this coming season. Oral viagra Ed asks the questions will fans show up at Citi Field, oral viagra if the team gets off to a slow start will fans call for Terry Collins and Sandy Aldersons head and how much more cat calls will we hear from the stands of Citi Field for the Skill Sets to sell? All very good questions.

Oral viagra This off season has been as dormant of any positive Mets news in a long long time. Oral viagra The specter of the Madoff trustee law suit and the teams financial straits have overshadowed any baseball move made by the club as all the moves and non-moves have been money driven. Oral viagra That being said, oral viagra I can’t wait until training camp opens as we can finally get back to discussing hitting, oral viagra pitching and defense and hopefully some baseball related story lines.

Oral viagra The die hard “the Mets are in my blood” fan will come out to Citi Field no matter what this coming season brings.  With all the talk of boycotts and protest and insurrection by a part of the fan base, oral viagra let me say don’t count on me for support. Oral viagra Am I pissed off about the way the Skill Sets have run this franchise and besmirched the good name of the New York Mets? Oh hell yeah! Do I wish they were gone from their seat of power as owner of the team? Double oh hell yeah? But will I abandon my Mets fandom? Infinity hell no!

Oral viagra If Terry Collins can continue to move this team in the direction he has and improve on how they fundamentally play baseball, oral viagra then this could be a very interesting season. Oral viagra Two major things have to happen for the Mets to play above all expectations this coming season, oral viagra they must master the fundamentals of baseball and they have to stay healthy, oral viagra those two aspects of the game will be the difference in whether the dormant Mets fan will come out to Citi Field or will stay home. Oral viagra The Mets do not have the raw talent to be a contender for a division or a wild card berth, oral viagra but if they limit the mistakes on defense and on the bases along with staying healthy, oral viagra especially the very fragile starting pitching, oral viagra the Mets could be the big story of the 2012 baseball season.

Oral viagra If the Mets do become this out of the blue story , oral viagrano one in the fan base will give a rat’s ass about the owner. Oral viagra We care about the Skill Sets now because we’re bored and angry, oral viagra bored because there hasn’t been anything baseball related to discuss thus we’ve started to turn on ourselves (just check out Twitter any afternoon) and angry because we want to have a team we can be proud to call ourselves fans of. Oral viagra  What the Skill Sets have to worry about is that the die hards don’t become the minority among the fan base.

Oral viagra  

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Viagra dosage Tomorrow at Citi Field there will be a press conference to announce plans for the New York Mets 50th Anniversary celebration. Viagra dosage There will be special days to commemorate past Mets players and moments in Mets history. Viagra dosage The big news however is the 2012 Mets will look like Mets, viagra dosage dressed predominantly in blue and orange.

Viagra dosage Of course this is a blue and orange letter day for The Mets Police who has fought the good fight for a years to bring back the traditional Mets home and road unis , viagra dosage even going as far to concede the use of the dreaded black tops on a limited basis to get the organization to stay strictly blue and orange. Viagra dosage  

Viagra dosage The Mets have gotten the message as the black tops and hopefully the black and the garish black and blue caps will be relics of the past.

Viagra dosage More about this tomorrow as I’ve been invited along with other Mets bloggers to attend the presser to get a firsthand look at the new/old uni’s. Viagra dosage    

Viagra dosage I have been called a “Sandy Alderson apologist” by some but I have to hang my Mets cap on to something positive and Alderson’ track record says he can be successful with limited funding and his way of doing business, viagra dosage building the farm system and implementing a regiment throughout the Mets minor league system is exactly what I believe in. Viagra dosage Ed “Rusty Jr.” Marcus writes about the Alderson honeymoon today at The Real Dirty Mets and how some Mets fans want a miracle but what is needed is patience.

Viagra dosage If the balmy temperature’s here in NYC don’t have you thinking baseball, viagra dosage how about the release of the Mets 2012 spring training schedule then. Viagra dosage  There is a bit of a twist for next spring as the Mets and Bronx Bastards will meet at the end of the exhibition season. Viagra dosage The Mets and Highlanders used to meet regularly during spring but once Dave Kingman blasted two home runs off Catfish Hunter in a televised game back to NYC in March of 1975 (big build up for this one as it was Tom Seaver vs. Viagra dosage Hunter who had signed the biggest free agent contract in baseball over the winter, viagra dosage New Years Day to be exact) Big Baby George said he had enough of the Mets. Viagra dosage See the Mets used to rule the NYC baseball world.

