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Cialis on sale As a guy who has trouble balancing a check book, cialis on sale all this financial talk of the Skill Sets and the financial stability of the franchise has my head aching. Cialis on sale What The Skill Sets knew and when they knew it about the Madoff Ponzi scheme is still not known and if an out of court settlement comes about, cialis on sale we may never know but what we do know is the brand of the New York Mets has been tainted.

Cialis on sale Maybe this is why the organization has embraced the Mets blogging community, cialis on sale why not go to the folks whose love for the team is undying and let them be involved in events that we never dreamed we’d be a part of. Cialis on sale I am very much appreciative of the organization for the opportunity they have given me with access to Sandy Alderson, cialis on sale Terry Collins and various players but the folks the organization really needs to reach out to you guys who read this site and other Mets blogs and buy the tickets and watch SNY and buy team merchandise because you are the life blood of the franchise.

Cialis on sale The news of the Skill Sets cash call could not come at a worse time. Cialis on sale Season ticket sales are down and there doesn’t seem to be a big demand for single game tickets either, cialis on sale those go on sale in March. Cialis on sale The biggest argument and it is a very fair criticism, cialis on sale is that the ticket prices are way to high. Cialis on sale Now add in the news that the Skill Sets are strapped for cash most fans will feel that by buying a ticket to a Mets game will be paying for the Skill Sets Defense Fund. Cialis on sale I’m not saying it is but that’s the perception.

Cialis on sale A couple of pluses could come out of this firestorm. Cialis on sale Yesterday I attended SABR DAY at Foleys Bar in Manhattan an event that was put together by SABR and Baseball Prospectus. It was a great afternoon of baseball talk with baseball fans and writers. Cialis on sale Two of the panelists were Mets play by play man, cialis on sale Gary Cohen and Newsday baseball writer, cialis on sale Ken Davidoff. Cialis on sale When the Q & A session began the Skill Sets money woes came up. Cialis on sale Cohen didn’t have much to say on the topic and with good reason I guess, cialis on sale but Davidoff claimed that as far as the baseball operation goes it may be good for the team. Cialis on sale It seems this had been brewing for some time and Davidoff confirmed what I’ve been told for years and what I’ve written about here, cialis on sale that Jeffey Skill Sets is a big part of the problem. Cialis on sale Between Jeffey and Omar they wanted to be friends with everyone from players to front office people and anytime a tough decision had to be made neither man could pull the trigger. Cialis on sale The Tony Bernazzard firing is a prime example, cialis on sale the team had to be humiliated by the media before they’d let Bernazard go as he was friends with both Jeffey and Omar. Cialis on sale Davidoff stated this will not happen under Sandy Alderson as he will not tolerate it. Cialis on sale The panel consensus was by putting Alderson in charge it takes Jeffey out of the baseball ops decision making except on money issues. Cialis on sale So if there is a plus out of this fiasco it’s muzzling Jeffey. Cialis on sale If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard folks who cover the team say “Now there is an adult in charge” well, cialis on sale you’d be looking at a 25 % owner of the Mets.

Cialis on sale The Mets will have to really work hard on marketing this team for 2011 and beyond. Cialis on sale The best way to start is by ripping out those club seats behind home plate and replace them with seats that honest to goodness baseball fans can purchase. Cialis on sale Not only would be good business but it go a long away to getting some positive baseball atmosphere in Citi Field. Cialis on sale Every time you tune into a Mets game on TV, cialis on sale those seats are empty because the ticket holders for those seats couldn’t care less about the game going on as long as the free booze and food are flowing in the Delta Club. Cialis on sale The organization lowered some ticket prices but they are still ridiculous. Cialis on sale The Skill Sets have taken a massive hit on their credibility, cialis on sale if they want to win the fans back they have a lot of wooing to do. Cialis on sale This is year three of Citi Field and the place still has no identity. Cialis on sale Is it a playground for the well to do? Is it a food court with a ball park attached? How games have you sat in your seats watching a game a looked out toward centerfield marveling at the line of people who stand on line waiting to buy a hamburger? When people would rather wait on a line for a half hour to forty-five minutes for a burger than watch your team, cialis on sale you have a problem.

