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Viagra the little blue pill On the heels of Freddy Skill Sets “I’ve been duped “speech last week comes another leak of information from Irving Piccard via his media mouth piece the NY Times in which we’re told that Sterling Equities was the clearing house for all transactions and recruitment of new investors for Madoff Madness. Viagra the little blue pill In this article the only guy who it seems had half a brain when it came to this shady operation was Larry King’s accountant David Blouin. Viagra the little blue pill Blouin wanted to know a few things about the investment that King made with Madoff, viagra the little blue pill like the small incidental of what exactly are you investing in?

Viagra the little blue pill That’s one of the questions that the MSM forgot to ask Freddy and Jeffey last week, viagra the little blue pill did anyone ever think that Madoff was investing in any illegal activity? Madoff investments were always showing profits nearly double what other legitimate investment banks were doing and when asked how or what he was investing in Madoff gave everyone the brush off. Viagra the little blue pill No one thought that maybe some faction of organized crime was involved here?  Was Freddy and Uncle Saul so caught up in the greed is good of Madoff that they didn’t care where this money was going as long as the profits kept rolling in? I guess we won’t find out until this case is settled but you’d think by now the Skill Sets would smarten up and work out an out of court settlement before more of their dirty laundry is revealed in the Paper of Record.

Viagra the little blue pill So I guess as someone who is a Luis Castillo basher I should apologize as we learn that Looie didn’t come to camp early due to his brother having surgery. Viagra the little blue pill  Well I would if only Castillo was adult enough to let the club know what was going on. Viagra the little blue pill I have no personal dislike for Castillo as I’ve never met him , viagra the little blue pillmy dislike is for his deteriorating baseball skills and the fact he has one more year on his contract. Viagra the little blue pill Again, viagra the little blue pill Castillo and Oliver Perez are the faces of failure that are still around from the last front office regime. Viagra the little blue pill The Alderson Group has rid itself of minor league execs, viagra the little blue pill coaches, viagra the little blue pill instructors and the strength and conditioning staff has been overhauled as well so it puzzles me, viagra the little blue pill why not drop these two players and show the fan base you really are for change. Viagra the little blue pill The Mets might sell a few extra tickets if they showed this commitment to cleansing the losers.

Viagra the little blue pill I don’t feel this cut off point of clubhouse card games comes solely from the manager. Viagra the little blue pill It’s no secret that the Mets clubhouse the last few years has become the equivalent of a NYC Public School classroom when a substitute teacher is in charge, viagra the little blue pill utter chaos. Viagra the little blue pill The lack of accountability from its inhabitant’s causes what some would say, viagra the little blue pill is a silly and insulting rule. Viagra the little blue pill By laying it out now, viagra the little blue pill Collins did the right thing letting the players know that there will be a cutoff point on the leisure part of their day. Viagra the little blue pill It also helps as we get to hear who squawks the most over this.

Viagra the little blue pill The one thing that worries me is, viagra the little blue pill if Collins has a bunch of rules. Viagra the little blue pill Remember when Willie Randolph took over and brought his Highlander mentality to the Mets? No long hair, viagra the little blue pill no facial hair, viagra the little blue pill no loud music in the clubhouse all of these were rescinded as the year went on because if you want to be stick up your ass dolt then stay in the Bronx. Viagra the little blue pill I also remember the Dark Days of Jeff Torborg who tried to ban beer on the team plane. Viagra the little blue pill Torbog had an aversion to alcohol due to alcoholism in his family to which David Cone told the skipper, viagra the little blue pill“well, viagra the little blue pill just make sure your family takes another flight” as he and Eddie Murray loaded several cases of Heineken onto the team charter.

Viagra the little blue pill Is there a Mets fan who doesn’t  like Mookie Wilson? I seriously doubt it.

Viagra the little blue pill The Johnies are back in the Top 25 the bandwagon will fill up rather quickly in the next month or so better reserve your seat now!!!!!!

Viagra the little blue pill Very disappointed in the Broadway Blueshirts yesterday in their loss to the Flyers at MSG. The Rangers in the first half of the season were a hard working bunch that even in defeat could say they gave all they had. Viagra the little blue pill The second half of the season so far the opposite is true but in the rare exceptions of a few (Callahan, viagra the little blue pill Dubinsky, viagra the little blue pill Staahl, viagra the little blue pill Girardi, viagra the little blue pill and the dynamic duo of Ryan McDonagh  and Michael Sauer) the fight is just not there with this team. Viagra the little blue pill Add in the lack of a snipper and the woeful PP what was once thought of hockey in April as inevitable at MSG is now on the brink of collapse. Viagra the little blue pill  The turnaround will have to come from within as Slats Sather should not go crazy at the trade deadline as there is not one player who the Rangers could acquire that will propel them to Stanley Cup contenders. Viagra the little blue pill This team is young and very talented but it needs time to blossom.

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Viagra 50 mg So after game after game of bullpen mismanagement, viagra 50 mg Jerry Manuel is looking for more relief help because let’s face it, viagra 50 mg Manuel goes through relievers like Larry King  goes through wives (and sister in laws) as six arms in the pen is not enough for the Great Pitching Arsonist.

Viagra 50 mg I have no problem adding another reliever, viagra 50 mg in fact as impressive as Josh Thole has been in his cameo appearance, viagra 50 mg a third catcher is too high end an item for the Mets to carry around and a swap of Thole for a pitcher, viagra 50 mg Pat Misch or Dillon Gee should the call over Manny Acosta, viagra 50 mg it  is the move to make.

