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Viagra sample Where to begin with another losing road trip, viagra sample tons of Mets road kill all around so lets hit it:

Viagra sample Johan Santana threw his heart and soul into yesterday’s game. Viagra sample It wasn’t pretty but like I’ve said before, viagra sample sometime the game where your pitcher doesn’t have his best stuff and still finds a way to be effective is as impressive as a 3 hit shutout. Viagra sample But it seems all Santana’ starts end with a no-decision for him and a bullpen induced loss for the Mets.

Viagra sample After the game Jerry Manuel was asked about his bullpen and said it may be time to look for other options, viagra sample well yeah Jerry since most of your relievers arms are ready to fall off and it’s only June. Viagra sample It’s not like we didn’t see this coming. Viagra sample Check out this graph by Justin Bopp of Beyond the Boxscore that shows the average number of relief appearances by all MLB teams. Viagra sample Of course the Mets lead all of baseball in use of relievers and one of Manuel’s big faults is he has absolutely no clue on how to run a bullpen.

Viagra sample Manuel threw a fit about keeping Jenry Mejia on the team saying he needed this kid’ electric arm in the pen. Viagra sample Fine, viagra sample but Manuel has no idea how to use him. Viagra sample At first Mejia was to be the set up man for Frankie Rodriguez because Kelvin Escobar the guy with the sore arm that Omar Minaya signed over the winter for the job came up with a sore arm. Viagra sample Go figure?

Viagra sample But Manuel decided that the role of set up was too much for the 20 year old Mejia so when Pedro Feliciano screamed PICK ME! PICK ME! Manuel did but then felt Felicano was better served in a situational role. Viagra sample That led to Fernando Nieve getting the nod and he did well for a while until he was used everyday and his arm turned to overcooked linguine. Viagra sample Then Ryaota Igarashi took over the roll or did Igarashi come before Nieve I don’t know, viagra sample I’m as confused as Jerry Manuel, viagra sample but anyway, viagra sample Igarashi was the set up guy until he pulled a hammy. Viagra sample Now all I’ve heard about Japanese baseball players is their dedication to conditioning but leave it to the Mets to find the one slacker in all of Japanese baseball but then again the Mets training staff could help itself by watching some tapes of Jack LaLane. Viagra sample Now the set up role has fallen on Old Uncle Elmer Dessens, viagra sample the released, viagra sample DFA, viagra sample minor league contract, viagra sample scrap heap pitcher from Mexico. Viagra sample Maybe Uncle Elmer can do the job with his combo special of fastball/slider and if he doesn’t, viagra sample I’m sure Jerry Manuel can find another sacrificial arm to offer up.

Viagra sample I, viagra sample like the majority of Mets fans wish the team would have left Jenry Mejia in the minors to work on his craft and blossom but if you’re going to keep him here why not let him be the set up man? His walk rate is high but he throws gas and gets tons of ground ball outs then add in the fact you’ve already screwed him over this season and ruined a year of his development, viagra sample why not?  What could happen? Failure? Shit we’re used to that by now around here. Viagra sample Last night as Adrian Gonzalez’ Granny was sailing over the left field wall I had no emotion at all. Viagra sample This is what it’s come down to, viagra sample the Mets lose on a walk off Grand Slam home run and my reaction is “Honey? Is dinner ready”?

Viagra sample I have a feeling that by this afternoon, viagra sample Ollie Perez will accept an assignment to either Buffalo or St. Viagra sample Lonesome. Viagra sample The heat is on Scott Boras more than Ollie to make this move as Ollie isn’t smart enough to know what damage he is doing to his team and his reputation but Boras isn’t a dummy, viagra sample he knows Perez needs to do this and with players coming out voicing their resentment to his selfishness and that guys at MLB Network speaking out in unison that Perez is a selfish prick, viagra sample and the fact that the mere site of #46 in the bullpen will incite the crowd at $tit Field, viagra sample it’s in everyone’s best interest, viagra sample Perez, viagra sample Boras, viagra sample General Manager Jeffey Skill Sets, viagra sample to bring this distraction to a close.    

Viagra sample Just like last year the Mets can’t make up their mind about putting a player on the DL. Viagra sample This time is Luis Castillo and his bad feet. Viagra sample We’ve been hearing for about two weeks that Castillo has foot problems and to the Gimps credit he has hung in there without much production but he’s a real (broken down) trooper but it seems like a trip to the DL is in his immediate future so who gets the call? It looked like Daniel Murphy but last night he was helped off the field in Buffalo with a knee injury after getting knocked over at 2nd base, viagra sample then there is scuttlebutt that Jesus is coming. Viagra sample Fleiciano that is but he’s not an infielder (could this be the end of GMJ? Please say it’s so GM Jeffey) so look for Ruben Tejada to get the recall notice and that’s fine with me but how about a really bold move and letting Reese Havens get a chance? How great would it be to have Ike Davis and Reese Havens, viagra sample two former Brooklyn Cyclones make up half the infield?

Viagra sample By the way how much do you think the Mets fortunes would be different if David Eckstein played for the Mets?

Viagra sample What more can be said about what happened last night in Detroit? I’d have to think that Jim Joyce was of sound mind and knew he was in the middle of history here. Viagra sample It wasn’t even a difficult call, viagra sample Jason Donald was so out that he couldn’t believe he was called safe. Viagra sample All the name calling of Joyce is all emotion and Joyce later admitted he blew the call and Armado Galarraga’s moment of fame but this is becoming a very serious issue for MLB. Viagra sample Last post season we saw umpires screw up badly and that has carried over to the 2010 regular season as well. Viagra sample Joe West and Mark Buehrle, viagra sample Angel Hernandez the other night with no clue of what the strike zone was during the Rays-Blue Jays game. Viagra sample Bill Hohn tossing Roy Oswalt in the third inning of his start, viagra sample it’s Umpires Gone Wild. Viagra sample Time for The Used Car Salesman to let Mike Port flex some muscle and start suspending these umpires and get some of the old goats an incentive package to retire and then stay true to the evaluation process and ban some of these incompetent ass’ from working in the post season.        

Viagra sample I have been so unbelievably busy between blogging here and doing my This Call To The Bullpen Radio Show and getting ready to cheer on the Boston Celtics to Banner 18 and doing my job that pays me in real money and benefits that I’ve been looking to hire an assistant to help me out with some of my daily tasks and after reading this story in today’s NY Post I’m hoping Ms. Viagra sample Debralee Lorenzana sends me her resume as I would really, viagra sample REALLY love to hire her for the position any position, viagra sample all positions, viagra sample missionary position. Viagra sample If you want to be accepted for who you are Ms. Viagra sample Lorenzana, viagra sample you’ve come to the right place, viagra sample you will welcomed with open arms.

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