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Indian cialis I’ve got a ton of work to get to today and if the rain holds off a baseball game to manage tonight so just a few quickies before my nose meets the old grind stone:

Indian cialis Good medical news finally as Davis Wright will head to Port St. Indian cialis Lonesome and engage in baseball activities that hopefully gets him back to the Mets by the All Star break. Indian cialis I love Jose Reyes telling Wright to “Have fun in St. Indian cialis Lucie” then laughing to reporters “There is nothing to do there”

Indian cialis Hopefully all Chris Capuano is suffering from is a cramp in his abdomen from not being sufficiently hydrated and not some oblique-intercostal bullshit muscle pull thingy.

Indian cialis The whole back page of the NY Daily News today is just bunch of sensational bullshit, indian cialis in fact I just spent more time on it than I should have.

Indian cialis The Jim Riggleman resignation is the talk of baseball today. Indian cialis After reading Ken Rosenthal’s article on Riggleman walking out on the Nats you can say there are two sides to the story and when you start hearing the manager and scouts all agree that GM Mike Rizzo has a problem with communicating with them, indian cialis you could see that Riggelman’ ultimatum that his contract option for 2012 be picked up or else was a cry to get the GM’s attention. Indian cialis Bottom line is Riggleman quit on his team and what makes it worse is his team is on a roll as they are just 4 ½ games off the Wild Card and they have been winning at home so Riggleman comes off as a real selfish prick with this move. Indian cialis I agree with Rosenthal as I definitely see Davey Johnson being the first choice to take over the Nats for at least the rest of the season as this is the perfect Davey Johnson situation.

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Viagra without prescription Yesterday’s Mets-Dodgers game was so bad in so many ways. Viagra without prescription Besides the fact that David Wright is standing so far off the plate that he needs a canoe paddle to hit the ball and that he desperately needs a day off, viagra without prescription and that Jerry Manuel has some form of Antention Decifict Disorder when it comes to writing a lineup (Luis Castillo MUST BAT 8TH GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) plus watching Manuel and St. Viagra without prescription Joseph of Torre match wits with the bullpen is like watching a four hour promo of the movie Schmucks For Dinner. Viagra without prescription Then to top off the whole afternoon of suck, viagra without prescription the game was televised on FOX. Viagra without prescription Kenny Albert is not built for baseball. Viagra without prescription He kind of drifts off like he’s so fucking bored wishing it was winter so he can call football and hockey games. Viagra without prescription When Albert works both of those sports he’s solid but  on baseball he’s god awful. Viagra without prescription Eric Karros is a moron. Viagra without prescription Plain and simple, viagra without prescription a moron. Viagra without prescription He makes no sense at all with any of his analysis especially when he thought pitching to Andre Either with first base open and one out with the winning run on thrird was a good move. Viagra without prescription Then there is Ken Rosenthal who I ask very nicely on Twitter, viagra without prescription to shut the fuck up. Viagra without prescription For an “information guy” he brings you nothing except for some good old fashion Mets bashing. Viagra without prescription Yes we’re spoiled as we have the finest TV crew in baseball to enjoy almost every night, viagra without prescription but at least if I’m going to sit through Jerry Manuel botching games and some pretty bas baseball this last month, viagra without prescription I want to be entertained somewhat and only Gary, viagra without prescription Keith and Ron can do that for Mets fans.

Viagra without prescription I’ll be shocked, viagra without prescription SHOCKED if Jerry Manuel is the manager of the Mets come Tuesday night. Viagra without prescription If he is still the manager, viagra without prescription then you know for sure the Skill Sets don’t care anymore. Viagra without prescription 71/2 back will soon be 10 games back and all out attention will be on Jets and Giants camp.

Viagra without prescription It’s so easy to kill Toxic Ollie for yesterday but Ollie is what he is. Viagra without prescription The only thing I can take out Manuel bringing in Perez was this was Manuel being insubordinate. Viagra without prescription It makes me think that Manuel told management he wanted no part of Ollie on this team and management told him to shut up and sit down as we are paying this balooka a ton of dough and Manuel said well then no problem I’ll make sure he comes into a tight situation and fucks it up. Viagra without prescription Manuel has managed this road trip like a guy is tired of his job and needs a change so the Skill Sets should do the right thing for him and the team and relive him of his duty.

Viagra without prescription The kicker today will be if the Mets are up or down by a lot today and Frankie Rodriguez pitches and after the game Manuel says “Frankie hasn’t pitched in awhile so he needed the work”

Viagra without prescription Jerry Manuel didn’t get on John Maine because he was John Maine. Viagra without prescription No Jerry Manuel got on John Maine because John Maine was pitching as John Maine right shoulder needed to be surgically repaired. Viagra without prescription Jerry Manuel liked John Maine but was mad because John Maine wouldn’t tell Jerry Manuel that John Maine was hurt. Viagra without prescription John Maine wanted the ball and tried to fight off John Maine’s sore shoulder. Viagra without prescription It didn’t work out for John Maine here as John Maine’ season ending surgery is likely to be the end of John Maine’ Mets career. Viagra without prescription So now Jerry Manuel has to find another John Maine to treat like shit like he did to John Maine.

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50 mg viagra We have not had much to be happy about around here in awhile and believe me I want to dance a jig in a blue and orange kilt but I have to step back a bit and look over this week of prosperity and critique it just a bit.

