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Viagra benefits side effects Oakland A’s getting ready for a trip to Citi Field

Viagra benefits side effects Anyone else upset that the riveting Mets-Angels series is over? The Mets sure played yesterday like it was an exhibition game to the point where I feel Terry Collins pulled Jon Niese the way a hockey coach pulls his goalie to wake up his team. Viagra benefits side effects Granted, viagra benefits side effects Niese was far from sharp yesterday as he had no feel for his curve, viagra benefits side effects leaving the Angels running to the batter’s box for that first pitch fast ball, viagra benefits side effects the Mets defense especially the Ginger Turner, viagra benefits side effects let Niese down and the rest of the team looked sluggish. Viagra benefits side effects I’m sure the club will perk up when those  Swingin’ Oakland A’s come to town tomorrow. Viagra benefits side effects Thank God the Mets miss Vida Blue and Ken Holtzman this time around.

Viagra benefits side effects David Wright was out early at Citi Field playing catch and taking ground balls while kneeling down. Viagra benefits side effects Wright should be ready by February when he reports to Cardinals spring training camp in Jupiter FL

Viagra benefits side effects At least there was a Wright sighting, viagra benefits side effects where in the world is Ike Davis?

Viagra benefits side effects Went to Cyclones-Baby Highlanders game yesterday with the added attraction of Phil Hughes making a rehab start. Viagra benefits side effects Kevin Kernan was there too; in fact he sat a section over from me. Viagra benefits side effects   

Viagra benefits side effects First impression of some of the Cyclones, viagra benefits side effects I like what I saw in Daniel Muno both at bat but he made. Viagra benefits side effects Third baseman Richard Lucas for a guy with some heft played some nice “D” and first baseman Luke Stewart reminds me of Lucas Duda with his size, viagra benefits side effects hopefully as the season goes on he’ll show some power.

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Viagra canada Most jobs are not that much different from sports teams when it comes to problem players/workers. Viagra canada There are always coaches/supervisors who feel they can take someone else’s problem or malcontent and turn them into a productive member of the organization. Viagra canada  But then there are exceptions and if this case with the Mets that exception is Oliver Perez.

Viagra canada In today’s NY Post, viagra canada Kevin Kernan writes about OP not joining the early campers club in St Lonesome. Viagra canada So here we are on the eve of the official opening of camp and Oliver Perez is the lead in a Mets story and of course it’s of a negative nature. Viagra canada Everything  is of a negative nature when it comes to Perez.

Viagra canada It all started on July 30, viagra canada2006. Viagra canada The Mets had just finished a sweep of the Atlanta Braves on the road to bring their record to 63-41 and a hard to believe 13 ½ game lead in the NL East. Viagra canada Mets management and fans had visions of the post season and of parades and tons of World Series memorabilia for us to waste our discretionary income on. Viagra canada  Man, viagra canada we Mets fans were living the high baseball life until Duaner Sanchez decided he just HAD to have some rice and beans when he hit Miami, viagra canada so he hopped in a cab with some friends and a drunk driver crashed into the cab and Dirty Duaner wrecked his shoulder and the Mets season. Viagra canada With the trade deadline that day, viagra canada Omar Minaya in a state of panic dealt of productive Xavier Nady to the Pirates for Roberto Hernandez who would fill nicely in the bullpen. Viagra canada In order to get Hernandez though, viagra canada the Mets had to take Perez as well.

Viagra canada Perez had his good moments like game 4 of the 2006 NLCS and was very good in 2007 but injuries and ineffectiveness took it’s toll on Perez’ velocity on his fastball and the bad Ollie from Pittsburgh came back to haunt the Mets. Viagra canada  The big debate after the 2008 season was should the Mets re-sign Perez or go for Derek Lowe. Viagra canada  Another deal gone wrong.

Viagra canada Perez, viagra canada as well as Luis Castillo, viagra canada are the remains of the failure of Omar Minaya. Viagra canada The more Mets fans see both these players the more they are reminded of the failures of the last administration.  If the Alderson regime is serious about a change in philosophy and in restoring responsibility and accountability back to the franchise, viagra canada they need to give both Perez and Castillo their release. Viagra canada Both players are untradeable and there is no way in the world either player is making this team.

Viagra canada The organization is having a tough time business wise. Viagra canada Even without the Wilponzi scandal, viagra canada the Mets would have a tough time selling tickets and finding people to believe the organization is moving forward.  The Mets can come up with exotic ticket plans but the bottom line is if you want the fans believe that winning is paramount and that is not business as usual when it comes to player development and competing for jobs, viagra canada send them a sign, viagra canada tell Ollie and Luis to stay home and let them know check is in the mail.