Viagra 50 mg As Manuel and the Mets fans cry out for Cliff Lee or Roy Oswalt, viagra 50 mg or a solid reliever, viagra 50 mg if you believe the story in yesterday’s NY Post, viagra 50 mg it’s not going to happen. Viagra 50 mg The story in the Murdoch rag states that the Skill Sets aren’t very flush with dough. Viagra 50 mg In fact after reading this story, viagra 50 mg it may be safe to say, viagra 50 mg if you’re a fan of home grown talent, viagra 50 mg you may in luck as home grown means cheap labor and that’s what the Skill sets may be all about for the

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Selling viagra With a rare Saturday with nothing to do (just one basketball game today, selling viagra my daughter’ and that was a home game at noon which means just a walk around the corner from my house ) I decided to give my eyes and fingers a day off but since the computer was on as my son finished a report for school, selling viagra I figured “what the hell’ I’ll throw out a quick post so with The Grateful Dead Steal Your Face vol 1 and 2 in the background away we go.

Selling viagra Seems there was a very nice turnout in the cold for the last day of Shea wake. Selling viagra Dave Singer at NY Sports Dog has a clip of those in attendance singing my favorite song. Selling viagra It looks like by the end of the week Shea Stadium will be just a pile of rubble. Selling viagra After looking at the clip of the folks singing Meet The Mets it occurs to me that the Skill Sets are not worthy of such loyal and passionate fans.

Selling viagra I see where the Rays have signed LOOGY extraordinary Brian Shouse to a two year deal which seems a bit much for a 40 yr old lefty but now there is a logjam in the Tampa pen and they are looking to move Chad Bradford. Selling viagra Bradford is up to make $3.5 mil in 2009 and how would he look in the Mets pen in the 6th or 7th inning? Damn good if you ask me. Selling viagra I think I’ll just slam my hand in a car door now and save me the pain for when Omar tells us the Mets have no interest in Bradford.

Selling viagra I missed St Joseph of Torre on Larry King last night ( I was at Devils-Pens game more on that in a minute.) But a couple of things about this book. Selling viagra Torre didn’t get involved with this book for the money or for notoriety this was his revenge against the Highlanders for the way he feels he was shoved out the door by Two Packs A Day Hank, selling viagra Shallow Hal and Pee Wee Cashman. Selling viagra Make no mistake St. Selling viagra Joe is one scorned ex-employee and he wanted the world to know it. Selling viagra As impossible as this may seem I know a few people close to the Highlander high archy and others who have dealt with St Joe and they inform me there are Two Joe’s, selling viagra public Joe who is gracious and suave and then there is down and dirty Joe who lets all the Brooklyn come out of him when you rattle his cage.

Selling viagra With that low rent asshole David Wells coming out with his dumb ass statements against Torre (remember Wells got his ass kicked by a Guido midget in a Manhattan diner so I doubt he has the onions to punch Torre in the face) it reminded me of a story my Highlander operative relayed to me.

Selling viagra One Old Timers day, selling viagra Wells was not scheduled to pitch and during the regular game decided he wanted to go up to the owners box and hobnob with the old timers while his teammates were engaged in a game. Selling viagra As he was trying to finagle getting a cocktail he saw the Highlander Clipper, selling viagra Joe DiMaggio and struck up a conversation. Selling viagra After a while Wells took off his uni top and undershirt so he could show Joltin’ Joe the faces of his kids and mom he had tattooed on his upper torso. Selling viagra Needless to say, selling viagra the sight of a shirtless Wells did not go over well with the old timers and swells in the Bronx Robber Barons Box. Selling viagra At that point the phone in the suite rang and on one end was one angry manager as word got to St Joe that Tons o’ Fun Wells was up in the owners box swillin’ and chillin’. Selling viagra Wells was told to get back to the Highlander bunker and when he arrived, selling viagra St Joseph of Torre morphed into Brooklyn Joe and had to be restrained for giving Wells a good old fashion Brooklyn ass kicking. Selling viagra No wonder Torre laughed when he was told of Wells’ comments for St Joe knows who the real “punk ass” is.

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Selling viagra Went to the Prudential Center last night for the Devils-Penguins game a good one as the Devils came back from 2 goals down to tie in regulation and win in OT on Jamie Langenbrunners second OT winner in two nights. Selling viagra I really like The Rock. Selling viagra It has great sight lines and the wide concourses make it very manageable to get around but I have (of course ) a few issues. Selling viagra First, selling viagra the area around the arena is mostly office buildings and the streets are the darker than the other side of Mars. Selling viagra There aren’t any places to go get something to eat before the game so you either eat at home or eat at the arena which is your standard arena/stadium fare. Selling viagra The area you enter to get into the arena is small and when there is a big crowd on a cold night the open doors create a wind tunnel and you freeze your ass off waiting to get in. Selling viagra Then when you get in they have security guards who use a wand on you to search for weapons which for some reason cracks me up as I say to myself ‘are you kidding? This is Newark” Who doesn’t have a piece on them”? Add to that the guards all look like they just got out of the Rahway State Pen. Selling viagra Forget President Obama, selling viagra when a black guy in a “doo-rag” and gold teeth is patting my pasty white ass down looking for a shive well that my friends tells me there really is Change in America. Selling viagra One last thing, selling viagra how can a concession stand that is one of the biggest I’ve seen in an arena run out of hot dogs and pretzels after the first period of a hockey game?

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