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Pfizer viagra canada Last night on the Sport Media Watchdog Podcast, pfizer viagra canada we discussed Joe Posnanski’s book PATERNO, pfizer viagra canada Roger Clemens comeback with the Sugar Land Skeeters and the blockbuster deal between the Boston Red Sox and the LA Dodgers

Pfizer viagra canada Saturday I was in New Jersey for most of the day in Colt’s Neck to be precise and at the Collingwood Flea Market. Pfizer viagra canada As I walked around the market I came across a booth that was selling baseball jersey’s. Pfizer viagra canada I found a beautiful Mets Daniel Murphy roadie that I just could not pass up. Pfizer viagra canada After I bought it, pfizer viagra canada I said to my son, pfizer viagra canada “I hope this isn’t the kiss of death for Murph as a Met by me buying this jersey” So what happens, pfizer viagra canada yesterday Murph hurts his shoulder and will spend his off day in an MRI tube. Pfizer viagra canada Sorry 28!

Pfizer viagra canada Sandy Alderson wants to sign David Wright and R.A. Pfizer viagra canada Dickey to long term deals. Pfizer viagra canada David Wright and R.A. Pfizer viagra canada Dickey would love to sign long term deals with the Mets. Pfizer viagra canada David Wright and R.A. Pfizer viagra canada Dickey however, pfizer viagra canada will not sign long term deals with the Mets until they hear what the Alderson Plan is going forward. Pfizer viagra canada I don’t blame them at all.  Both players know that the money is out there for their services and this stage of both players careers it seems from what they are saying winning or just a commitment to building a winner is paramount if they will both stay Mets or not.

Pfizer viagra canada In Wright’s case he sees that the lineup he’s in now offers no protection what so ever, pfizer viagra canada put him on team like the Reds or Cardinals and his offensive game would flourish. Pfizer viagra canada Wright is also starting to look at his legacy in baseball and his chances of making it to Cooperstown. Pfizer viagra canada So far in his career Wright has 1393 hits, pfizer viagra canada leaving him 1607 base knocks away from the holy grail of 3, pfizer viagra canada000. Pfizer viagra canada That would average out to about 178.5 hits a season for the next eight seasons to hit that mark. Pfizer viagra canada Even if Wright was short of the 3K hits, pfizer viagra canada joining a team that was a contender and committed to winning (don’t lie, pfizer viagra canada it’s crossed your mind as you woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat  picturing Wright as a Highlander. Pfizer viagra canada If George Steinbrenner were still alive I’d just about guarantee he’d have made Wright an offer so good he couldn’t say no) as a World Series ring or two along with the offensive output Wright should be able to produce for the next eight years would make him just about a lock for the Hall of Fame. Pfizer viagra canada Can he achieve that as a Met? I’m not optimistic that he can.

Pfizer viagra canada Looks like Terry Collins will be back as manager of the Mets in 2013. Pfizer viagra canada I have no problem with that although I’d think there will be a major shakeup of the coaching staff. Pfizer viagra canada What interests me is the job status of Wally Backman. Pfizer viagra canada Would the Mets bring Backman on board as a coach with Collins starting the season in lame duck status? That would make for an uncomfortable coexistence for sure. Pfizer viagra canada What would Sandy Alderson do if Backman is offered a big league managers job or a coaching position. Pfizer viagra canada Couldn’t you see Davey Johnson convincing Nationals ownership to bring Backman on as his right hand man to groom as the next Nats field boss?

Pfizer viagra canada Chris Jaffe at The Hardball Times writes about this date back in 1992 when the Mets traded David Cone to the Toronto Blue Jays for Jeff Kent.

Pfizer viagra canada  

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Us cialis How would you like to be Frank McCourt today? The owner of the LA Dodgers has a shit load of money problems due to his nasty divorce and he is trying hard to hold on to his share of the team.  FOX has offered to loan him $200 mil to help keep that Dodgers going until his divorce is final and a judge rules who owns the team Frank or his soon to be ex -wife Jamie but Bud Selig put the kibosh on the deal.

Us cialis Now today we learn that the Skill Sets were fronted between $20-$25 million bucks to pay the bills at Citi Field from Bud Selig. Us cialis Hummmmmm if I were say David Glass of the KC Royals, us cialis Bob Nutting of the Pirates or Mets fan/Tampa Bay Rays owner Stu Sternberg, us cialis I’d be pretty pissed off knowing I’m part of the funding of a team in the largest market of the country. Us cialis But then again, us cialis Freddy and Uncle Saul are Bud’s BFF’s, us cialis so Selig has put aside his job as Commissioner and has turned a blind eye to the “best interest of baseball” commandment that gets played in time of crisis, us cialis and right now Mets fans the Skill Sets are on the brink of crisis.

Us cialis Freddy and Jeffey were chirping on the opening of camp about being victims and being duped and proclaiming vindication when the dust settles on the Madoff trustee lawsuit, us cialis but they forgot one other important item, us cialis they will have to sell the team when it’s all said and done.

Us cialis You have to believe that the Skill Sets will not be the owners of the New York Mets by this time next year, us cialis or even sooner. Us cialis With all the stories that come out ever few days on the financial status of the team especially today’s revelation of money floated to pay the Mets bills, us cialis I cast my vote of No Confidence in the Skill Sets to running this team. Us cialis If this were any other owner, us cialis Selig would have had him in a headlock screaming “SELL GOD DAMN IT SELL” but because it’s Freddy and Uncle Saul he will do by any means necessary to help them keep ownership of this team. Us cialis Best interest of baseball, us cialis my ass.

Us cialis This story would have been bad enough, us cialis but when you add the bluster by Freddy and Jeffy in their St Lonesome presser’s, us cialis it’s an absolute insult to you and me. Us cialis I’d love to grab Freddy, us cialis Jeffy and Uncle Saul by the collective scruff of their necks and scream at them to be truthful with us.

Us cialis They want our money, us cialis they want our support and we are willing to give it to them and all we ask is to be truthful and stop taking us for assholes. Us cialis We didn’t sink our fortune with a thieving scumbag, us cialis like you did.

Us cialis Freddy always sings the siren song of loving the Mets and wants the team to stay in his family for generations, us cialis well here is a smack in the face of reality for you Freddy, us cialis that ship has sailed, us cialis when you got fucked over by your “pal” Bernie Madoff and he’s the one you will cost you of your dream.

Us cialis SELL THE TEAM SKILL SETS, us cialis SELL THE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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