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Viagra produced in mexico

Viagra produced in mexico It won’t be truly the year of the pitcher until a Mets pitcher throws a no-hitter. Viagra produced in mexico Last night was almost the night as Jon Niese, viagra produced in mexico he of the defective hammy, viagra produced in mexico was a 3rd inning Chris Denofia double away from Mets immortality. Viagra produced in mexico It’s coming I can feel it, viagra produced in mexico or maybe that’s Western Omelet I had for breakfast.

Viagra produced in mexico I would guess that Johan Santana being 31 yrs old and coming off a couple of injuries would lose a bit off his fastball but I don’t think it’s the end of the world or the cause for him to be winless in his last in all but one of his last eight starts. Viagra produced in mexico Kevin Kernan was a way off base about Santana this morning, viagra produced in mexico even with the great breakout season of Big Pelf, viagra produced in mexico Santana is still the Ace of the Mets staff. Viagra produced in mexico Wake up Kevin, viagra produced in mexico pitchers wins are so 1960’s.

Viagra produced in mexico Why didn’t Mets management throw that skanky-Yankee fan Lady GaGa out of Citi Field yesterday? Believe me when it comes to looking at women in a bra and panties I’m the last guy to complain but Lady GaGa doesn’t have enough going on to pull that look off, viagra produced in mexico like these lovely ladies.  Keep your clothes on you no talent bitch.

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How much to buy viagra in pounds

How much to buy viagra in pounds I don’t have much ambition today; I mean when the folks down at St. How much to buy viagra in pounds Lonesome start Tweeting about parking spots, how much to buy viagra in pounds I know I have company in the “can’t get it together” mode. How much to buy viagra in pounds Seriously don’t you people get tired of busting on Daniel Murphy?

How much to buy viagra in pounds Ike Davis participated on a Q & A over at Baseball America and was quite entertaining I must say. How much to buy viagra in pounds Here a few of my favs:

How much to buy viagra in pounds Josh (New Jersey): What are the pressures of playing in a big media market like New York?

How much to buy viagra in pounds Ike Davis: I’m looking forward to play in NY. How much to buy viagra in pounds The only way to play baseball is to have pressure on yourself and to expect to win everyday.

How much to buy viagra in pounds {careful what you wish for Ike}

How much to buy viagra in pounds Matt (Cedar Rapids, how much to buy viagra in pounds IA):  What are your favorite things to do in your downtime?

How much to buy viagra in pounds Ike Davis: I fish and hunt as much as possible when I have free time.

How much to buy viagra in pounds {has there ever been a baseball player who didn’t like to fish and hunt? I’m waiting for the player who says he likes making scrapbooks and shadow box frames}

How much to buy viagra in pounds Rich (NY): How do you feel your time in Brooklyn during 2008 prepared you for playing in New York?

How much to buy viagra in pounds Ike Davis: Playing in Brooklyn gave me a look of how involved the fans are. How much to buy viagra in pounds They live and die with their teams in NY.

How much to buy viagra in pounds {how you going to keep them down on the farm after they’ve seen Mermaid Avenue ?}

How much to buy viagra in pounds steve (glenville ny): Which position do you like playing better right field, how much to buy viagra in pounds first base or pitcher? Which do you think you are best at?

How much to buy viagra in pounds Ike Davis: I would have to say first base because I have played it more but I don’t mind the outfield either.

How much to buy viagra in pounds {hummmmmmm this got me to thinking, how much to buy viagra in pounds what about Davis to RF and Murphy stays a first base ? }

How much to buy viagra in pounds Great column this morning by Kevin Kernan of the NY Post on Jason Bay. I’ve mentioned before I was in Boston and at Fenway when Bay made his debut for the Red Sox and taking the place of Manny Ramirez is a whole lot tougher than coming to a 90 loss team. How much to buy viagra in pounds You have to admit this little nugget from Bay is impressive:

How much to buy viagra in pounds “Having played in that market (Boston) it’s all about putting up numbers, how much to buy viagra in pounds regardless of where you are. How much to buy viagra in pounds I find it funny; you got the ‘best shape of my life’ routines. How much to buy viagra in pounds People don’t care if you come in the best shape of your life or not, how much to buy viagra in pounds just show up and produce. How much to buy viagra in pounds It’s all about production.”

How much to buy viagra in pounds “Show up and produce” simple and to the point. How much to buy viagra in pounds That should be the Mets motto for 2010.

