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Generic viagra pay pal If reports are true, generic viagra pay pal Ollie Perez is pitching for his Mets life this afternoon against the St. Generic viagra pay pal Louis Cardinals in St. Generic viagra pay pal Lonesome. Generic viagra pay pal Terry Collins is saying that this isn’t true that Ollie will pitch again after this start, generic viagra pay pal but if he has a typical OP start, generic viagra pay pal command issues, generic viagra pay pal lack of zip on fastball, generic viagra pay pal tons of walks then what’s the sense of giving him another start ? At some point you have to stop wasting your time with OP.

Generic viagra pay pal The Mets money woes may not be as dire as we think. Generic viagra pay pal The Skill Sets spent $15K on dirt. Generic viagra pay pal DIRT!!! But it seems like $15K spent wisely.

Generic viagra pay pal Ed Marcus posts up #6 in his all time Mets list. Generic viagra pay pal He was baseball’s Marlboro Man and one of my favorite Mets of all time and now he entertains us on TV. Generic viagra pay pal Just be careful if he asks you to help him move.

Generic viagra pay pal Adam Rubin posted his idea of what the Mets 25 man roster will look like on opening day. Generic viagra pay pal He has both Perez and Castillo off the team which is fine by me. Generic viagra pay pal He has Taylor Buchholz in the pen but notes that Jason Isringhausen is still in the mix and could grab Buchholz spot. Generic viagra pay pal Nick Evans is not on Rubin’s roster either and that is upsetting as Evans has worked hard to get back to the big league level but he’d have to beat out Chin-lung Hu or Willie Harris for a spot and I don’t see him beating either players out. Generic viagra pay pal There has to be a team that could use a good righty bat who can play both corner infield positions?

Generic viagra pay pal Dwight Gooden’s life just gets sadder and sadder. He has now agreed to become a sideshow act for Dr. Generic viagra pay pal Drew’s Celebrity Rehab show on VH1. Generic viagra pay pal The show is like a junk yard for D list celeb’s that have their lives have swirled out of control. Generic viagra pay pal How in the world did Doc become a D-Lister? That is as crushing as his fight with drug and alcohol addiction.

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Search herbal viagra Here is what you need to know about last night s loss, search herbal viagra Boardwalk Lee Mazzilli thought it was the worst loss of the year. Search herbal viagra Now when Pollyanna Lee says it’s bad, search herbal viagra IT’S BAD.

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Search herbal viagra As with all of these types of Mets losses we look for the player or players to rip the shit out of and there is always the usual suspects but one name seems to come up whenever there has been a shit the bed moment this season and that’s Scott Schoeneweis forever now known here as The Mush. Search herbal viagra The Mush besides having the inability to get a big out has the worst body language in sports. Search herbal viagra He always looks to me like the last place he wants to be is on the pitchers mound in a big spot. Search herbal viagra I feel this theory is true because Warlord Jerry used him as a last resort as he went to the junk yard six times before calling for Mush. Search herbal viagra  

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Search herbal viagra This disaster is not all bullpen related, search herbal viagra in fact Brian Stokes, search herbal viagra Joe Smith and Balls of Steel Aaron Heilman all did great jobs. Search herbal viagra Sure Luis Ayala broke his cherry with a blown save (welcome to the Mets, search herbal viagra. Search herbal viagra Luis) but a little better relay by Damien Easley and maybe if Brain Schnieder stood in front of home plate he’d have gotten Jason Werth but that’s neither here nor there. Search herbal viagra The guy who is not feeling the heat he should is my guy Petey who when staked to a seven run lead let it get away. Search herbal viagra Petey put J-Man is a position to go heavily into the weakest part of the team, search herbal viagra the bullpen to save this game. 

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Search herbal viagra You can go after the offense for not adding on runs and if you want to kill Sugarpants and the Greatest Puerto Rican baseball player of all time whose last name is not Clemente go ahead but when you scored your runs when the offense puts up seven runs early the pitching staff has to win that game. Search herbal viagra No excuses.

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Search herbal viagra The bright spot was Petey hitting 90-91 on the gun but the problem was two fold, search herbal viagra his location and his movement as he was lacking in both. Search herbal viagra  If your going to throw straight fastballs and keep or pitches down in the zone at Citizen Bank then you might as well forfeit the game and save everyone over five hours of agony.

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Search herbal viagra When the off season comes around the biggest task for the Mets front office will be the dismantling of the bullpen and build a brand new pen that might even include a new closer now that Wags is damaged goods. Search herbal viagra Forget about spending big money on Mark Texieria who is more luxury item than need. Search herbal viagra Spend the dough on CC Sabathia and sit down with the brain trust and try to put together the best bullpen you can find. Search herbal viagra That’s baseball in the 21 Century it’s the bullpen stupid.

