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Generic cialis in india I tell ya, generic cialis in india this guy Nelly Figs if anything, generic cialis in india is a real survivor. Generic cialis in india Just when you think he’s ready to get the boot, generic cialis in india he now looks to be the long man in the Mets pen come opening day. Generic cialis in india The front office is finally coming to it’s senses as it looks like Jenry Mejia will go to Bingo to hone his pitching skills.

Generic cialis in india So the bullpen is now rounding into focus and come a week from Monday the pen should be:

Generic cialis in india Frankie Rodz

Generic cialis in india Vitamin Pedro (take one every day)

Generic cialis in india Kiko Calero

Generic cialis in india Ryota Igarashi (please pick another number. Generic cialis in india  18 does not fit you)

Generic cialis in india Hisamori Takahashi (the second lefty)

Generic cialis in india Fernando Neve (que ABBA)

Generic cialis in india Nelly Figs (que Destiny’s Child)

Generic cialis in india What stands out about this bunch of relievers is just three-Rodriquez, generic cialis in india Vitamin P, generic cialis in india and Kiki C are true relievers, generic cialis in india the other four can be plugged into the rotation as well as relieve. Generic cialis in india What does that tell you about the faith the front office has in Big Pelf, generic cialis in india OP, generic cialis in india and Maine Man ? Not exactly a vote of confidence eh?

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Viagra canada generic Here is the most critical component of this Mets team and the twelve men mentioned here hold the future of the season in their left and right arms. Viagra canada generic Without pitching we are nothing!

Viagra canada generic Starting Rotation

Viagra canada generic Johan Santana

Viagra canada generic Mike Pelfrey

Viagra canada generic Oliver Perez

Viagra canada generic John Maine

Viagra canada generic Nelson Figueroa/Jon Neise

Viagra canada generic I’m starting to calm down a bit about starters 2-5 in this rotation. Viagra canada generic Big Pelf and OP have improved with each spring appearance and hopeful they gain confidence in these starts. Viagra canada generic Maine goes tomorrow and hopefully he bounces back and is focused in this start. Viagra canada generic The fifth spot if given on merit should go to Nelly Figs as he has continued from his great performance in the Caribbean World Series so far this spring. Viagra canada generic Neise has shown that the hammy tear from last year is healed. Viagra canada generic The easiest move here is Niese in the fifth slot and Figs in the pen as long/middle man

Viagra canada generic Bullpen

Viagra canada generic Frankie Rodriguez

Viagra canada generic Pedro Felicaino

Viagra canada generic Sean Green

Viagra canada generic Hisanori Takahashi

Viagra canada generic Ryota Igarashi

Viagra canada generic Bobby Parnell

Viagra canada generic Kiko Calero

Viagra canada generic This all changes if the front office makes the huge mistake by letting Jenry Mejia come North, viagra canada generic then someone has got to go most likely Parnell. Viagra canada generic Takahashi has also pitched himself into a job and the 40 man roster with his stellar spring, viagra canada generic by the way has anyone in the organization realized that Takahashi uses his left arm to pitch ?  Again the pen is in flux as brain trust decides if they want LOOGY Joe Beimel (at their price) and keeping Mejia but the locks are Frankie Rodz, viagra canada generic Feliciano, viagra canada generic Green and I guess Igarashi. Viagra canada generic That leaves three spots with I’d think Takahashi getting one of them. Viagra canada generic The next two could be filled by Parnell, viagra canada generic Calero, viagra canada generic Mejia, viagra canada generic Beimel or some other arm from another organization. Viagra canada generic Then again Nelly Figs could be sent packing once more.

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Get cialis online It looks like the Mets front office feels the bullpen situation is bit dicey, get cialis online with Kelvin Escobar hurting and the lack of a second lefty to take the pressure of Perpetual Pedro, get cialis online they have signed RHP Kiko Calero and are courting LHP Joe Biemel.