Viagra dosage Oh, viagra dosage and mark Wednesday March 7th on your calendar as that’s the day the Mets face ex-teammate Jose Reyes and his Flamboyant Fish for the first time in Jupiter.

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Buy viagra now online Not much going on in Mets Land these days. Buy viagra now online In fact I’m more concerned about the NY Rangers heading to the West Coast of Canada for a four game swing before they get to come home to an under renovation Madison Square Garden. Buy viagra now online  I’m far from panic mode with the Blueshirts as I follow the Freddy “The Fog “ Shero philosophy of waiting until New Year’s Day to evaluate where the team is and what moves need to be made, buy viagra now online but I do hope I see some piss and vinegar out of Torts Boys tonight.

Buy viagra now online The NY Daily News has a book out on commemorating the 50 th Anniversary of the New York Mets and Ed “Rusty Jr.” Marcus has a positive review of the book in his post this morning. Buy viagra now online As I tweeted to Ed, buy viagra now online any book with the Andy Martino a/k/a Lupica Lite listed as author makes it a pass for me. Buy viagra now online  As much as I am excited for the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Mets this coming season, buy viagra now online knowing that Dana Brand won’t be a part of really really hurts.

Buy viagra now online Mike Silva posts again about what kind of deals are out there if the Mets look to trade David Wright. Buy viagra now online I love these posts because Silva looks at moving Wright as it pertains to making the Mets better and the fan reaction of all the Wright-aholics who curse folks like Silva and me for even bringing up the idea of trading the so called face of the franchise is priceless.

Buy viagra now online This upcoming World Series has a lot of potential to be a very good boarding on classic. Buy viagra now online Both teams are evenly matched and both teams have starting pitching that’s running on fumes. Buy viagra now online The bullpens, buy viagra now online as we’ve seen all post season, buy viagra now online will be the difference between winning and losing. Buy viagra now online The managers will also be on display as The Genius may be more hands on than usual and Ron Washington will give us a few “what the fuck” moments. Buy viagra now online On offense can Nelson Cruz and David Freese continue their hot hitting and will the Rangers be able to use their running game to their advantage against Yadier Molina? Good stuff. Buy viagra now online Got to root for the Cards as they are the NL reps but I’m looking at seven games and a better Texas bullpen leading the way to the Rangers first ever World Championship.

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Next day viagra delivery While I was riding the Staten Island Ferry on my way home from the Mets finale at Citi Field yesterday, next day viagra delivery I was reading over the notes I took during the game. Next day viagra delivery I decided to invoke my “sleep on  it before writing” rule because it was quite an emotional day and even after “sleeping on it” I’m still having a tough time deciphering where this organization is headed, next day viagra delivery positive or negative. Next day viagra delivery It’s the most confused and befuddled I’ve ever been in my 47 years of Mets fandom. Next day viagra delivery  

Next day viagra delivery Before my stream of semi-conscience begins please turn to page 1986 in your Mets Missalette to read the words of fellow Mets blogger/fan/Staten Islander by way of Brooklyn, next day viagra delivery Ed “Rusty Jr.” Marcus who lays out the events of yesterday quite eloquently.

Next day viagra delivery Usually when I ride the 7 train to Citi Field, next day viagra delivery it’s filled with a full platoon of uniformed Mets fans excited to be headed to see their beloved Metropolitans. Next day viagra delivery Yesterday on an 11AM 7 train out of Times Square, next day viagra delivery I was the lone infantry man in the car. Next day viagra delivery If there was an invasion of Loyal Order of Red Legs. Next day viagra delivery I’d have fought a losing battle.

Next day viagra delivery I spent the time on the train reading this outstanding book, next day viagra delivery I had no real emotion about the day. Next day viagra delivery It wasn’t until we left the 111 St station and Citi Field was on the horizon, next day viagra delivery I stared having flashbacks to Mets games of yore, next day viagra delivery good days, next day viagra delivery days when you could not get to the ball park fast enough. Next day viagra delivery Games I went to that Tom Seaver pitched in, next day viagra delivery for some reason the game he struck out Manny Sanguillen for his 200 K back in 1975 to become the first pitcher to K 200 batters in eight straight seasons, next day viagra delivery popped in my head, next day viagra delivery another obscure game I was at that flashed in my mind was the walk off home run by Steve “Hendu” Henderson against the Giants in 1975. Next day viagra delivery What sticks out for me in that one is, next day viagra delivery my friends and I bet on the Mets in this game for the sole reason we had hung out at a bar in Bay Ridge with Pete Falcone the weekend before and he was the games starting pitcher. Next day viagra delivery I have to come clean and let you know we didn’t stay for the whole game, next day viagra delivery and we didn’t know the outcome until we got back to the neighborhood when we were informed of our “busted ass” luck.

