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Viagra uit india I’ve never met Mike Piazza. Viagra uit india People I know have met him and have had dealings with him and have told me some not so nice stories about him. Viagra uit india When Piazza did not show or even send a video thank you as other members of that team did (Carlos Beltran, viagra uit india Jose Reyes, viagra uit india Roger McDowell and Davey Johnson) at the SNY taping of the naming of the 50th anniversary all-time team, viagra uit india I asked around why the man named as the greatest catcher in Mets history wasn’t there, viagra uit india all I got was a lot of looking down on the ground and a some well…..ummmmmm…….aaaa…….’s as a response.  I’ve never been a big Mike Piazza fan and for me it was from conversations with folks who dealt with him and just my sense that he was more of a “me” player, viagra uit india perfect example was his stubbornness to not take ground balls at first base until he broke the all-time record for home runs by a catcher. Viagra uit india  Even with all that bias I have against Piazza, viagra uit india I still think he’s a first ballot hall of famer and to tell you the honest truth I’m SHOCKED at all the negativity he has gotten from the voters in the Baseball Writers Association of America and it looks like what myself and every other Mets fan thought was a lead pipe cinch-Piazza going in as a first ballot HOF’er-isn’t going to happen.

Viagra uit india The anti-Piazza block of scribes claims that due to nothing more than a case of back acne, viagra uit india Piazza is guilty of being a juicer. Viagra uit india There’s absolutely no proof of a positive drug test nor was Piazza’s name mentioned in the Mitchell Report that links Piazza to usage of PED’s. Viagra uit india  For every voter who casts a ballot minus Piazza’ name on it, viagra uit india 1, viagra uit india000 Tweets of “You’re an asshole” hit Twitter. Viagra uit india I’ve tried to figure out why these baseball writers would embarrass themselves by not only leaving Piazza off their ballot but be so public about it. Viagra uit india My conclusion is it’s not about the steroids it’s that the writers just don’t like Mike.

Viagra uit india Think about it, viagra uit india baseball writers and players have feuded for years. Viagra uit india Ted Williams hated the Boston scribes and vice-versa. Viagra uit india When Williams was inducted in 1966, viagra uit india 27 voters left the Splendid Splinter off their ballot. Viagra uit india Look how long it took Eddie Murray and Jim Rice to be enshrined. Viagra uit india Murray and Rice hated the press and made their life difficult so when the time came, viagra uit india the writers turned the tables on them with some out and out hate. Viagra uit india How about Albert Belle? Take a look at the 10 seasons Belle but together and argue that he is not worthy of a plaque in Cooperstown. Viagra uit india Do you know what percentage of votes Belle received?  In 2006, viagra uit india his first season on the ballot, viagra uit india Belle got 7.7 % of the votes. Viagra uit india In 2007 he garnered 3.5 % of the vote which in turn made him ineligible to be on any future ballot. Viagra uit india A player who finished his career prematurely due to injury with a line of .295/.369/.564 and 381 HR 1239 RBI gets just two years on the ballot and goes from 7.7 % of the vote to a messily 3.5% ? Now that’s hate. Viagra uit india I know Belle was a prick with ears to everyone he encountered in the game  but it goes to show that when the members of the BBWAA can get revenge they go on an all-out assault, viagra uit india which in my very convoluted way brings me back to Mike Piazza.

Viagra uit india I don’t recall Piazza having any real animosity with the media except for when the NY Post questioned his sexuality. Viagra uit india Piazza was never a great quote machine (neither is the sainted Jeets) and I’ve never heard of any “feud” between Piazza and the media so this could just be something in my own mind that fuels the feeling the press is out to get Piazza. Viagra uit india Other than that or a positive drug test how could you not vote for Mike Piazza for the baseball Hall of Fame?

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Keyword order viagra The best part of the early morning release of Oliver Perez is not just the fact that the ineffective pitcher is mercifully gone but what has to have the Mets fan base giddy on this rainy cold morning is Sandy Alderson is running the baseball operations of the NY Mets. Keyword order viagra He is the man calling the shots; he put Baby Jeffy in the corner.

Keyword order viagra For all the gloom and doom financial news about the Skill Sets, keyword order viagra the head baseball man in charge went to them and said time to eat $18 mil in contract, keyword order viagra and all the Skill Sets could do is stand at attention and say “Sir, keyword order viagra yes sir” You can debate that this should have been done before spring training or earlier but the bottom line is the Faces of Failure of the Minaya regime are gone.

Keyword order viagra With the Phuck Phaces signing Luis Castillo to a minor league deal as insurance in case Chase Utley will not make it to opening day and beyond tells me the Phuck Phace’s may not be the lead pipe cinch to win the NL Pennant most thought they were this winter.

Keyword order viagra Adam Rubin has a great Ollie Perez retrospective. Keyword order viagra It wasn’t  always days of suckitude with OP but his Mets career did end badly for all sides.

Keyword order viagra The feel good story of spring, keyword order viagra the return of Izzy, keyword order viagra has his a bump as Isringhausen is taking anti-inflamitories  for his surgically repaired elbow

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Female viagra alternative It’s been one of those days.  I was in every boro of the city except for the Boggie Down Bronx and I’m guessing I may hit the home of the Highlanders, female viagra alternative a 5 broro cycle if you will, female viagra alternative tomorrow. Female viagra alternative  So I’m just getting in to read e mails and news and also draft my fantasy hockey team so hold on to your hats:

Female viagra alternative I was asked to write a guest blog at the site 85% Sports. It’s about  how the corporate-ization of sporting events have killed the die hard fans influence for the home team and total “at the game” expirence.

Female viagra alternative The primaries are over. Female viagra alternative The acceptance speech has been given. Female viagra alternative Now Howard Megdal has thrown down the gauntlet to Jeffey Skill Sets with this summit letter, female viagra alternative putting the Mets owner on notice that the people have spoken and Jeffey owes Howard an interview for the Mets General Managers job. Female viagra alternative  Let’s see if the Skill Sets understand the concept of LOGIC, female viagra alternative PASSION and TRANSPARENCY

Female viagra alternative Oh yeah, female viagra alternative by the way, female viagra alternative the Mets GM job is wide open as it’s as good as a lead pipe cinch that Omar Minaya will be stripped of his GM duties. Female viagra alternative Guess what I bet, female viagra alternative Jerry Manuel gets fired at season’s end too. Female viagra alternative DUH!!!

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