How much to buy viagra in pounds USA-Switzerland

How much to buy viagra in pounds Russia-Canada

How much to buy viagra in pounds Finland-Czech Republic

How much to buy viagra in pounds Sweden-Slovakia

How much to buy viagra in pounds This is called hockey heaven !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lowest viagra price Really?My question to Kevin Kernan is was Jerry Manuel drinking out of a brown paper bag when he made this statement ?

Lowest viagra price Tip o’ the Mets cap to The ‘Ropolitans for this tip

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Guaranteed cheapest viagra  16 days until pitchers and catchers

Guaranteed cheapest viagra I’m a bit cranky this morning so bare with me. Guaranteed cheapest viagra Last night I had to run to my local Walgreens’s on Hylan Blvd to pick up a prescription and I got stuck on the checkout line behind Staten Island Chuck who was buying hair gel and a bottle of Brut cologne. Guaranteed cheapest viagra Chuck was hoping to get a part on Jersey Shore after his cameo today at the SI Zoo (by the way Chuck didn’t see his shadow so it will be an early spring )

Guaranteed cheapest viagra Then this morning, guaranteed cheapest viagra the Dunkin Donuts I stop at every morning on Chambers St has changed up the counter personnel and I’m not very happy about that. Guaranteed cheapest viagra My two Hindu Princesses are no longer at this location (seems the guy who owns the Chamber St DD has a few of them around the city and has moved my two favorite ladies further uptown) and have been replaced with a couple of Latina’s with bad attitudes. Guaranteed cheapest viagra My order is not complicated, guaranteed cheapest viagra XL coffee just milk, guaranteed cheapest viagra and I use a DD debit card to pay for it and NO I don’t want any fucking donuts with that!!!!!   

Guaranteed cheapest viagra Reading that Jose Reyes is ready for take off, guaranteed cheapest viagra takes a bit of the edge off the JJ Putz allegations of ineptness in the Mets front office from yesterday, guaranteed cheapest viagra and I was enjoying Kevin Kernan’s article until I got to this paragraph:

Guaranteed cheapest viagra   Mets GM Omar Minaya watched Reyes work out last week and was thrilled. Guaranteed cheapest viagra Executive VP David Howard was at yesterday’s session, guaranteed cheapest viagra and after watching Reyes blaze down the exact same kind of track that is used in Olympic races, guaranteed cheapest viagra noted, guaranteed cheapest viagra “Mets fans have forgotten how good he is.”

Guaranteed cheapest viagra This fucking David Howard is turning into the reincarnation of M. Guaranteed cheapest viagra Donald Grant. Guaranteed cheapest viagra Why is the Executive of Business Operation watching a workout of a player? Shouldn’t Omar and John Rico and Wayne Krivisy and Jerry Manuel, guaranteed cheapest viagra be the guys making the evaluation of Reyes along with Ray Ramirez and his staff? What’s next for David Howard, guaranteed cheapest viagra overseeing the chop meat at the Shake Shack? No Shyster Dave, guaranteed cheapest viagra we have not forgotten how good Reyes is. Guaranteed cheapest viagra Dumb ass !

Guaranteed cheapest viagra This isn’t hard. Guaranteed cheapest viagra Players play. Guaranteed cheapest viagra Coaches coach. Guaranteed cheapest viagra Owners own. Guaranteed cheapest viagra Fans bitch. Guaranteed cheapest viagra VP of Business Ops handles the clubs business. Guaranteed cheapest viagra What Howard should be doing is busting the balls of the guy who owns SpongeTech

Guaranteed cheapest viagra Jarrod Washburn has taken out a restraining order against the Mets from ever contacting him.

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Viagra canada Only 23 days until pitchers and catchers

Viagra canada

Viagra canada So the Oakland A’s have made a competitive offer to Ben Sheets and want and answer not later than tomorrow. Viagra canada Okay, viagra canada what is a competitive offer and how many competitors are in this race? From all the innuendo we’ve heard on Sheets, viagra canada the Mets, viagra canada A’s and Texas Rangers are in the loop. Viagra canada Rumor is Sheets’ management is looking for an $8 mil base plus incentives for this year and an option for 2011. Viagra canada Now as much as I would love to have Ben Sheets on the Mets, viagra canada but $8mil for a pitcher who could be a either a stud or a cripple is a tough decision to make. Viagra canada But then again the Mets did give Alex Cora $2mil bucks to be a leader on the bench.

Viagra canada I can not see any way that the A’s would give Sheets $8 mil even the Rangers, viagra canada as they go through a transition of ownership, viagra canada would have a hard time paying that kind of coin.

Viagra canada If I’m the Mets I call Sheets’ agent and offer $6mil guarantee with incentives that could go to $10mil if reached (post season starts include in that) and a mutual option for 2011. Viagra canada Then take the other $2 mil and give that to John Smoltz.

