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Cialis overnight I guess the less said about last night’s game the better but last night I was a guest on the Kult Of Mets Personality podcast with the gang from Kiner’s Korner and as we discussed Johan’s no-no I was gushing about this year’s Mets and how I thought the no hitter might be the ’69 black cat, cialis overnight ’73 Ya Gotta Believe moment for this 2012 Mets team.

Cialis overnight So of course as soon as the podcast ended I put on the game just in time to see the Mets shit the bed. Cialis overnight  Unreal!

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Real cialis online As we wait for Sandy Alderson and his Front Office Posse to check  into the Motel 6 Hilton Anatole in Dallas so they can get some much needed work done to reshape the 2012 Mets, real cialis online let’s look at a few news items from that last few days:


Real cialis online I would love to hear the conversations between Reyes and his agent on their free agency game plan. Real cialis online So far all we’ve heard is a rumor of an imminent deal with the Fish and nothing more, real cialis online just a lot of speculation, real cialis online in fact we’ve heard about this deal for about three weeks now. Real cialis online  As I’ve mentioned before, real cialis online I love how Alderson is playing is hand here, real cialis online especially how he told the Mets beat writers all he knows about Reyes right now is what he reads in the papers. Real cialis online This guy is good, real cialis online very good. Real cialis online If by some chance Reyes comes back to the Mets he may end up paying them to play here.

Real cialis online By the way check out this post from Coop on the Reyes free agent saga at Kiner’s Korner a well worthy read.


Real cialis online Congrats to Omar as he was named the SR. Real cialis online VP of Baseball Ops for the San Diego Padres. Real cialis online As a GM and the front office face of a franchise, real cialis online Minaya was miscast, real cialis online his perfect role is that of scout and amateur talent evaluator. Real cialis online Safe to say Minaya will never be a big league GM again same as Willie Randolph will never be a big league manager again, real cialis online the jobs were just too big for both of them.


Real cialis online And you want to know why the Dodgers are bankrupt? Thank the baseball gods that Nick Colletti is not the Mets GM.


Real cialis online No doubt about it, real cialis online Pedro is a first ballot Hall Of Famer. Real cialis online I’ve never hide my man crush for Pedro and who could forget his first start with the Mets, real cialis online Opening Day April 4, real cialis online 2005 in Cincinnati where he gave up 3 runs in the first inning then settled down to K 12 Red Legs before giving way to the bullpen and suckitude closer Braden Looper losing the game. Real cialis online Then a week later at opening day at Shea Stadium, real cialis online the fans cheering every time Pedro was shown on the Jumbotron or walked on the field, real cialis online talk about electric. Real cialis online It’s sad his Mets career wasn’t very fruitful but still Pedro was the man.

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Last night I was fortunate enough to be a part of the fastest hour of radio ever on The Kult of Mets Personalities with the crew of Kiner’s Korner and Mike Silva of NY Baseball Digest. We spoke of our late friend Dana Brand, cialisis in canada and then we got into our thoughts on the soon to be minority owner, cialisis in canada David Einhorn.

Cialisis in canada To me Einhorn missed his mark yesterday to get Mets fans behind him, cialisis in canada all he had to do was say he was investing not only $200mil to bail the organization out but he’s also throwing in an additional $45 mil for the sole purpose of buying out Jason Bay’s contract and as for Jose Reyes, cialisis in canada “Jose, cialisis in canada have your people call my people”.

Cialisis in canada Born in Jersey and raised in Milwaukee and a neighbor to the Selig’s this is no co-winky-dink that he was brought in as a minority owner of the Mets. Cialisis in canada Plus he’s not paying $200 mil for a good parking spot and a cushioned ball park seat; he’s here to fix what’s broken and to take over the whole operation.

Cialisis in canada As we discussed on the podcast last night, cialisis in canada Einhorn made his money taking over companies that were swimming in red ink and making them solvent again. Cialisis in canada The Skill Sets have proven that running the Mets and investing money is way beyond their “Skill Sets” level.

Cialisis in canada Listening to Boomer and Carton this morning, cialisis in canada Carton was his buffoon self mocking Einhorn on his voice and not being very tall, cialisis in canada one thing Carton forgot is Einhorn is as ruthless as any organized crime capo or any so called “Gangsta” . Cialisis in canada I worked on Wall St for a few years and the only business that is close to it in ruthlessness and taking people down and not giving a shit is the drug trade. Cialisis in canada  As we’ve seen over that the past few years, cialisis in canada Wall Street guys like Einhorn just don’t give a fuck on whom they have to step over to win. Cialisis in canada If Einhorn has to jack up Freddy and Uncle Saul and smack the shit out of Jeffey to make the Mets profitable for him to takeover when (not if it’s when) the Skill Sets have to sell, cialisis in canada he doesn’t want to buy a loser.