Next day viagra delivery When I got off the train at Citi Field-Willets Point the depression set in. Next day viagra delivery The weather didn’t help that grey muggy one second it’s warm, next day viagra delivery the next it’s chilly temps, next day viagra delivery just like our Mets. Next day viagra delivery After a summit on the Shea Bridge that Ed reported on, next day viagra delivery I headed to the Shake Shack for a burger (the line was long but not the usual four wraparounds) and then made my way to my $2 (Stub Hub-a Hub-a) buck seat in Section 519, next day viagra delivery just in time to see Jose Reyes’ first at bat of the day. Next day viagra delivery Little did I know it would be his only at bat of the day.

Next day viagra delivery This is why I invoked “my sleep on it rule” because at the moment Reyes came out of the game I was one ornery fucker. Next day viagra delivery What bother me the most and still does was THE WAY he came out of the game. Next day viagra delivery Reyes should have gone to his shortstop position and have Bastia step off and call time and then let Turner enter into the game. Next day viagra delivery Would I have liked to see Reyes play the whole game? Of course, next day viagra delivery but his coming out of the game to protect a batting title is not unprecedented.

Next day viagra delivery What also conflicts me with Reyes is the fact I really like him as a player and a person and I hope he’s back as a Met next year but if he signs elsewhere I’m not going to be sad or heartbroken. Next day viagra delivery I still feel that Jose wants to stay a Met but I’m sure there will be One Dumb Owner who will make an offer that Sandy Alderson can refuse.

Next day viagra delivery It’s time for us Mets fans to face facts, next day viagra delivery and the to face those facts we are fortunate to have someone like Howard Megdal to report the facts as he does here in his piece for New York Magazine which lays out the awful truth about the Skill Sets, next day viagra delivery their finances and the direction the club his headed due to money that would have been funneled into the baseball team will instead go to lawyers, next day viagra delivery creditors and maybe the Madoff Trust.

Next day viagra delivery If you don’t have the stomach for some tough times in Flushing, next day viagra delivery it may be time for you to find another rooting interest in baseball because it looks like a very rocky road here for a couple of years. Next day viagra delivery The team in the Bronx may have some openings, next day viagra delivery especially after the Mowtown Cats sweep them in the ALDS.

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Vigorex forte I think that’s the proper word to describe yesterday’s Mets home opener. Vigorex forte The weather turned from not bad to uncomfortable rather quickly.  I know there have been reports of empty seats and there were pockets of them through the ball park but you have to understand that Citi Field was built for those who like to stroll and for those who like to remain inside.  I’m sure all the ritzy clubs were filled with sissy fans and folks at the game that could not care less that the Mets went 0 for 10 with RISP. Vigorex forte Then there is the Shea Bridge, vigorex forte which has become the meeting spot for fans to meet with friends at the game. Vigorex forte Yesterday I met up with Ed “Rusty Jr.” Marcus, vigorex forte Kerel Cooper, vigorex forte Taryn Cooper, vigorex forte Ed Leyro and Shannon for a pre game summit that should have been covered by SNY. Vigorex forte That’s what SNY is missing, vigorex forte a Meet the Press type show with Mets bloggers in a round table setting. Vigorex forte I bet it would beat any show on the network in ratings.

Vigorex forte Citi Field is starting to grow on me. Vigorex forte  There were a few issues. Vigorex forte  I went to get a hot dog on the Concourse to enjoy while watching batting practice. Vigorex forte The concession stand is one of the self service ones that reminds me of a rest stop on the NJ Turnpike. Vigorex forte I get my hot dog, vigorex forte pay for it and then head over to the toppings island. Vigorex forte There is a  woman stationed there who puts the onions and sauerkraut on for you. Vigorex forte I can not believe this is the woman’s sole function. Vigorex forte I mean, vigorex forte how much do you pay a person to be a condiments distributor? Is there special training needed to execute this task? Next time I have a bar-b-que at my house, vigorex forte I think I’m going to offer the job of condiment distributor to one of my kids, vigorex forte  next time I go to Citi Field I’ll ask the woman how much she makes so I know where to start my salary negotiations. Vigorex forte By the way, vigorex forte by the time I put on the mustard and the fine condiment lady lathered my hot dog in onions, vigorex forte the frankfurter was cold. Vigorex forte UGH!

