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Viagra tablets It’s not unusual to have friends and family members with different sports rooting interest as you, viagra tablets I have many friends and relatives who root for the Highlanders, viagra tablets Knicks and the Jets, viagra tablets  even a couple of Devils, viagra tablets Islanders and Nets fans thrown in the mix as well. Viagra tablets This week the Giants fan contingent of my inner circle have been in constant contact about what to expect from our Giants tomorrow as they take on the Patriots in Super Bowl 42 and what is fascinating  is how the dominant fan gene takes hold when we discuss the game.

Viagra tablets The Highlander/Giants fans of the group are so super confident that the Giants will win, viagra tablets it has the Mets/Giants fan breaking out in a cold sweat. Viagra tablets Highlander/Giants says the Giants front four will dominate and that between Justin Tuck and JPP, viagra tablets Tom Brady will be leaving Indianapolis with a toe tag on his man Uggs. Viagra tablets Mets/Giants says “it’s Tom Fuckin’ Brady” and he not only has a score to settle with the Giants for Super Bowl 42 and he also played like shit in the AFC Championship game to where he vowed to Pats owner, viagra tablets Bob Kraft he feels he let him and the organization down. Viagra tablets Mets/Giants is nervous because he fears Brady’s A game. Viagra tablets Highlander/Giants says “Fuck Brady’s A game”.

Viagra tablets Highlander/Giants says “ancient history “ when Mets/Giants brings up the team was 7-7 late in the season and how the  Redskins loss in Week 15 is still on my mind. Viagra tablets Highlander/Giants then says “that was the last time the G-Men lost, viagra tablets they are on a 5 game winning streak looking better each time out” That when Mets/Giants says “that’s what worries me, viagra tablets the team is due for a bad game and a loss”, viagra tablets to which Highlander/Giants says “I swear to God I don’t know why I’m friends with you (Highlander/Giants family member give me the old you can pick your friends and not your relatives response)and if that wasn’t enough cruelty, viagra tablets Highlander/Giants pours salt in the wound by adding “and you dwell on negative shit forever, viagra tablets Jimmy Qualls, viagra tablets Mike Scioscia, viagra tablets Yadier Molina, viagra tablets Adam Wainwright….move the fuck on already”

Viagra tablets I can’t help it. Viagra tablets Fans of multiple sports teams have a dominant sports fan gene, viagra tablets mine happens to be the Mets fan gene. Viagra tablets  See the Giants fan gene I have is strong when it comes to history and loyalty with pride in winning as well. Viagra tablets The Giants have won 7 Championships (4 pre-Super Bowl NFL Titles and 3 Lombardi Trophies) same with the Boston Celtics gene that also adds arrogance from our late leader the Great Red Auerbach. Viagra tablets  The NY Ranger fan gene runs close to the Mets fan gene in that the Ranger fan gene reacts to overpriced free agent flops and overall anger and disappointment with the team and management.

Viagra tablets So as I get ready for tomorrows Super Bowl, viagra tablets a Super Bowl I will watch at a GIANTS FANS ONLY party that will feature more Mets/Giants than Highlander/Giants, viagra tablets my hope is that Highlander/Giants doesn’t keep up their rhetoric during the pre-game dinner as I would hate to sit down to a meal with my hands over my ears yelling “I CAN’T HEAR YOU! I CAN’T HEAR YOU! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!

Viagra tablets  

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Order viagra air travel gotta love Hank and the Broadway Hat

Order viagra air travel Most under-rated athlete in NYC

I’m soooo happy Danny Ainge didn’t my favorite Celtic RAAAAAAJJJJOOOONNN RONDOOOOOOO    

Order viagra air travel It’s tough to spend time on Mets minutia today with trying to finish up loose ends at work and get ready for what should be one of the best nights Madison Square Garden has seen in quite a while as the Rangers and Flyers meet tonight and the Giants-Jets get together tomorrow and the Knicks-Celtics start the NBA season on Christmas, order viagra air travel it’s hard to get worked up over Rob Johnson signing a minor league deal to fight for a backup catcher spot with the Mets .

Order viagra air travel I am pumped up for tonight’s Rangers-Flyers match up at MSG. Order viagra air travel Between the way the Rangers have been playing along with all the hype of HBO’s 24/7 (I need to tape Coach Tortorella’s between periods ass ripping of his team against the St Louis Blues last week  “Fucking screw it on straight, order viagra air travel screw it on and let’s get ready to go each shift” has become my new mantra I’ve been using it at work all day the non-hockey fans think I’ve lost my mind but then again most of them don’t know what to make of me anyway)  and Winter Classic and first place (though very early in the season ) on the line, order viagra air travel I can’t wait to get to the Garden tonight.