Cialisis in canada Einhorn has said he will be in the background and not heard from. Cialisis in canada I remember a ship builder from Cleveland saying that nearly 40 years ago in the Bronx. Cialisis in canada That $200 mil Einhorn is putting down is no gift, cialisis in canada it’s a down payment.

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First and foremost a Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone and a huge thank you for your support of this site and of Pro Baseball Central and my wish to you is good health and happiness and hopefully post season baseball for our Mets.


Finally Omar has reached out to Scott Boras and Derek Lowe with an offer. While the Mets offer of 3yrs/$36mil is nowhere near the reported 5yr/$90mil that Boras was looking for, viagra purchase it is a starting point.  The Mets do not want to go more than 3 years with Lowe and with the big boys on the sideline (Highlanders and Red Sox) this looks like advantage Mets. Viagra purchase  I could see a scenario where there is a 4th year option and maybe the money goes up two or three million with Omar telling Scot Boras he’s doing it as a face saving measure and let Boras know he “owes him one” but it looks like this will get done soon.

Then it will be interesting to see where Omar turns next. Viagra purchase The longer Manny Ramirez sits out on the open market the more pressure there is on the Skill Sets to get in the Manny game. Viagra purchase Word is leaking out of the air tight front office bunker that Omar wants to get Manny in Blue and Orange but the stumbling block is getting the Skill Sets to release the purse strings. Viagra purchase If Manny slips through the Mets hands due to Jeffey and Freddie not giving Omar FULL AUTONOMY  to make this deal and Manny Ramirez signs with GOD FORBID the Highlanders or goes back to LA for a 2 year deal I am putting the Mets on notice that whatever past posting here toward management they thought were venomous and nasty will look like love letters  compared to the carpet bombing I have in store for them if they pussy out with Manny. Viagra purchase I’m not looking for them to go more than 2yrs for Manny so I don’t think that’s outlandish.


Long time reader of this site Nik Kolidas has a new Mets blog Kiner’s Korner which not only has a terrific layout but the content is first rate. Viagra purchase Click on the link and bookmark the page and thank me latter.


Outstanding job by Amazin’ Avenue with their detailed comparison of Oliver Perez vs. Viagra purchase Ben Sheets. Viagra purchase If or when Derek Lowe signs with the Mets adding Ben Sheets to a 2yr deal would an outstanding outside the box move by the Mets. Viagra purchase Which means it won’t happen.


Over at Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest there are a couple of items that are must reads. Viagra purchase First Mike has a posting on January as the Month of Manny and this passage should be e-mailed to Jeffey Skill Sets or better yet I would love to hand deliver it to him and shove it in his face to make sure he gets the message:

Viagra purchase    {The Mets, viagra purchase although improved, viagra purchase might need something to get past their 2007/2008 failures. Viagra purchase Johan Santana should have done it, viagra purchase but the dour Willie Randolph negated all good will from that coup of a signing. Viagra purchase The excitement of having two closers is nice, viagra purchase but putting Ramirez in left field would create a fresh buzz to the new ballpark. Viagra purchase Imagine opening day and Manny hits a three run homer in the first. Viagra purchase They may need to check the new buildings structure to ensure it’s ready for that kind of punishment. Viagra purchase Manny would take a solid lineup and make it great. Viagra purchase There is that g-word again. Viagra purchase Unfortunately, viagra purchase there is no Hank Steinbrenner in the Wilpon family. Viagra purchase Even an engaging salesman like Omar MInaya has been unable to convince Fred and Jeff on Ramirez. Viagra purchase The fans remember Vladimir Guerrero and the winter of 2003. Viagra purchase Maybe another rally with Craig Carton at Citi Field would help the Wilpon’s remember.}

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Viagra purchase BRAVO MIKE!!!!!

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Viagra purchase Also on NYBD is Frank Maniscalco who will be the sites Czar of Fantasy Baseball this year. Viagra purchase You may know Frank as Frankie The Sports Guy and now he has added fantasy baseball to his ever growing résumé. Viagra purchase

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Viagra purchase Good to see Charles Barkley getting that last DUI of 2008 out of the way early. Viagra purchase

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