Get cialis online Calero has a history of arm/shoulder injury but his biggest asset is he works cheap, get cialis online a minor league deal that turns into a major league deal for $850K When Calero is on he is quite effective with his slider and he also a fly ball pitcher who could thrive at $iti Field National Park . Get cialis online Biemel is doing a song and dance about how much he wants, get cialis online I guess he hasn’t figured out that the Mets have started throwing nickels around like they are manhole covers, get cialis online but the Mets have the calendar on their side as they saw with Calero who wasn’t happy to be out of work so long but took what he could get.  

Get cialis online We all love Ike Davis and we all hope he becomes the 30+ HR 100+ RBI guy we have been dreaming of and his Granny yesterday in St. Get cialis online Lonesome was baseball Viagra no doubt about it but let’s not get premature about pushing him North as the every day first baseman for opening day. Get cialis online Let’s have Ike get about 100 or so AB’s as a Bison and if he’s producing, get cialis online by all means bring him up. Get cialis online Between Davis, get cialis online Jenry Mejias, get cialis online Fernando Martinez and Josh Thole its clear the Mets fan wants a homegrown star to root for maybe this one time the bad fortune of the organization turns and these four kids turn out to be the real deal.

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Viagra blister 4 The 6th and 7th innings last night summed up the Mets early and I mean realllllllllll early problem of not busting a game wide open. Viagra blister 4 When the opportunity comes up to administer an ass kicking, viagra blister 4 championship teams kick ass, viagra blister 4 pretenders come up short.

Viagra blister 4 Top of the 6th the Mets catch a break as they couldn’t get a sniff of a rally off Anibal Sanchez but Freddi Gonzalez went to his pen and brought in Dan Meyer who promptly gave up a lead off homer to Carlos Beltran to get the Mets on the board. Viagra blister 4 Ryan Church comes up next and singles and this is where you say “here comes the big inning”. Viagra blister 4 Schneider sac bunts Church to 2nd, viagra blister 4 a good play because odds are Schneider hits in to a DP in that spot, viagra blister 4 Gimp Castillo comes up with a man in scoring position and files out. Viagra blister 4 With Castillo getting lifted for a pinch hitter (Jeremy Reed) in 9th tells you the leash on Gimp is getting shorter and shorter. Viagra blister 4 With 2 outs man on 2nd Gary Sheffield bats for John Maine who was great last night but Dan Meyer wants no part of Sheffield and throws three pitches out of the strike zone and then Gonzalez orders Meyer to walk him. Viagra blister 4 Respect thy names is an intentional walk. Viagra blister 4 Up steps Jose Reyes and an awful at bat.

Viagra blister 4 Meyer was shook up by the sight of Sheffield and couldn’t throw a strike. Viagra blister 4 The first pitch to Reyes was ball 1. Viagra blister 4 On the next pitch Meyers tries to hit the corner low and away put the pitch was out of the strike zone but of course that doesn’t stop Jose from reaching over and popping it up to RF for an easy fly ball out. Viagra blister 4 Ever hear of take a strike Jose?

Viagra blister 4 On to the Mets 7th where Daniel Murphy leads off with a base hit (of course!) In comes non-roster invitee Kiko Calero (this looks to be the Marlins downfall, viagra blister 4 the bullpen that and not being able to play the Mets for 162 games) who walks D-Wright and hits Carlos Delgado with a pitch and the bags are drunk with Carlos Beltran up. Viagra blister 4 Smells like a big inning right ?(“here we are now, viagra blister 4 entertain us”) uhhh NO!. Viagra blister 4 Beltran drives in a run (a cheap Rib Eye Steak though) hitting into an FC but then Church walks and the bags are juiced once again as Fernando Taits bats for Schieder (J-Man ain’t fooling around, viagra blister 4 if you can’t hit you will sit) and misses a Grannie bythismuch and that would have broken this one up big. Viagra blister 4 Wright scores and it’s 3-3 and if you want to take a positive out of the inning it’s that the Mets scored some runs late.

Viagra blister 4 Gimp Castillo came up with 2 out worked the count 3-2 and let strike 3 sail over the plate. Viagra blister 4 The clock is ticking fast on Gimp.

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