Order viagra air travel For as long as I can remember as a NY Football Giants fan, order viagra air travel I have never given the NY Jets much thought. Order viagra air travel Sure I have friends who are Jets fans but there has never the animosity like I have with buddies and relatives who root for the Bronx Bastards. Order viagra air travel The Jets were…. Order viagra air travel Well just the Jets. Order viagra air travel They played in the other conference and since they played each other, order viagra air travel except for every 4 years, order viagra air travel only in the preseason there really hasn’t been any reason to have an opinion positive or negative on the Jets. Order viagra air travel Until now.

Order viagra air travel It really hurts me to write this but there are four teams in NYC that are sports royalty, order viagra air travel The Highlanders, order viagra air travel Giants, order viagra air travel Knicks and Rangers. Order viagra air travel The Mets are the closest of the underling teams that could break into the big four, order viagra air travel but not these days. Order viagra air travel For all the bluster that comes from Rex Ryan, order viagra air travel the Jets are not close to being in the same stratosphere as the NY Football Giants. Order viagra air travel I don’t dislike Rex Ryan although he really, order viagra air travel really needs to shut the fuck up, order viagra air travel I do respect his coaching acumen but it’s too bad he has to take the personality of his dad Buddy because all this hot air he spews sooner or later has to be backed up with something. Order viagra air travel Sure he has had success as HC of the Jets but he needs to mind his coaching manners.

Order viagra air travel Head coaches, order viagra air travel no matter what always show respect to one and other in public (look at the fall out from the Jim Schwatrz, order viagra air travel Jim Haurbugh brew ha ha earlier this season) it’s great that Rex thinks that he is better that Bill Belichick or Tom Coughlin but when you disrespect these men who have accomplished more than you ever had in this game, order viagra air travel you come off like a fucking buffoon.

Order viagra air travel Neither team in this contest has much to crow about this season. Order viagra air travel Both teams are huge disappointments with flaws a plenty and as much as Tom Coughlin has told his players to let the Jets do the talking and keep their mouths shut, order viagra air travel when you have motor mouths like Antrell Rolle and Brandon Jacobs it’s a hard to rein them in. Order viagra air travel   

Order viagra air travel Like I say I never gave the Jets much thought but thanks to Rex’s big mouth not only do I want to see the Giants beat the living shit out them, order viagra air travel if the Jets make the playoffs, order viagra air travel I’ll be rooting hard against them. Order viagra air travel By the way, order viagra air travel all Giants fan should be thanking Rex and his players for doing what Coach Coughlin has had trouble with so far this second half of the season, order viagra air travel motivating the Giants players. Order viagra air travel Rex should have gone with the let sleeping dogs lay but after seeing how the Jets put a picture of a bleeding Eli Manning on the cover of their defensive play book, order viagra air travel I hope JPP knocks Mark Sanchez out of the game on the first offensive play from scrimmage. Order viagra air travel   Oh and Fireman Ed is an asshole.

Order viagra air travel Celtics-Knicks is a great way to start off Christmas Day and as a fan of the C’s, order viagra air travel it’s good to see the Knickerbockers relevant again. Order viagra air travel I am my Celtics have one more run left in them and a good start would be by beating up the Knicks on Sunday. Order viagra air travel   

Order viagra air travel  

Order viagra air travel  

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Overnight canadian viagra

Overnight canadian viagra Most times when the Boston Celtics hit the city, overnight canadian viagra I make it my duty to go see my favorite basketball team in person. Overnight canadian viagra During the last decade, overnight canadian viagra securing a ticket to a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden was as cheap and easy as a Hunts Point hooker. Overnight canadian viagra That has now changed.

Overnight canadian viagra I went looking for a couple of tickets for last Wednesday’s Knicks-C’s tilt at MSG and the best I could find were blue seats for a hundred or a hundred and a quarter. Overnight canadian viagra That’s what I’d spend for two games plus a couple of hot dogs and a beverage. Overnight canadian viagra What the hell happen?  Winning and exciting basketball by the NY Knickerbockers is what’s happened.

Overnight canadian viagra Yesterday in NYC the talk around town was all Knicks, overnight canadian viagra Knicks and Knicks. Overnight canadian viagra The last time I can remember the Knicks being this relevant I was fighting my wife for use of the blow dryer, overnight canadian viagra quite a while ago. Overnight canadian viagra  It’s not just that the Knicks sucked or that they were run by a complete asshole or that owner was fucking clueless (sound familiar Mets fans?) the team was run so bad, overnight canadian viagra the fan base gave up on them and if you are of a certain age and grew up in NYC in the 60’ and 70’s you know basketball was THE game . Overnight canadian viagra  Tickets to Knick games were scarce. Overnight canadian viagra  A night at a Knicks game and being welcomed by the voice of John F.X. Overnight canadian viagra Condon (Welcome to The World’s Most Famous Arena) was electric. Overnight canadian viagra All that was lost, overnight canadian viagra but now it looks like it’s been found again.