Cialis on sale It’s time Mets ownership comes to the realization that in order to make this franchise great again it has to embrace the working stiff Mets fan. Cialis on sale One thing you know about us working stiffs, cialis on sale we are loyal to the team and we show up and support the club in good times and in bad. Cialis on sale Not like some rich thieving scumbag who but a knife in the Skill Sets back.  You want to sell 25 % of the club? Just make the real true blue and orange Mets fan feel like you actually care about them and make the Citi Field experience that wants fans to  come back rather than say good riddance and I guarantee you’ll see so much success that this cash call will be just a bad dream.

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Viagra discussion board Obviously I’m extremely happy with the win last night especially with Livan Hernandez pitching like a prehistoric pitcher actually finishing a game, viagra discussion board who does he thinks he is Roy Halliday? But we all need to remember that the opponent was one of the worst baseball teams to call it’s self a major league team since the Mets played in the Polo Grounds. Viagra discussion board I really didn’t want to piss on the parade here as I really enjoyed watching Livan Hernandez pitch as he couldn’t break a pane of glass with his fastball but his breaking ball had so much movement it looked like the ball was made of J-ELLO so it was a real pleasure watching that performance but it was the Nationals.

Viagra discussion board Hard to rate the first appearance of Fernando Martinez as the kid went from Buffalo to a plane trip to NYC to $iti Field in a matter of hours so you can just imagine the type of out of body experience he was going through but at least we know that he will be stationed in right field for at least the next two weeks so we can gauge him better by then.

Viagra discussion board From what I ‘ve read about Wilson Valdez he is all glove no stick which is fine as the Mets need to shore up the middle of the infield and all he cost was money. Viagra discussion board Being that it’s Johan against the Nationals tonight does Valdez get the start over Ramon Martinez tonight? I’d say so.

Viagra discussion board I better see Daniel Murphy at first base tonight. Viagra discussion board The kid can’t get out of his slump sitting on the bench.

Viagra discussion board Ollie Perez did nothing in Buffalo last night that would rush his return back to Flushing. Viagra discussion board The one thing in OP’s favor is that Tim Redding has been underwhelming to say the least .Interesting that the Mets have not announced the starting pitcher for Sunday game in Florida as with the day off Thursday they could skip Redding and go with Livan.

Viagra discussion board Great post by Ken Davidoff on his evaluation of Omar Minaya. Viagra discussion board I don’t want to say Minaya is an enigma but my mood on him changes almost weekly. Viagra discussion board Omar handling the DL infuriates me. Viagra discussion board Omar the talent evaluator is a plus in my book. Viagra discussion board Omar the public speaker makes my ears bleed. Viagra discussion board Omar the dumpster diver is without peer. Viagra discussion board When it comes time to seal the big deal, viagra discussion board even the most anti Omar detractors will agree he has always closed the deal which brings me back to Daniel Murphy.

Viagra discussion board I really like Murphy and I want him to show what’s in that bat of his and the fact that he looks so comfortable at first base has me hoping he will break out with some big hits . Viagra discussion board J-Man and Omar need to sit down and decide to either let Murphy play everyday at first for the next two three weeks and then decide if he stays at the big league level or goes to Buffalo. Viagra discussion board As I say I like Murphy a lot but this is the big leagues and if it’s a question of the league having caught up to Murphy or the fact that he has been scared by playing left field then the brain trust has to make the determination if Murphy is THE GUY for first base or if he’s not and go out and make a deal for a big bat.

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Best cialis price (Twenty)Five to one, best cialis price baby, best cialis price one in (twenty) five, best cialis price
No one here gets out alive now.
You’ll get yours, best cialis price baby, best cialis price I’ll get mine, best cialis price
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Ken Davidoff is going to compile his 25 man Mets roster as if opening day was today so I thought I’d post mine here and the caveat is “if today was opening day” so of course this list is subject to change.




Johan Santana

Mike Pelfrey

Oliver Perez

John Maine

Tim Redding


The first four spots are locks the fifth spot I give to Redding not on merit but on the fact that he has a $2mil contract and that Freddy Garcia can be left in extended spring training. Best cialis price Livan Hernandez is an option which would shift Redding to the bullpen which is something I would be against doing but it would be the option the Mets would make if they had to finalize the roster today. Best cialis price Don’t forget the Jeri-Curl shadow of Petey lurking in the background and Joh Niese becomes the Bison Ace




Frankie Rodriguez

J.J. Best cialis price Putz

Sean Green

Pedro Feliciano

Ron Villone

Brian Stokes


The last spot goes to Stokes but I hope the Mets can work out something with the Angels to keep Darren O’Day and let him go to Buffalo. Best cialis price Mat DeSalvo has looked good this early spring but he’s a NRI so he’s have to be real charming to take at spot off the 40 man roster. Best cialis price