Vigorex forte They have added a Hot Pastrami station on the Concourse where you can get a kinish as well. Vigorex forte I never understood why the team never put a full deli concession in the Worlds Fare Market to go along with Mama’s of Corona. Vigorex forte Suhi. Vigorex forte YUCK!!!

Vigorex forte Outside the Worlds Fare Market they have added an area that makes frozen daiquiris. Vigorex forte The drinks look very refreshing and would be great on an 85 degree day but when it’s 45 and damp, vigorex forte I’ll pass.

Vigorex forte The opening day ceremonies were very good, vigorex forte  except for the booing of Mike Pelfrey and Frankie Rodriquez, vigorex forte Pelfrey gave a little smile which was good and Rodriquez stood stone faced which was good too as he must have known what to expect. Vigorex forte M ookie Wilson got a great ovation but then again if Tim Corcoran was introduced he’d get a round of applause as well since he has a ’86 World Series ring  for the 7 at bats he had in helping the cause that season. Vigorex forte Anyone associated with the 1986 Mets is an immortal.

Vigorex forte (Update: What a schmuck I am for forgetting to mention Ralph Kiner tossing out the first pitch. Vigorex forte Ralphie was a picture of sartorial splendor in his fur collared over coat. Vigorex forte When Mets toast master general Georgie Jessel, vigorex forte Howie Rose announced  him to the crowd, vigorex forte a roar went up throughout the ballpark. Vigorex forte Kiner then doffed the overcoat like a boxer does his robe at the start of a prize fight and headed to a spot near home plate, vigorex forte assisted by his daughter and son in law. Vigorex forte He then tossed the first pitch to Mookie Wilson, vigorex forte who ran out to give Kiner a big hug. Vigorex forte I guess I’m a Mets romantic because I love moments like this)

Vigorex forte The shocker of the day for me was Alex Cora getting cheers and applause when he was introduced as a Nats bench warmer. Vigorex forte So Mets fans boo Big Pelf and cheer Cora. Vigorex forte Mets fans are fucked up.

Vigorex forte So on to the game. Vigorex forte Right away you could see R.A. Vigorex forte Dickey was in distress after a 1-2-3 first inning. Vigorex forte I thought it was the cold weather that was causing his grip on the knuckle ball to cause him problems, vigorex forte it wasn’t until after the game I found out about his split finger nail but I’ll tell you this, vigorex forte when the temperature is in the mid-40’s and it’s damp sitting at a game of deep counts and a tone of walks is not fun.

Vigorex forte Jose Reyes made a spectacular play to get an inning ending double play to avert a big inning by the Nats but at the plate he was woeful. Vigorex forte  I’m sure Sandy Alderson has that 7th inning AB etched into his mind. Vigorex forte I can’t put all the blame on Reyes. Vigorex forte Angel Pagan hasn’t hit and came up short in the 7th as well and Ike Davis, vigorex forte who I adore, vigorex forte really needs to stop contesting every strike call by the umpires. Vigorex forte He’s going to get a bad rep and one of these days either Douche Bag Joe West or Incompetent Angel Hernandez will behind the plate  and either stick it to him with a phony strike call or toss him  from the game for just glancing over his shoulder.

Vigorex forte I know Willie Harris has been hitting and playing real well in LF but I’d much rather see Lucas Duda out there every day until Jason Bay comes back. Vigorex forte If you’re not playing Duda every day, vigorex forte then why is he here?

Vigorex forte If I were Jason Issringhausen I’d be on the phone this morning asking to be promoted or released. Vigorex forte As bad as the bullpen has been the starting pitching has been as bad as well. Vigorex forte Bad pitching and the inability to drive runners in with less than two outs is a recipe for disaster.

Vigorex forte I just wonder when does Sandy Alderson’ patients run out. Vigorex forte  I’m not saying he needs to do anything now but after a month if the team is floundering does he shake it up with a blockbuster deal or a release of players or demotions to the minors. Vigorex forte I guess this is what happens when you freeze your ass off at an opening day stinker  it leads your mind to Armageddon.

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