Overnight canadian viagra I bring the Knicks up today because the Mets are where the basketball team was before new management took over. Overnight canadian viagra When Donnie Walsh of the Bronx came home to rescue the premier basketball franchise in the NBA, overnight canadian viagra he inherited a total mess. Overnight canadian viagra Same as Sandy Alderson has with the Mets. Overnight canadian viagra The Knicks have been saddled with over priced players who couldn’t care less if they won or lost as long as Jim Dolan signed off on the payroll. Overnight canadian viagra Same as the Mets. Overnight canadian viagra The GM of the Knicks was a cluessless, overnight canadian viagra sexual harassing douche bag. Overnight canadian viagra Just like what the Mets had. Overnight canadian viagra The Dolan family along with the board of directors of Cablevision, overnight canadian viagra the parent company of MSG stepped in and told Jimmy Dolan stay the fuck out of the basketball business, overnight canadian viagra just like it seems the Skill Sets family has told Jeffey.

Overnight canadian viagra First thing Donnie Walsh did was try to rid the organization of bad players and bad contracts. Overnight canadian viagra Walsh did something that most deemed impossible, overnight canadian viagra he brought the Knicks payroll under the cap and out of luxury tax hell. Overnight canadian viagra  He then put together a staff from head coach to assistants to scouts then used the draft well and signed players of talent and character  like Amare Stodumire. Overnight canadian viagra Stodumire is THE face of the Knicks and after one month of playing for the team, overnight canadian viagra he hated what he saw and called his team out in public:

Overnight canadian viagra     “I’m not sure if it’s the fact maybe a winning mentality has never been here. Overnight canadian viagra I’m just not used to it. Overnight canadian viagra I’m used to winning. Overnight canadian viagra I’m used to talking about winning and having that confidence toward winning. Overnight canadian viagra You just can’t have guys complacent and comfortable with losing.”   

Overnight canadian viagra “I don’t understand why we’re not playing with the urgency. Overnight canadian viagra I’m not used to that. Overnight canadian viagra We’re not playing like we’re on a four-game losing streak, overnight canadian viagra now five. Overnight canadian viagra We don’t have that sense of urgency. Overnight canadian viagra It’s almost as if it doesn’t matter.”   

Overnight canadian viagra  

Overnight canadian viagra WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do they make one of these in a baseball player? If they do, overnight canadian viagra Sandy Alderson needs to get us one.

Overnight canadian viagra Now that the Knicks are playing not only good basketball but exciting basketball and have a player in Stoudemire who has stepped up to lead on and off the court and has reached one name status in the city. Overnight canadian viagra AMARE. Overnight canadian viagra Because of this the ugly element of the NYC fan base has raised hi ugly head, overnight canadian viagra The Band Waggoner. Overnight canadian viagra  You know who they are, overnight canadian viagra the most clueless and insecure people this city has to offer. Overnight canadian viagra  You go to a party and in passing conversation you ask if they are a Mets fan or Yankee fan or Jets or Giants fan and they reply “I’m a New York Fan” which my ears interpret as “I’m an asshole”.  That’s when I excuse myself find my wife and tell her  “I’ll meet you in the car, overnight canadian viagra 15 minutes A.I.S (ass in seat)”     

Overnight canadian viagra A splinter group of Mets fans are clamoring over Sandy Alderson not going out and throwing money at free agents. Overnight canadian viagra This group confesses to hate the NY Highlanders and all they stand for but they want the Mets to copy their plan. Overnight canadian viagra Why they don’t just grow some balls and move their allegiance to the Bronx Bastards, overnight canadian viagra is a question you’d have to ask them. Overnight canadian viagra This group doesn’t get it that the Mets did make a big free agent signing this winter, overnight canadian viagra they signed Alderson, overnight canadian viagra J.P. Overnight canadian viagra Riccarrdi and Paul DePodesta to go out and bring this franchise back to its rightful place of prominence in NY sports.

Overnight canadian viagra Don’t take this as me saying Alderson will part Flushing Bay or will put his hand on Ollie Perez’ left shoulder and turn him into Sandy Koufax, overnight canadian viagra all I’m saying is he has run organizations before and he has been very successful, overnight canadian viagra so let’s give his way a chance before you scream and yell about not buying tickets or Mets merchandise. Overnight canadian viagra If that’s the way you want to roll that’s fine but remember I know who you are, overnight canadian viagra you’re the same the person walking around the city in that brand spanking new Knicks jacket and hat and the big foam KNICKS #1 on your finger.  How do you people live with yourselves? You disgust me.

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