50 mg viagra The play of the game last night was in the top of the 4th inning, 50 mg viagra when Ollie Perez was imploding on the mound, 50 mg viagra and Jerry Manuel bolted out of the dugout and raised his left arm like he was hailing a cab to take OP to LaGuardia to get on a Delta Shuttle flight to Buffalo. 50 mg viagra The only thing missing was Manuel having a packed suitcase and plane ticket in his right hand. 50 mg viagra After the game, 50 mg viagra Manuel talked how Perez will make his next start but with Perez and today’s starter John Maine being ineffective, 50 mg viagra I’m sure Manuel is singing a different tune to Omar.

50 mg viagra I know if I were the manager, 50 mg viagra I’d let the GM know, 50 mg viagra “if you don’t find me another starting pitcher, 50 mg viagra then get used to seeing me with a Grand Marshall sash across my uniform as I lead a parade of relievers to the mound” in fact if John Maine starts sucking in the 3rd inning of today’s game, 50 mg viagra I hope J-Man comes out again with his arm held high.  Omar has a choice, 50 mg viagra let the manager run the bullpen into the ground or find a starter (Dillon Gee) in the bushes or make a trade for an at least league average starting pitcher.

50 mg viagra I’ve never been a big fan of St. 50 mg viagra Joseph of Torre but watching him in the Dodger dugout last night, 50 mg viagra I felt sorry for him. 50 mg viagra With the towel around his neck and that slow gait of his, 50 mg viagra he looks like a guy at the end of the line and between the McCourt divorce and the poor play of his team, 50 mg viagra by July Torre could be ready to hand over the reigns of the team to Don Mattingly.

50 mg viagra I’m not going to link to the story but if Ken Rosenthal has nothing else to write about  when it comes to the Mets but bat shit crazy Tony Bernazard, 50 mg viagra  then maybe it’s time Rosenthal thought about another line of work.

50 mg viagra Toby Hyde has a great write up on the Mets minor league teams from last night. 50 mg viagra Two things stand out, 50 mg viagra Dillon Gee got roughed up for the first time this year and Fernando Martinez did not play as he has a strained back. 50 mg viagra One injury F-Mart will never get is a groin strain as the kid has no balls.

50 mg viagra I don’t want to piss in the punch but I think a little bit of Angel Pagan is good, 50 mg viagra a lot of Angel Pagan ? Not so good. 50 mg viagra Problem is the alternative, 50 mg viagra GMJ, 50 mg viagra shouldn’t even be in the big leagues. 50 mg viagra Free Chris Carter.

50 mg viagra Almost game time, 50 mg viagra better man up today John Maine!!!!!!

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Cialis online without prescription Sorry, cialis online without prescription I’m just standing here wondering what all the hubbub is over Mark McGwire’ admission on his steroid use last night. Cialis online without prescription The best part of the evening was watching the sanctimonious Tom Verducci and Ken Rosenthal not accepting McGwire’s mea culpa. Cialis online without prescription I love how Verducci, cialis online without prescription Rosenthal and Jon Heyman are now all over McGwire and the rest of the Steroid Sluggers but never confronted them or did any investigative reporting during that era but now they’ve all become holier than thou. Cialis online without prescription Th eonly reporter who spoke up at that time was Steve Wilstein of AP who asked about the bottle of Andro in McGwire’s locker. Cialis online without prescription Too bad MLBN didn’t have him on.  

Cialis online without prescription By the way I still have a few questions for Big Mac than Bob Costas failed to hit on. Cialis online without prescription “Who got you the dope”? “Did it occur to you that this was a Federal crime having illegal narcotics “? Were you willing to pay any price to succeed in the game even if it meant getting arrested and going to jail”? “Who instructed you on how to administer the PED’s”?

Cialis online without prescription I love how the panel on MLB Network was up in arms by McGwire saying he didn’t think the drugs made him better, cialis online without prescription he said he took them for the sole purpose of helping recover from a string if injuries he suffered from. Cialis online without prescription Sure you can call bullshit on that statement but like Rick Peterson says “In God we trust, cialis online without prescription all others bring data” in other words, cialis online without prescription It’s all opinion on how much affect the drugs had on his home run total. Cialis online without prescription That’s not to say I don’t agree with those who feel the PED’s didn’t help him jack up his HR total, cialis online without prescription it’s just that I can’t prove it.

Cialis online without prescription Last word on this whole situation, cialis online without prescription I have never been a fan of Tony LaRussa but I will say this for TLR, cialis online without prescription he is one loyal son of a bitch. Cialis online without prescription He has had McGwire’ pock marked back all these years and still has it.

Cialis online without prescription I’ll take this as good news. Cialis online without prescription Seven Train to Shea quotes a Twitter feed from Ed Price of AOL Fanhouse saying that Carlos Delgado is not moving to well around first base. Cialis online without prescription If the move was strictly Omar’s, cialis online without prescription Delgado would have been re-signed by the Mets already but it looks like Omar has doesn’t have final say on personnel matters anymore. Cialis online without prescription This off season has not been a typical Omar Minaya off season. Cialis online without prescription The Mets are much more patient, cialis online without prescription to the point of Mets fans screaming in panic (me included) I guess that’s we are used to, cialis online without prescription the Omar Way. Cialis online without prescription Let’s face it, cialis online without prescription if Omar had full autonomy Bengi Moilina would be sitting with a 3yr guaranteed contract right now.

Cialis online without prescription Also on Ed Price’ Twiiter feed he claims Mets are talking 2yr/$15 mil contract for Joel Piniero

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