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Viagra affect a female You can excuse Mets fans for not getting all wrapped up in King Narcissism’ defection to South Beach as we have the most important 3 game series of the season starting tonight against our old nemesis the Atlanta Braves. Viagra affect a female But first a few words on LeBron.

Viagra affect a female LeBron James is the basketball equivalent of Alex Rodriguez, viagra affect a female phenomenal talent but not a leader and not the type of player to carry a team or make his teammates better. Viagra affect a female LBJ will never be put in the pantheon of players like Bill Russell, viagra affect a female Magic, viagra affect a female Bird, viagra affect a female or Kareem he proved that in Game 5 of the East Semi-Finals against the Celtics.

Viagra affect a female After losing to the C’s who were supposed to be too old and too broken down to beat the Cavs, viagra affect a female LBJ, viagra affect a female Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, viagra affect a female plotted a way to join forces. Viagra affect a female Bosh and Wade let it be known there was no way in hell they’d play in Cleveland. Viagra affect a female Chicago could not pay all three, viagra affect a female neither could the Knicks, viagra affect a female the only place that could handle all three monetarily was Miami, viagra affect a female so that’s where the three ended up.

Viagra affect a female The fans of Cleveland have a right to be pissed as LBJ was not just a Cav but he is a born and bred Ohioan but he couldn’t take the pressure of being the “Man”. Viagra affect a female Same reason why he wanted no part of NYC, viagra affect a female too much pressure. Viagra affect a female In South Beach, viagra affect a female the pressure is on Pat Reilly, viagra affect a female who has three superstars and no other players. Viagra affect a female The Heat, viagra affect a female after dealing off Michael Beasley to Minnesota has to find 10 or 11 players at bargain basement price to build around the 3 stars. Viagra affect a female That’s why calling the Heat the favorite to win the NBA Championship in 2011 is so premature. Viagra affect a female  In fact even though my Celtics are old and hurt, viagra affect a female I can guarantee you this is the exact motivation the Celtics needed to come in to camp with the goal of kicking the living shit out of Miami.

Viagra affect a female LeBron James can never call himself “King James” ever again hell he is not even a Duke or Earl, viagra affect a female he’s more of Surf. Viagra affect a female As much as this kills me to say, viagra affect a female he will never be the Black Mamba either.

Viagra affect a female Looks like Cliff Lee is headed to NY but the wrong side of town and let’s face it, viagra affect a female this is where Lee wanted to go and he’ll most like sign a long termer with the Bronx Bastards. Viagra affect a female What has me nervous is after this deal is complete the Highlanders are talking about sending Javier Vasquez to the Phuck Phaces for Jayson Werth.

Viagra affect a female Mets look like they will add a much needed right handed bat for the Braves series and he is a familiar face.

Viagra affect a female  Don’t forget to check out my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN store at Cafe Press

Viagra affect a female This is the statement weekend for the Mets, viagra affect a female anything less than 2 of 3 is a failure. Viagra affect a female KICK SOME BRAVO ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Viagra england I don’t know who I’m sick of hearing about more LeBron James or Cliff Lee? In Lee’s defense, viagra england it’s not his fault as he is no where near a self promoting Ring Leader of a media circus, viagra england that LBJ is. Viagra england As much as Cliff Lee would be an injection of adrenaline to both the Mets pitching staff and it’s fan base, viagra england I feel the price for Lee will be too expensive for the Mets. Viagra england Not monetarily but player wise.

Viagra england I am enjoying watching the Mets this season unlike any Mets team that’s been assembled since 2006. Viagra england I love watching a home grown infield and the fact that Angel Pagan a one time farm hand that returned home, viagra england and is playing All-Star caliber baseball. Viagra england On the pitching side, viagra england how nice is it to see Mike Pelfrey grow up before our eyes, viagra england his lasted slump not withstanding? Jon Niese also pitching better than his scouting reports said he would.  Even Bobby Parnell coming back from a trip to Buffalo looks more grown up on the mound as well. Viagra england It makes rooting for this team much more fun than when the roster is constructed of mainly mercenaries. Viagra england That’s why I hope Cliff Lee goes to the Twins or Rays.

Viagra england I’m sure some of you think that’s very short sighted of me to feel like that way and you may be right, viagra england maybe Josh Thole, viagra england Wilmer Flores and Jenry Mejia (the three players it would take to land Lee) never flourish in the big leagues and I know some say don’t fall in love with prospects but I guess I’m smitten by the Mets farmhands. Viagra england I see Ike Davis and Jon Niese making a strong case for Rookie of Year and Ruben Tejada and his supersonic range at 2nd base (not even his natural position) and then Josh Thole comes up and shows a productive bat (his at bats against the Second Coming of Christ a/k/a Stephen Strasburg have raised Thole stock even higher) and his handling of R.A. Viagra england Dickey and his magical knuckle ball has him pushing Rod Barajas for playing time.  Then there is the financial situation of the team.

Viagra england This is the great mystery that surrounds this franchise. Viagra england Are the Mets broke, viagra england solvent or just keeping their heads above water? No one knows. Viagra england I don’t think the Skill Sets are a bunch of brokesters but they’re not exactly livin’ large either. Viagra england So even if you trade your fine farm fresh products for Cliff Lee, viagra england what’s the odds you’re going to sign him long term? Not very good if you ask me.

Viagra england That’s why Ted Lilly makes the most sense to try to acquire. Viagra england I’m sure the Cubs would take F-Mart and a minor league pitcher of lesser renown for Lilly.

Viagra england Lilly is a perfect Citi Field pitcher as he is an extreme fly ball pitcher. Viagra england His velocity has been down early in the season but like Johan Santana he is coming off injury and little by little getting some speed back on his fastball that in the second half of the season should benefit him by making his change up more effective. Viagra england A rotation of Santana, viagra england Big Pelf, viagra england Lilly, viagra england Neise and Dickey looks very solid to me.

Viagra england Sure Cliff Lee would be a huge score but I don’t want to pay the high price in kids. Viagra england Get Lilly and a reliever either Chad Qualls or Matt Lindstrom and take your shot.

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Order cheap viagra No new Mets news today as we await Omar making his first move of the off season with an offer to any of the free agent closers showing up at the $iti Field (how long do you thing the name $iti Field will be atop the new ball park? Maybe we should start a pool for the day Citigroup goes belly up and the ball park name goes to bankruptcy court. Order cheap viagra Then what would the Skill Sets do for naming rights? Maybe Gold’s Horseradish Park?) with baseball cap in hand looking for a deal or is there a trade in the works? Stay tuned I guess.

Order cheap viagra As for me, order cheap viagra I’m stocking up can goods and water for LBJ 2010 as Boogie Down Donnie Walsh is a man with a plan gearing up the Kinckerbockers for not just LeBron but one more big ticket item as well. Order cheap viagra I heard Frank Isola on Daily News Live say that Steve Nash is on the Walsh/D’Antoni radar too bad Knick fans have to wait two years for this vison to come to fruiton.

Order cheap viagra How about the balls on Stephon Marbury saying “no mas” to playing last night infact if he refused to dress the Knicks would have had to forfeit the game last night to the Bucks. Order cheap viagra Not that it mattered. Order cheap viagra If I were Jimmy (The Cable Guy) Dolan I send “Starbury’s” sorry ass to the concession stand in the blue seats to sell hot dogs and beer tonight.

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