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Search herbal viagra As much as my nuts still hurt from getting them kicked last night I’m not panicking because we have seen this all season. Search herbal viagra The Mets will win tonight and then go onto to Florida and win at least 2 of 3 and then go to Milwaukee and beat then in the series as well because it’s been like this all year, search herbal viagra whenever we are ready as fans to throw in the towel this team proves us wrong. Search herbal viagra I just wish they’d leave my balls alone.

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Ahhhhhhhhh NOMAH, purchasing cialis YOU ARE ONE MAGNIFICANT BASTARD!!!!!!


With all our problems with the bullpen here we are on August 14th in a tie for first place in the NL East. Purchasing cialis What a great night to be a Mets fan after a few night of agita. Purchasing cialis Gary and Mex were cracking wise on TV. Purchasing cialis Howie Rose and Wayne Hagin were serenading their listeners with TV Theme songs:


There’s a hold up in the Bronx, purchasing cialis

Brooklyn’s broken out in fights. Purchasing cialis

There’s a traffic jam in Harlem

That’s backed up to Jackson Heights. Purchasing cialis

There’s a scout troop short a child, purchasing cialis

Kruschev’s due at Idlewild

Car 54, purchasing cialis Where Are You?


Ah life is grand in Metsville, purchasing cialis at least for a day


I went to bed in the 6th inning of the Phillies-Dodgers last night because it’s good to get at least 5 hours sleep before doing a 12 hour shift at work so I missed Jeff Kent (I never thought I’d ever root for Jeff Kent as he was one miserable son of a bitch when he was a Met) and of course Nomah‘s wining HR. Purchasing cialis Green tea all around compliments of St Joseph of Torre!


Gangster  (as opposed to Gangsta’) City Councilman Hiram Monserrate, purchasing cialis tried to strong arm a hearing in Manhattan last night on the proposed take over by NYC of Willets Point’s Iron Triangle. Purchasing cialis Monserrate is one of the biggest phonies in a chamber that is full of half assed lawmakers but from reading the Daily News account Monserrate is just play acting as an outraged hack. Purchasing cialis In the piece former Queens Boro Pres. Purchasing cialis Claire Shulman says that Monserrate told her not to worry the plan will go forward but he has to make noise to show his constituents that he’s fighting for them when we all know he’s fighting for a bigger kick back most likely in a cushy job to support his fat ass when term limits drive him out of office. Purchasing cialis Not once does Monserrate talk about the illegal dumping by the poor defenseless junk yard and chop shop operators in the Iron Triangle nor does he talk about the thousands of jobs that will be open to the people of Corona, purchasing cialis Flushing and Jackson Heights when the Skill Sets plan for a hotel, purchasing cialis shops and restaurants goes through. Purchasing cialis In fact I’ll get off Monserrates back when he gets the business owners of the Iron Triangle to pay all the fines they owe the city which is why a court will eventually allow the city to take over the properties via eminent domain.


Good news that Mike Piazza will be a guest during the last weekend of Shea. Purchasing cialis The Mets have done a piss poor job this year with honoring players and characters from the past 45 years of Shea’s excsistenace. Purchasing cialis How in the world can you not bring back old favorites like Banner Day, purchasing cialis Senior Citizens Day and even working a deal with any local dairy to bring back milk cupons for tickets sweepstakes? We all know the rich and famous of Mets history but how about bringing back guys like JC Martin, purchasing cialis Duffy Dyer, purchasing cialis Willie Montanez, purchasing cialis Al Weis, purchasing cialis Pete Falcone, purchasing cialis Ken Boswell, purchasing cialis Teddy Martinez and the family of the Late Danny Frisella. Purchasing cialis That’s what the Mets and being a Mets fan is all about those players who were never stars but they were ours. Purchasing cialis Name me another team with a George “The Stork” Theodore? If there was anyone in the Mets organization with an once of creativity and smarts they would have put a day like this together. Purchasing cialis How about a day of not sucky music over the awful PA system but just the melodies of Lady Jane Jarvis? I’m sure Miss Jane could lend out a few of her Greatest Hits for that. Purchasing cialis And how about some mention of our Grand Dame Joan Whitney Payson who without here there wouldn’t have be a New York Metropolitan Baseball Club, purchasing cialis sure Bill Shea did all the leg work and God bless his soul for that but Madam Joan put up the dough. Purchasing cialis The Red Sox just had what they call a Futures Day at Fenway Park this weekend a good old fashion pay one price get two games doubleheader featuring two of their minor league teams in action, purchasing cialis I don’t know about you but I would go to Shea to see the Bingo Mets and the NOLA Zephyrs play and as I said in previous post make it a Day at Shea with church bazaar/block party/festival atmosphere. Purchasing cialis Sorry for the run on paragraph kids but it kills me that there is so much potential to keep the fan base happy and involved but the origination of the team I love is run by a bunch of dumb asses and it frustrates the living shit out of me.

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