Viagra canada If they can do that, viagra canada not only solidifies the pitching staff but I’ll get off managements back for a while and maybe even praise them for a job well done.

Viagra canada So far the Mets Mini-Camp has proved that OP is great shape and that Johan Santana will again try to help Ollie as much as he can both with his pitching and with his psyche. Viagra canada Jon Niese took the mound for the first time since he ripped his hammy and felt pretty good. Viagra canada Daniel Murphy is a camp and is doing what most fans wish all the players would do, viagra canada work hard and try to get better but he still catches hell. Viagra canada Wait until he gets traded and becomes a solid ML’er, viagra canada I will be insufferable or more insufferable than I already am, viagra canada if that’s possible. 

Viagra canada Kevin Kernan seconds my position that the injury excuse from last year was a smoke screen to how badly last years team executed all facets of the game.   Time for Jerry Manuel to Man Up this spring and prove that he can manage and teach and to prove that he is just not waiting to get canned so he can go back to Sacramento and collect a check sitting on his porch.

Viagra canada I still baffles me how the Skill Sets don’t get upset or try to change the perception of their organization after time and time again being told they run one of the worst organizations in baseball. Viagra canada At some point you need to show some spine and fight back. Viagra canada Everyone from media to fans to bloggers keep kicking the organization in the ass waiting for them to fight back. Viagra canada It’s at the point now where I feel like a bully for calling out the Skill Sets as often as I do, viagra canada they just take all these kicks in the ass and ask for more. Viagra canada It’s more sad than strange. Viagra canada Com’on Jeffey show some fucking fight will ya!!!!!!

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No blogging for the weekend as I’m off the U.S. Cialis delivered overnight Military Academy in West Point for a weekend camping trip with my sons Boy Scout troop. Cialis delivered overnight Even though the troop has a strict no electronics policy when it comes to these trips, cialis delivered overnight the subversive that I am will sneak a radio in my bag to try to listen or at least get a score of this weekend Mets-Phillies series. Cialis delivered overnight Hopefully my tent mate won’t turn me in and have my ass hauled off to the stockade. Cialis delivered overnight


Sure it’s a big series but I think it’s to the Mets benefit that they are playing in Philly since they are so concerned about fan reaction. Cialis delivered overnight Remember the words of Bobby Knight, cialis delivered overnight “when you start listening to the people in the stands, cialis delivered overnight you end up joining them”. Cialis delivered overnight It seems that it’s not a lack of focus with the Mets but misplaced focus that is doing them in.


On that subject a must listen is Mike Silva’s interview with Kevin Kernan of the NY Post  that connects the paranoia of the owner and front office rubbing off on the uniform personnel. Cialis delivered overnight Silva’s comment says it all:


   The Mets have a reputation for trying to control the news around their club. Cialis delivered overnight It never works and often makes things even worse in the long run. Cialis delivered overnight How can you expect your players to toughen up when management has an equally, cialis delivered overnight if not worse, cialis delivered overnight thin skin? What’s next? You’re going to throw the fans out and play in an empty stadium so you don’t hear any boos? Keep playing like this and you might not need to worry about that.


HOME RUN  Mike!!!!


David Lennon calls out the lack of intestinal fortitude of the Mets:


Often, cialis delivered overnight it’s hard to pin down the intangibles with numbers, cialis delivered overnight but not in this case. Cialis delivered overnight With Wednesday’s loss to the Marlins, cialis delivered overnight the Mets (9-12) stumbled to 1-10 when trailing after six innings. Cialis delivered overnight After seven, cialis delivered overnight they are 0-11.


The newest member of the Douche Bag Hall of Fame is Philadelphia Inquirer columnist John Gonzalez. Cialis delivered overnight Its guys like Gonzalez that makes the demise of newspapers easier to take. Cialis delivered overnight If a blogger ever wrote a poorly put together piece like this Buzz Bissinger would go to his mother’s basement and kick his ass. Cialis delivered overnight I’d call Gonzalez a rank amateur but the fact that he lives and worked in Philadelphia is punishment enough. Cialis delivered overnight For a fan base that for vast majority of its existence has been apathetic towards it’s baseball team, cialis delivered overnight they really need a good strong glass of shut the fuck up. Cialis delivered overnight Phillies fans are starting to make Highlander fans tolerable.


Shrek and Johnny Bench Santos are safe for a while longer and Brian Schneider is still feeling the effects of a sore calf. Cialis delivered overnight Take your time Bri.


Enjoy your weekend and while your snug in your bed think of me sleeping in the woods and don’t smirk.


LET’S  GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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