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Viagra capsules I’m amused at some Mets beat writers who can’t comprehend the mind set of Terry Collins for having his players report before their mandatory arrival time. Viagra capsules It says more about the writer who can’t grasp this reasoning behind it than it does about Collins being anal.

Viagra capsules I arrive at my office every day at 7AM. Viagra capsules My shift doesn’t start until 8AM so why do I get in early? First off I hate to be late and I have a low tolerance for people who are late. Viagra capsules Once when I had to interview a young man for a spot in our unit, viagra capsules he was told to be at the office at 9AM. Viagra capsules He strolled in at 9:45 with more excuses than a 5th grader who didn’t hand in his homework. Viagra capsules I just looked at him and told him no need to waste your time or mine; you’re not getting the job”. Viagra capsules He couldn’t believe it. Viagra capsules When he returned to the main office and told my boss what happened he was told “ I should have warned you to be early, viagra capsules Keane hates lateness but I can’t say anything to him as he traveled from Staten Island to Queens every day for 12 years by ferry and subway and was always early” So you see, viagra capsules I get what Terry Collins is selling. Viagra capsules If you love what you do or have a true passion for something (I get to Mets games before the gates open, viagra capsules so again I’m a bit extreme) you show it.

Viagra capsules The optimistic part of this is the Mets players have bought into TCT-Terry Collins Time-especially Ruben Tejada.  We all remember Tejada and his visa troubles last spring and how TC wanted him in camp early so he could work with Daniel Murphy at their Keystone position. Viagra capsules I said it then and I’ll say it now that Collins was 1, viagra capsules000 % right in the way he dealt with Tejada then and it seems the message has been received as Ruben has been an early participant this spring. Viagra capsules In fact everyone is on TCT with the exception of Marlon Byrd and Jordany Valdespin who have legitimate reason for lateness in that they both participated in the Caribbean World Series with Byrd’s Mexico team winning the championship over Valdespin’s Dominican team and Jenry Mejia and Wilfredo Tovar who are late due to visa issues. Viagra capsules So put one on the plus side for Collins, viagra capsules whose lame duck status is starting to have Mets fans and main streamers wondering about his future as the helmsman of the Mets.

Viagra capsules The Mets are at a crossroads of the Alderson Era. Viagra capsules With the proclamation from Freddy “Zimmo” Skill Sets that the club is solvent and ready to spend to contend, viagra capsules Mets fans are demanding that the team show its fit to fight.  Collins has presided over losing teams in his two years as Mets manager in fact his first year the team won 77 games and last year they declined to 74 wins with another second half collapse, viagra capsules so it stands to reason that Collins was not approached with a contract extension, viagra capsules even though there is only so much a manager can do if he doesn’t have the talent around him to put the team in position to win, viagra capsules no manager or coach survives three losing seasons.

Viagra capsules Collins has to hope that Ike Davis claim that he’s ready to have a breakout season does just that and that Lucas Duda proves once and for all that he is not intimidated by the big leagues and that he is ready to bust out his offensive game as well. Viagra capsules Collins needs the centerfield tag team of Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Collin Cowgill to become a two headed offensive and defensive monster along with Mike Baxter and whoever wins the right to be his right-handed accomplice to provide some power and run production from that right corner. Viagra capsules Collins can only hope that he mixes and matches correctly each game to the max out his liquidator outfield.

Viagra capsules Another area that will be crucial to Collins managerial stay will be the bullpen. Viagra capsules Last year as we all know the Mets bullpen was one of the worst pens in baseball and was the biggest reason for sucking the life out the team. Viagra capsules For Collins to survive not only does this pen have become a strength (the bullpen can’t be any worse than last year) he has to get a better grip on how to utilize his relievers. Viagra capsules Not just in articulating their assignments better but also the physical wear and tear they are subject to as well. Viagra capsules Collins, viagra capsules Dan Warthen and Rickey Bones did a bad job last year in communicating with the relief staff . Viagra capsules Pitchers would get up, viagra capsules warm up, viagra capsules sit down, viagra capsules warm up, viagra capsules sit down…..and on and on. Viagra capsules Not only did this wear out much of the staff it also gave off a sense of panic and unpreparedness by Collins and Warthen.

Viagra capsules Collins has been around the game a long time and he knows his job is only as secure as the teams wins and loses. Viagra capsules It’s kind of a shame because the future of the Mets is bright with what looks to be a solid pitching staff on the horizon and (again I’ll believe it when I see it) new found cash flow to sign some free agent talent that odds are Collins will not be in the Mets dugout when all this comes to blossom. Viagra capsules When it does he should get credit as he had to do a lot of the heavy lifting.

Viagra capsules Terry Collins can hold his head high on this though, viagra capsules he has proven that he can manage a big league team so he does have some redemption from the failures he endured in Anaheim and Houston. Viagra capsules I think he realizes that as well.

Viagra capsules  

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Viagra dosages NEWS: Terry Collins Upset That Ruben Tejada Is Not In Camp

Viagra dosages I am with TC 100 %, viagra dosages don’t give me this “he’s not late” line of horseshit, viagra dosages that’s for losers. Viagra dosages You same Mets fans who bitch and moan that Collins has some nerve calling out Tejeda are the same bunch who is spouting the Mets suck mantra. Viagra dosages You can’t have it both ways folks.

Viagra dosages I’m sure Collins made it known to Tejeda that it would be in his best interest to get to camp early to work with Daniel Murphy his news keystone partner. Viagra dosages  I don’t want to hear visa problems as the reason Tejada couldn’t get to camp early, viagra dosages take care of your shit on time Ruben. Viagra dosages  No excuses and to all of you comparing Collins to NY Giants coach Tom Coughlin and his insistence that if you’re on time your five minutes late, viagra dosages let’s hope TC gets the same results two championships in four years. Viagra dosages   

Viagra dosages NEWS: Ike Davis Has a Slight Lung Infection

Viagra dosages Word to Ike, viagra dosages lay off them Lucky Strikes they’re killers, viagra dosages switch to Newports the menthol will be soothing

Viagra dosages NEWS: Seven Minority Owners Ready to Come Aboard

Viagra dosages Only in the world of finance can a bunch of rich white men be considered minority anything.

Viagra dosages NEWS: #IMWITH28

Viagra dosages If you’re with 28 then you’ll want one of these to show your Murphy Love

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