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Female male viagra Last couple of days I’ve been  busy as all hell with real work, female male viagra setting up podcasts and coaching so I’m a bit behind with my Mets rants so let me get right to ‘em:

Female male viagra Really were you shocked to hear that Jenry Meija blew out his elbow and is headed for Tommy John surgery? Last night on the BBA Baseball Talk Podcast, female male viagra D.J. Female male viagra Short of Hard Ball Talk and Rotoworld was a guest and we both felt the same way, female male viagra we weren’t surprised. Female male viagra Of course the first reaction is to curse Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel for their misuse of Mejia last season and to say that the organization didn’t do it’s best to work with Mejia to get him to use the proper pitching mechanics to try to help avoid this type of injury but as a baseball layman I really don’t know how much any of this played in Mejia blowing out his elbow.

Female male viagra After speaking to Rick Peterson for a bit during the winter he spoke about working on pitchers mechanics as the easy part of coaching it’s getting that pitcher to repeat the proper mechanic, female male viagra that’s the hard part.

Female male viagra The one bright spot, female male viagra I guess is most pitchers who endure TJ surgery comeback as good as ever with proper rehab and instruction. Female male viagra Let’s hope that’s the case with Jenry Mejia.

Female male viagra Jose Reyes is on fire and it has not gone unnoticed around baseball. Female male viagra Some reports have the Giants looking real hard at making a play for Reyes and to tell you the truth I don’t envy Sandy Alderson with having to make the decision on what to do with Reyes. Female male viagra Part of me wants Reyes to stay and sign a new deal and live happily ever after in Flushing. Female male viagra Then I think well if the Giants are as desperate as the should be (Mike Fontenot batting 3rd?) and you can pry away RHP Zach Wheeler and LHP Eric Surkamp in a Reyes deal that would be hard to turn down. Female male viagra The outcry from a large portion of this fan base will be ear splitting but then again this Mets fan base is the most Bi-polar any fan base in sports. Female male viagra They want to win but they don’t want to deal anyone they have affection for. Female male viagra The Reyes fans want him here forever as does the David Wright fans but as soon as both these Faces of the Franchise slump, female male viagra they blame them for everything but the Skill Sets shity investments. Female male viagra You can’t have it your way all the time. Female male viagra Sometimes the adults have to make the big decisions and even the most casual baseball fan knows you’re nothing without pitching.  So the question you ask yourself is do I want to build a winning team or do I want to keep players I like around and finish in the second division again and again  or do I think it’s time to revamp my team and go with a new game plan? After all that I still don’t know what the Mets should with Reyes and I wonder if Sandy Alderson feels the same way?

Female male viagra I do know this, female male viagra The Skill Sets need to sell the team, female male viagra if not all of it a majority of it as it would break my heart to see the Mets end up like the Dodgers and not be able to meet payroll. Female male viagra Either Fred gets some new cash flowing into this organization or the Skill Sets need to get the fuck out. Female male viagra I’m tired of all this sentimentality bullshit from him, female male viagra his incompetent brother in law and his dopey kid, female male viagra about wanting to keep the team in the family for years and years. Female male viagra You should have though about that when your pal Bernie was fucking you over but you didn’t see it because the money was flowing like a Niagara Falls. Female male viagra Now you want sympathy. Female male viagra You won’t get it here, female male viagra my sympathy is with the team and with Mets fan, female male viagra Fred you love the Mets so much then do the right thing, female male viagra sell the whole fucking kit and caboodle and keep a little piece for you along with a suite and go off into the sunset.

Female male viagra Those caps the Mets wore last night were horrendous, female male viagra I thought I was watching an episode of 30 Rock.

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