Brian Schneider

Ramon Castro


The Pudge to Mets talk is still strong as Rodriguez has looked good in the WBC and has made it no secret he’d love to be a Met. Best cialis price Two things could either happen here. Best cialis price The Mets find someone to take Castro and his $2 mil salary and in turn they sign Pudge or this is the swift kick in his fat lazy ass that Shriek needs desperately




Carlos Delgado

Luis Castillo

Jose Reyes

David Wright

Alex Cora

Fernando Tatis


Tatis is valuable not just for his righty bat but for his swingman status from infield to outfield. Best cialis price Cora will spell both Reyes and Castillo and could become a major payer for the team this season as I get the feeling that J-Man will being giving both Reyes and Wright more days off during July and August.




Daniel Murphy

Carlos Beltran

Ryan Church

Jeremy Reed

Bobby Kielty


This will be interesting to watch. Best cialis price J-Man has taken a shine to Kielty and I’ve been a fan of his as well he has that “somethin’ somethin’ that you like in a ball player. Best cialis price The problem here is Marlon Anderson and his contract. Best cialis price Anderson is guaranteed  $1.5 mil for 2009 and pre-Madoff that would be chump change now that Omar is on a strict budget this salary will be tough to swallow as Anderson at that price (or any price to be honest) is untradable



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As sick and tired as I am of the Alex Rodriguez Steroid Family Reunion and all the rehashed stories and the weeping willows who are worried about “The Records” during this scandalous time, viagra label I am more worn out about “who is the team to beat” bullshit between the Mets and Quakers. Viagra label For the Mets, viagra label stop saying we are the team to beat because you haven’t done anything that needs beating. Viagra label To the Phillies, viagra label get over your New York envy, viagra label no matter how much Extenze you folks ingest you’re still from Philadelphia and we here in NYC live in the greatest city on the planet and mine is bigger than yours. Viagra label But you have something we don’t and that’s the 2008 World Series Trophy. Viagra label So what we have is a stalemate. Viagra label You have no response when I tell you my city is better than your city and I have to clam up when you tell me my team choked. Viagra label So let’s bury the hatchet Phillie fans but not in each others back.


So far Jerry Manuel’ psychological warfare has proven positive as Jose Reyes reacted to vacating the leadoff spot like a professional and an adult and Gimp Castillo says he feels good as new and he worked hard all winter at the Mets Academy in the DR (hopefully not Rodriguez family members were around the compound) and wants to prove to Mets fans that he is worth the dough the Mets are paying him. Viagra label Ken Davidoff asks the question, viagra label “Will you boo Luis Castillo on opening day”? I know I won’t as I’ve said I’m not a boo-er, viagra label that’s why I love blogging saves me the exertions of screaming and booing and it’s much cheaper than therapy.


Matt Cerrone is in Pt St Lonesome and this morning he was at the local Dunkin’ Dounts when you do you think was behind him in line but none other than Jeffey Skill Set. I guess the Madoff Scandal is worse than we thought, viagra label Jeffey slumming in DD’s with the great unwashed” (not you Matt, viagra label I know you’re cleaner than the Bd. Viagra label of Health, viagra label you’re at the Double D because you are a man of the people and yes those Waffle sandwiches are to die for)    


Ken Davidoff has a Jan Brady complex scenario with the Mets as it pertains to co-existing in this town with the Highlanders. Viagra label It crossed my mind with all the Alex Rodriguez hula-baloo; imagine if the Mets had signed Manny Ramirez on the day Rodriguez held his presser? The WFAN transmitter would have blown up. Viagra label I would have typed up a post that would make War and Peace look like a novella. Viagra label The Mets would have sold so many tickets that could have saved money on their phone bill from calling me asking me to buy a seasons ticket every other day. Viagra label In other words the Mets would have set this town on fire but like Davidoff said that would be more Marcia than Jan.


Bart Hubbuch has pics of the patch that will be on the caps the Mets will wear this season. Viagra label It’s not the best shot of the patches but from the view Hubbuch gives us it’s about 1, viagra label000, viagra label000 better than that generic patch on the uni sleeve.


Don’t forget tonight is Pro Baseball Central at 9PM EST with our guests Rich Coutinho of 1050 ESPN Radio and Martin Gandy of the Atlanta Braves blog Talking-Chop. Viagra label You can join in the conversation as well at (646) 595-4462        

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